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Zoids Whore Century

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On planet Z there exists robotic combat units called zoids. But this story follows the slutty female zoid pilots who ride these units. At least until today when the units will finally ride them. In Mega city there's an especially popular bar. Popular not because of its drinks but because of its thin walls, which from within can be heard the sounds of moaning, pleasurable screams, and the pounding of flesh on flesh. Today was no different. Inside those walls the room was well lit by low hanging overhead lamps with oval shaped orange glass shades. News about various zoid related topics played on the wall mounted flat screen tv's as a horde of hundreds of men descend upon each of the women within.

"OH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! OH MY GOD HARDER! FUCK MY HOLES HAR- GLURK!" Kelly tasker shouted before another two foot long, six inch wide piece of man meat was rammed unceremoniously balls deep down her currently unoccupied gullet. The younger of the twin Tasker sisters was propped up on her hands and knees on top of a table whilst a man whose face she still hadn't seen reamed out her pussy from behind and another had just shut the screaming whore up with his cock. Wearing her skin tight blue pilot suit with the exposed and now cumflated midriff making her look as though she were nine months pregnant with triplets. Though the walking sex toy of a woman had since also exposed the breasts and crotch sections as well. Making sure her every hole was easily accessible. Kelly was covered head to toe in both dried and fresh cum. Globs of the thick semen sauce dripped from her glazed hair and chin as her body rocked back and forth from the pounding. Her massive K cup breasts slapping together as they flung back and forth, strands of cum connecting them. The messy wet "splat, splat, splat" sound of her cum coated flesh against the crotches of her superiors.

"GLURCK, SLURP, GLURCK, HACK" Kelly's beautiful model like features had become grotesquely distorted around the massive shaft currently reshaping her esophagus. The huge rod forming a bulbous distortion in her throat. Spittle, smegma, precum ,and previously half swallowed globs of semen were being dragged out with the cocks every withdrawal before being forced back down with each renewed thrust. Kelly's eyes had long since retreated up into her head. only the very bottom part of the iris still visible as endless orgasms rocked her body. Her other holes were in no better shape. The man dominating her pussy caused cum to splash out from her overstuffed oven every time he balled out making her ass meat tremble with bountiful delight. Forcing his member past hundreds of loads previously deposited. Her womb stuffed with so much baby batter that pregnancy was guaranteed. Her ass (though not currently in use) was gaping open and leaking cum like a waterfall. Her rosebud swelled and puffed up, tinted a slight violet from the violent pounding its been receiving the past 3 days that Kelly has been here getting fucked nonstop.

Kelly's older sister Chris lie just a few tables over on her back, her legs over her shoulders so that her plump ass was in full few. Her green pilot suit in even worse condition then Kelly's. Along with cum stains coating her hole body there were also urine stains over most of her form though focused mainly around her head and ass. Seems the men had been using her to relieve themselves in more ways then one. Her pilot suit had been ripped so that her ass was completely exposed. while her tits were not quite as big as her sisters (though still impressive at an f cup) She more than made up for it with a thick meaty ass that reverberated like jell-o with every smack. Chris's overused and abused anus was getting pounded with two cocks at once by a pair of men who were situated over her and straddling her ass meat. Streaks of cum came gushing out of her rear hole as the cocks rammed in before retreating together over and over again. More baby making ingredient flowed from her now clearly useless womb. Her labia having become loose and flapping around in conjunction with the pounding. The cum flowed like a river up her body, over her inflated stomach, around her luscious breasts, and finally pooling under her neck mixing with a pool of piss that had formed there as well. Running down her cheeks from her over stuffed lips, Chris was currently choking on two more meat sticks that were both shoved balls deep down her throat. The men behind them leaving thier fuckrods in her mouth as they relieve themselves in this living urinal. Urine bubbles inflated and popped from the older sisters nose as her eyes fluttered and twitched both from the orgasms wracking her body and from the lack of oxygen. The men having finished thier streams began to pull out of her mouth together. The shape of thier poles within Chris's throat disappearing with thier removal. Immediately after the cock heads plugging the toilet whores gullet were removed a geyser of urine rocketed out of her mouth and splattered all over her face.

