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You look really good in my clothes

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‘Sometimes, it is meant to be, finding that missing part of yourself, in the strangest of places’


The bar was crowded, packed really, but not surprising for this time of the night.

The bass of the music was bouncing off of the surfaces ending up and vibrating in the bodies in those now on the dance floor. Some of them on the lookout for someone, anyone to fill in the void deep within them, while others, the lucky ones, had already found their counterparts.

Sinker was at the bar, having a drink.

After taken a quick spin on the dance floor, with the ‘encouragement’ of his friends, all of them wanting him to have a good time understandably now that they had finally gotten him out of his funk and into the world of living once again.

But, after a few danced songs, Sinker had felt it was enough for the night.

As it had turned out in his mind at least, was the fact that perhaps it was too soon for him still, to have put himself out there. And so, to really enjoy himself, was difficult. Having been denying all of that for so long. It was, hard to start again. And at this point Sinker wasn’t even too sure he wanted to start again.

Still, now, after this experience, Sinker knew better. That he was indeed not ready. Not now at least. And perhaps, he would never be so again. His biggest fear. But also, this was kind of a relief for him as well. To figure this out. Because Sinker really did not want to find anyone… new.

Because he really wasn’t looking, was he?


You can’t mourn forever. It is time for you to move on.” Comet had told Sinker, being his best friend in the wide world and wanting nothing but his buddy back and taking part in the activities the two of them and their small circle of friends were used to sharing.

“I hear ya!” Sinker had assured Comet. “It’s just, well, really hard.”

“Yeah, I know buddy. But it’s been over a year and the only thing you do these days is work and stay at home.” Comet hadn’t blamed Sinker for anything, not really. But it was still unhealthy in his mind for Sinker to want to do nothing but be by himself and ignoring his friends. Well, mostly anyway.

“Well, would it make you feel better if I agreed to go out with you guys next Friday?” Sinker really had no more excuses left to give in refusing his friend’s invite to join them in a night’s outing.

Comet’s grin was priceless, him positively beaming after finally managing to persuade Sinker to come out of his shell.

“It would indeed!”

Sinker had laughed and sounded relieved even, the decision finally made. And he was feeling, well, good about it. As perhaps this was what he needed after all. Put the past behind him and turn a new leaf in his life. Take the next step and go out there to the world. Making himself available. At least, he could send some feelers out, see how it was out there now, the social scene and all of that. And then, perhaps, while taking small steps, Sinker could finally start living again.


And so, here Sinker was, enjoying the first night out since, well, forever.

Sitting at the bar, having a drink by himself as he had felt the dance floor become too claustrophobic. All the people there, body against body, grinding into each other. No, it was simply too much for Sinker. None of them were for him. Not one single person there was for him. His friends for sure, but not in the way Sinker needed them to be.

Sinker had downed the last of his drink, having decided to call it a night and letting Comet and the others know he was leaving.

He was just about to get up when someone took the seat next to him. Someone, whom immediately caught Sinker’s attention. Something which Sinker had not thought to be happening, ever again. But, it had. As a most gorgeous stranger, having taken a seat right next to him. A heaven’s sent?

Sinker tried hard not to stare, but he could not tear his eyes off of the beautiful man beside him.

Sinker felt the shivers running through him. Sensations long since forgotten, now all of a sudden emerging from out of nowhere. Having thought they had all died a quick death a long time ago. But all of a sudden, they had all hit him at once. Just like lightning having stuck him, the electrical current present.

But no matter how hard he tried, Sinker could simply not take his eyes off the stranger.


The stranger waved for the bartender to order a drink, not even having looked around him yet.

After all, the bar was crowded and seats were even more scarce. So, getting one at this time of the evening had been a lucky chance. But he was tired, having been dragged to the bar after a long week at work by his coworkers. And now, after the rowdy crowd had disbursed around the establishment, some to dance, some elsewhere, Boost had made his excuses of leaving.

But not before getting one final drink before hitting the road.

The bartender brought Boost his drink and just as he was about to start drinking, he felt the eyes on his side, burning his skin. But in a good way. Not that Boost did not get glances from other patrons in a joint like this one. But somehow, the sensation of whomever was starting at him felt so much more, than the usual. Nothing he could explain though.

But usually while simply ignoring the glares as mostly there was nothing which interested him at the other end of those stares, this time, if felt, totally different.

Daring to take a glimpse, Boost turned to see whom it was looking at him in that hot kind skin on fire kind of way.

As Boost did, their eyes met. Seeing a pair of beautiful dark eyes with a golden hue to them staring right back at him. Boost kept his stance, his eyes on the stranger’s, feeling his mouth fall agape. Surely not a good look on anyone, especially if there was drool there visible too. Which he hoped the hell it wasn’t. But then again, could anyone blame him if he was drooling because the man looking back at him was simply put… perfect.


“H-hi.” Was all Boost finally managed, a timid smile forming to his lips.

“Hey there.” The man beside him greeted with a small smile on his face forming.

“I, um… I’m Boost.”

“Pleased to meet you Boost. I am Sinker.”