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Misaki’s eyes fluttered open. The sun was pouring into the dark room warming his back. there were warm covers shielding his naked body from view and a strong arm draped lazily over his torso. It would have been the perfect morning, except…
“SENSEI! Where the hell is your manuscript?! The printers have been calling me all morning!” Misaki’s eyes flew open as he felt something move beside him. A dark aura was emanating from Usami Akihiko, so strong it could have made any person run for their lives. but not misaki.
“Baka-Usagi get up and get your work done!” He yelled springing out of bed. He heard Aikawa-san stifling an elated gasp behind him as he realised that he was still naked. No man had ran out of a room quicker.

Rice was bubbling in the stove as Misaki leant on the counter flicking through the latest edition of “The Kan” with the radio humming in the background. It had been a few hours since Usagi had finally dragged himself out of bed and into his study, with Aikawa fuming behind him. Misaki sighed as he flicked over the last page of the volume and set it on the counter. There really wasn’t much going on in his life, he thought as he turned down the cooker. On any normal day he would get up, start cooking, be assaulted by Usagi-san, go to university and then come home for more Usagi. he drained the rice, maybe it was time he tried to do something for himself. He hadn’t even noticed the radio buzz turn suddenly urgent
“...experts are telling us the outbreak is becoming highly contagious, at the sign of symptoms report immediately to your local hospital. The infected are hostile and should be avoided at all costs, if you encounter an infected please call…” but Misaki, oblivious to the warnings, was engrossed in washing the rice for breakfast. He heard the office door slam and saw a fully dressed Usagi and Aikawa coming down the stairs.
“Misaki-kun we’re heading out! I’ll bring you some cream puffs next time I’m here!” Aikawa called from the hallway. Misaki smiled and went back to cooking, only to realise the leeks were nowhere to be seen. He groaned and Usagi came over to him ruffling his hand in to the smaller man's hair
“if you’re that sad I’m leaving I could always just stay and ravish you instead.” Misaki growled at him
“Do your work! Besides we’re out of leeks, so I’m leaving too!” The pair made their way out of the apartment and into the street. Aikawa’s phone began to ring and she went ahead. Usagi grabbed Misaki and pulled him into a side street. He pressed him against the wall and kissed him fiercely, his hands finding their way to the bottom of his shirt and brushing against his smooth abdomen. Misaki gasped hands pushing Usagi’s chest. They parted for air, gasping and breathless
“Baka Usagi, not in public!” Misaki protested weakly, knowing the older man was going to get his way. He resumed the kiss and was feeling his way up the younger’s shirt again when they heard scream from the street. Misaki took Usagi’s moment of distraction and pulled away, running into the street, Usagi followed. Aikawa was leaning against the wall clutching her chest and shaking uncontrollably. There was no one else around, Misaki assumed the sound must have come from her.
“Aikawa-san are you okay?” Misaki asked concerned. She turned to him slowly, her face void of all colour.
“S...S” she could barely find words, until her eyes drifted to Usagi and she launched forward and grabbed him by the collar “SENSEI YOU HAVEN’T EVEN EMAILED THE MANUSCRIPT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!” with that the life returned to her face and she dragged the writer around the corner and out of sight. Misaki sighed and turned in the opposite direction, heading down the street and towards the station.


Hiroki was used to the phone going to voicemail these days. Nowaki hadn’t been home for more than a few hours for weeks now. Each night he came back drained and depressed staying conscious only long enough to eat. Hiroki’s pride would never let him admit it, but it hurt his heart to see the man he loved in that state. He was practically a zombie. He tried to call or text him, but so often they went unanswered he was losing heart. Was this what the beginning of the end felt like? One person in a relationship becomes caught up in something else, the other tries to make it work, calling and cooking and everything, but eventually the love and yearning turns into resentment and loneliness. He knew the feeling. His former love for Usami Akihiko had hurt. He always wanted to be with him, but he began to feel lonely and needy in spite of himself. He sighed and pushed back his chair. He didn’t want to break up with Nowaki not ever, and he sure as hell would not be the one he caused their relationship to end. The lecture was long since over, but the morning sun still poured through the windows, heating the back of his neck. He wished, in a way, that he could be the one to help Nowaki get through this but he knew in his heart that this was something he would have to let Nowaki deal with on his own.