"Hahaha! Looks like the toilets broken" one man said as a chorus of laughter erupted at the sight of the older tasker sisters volcanic climax. Chris's brain had become to addled by the three days of constant hole destruction and was no longer mentally capable of forming words let alone understanding why everyone was laughing. Instead she simply lay on her back with a goofy orgasmic smile on her face as her asshole continues to get double teamed. Just as the two men fucking Kelly bottom out inside her, pouring in thier loads and making the excess gush from her pussy, from between her lips, and out of her nose. The door opens and Bit cloud, the new ace of the Blitz team walks in wearing black pants a black and blue turtleneck shirt.
"Hey hey Bit! You here for some fun too?" One man shouted.
"No sadly. I'm here on business." Bit said with a shrug and a wistful smile. "Any of you seen Leena? She's been missing for a week and we figured she might be here."
"What's she look like?" The man still unloading down Kelly's throat asked.
"She has pink hair. Probably came in wearing a blue skirt and yellow shirt" Bit responded.
"Oh her." A gruff voice said from the bar. The Bartender was cleaning a glass with a hand towel. A women Bit didn't recognize was currently kneeling in front of the man sucking the man off. "She's in the back." The Bartender said while pointing his thumb behind him at the doorway to the bathroom. "Little whore came in about a week ago shouting and begging about how she needed to be raped to death asap. Caused such a big mess I had to tell them to take it to the bathroom."
"Yeah that sounds like her." Bit said to himself. With a wave Bit made his way to the bathroom. "Sorry for interrupting you guys."
"Hey don't worry about it! Find any more cum buckets you let us know!" The man who just finished unloading down Kelly's throat said as he pulled out. Kelly was vomiting out the insane amount of cum.
"Will do! Bit said as he opened the bathroom door and headed inside.

After heading into the bathroom Bit could still hear the noise from outside though it was slightly muffled. Everything in the surprisingly large bathroom was white, from the walls to the tile and even the stalls. This was done to help hide the cum until some cleaning sluts could be brought in to lick the place clean. Though by the yellow stains Bit could see that hasn't been done in a while. Traditional bathrooms were rarely utilized since women were often more conveniently available and more fun to use. The only time a bathroom might see use is when no women was currently available (which was incredibly rare) or if the women that were available were so filthy that it'd be unhygienic to use them. Bit looked around for a few seconds and couldn't find Leena anywhere. But then he noticed a large mound in the far corner that he didn't see at first due to its white color. As he approached he noticed it was a literal mound of cum with some urine stains here and there. Most of the cum was still at least a little runny. Though enough of it had formed into a thick sludge to prevent the rest from spilling out like water from a torn water bed. Near the bottom of the mound Bit could see a dainty looking hand sticking out of the cum sludge.

"There you are." Bit thought to himself before looking back at the mound. "No way I'm touching that." He looks around and spots a box suspended on the wall with long rubber gloves hanging out of a hole on the bottom of it. The sign on the front of the box reads "Whore Removal". "Perfect" Bit says smiling as he grabs the gloves which are immediately replaced by another dispensed pair, puts them on, and walks back over to the mound. Getting to work he grabs the hand and pulls as hard as he can, the slime so thick that the body beneath barely moves out. Loud "Squealch!" and "Splilt" sounds ring out as the body comes loose.

Finally removing her Bit can see it is indeed Leena though he could only tell because of the small amount of pink hair he could see through all the cum. She looked to be unconscious but her chest is still moving slightly so she still seems to be alive, if only just. Her clothing is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps still stuck in the mound. Though Bit has no intention of digging in there to find them. Surveying Leena's body Bit can see the guys were rough just like she wanted them to be. She had bruises covering most of her body, especially around her ample triple M cup breasts, swollen abused pussy, and voluptuous ass. Cum leaked out of what seemed like every hole and even her eyes had been glued shut by solidified semen. Her belly was slightly distended from the large amount of spunk that remained inside. Luckily there was an exit door in the bathroom leading out behind the bar. That way especially messy used up whores like Leena didn't drag thier mess through the front of the bar.

After dragging Leena outside and into the sunlight he released her arm and let it fall to the pavement with a "splat" from the cum still coating it. "You're not riding in the truck like that." Bit looks around once more and with another stroke of luck (or experience since the bar owner has probably dealt with this before) he finds a hose. Laying Leena on her back and spreading her limbs out Bit turns on the hose and the water begins to come out. Thinking it would take to long like this Bit rotates the nozzle and switch's it to power spray. He tests it by quickly spraying the cum stained glove on his right hand. The cum shoots right off and Bit winces at the pain he feels from the waters impact. "Perfect" He says to himself before walking over to Leena.

He decides to work his way in and starts out by spraying her arms and legs. Surprisingly she doesn't even stir from this. Remaining completely unconscious while the water rips the cum and urine of hundreds of men (and probably several dozen pets) off her rippling flesh. He then moves up towards her face and sprays it directly at her eyes and still no response. "Is she really still alive?" Bit asks himself as the cum glueing her eye lids shut rips away and the water jet sprays directly at her pupils. Bit finishes cleaning her whole body and turns off the hose but then hears another squelching sound. He looks back at Leena's form, now laying on her chest, and sees yet more cum gushing out of both her ass and pussy. "Oh to hell with this." Bit exclaims before shoving the hose up Leena's ass and turning it back on.

The power washing hose shudders as it sprays its powerful stream directly into Leena's anus. The force of the water penetrating her jolts her awake with a gasp and she grabs the hose with both hands. However in place of trying to pull it out she instead starts pulling it in deeper while pushing her meaty ass back. Her mind a fuck addled mess and her tongue laying on the pavement, drool oozing out of her mouth, and her eyes rolling into the back of her head as Leena babbles incoherently. Suddenly a gurgling sound comes from Leena's guts as the water fills her stomach to the brim and forces its way up her esophagus. With a loud retching sound Leena starts vomiting out a large amount of semen from both her mouth and nose. Mixed in with the semen however is urine, shit, and even things like used cigarettes, old rags, and pieces of toilet paper. The upchucked flood of filth ends as clear clean water begins flowing from Leena's worthless body.

