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Backwards and upside down

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“I am an Alpha. I can do this! I will do this!” Matthew stared at his reflection, trying to look determined and intimidating… It wasn’t exactly working. Really he looked more nervous, and maybe a bit constipated... He was no good at this. He had just never been very intimidating. His face fell and he tilted his head back to look at the ceiling of his bathroom “I’m so fucking doomed...”

The distressed Alpha in question, had just moved across the country to attend college. He had opted to do this rather than stay in his hometown for a simple reason, the chance to rebuild his image from scratch.

Matthew had grown up in a small town in Quebec, always around the same people, everyone knew each other. This wasn’t exactly a good thing after about grade six. It’s around that time in a child's life that their orientation comes out and is made known. Matthew had been so excited for this really. He had been watching every day as class mates started to give off scents, as their bodies started to change in the obvious ways. Omegas tended to show a bit sooner, fat deposits on their hips and stomach. He had waited ever so patiently for those same soft bits to show up, measuring himself obsessively. He never even considered they weren’t coming in because he would never get them... He (along with his family and the rest of the town) simply assumed he was a late bloomer.

He was a picture of a young Omega, sweet, a pretty little face, polite, shy… but then one day he woke up very confused. A smell filled the room that terrified him. Had someone broken in?! He had cried out for his mother (who was the Alpha in their family). When she had come in, she too swept the room looking for intruders. When none were found... It seemed to hit her, and slowly thereafter it hit Matthew… He was an alpha.

Growing up as an Alpha was exhausting when you really weren’t made for it. Matthew had the hard body of an Alpha, though lean and slight. he wasn’t exactly towering, standing at 5’11 but it was respectable. His face and hair would cause a lot of confusion with their softer look. On top of the physical… his personality didn’t help. Matthew was timid, years of expecting to become an Omega had left him soft spoken and polite, not cocky and dominating like the others of his orientation. In fact, the only time Matthew felt Alpha at all was on the ice.

When Matthew would lace up his skates and get out there with the hockey team, he was in his zone. The deceivingly strong Alpha could be aggressive, dominating, unforgiving and damn well cocky just like the rest of them when he was out there! That fact had been something that was thrown in his face by more then one Omega over the years

“If you were just as amazing off the ice… you’d be a great Alpha Matthew.”

This sentiment was what had made him decide. He had moved out and traveled across the country to attend university in British Columbia. Matthew had a master plan. step one, Make over time. He had begged the help of his team mates to help “alpha him up” for college. Seeing the Pathetic look… Lukas had been the one to cave (though he complained endlessly about feeling like damn Omegas doing it). He had dragged Mathias along, insisted he was at least going to have an Omega help.

His hoodies and over sized t-shirts were traded for plaid button downs and fitted shirts. his skinny jeans tossed and replaced with proper fitting ones. Lukas had insisted he grow some facial hair, though quickly vetoed that when they realized how awful it looked on his face… he was instructed to keep his hair off his shoulders, not wear things that could cause him to look like he had fat pads under them and If either of them ever saw him wearing Bronie stuff again, they might not take the shirt off him before they tossed it in the fire. They had no idea what they were talking about… no love and tolerance at all...

The clothing made him look a little more alpha. They had kind of a logger feel to them… but chopping wood was rugged right?! His eyes went to the clock and he groaned. If he didn’t leave now, he was gonna be late. “well..” he said regarding his reflection “lets get this over with”


It wasn’t so horrible. He blended in fairly well. Without the previous assumption that he was Omega-ish it was easier to be seen as just another Alpha.

“walk with your back straight, head held high, and a little swagger in your step” Mathias had instructed. “just imagine you're hot shit, and soon everyone else will think so too”

so that’s what Matthew did. It was working! He got nods of greeting from other Alphas, a few giggles from Omegas, by the end of the morning, he’d even gotten a number. He hadn’t been particularly interested in the girl… she was sweet… but just didn’t smell right to him.

He walked into the large cafeteria looking around at all the places to buy food. He settled for a burger and went to find a spot to sit when someone bumped right into his tray sending the contents flying “fuck!” came the others loud voice as steaming hot coffee spilled on the other Alphas shirt. Matthew was about to apologize when he bit his tongue

“Stop apologizing so much to other Alphas too… It looks weak” Lukas had quipped from his bed as Mathias tried to spike his hair, that one had failed.

He looked up into the blue eyes of the Alpha in front of his and offered a grimace as he forced himself to speak loud enough, using the phrases that had been hammered into his head over the past two months, “Fuck dude… that was my lunch.” the words felt so unnatural… guilt at the ruined shirt and probable burn bubbled in his chest. He had to say something he sighed “you okay man?” there. That didn’t sound weak, but still polite.

“My fucking shirt is ruined!” he snapped.

“Yeah… I think your right”

“Are you not even going to fucking apologize?”

oh… was he suppose to? his brows furrowed “well… you were kinda the one to run into me dude…” Matthew jumped at the loud laughter that followed. A hand fell on his shoulder and he looked over at another Alpha who appeared at his side.

“Nice shirt Alfred” came the heavily accented voice, holding back more laughter

“Shut the fuck up Gilbert” he snarled

Red eyes rolled as Gilbert looked over at Matthew. He smirked and stage whispered, “Jones is just mad cause he made himself look like an idiot in front of the Omegas.” The comment wasn’t exactly helping the smell of aggression filling the air.

More alphas picked that moment to join the group and luckily for Matthew, through some good natured teasing (“take a chill pill Al!” “no need to get all steamed up bro”), the burnt Alpha calmed, though he still grumbled and shot a glare towards Matthew who just shrugged in response.

Before he knew it, Matthew was sitting at a table with a whole bunch of Alphas, there were a few Omegas dotted in among them, sitting already claimed, on laps or snuggled in close. Matthew thought it was sweet, but quickly learned to join in the all-in-fun ribbing instead. This really didn’t feel like him… but it was working… so he was just going to need to learn to get use to it.