that day passed so fast and he didn’t even notice. He was caught up in his inner turmoil so much so that when he walked through his apartment door he didn’t notice the dark haired man sitting on the couch. He walked straight to the kitchen and took his phone out again. No missed calls, no texts. “baka…” he said quietly to himself as he boiled the pot to make some tea. He looked at his phone once more then dialled Nowaki’s number. His heart throbbed expectantly. There were a few moments when he thought it would be like before, his heart began to sink and then… ~ringgg~ his head shot up and he turned around in time to collide with a large warm chest. His face heated up as strong arms wrapped themselves around him. He froze, his eyes were wide and red.
“Hiro-san…” Nowaki said softly pulling him closer “why are you crying?” Hiroki hadn’t noticed his tears as they were falling down his face. Was it stress from work? Relief from finally seeing Nowaki again? Or was it fear, that these moments were coming to a close? Nowaki still held him close and as long as his arms were around him he knew he was loved.
“don’t patronise me, I’m older you know…” Hiroki replied a little too late to be convincingly annoyed. Nowaki slowly released Hiroki from his grip and bent towards his lover
“Of course Hiro-san.” their lips met softly. Nowaki deepened the kiss his tongue finding its way past Hiroki’s lips. Hiroki’s hands were shaking slightly as he gripped tight onto Nowaki’s shirt. He felt Nowaki grip his arms and push him against the wall, closing whatever space remained between them. his hands tugged Hiroki’s shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Nowaki’s hands roamed his body, brushing over his nipples and teasing them gently. At every gasp from the smaller man he pushed further, moving down to suck on Hiroki’s neck and then to his nipples.
“Nowaki!” Hiroki moaned as his tongue swirled around the pink flesh and sucked fiercely. It would bruise in the morning, but Neither cared. Somehow Nowaki lost his own shirt and Hiroki’s hands bruised against his soft taught skin, he buried his head into Nowaki’s shoulder gasping and shaking with pleasure.
“Hiro-san, I can’t hold back” Nowaki met Hiroki’s mouth again, but he pushed away holding the younger's head in his hands
“then don’t.” Nowaki’s eye widened at his lovers boldness before pulling at his belt and removing his lovers last piece of clothing. Nowaki’s hands grasped Hiroki’s hips and pulled him into his lap. His fingers pushed against his lovers entrance, as the other man worked his member in one hand. Hiroki gasped in protest as Nowaki’s fingers left him, leaving him empty. He held onto his lovers shoulders as he positioned himself and pushed into his entrance. Hiroki gasped and gripped tight onto Nowaki, certain he would leave a mark tomorrow.
“N-Nowaki!” he gasped as he felt his lover inside him. Nowaki waited a moment before beginning to move, slowly at first savouring the feel of his lover writhing and gasping in response to his touch. His control did not last long however, he grasped Hiroki’s member in his hand and moved faster. Hiroki was gasping uncontrollably, and shaking with pleasure as he felt himself coming closer and closer to the edge. His hands were gripping his lover as he hit that spot inside of him
“ah!” he cried out as Nowaki abused it over and over until Hiroki could no longer hold back. He threw his head back as his climax rang through him. Nowaki’s hand released his member and grasped his lovers head pulling him into a kiss as he came into his lover. They held each other panting and gasping, neither caring that they were sweating and naked lying on the kitchen floor. Hiroki felt his eyes drift, almost too warm being held against his lovers bare chest. He breathed deeply knowing somehow that they would not share this closeness again for a long time yet.

The next day Hiroki awoke to an empty bed. He rolled onto his front and stretched out, curling his fingers around the sheets where Nowaki should have been. His mind wandered to last night and he cringed "how could I have said something so corny? I'm a stand up japanese man!" he muttered to himself. His eyes drifted to the bedside table where he spotted a folded sheet of paper just tucked underneath a panda statue holding an american flag. he picked it up and read: “called into work, they said it was an emergency. Stay safe, I love you.” Blushing but happy he placed it back down and got up heading for the shower. When he was fully dressed he stopped and put the note in his pocket before heading out the door. Nowaki may not have time to call him whilst working, but he still cared, Hiroki knew he cared.

He walked down the university halls and noticed more students than ever with masks over their mouths and noises, looking groggy and tired. He rolled his eyes and continued down the hall, too much partying and not enough studying. there had been so many absentees today that he was determined to throw something in his next lecture. As he reached his door he didn’t bother to knock, relieved to finally find a sick free zone in this school. When he opened the door however he was met with a sight that shouldn't have surprised him.


Miyagi Yoh was in a strange situation. He was completely head over heels for a man 17 years his junior. He also happened to be his ex-wife’s younger brother. This was something that he had made peace with months ago when he had been mercilessly pursued by the younger man. The problem now was something both of them should have anticipated. Shinobu was no longer staying with him and now had to keep finding fresh excuses for why he was so often visiting the professor, both inside and out of the university. Miyagi’s head felt far too heavy in his hands “ahh why is that brat always on my mind!” He cried allowed flopping back in his chair
“Because you love me and it’s all you fault.” the professor jumped and spun around in his chair to face his expressionless lover who lent against the door frame observing the older man. Miyagi frowned and walked over to the younger man.
“ahh Shinobu-Chin there you go saying unnecessary things again! What are you doing here anyway? Your parents will start to ask questions!” the younger man rolled his eyes
“let them, they already ask why I come here. I really should have just picked this university, I would have gotten in and saved us all this trouble.” Miyagi gaped at the younger man
“and wasted all your potential? You have a bright future now that you chose T-university. You don’t need an old man like me holding you back forever. Besides I’m not going to be good for you forever.” The older man settled back into his chair and returned to his work. Shinobu hadn’t moved or snapped back like he usually would have. Miyagi did not look back, determined not to show any of his worry. he only barely heard the muffled words from his lover
“please value yourself more, Miyagi.” The older man stopped typing long enough to let Shinobu know he had heard him. He felt small arms drape over his shoulders and grasp him from behind. Shinobu wasn’t exactly shy, but something in his actions made Miyagi’s heart skip a beat.
“Please don’t think of yourself as a burden! I love Miyagi! I loved you as my sisters husband, I loved you when you didn’t love me, I love you even as an old man and I will even love you when you don’t want it!” Miyagi really wanted to be able to repeat those words to his lover. He was reckless and sometimes said things without thinking, but he loved that about Shinobu in a way. he gripped the boys arm and pulled him around and into his lap. The younger man stared down at the professor wide eyed and red faced, before leaning down and joining their lips. the younger shifted, straddling the older man as he deepened the kiss. Miyagi drew circles in the skin at the base of shinobu’s spine, not daring to do anything more in the office. Shinobu had other ideas however as he ran his hands down Miyagi's arms and towards his lap. It took all of Miyagi’s strength not to take the boy right then but he forced himself to take hold of the boys hand and break the kiss
“Shinobu, not here.” His hand was still resting just above his crotch, as if waiting for permission to enter, Miyagi was just about to give in the lust in Shinobu's eyes too much
“what are you doing!?” Hiroki’s voice resonated throughout the office. Miyagi had a heart attack trying to jump up and explain the misunderstanding to Hiroki but he was trapped by the younger man on the chair.
“ahh K-Kamijou this isn’t what it looks like!” he laughed nervously
“yes it is.” Shinobu said bluntly
“Wah, shinobu!” Miyagi cried in embarrassment “really Kamijou this is…”
“I couldn’t care less what you do at home, but this is a place of work, please be more professional professor. The other man settled at his desk, pointedly looking away from the others. Shinobu finally released the older man who sighed and stretched his arms. Shinobu shot him a look which said “later.” as he gathered his bag from the floor. He turned and left the office. Miyagi turned back to his computer but was distracted by commotion outside. From his window he thought he saw a group of strange looking people jump a group of students. He jumped out of his seat as he saw Shinobu backing away from the scene and running back into the building.
“Oi Miyagi what are you looking at?” Miyagi was speechless however, as the younger teacher came over to join him by the window. The students, who just moments ago had been attacked, were now struggling towards other students and attacking them back. “W-What the hell is going on down there?” Miyagi only thought of Shinobu as he darted from the room, leaving a stunned Hiroki watching the carnage from the window.

As he ran down the corridors, he heard the cries and screams of students who had either just escaped or were being attacked all around him.
“Shinobu!” he called out, but there was no way he would be able to hear him in the commotion. He ran down towards the entrance hall. He stood on the second floor landing in horror. The stairs were completely piled up with unconscious and what looked like dead bodies. they formed a barricade between the hell below and the horror above. Beneath him there was blood staining the walls and bodies pulling themselves from the ground. Miyagi’s eyes darted around the room until they settled on a solitary figure who seemed to have clambered onto the barricade of bodies and was making his way towards the landing.
“Shinobu!” he pushed through the small crowd of stragglers who were watching the scene below and pulled his small lover from the danger zone. Shinobu was shaking but he wrapped his arms around Miyagi as he felt himself collapse against the older man. Miyagi swept Shinobu into his arms and rushed back towards the office, praying the Hiroki had managed to lock the door. They just made it, dodging the panicked students who were running god knows where.
“KAMIJOU OPEN UP!” it was barely one second before the door flew open to reveal not only Hiroki but the Dean and several other faculty members and students. Miyagi flew into the room and slammed the door behind him. he placed Shinobu onto the floor and turned to face the others
“Do not let anyone else in.” Miyagi gasped. He was out of breath, his adrenaline finally running low as the reality of what he saw settled in. A guy with glasses was shaking in the corner. Another was being sick into a bin. The dean was looking blankly down at his blood soaked son, his eyes flickering to Miyagi quickly. Miyagi rose and headed towards the window. almost everyone ins sight looked like zombies; staggering around attacking and killing without sense. behind him he heard the dean ask his son
“what are you doing here,Shinobu?”
The phone kept ringing out. Over and over Hiroki called Nowaki trying anything he could to get through. He was not one to lose his mind over much, but when it came to Nowaki he was so reckless. He let his mind become lost in dark thoughts: where is he? Is he safe? Is he alive? kept running on repeat through his head. he was sitting on the floor of his office his back lent against the wall. He had just failed to get through for the 16th time when he threw down his phone and put his head in his hands. Outside the sounds of screams had been replaced with guttural growls and moans, the desperate hands banging on the door for safety became claws crashing against the door for flesh. Every desk chair and bookshelf that could be moved was against the door but with every attack from outside their fragile barricade shook menacingly. He would die here. He would die here and never see Nowaki again, never eat another meal with him, never tell him he loved him. Miyagi somehow sensed his distress from across the room. He came over and settled next to him.
“He will call.” he muttered so only Hiroki could hear. He bent forward and grabbed the phone, handing it back to Hiroki. He clutched it to his chest like a lifeline.
“but what if he doesn’t?” the dean stirred deciding to join their conversation.
“You should save your battery, you can call your girlfriend once we are safe.” Hiroki avoided the dean's gaze and looked down at the phone. he was on 30%, if he kept going like this he wouldn’t have enough to last the hour. He took an unsteady breath then turned off the phone.

In a hospital basement, not 2 miles from the university, Kusama Nowaki whacked a former living, now very dead patient with an IV stand. He could feel his phone vibrating in his pocket but the zombies just kept coming from everywhere. Tsumori and he were the only doctors left alive but they had no way to get out of the basement without going through a sea of walking corpses. “Nowaki behind you!” Tsumori hit another zombie. The fought their way through, up the stairs and into the foyer. Once there they rushed away from the horde and towards the Ambulance Bay. The pair bundled into the first ambulance they saw. Thankfully it was empty, Nowaki didn’t think he could handle another zombie that day. Tsumori drove them out of the hospital complex and into the street. Nowaki took out his phone. The last missed call was from only moments before. Relief washed over him knowing that Hiroki was somewhere waiting for him, safe. He dialed his number and waited. But no matter how much he called, his lover never picked up.

Misaki browsed happily down the aisles picking out ingredients for the evening meal. He was just picking out a brand of soy sauce when he heard a shout from outside. Curious he peeked around the aisles in time to see the shopkeeper being wrestled to the ground by two corpselike people. Misaki sprung back in terror, having to listen as the man was turned into one of whatever those things was. He sat there and waited for the horror to end, but something quickly dawned on him, as the shop feel eerily quiet. Could they smell him? He began to shake as he felt the dead eyes on his back. At the other end of the aisle, three corpses stood. Misaki backed towards the door faster than he had ever moved before. He pushed against it but it wouldn’t budge. The shopkeeper had seen those things coming and locked them in! the only other way out was a shattered glass window which looked lethal from here. He kicked the door, the corpses moved closer, he kicked it again, they were almost on him. He spun around and grasped the closest thing to him, a wooden bear carving, and through it at the glass door. It smashed just enough for him to jump through. He landed out of reach of the corpses, but into a bed of broken glass. Something pierced his side he cried out in pain. his vision blurred as he gasped in pain. it was hopeless after all he thought as he stood shakily clutching his wound and backing away into the road. His cry had brought corpses flocking to him. He tripped over his foot and fell to the ground as the zombies loomed over him. “Usagi-san, I won’t be home for dinner…” he muttered as he closed his eyes and waited for the end. But it never came. he heard the screeching of tires and the rain of gunfire before he felt himself being bundled into a car and driven away from the zombies. for a moment he was too stunned to think. Then he came to his senses and looked into the car filled with only vaguely familiar faces. His heart was racing, but it stopped dead when he saw the driver. His jaw dropped and he sprung away instinctively “USAGI-ANI?”