With two turns of the slightly rusted faucet handle Bit turns the water off. Leena mumbles to herself happily before Bit tears the hose from her ass, eliciting a delighted squeal from the living fleshlight before picking her up and dumping her in the back of his truck.

"All right." Bit says to himself with satisfaction. "Finally get to head home."

Bit drives up to the hanger of the Blitz team's base with a cloud of sand kicking up behind him. After parking the truck inside the massive hanger he pulls Leena out from the back and drops her on the hanger floor causing her massive mammaries, meaty ass, and thicc thighs to jiggle about as she smacks hard against the floor.

Bit breathed a sigh of relief. "That chore for the Doc is finally over with. Now I can get back to my day off." Bit says to himself as he throws his hands behind his head and casually makes for the door leading inside. Leaving Leena lying on the floor. Still completely naked. Inside the hanger the Blitz teams 4 zoids stand resolute as though at attention. The drab gray walls, floor, and ceiling of the hanger having no outstanding features save for the mechanics gantries, fluorescent overhead lights, and supply boxes neatly stacked in areas designated by red squares drawn on the floor.

Leena lets out a heavy moan. Spreading her legs and slipping a pair of fingers inside her badly bruised cunt. "Those men at the bar sure know how to treat a lady." Leena uses her fingers to scoop out a small amount of leftover cum that was still inside her baby sack. Bringing it up to her mouth she savors the last few bits of precious semen. Swirling her tongue around her delicate fingers before finally sucking the cum off and swallowing it.

"Alright." She says getting to her feet. "A whore's got a job to do. I need to get myself cleaned up so the boys can-GASP!" Leena gasp's sharply when she looks at Liger Zero. She immediately rubs her eyes. Not believing what she's just seen. When she looks again it's gone. "Was that really-". She says to herself before trailing off in thought. Composing herself she quickly heads for the hanger security room. Slamming the door open she then stares at the security console that sits just under the window looking into the hanger. In this world a woman's education rarely consists of anything beyond getting fucked senseless on a daily bases. However due to her position as a zoid warrior and as the daughter of Dr. Steve Toros who many simply referred to as "Doc" Leena's education consisted of actual scholastic lessons. Thanks to this the security console wasn't COMPLETELY alien to her.

"Um, I think it was this one." She says hitting a button on the console. An image pops up on the computer screen and just as it does..."SPLAT, SPLUUURT, SPIISH." The sound of liquid slamming hard against a surface echoes through the room. Leena has fallen to her knees. Her whole body trembling with one hand covering her quivering pussy. Behind her is a trail of her own pussy juice that exploded out behind her when she lost control after seeing the image on the screen. Even the wall directly behind her was not spared. A huge amount of her own juices staining and sliding down the wall. She looks up again to see the image a second time and and just as before. "SPUUURRCH, SPLUURSH!" She orgasms uncontrollably. Collapsing to the ground once again as her body shudders in pleasure just from the sight. In the still image is Liger Zero. But what compelled Leena to check the cameras and made her completely lose control...was the insane 10 meter long, 3 meter thick Cock that Liger Zero was sporting.

Holding her head down low and breathing heavily, Leena finally manages to gather some sense of composure. "I'm...I'm gonna need some help. If I'm gonna take that. He, he." Leena giggles to herself with a smile. Both her upper and lower mouth drooling.

Later that day Leena enters her fathers room. Now dressed in her skin tight pink and black pilot suit. The form fitting outfit leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Her gargantuan tits looked ready to rip through at any moment as they bounced around wildly from even the slightest movement. Her nipples poking out almost like spikes. The curvature of her body was accentuated and the uniform hugged her tightly enough that even the shape of her anus would be clearly visible if she spread her ass cheeks open. But the part complimented by this suit the most would likely be her camel toe. The labia of her pussy shaped crisply from the tightness. Even the shape of her clit and urethra were plainly visible. Leena still had the bruises on her face from when the men at the bar beat her. Though these bruises were barely anything compared to the ones now hidden by her pilot suit. Her father was sitting behind his desk which sat atop a slight raised portion of the rooms floor, currently working on a plastic "Iron Kong" model. Not even shifting his gaze with she stepped in. It seemed like he wasn't even aware she was in the room. The room itself was circular with pink carpeting and the walls and ceiling were a stone gray. Behind her fathers desk there was a large wide screen television imbedded into the wall and to her fathers right was a tall bookcase with a great many books on zoids. A smaller more squat book case sit opposite, to her fathers left. Various plants hanged from the walls in wall mounted planters, paired with light fixtures hanging above them.

"Oh daddy?" She says in her most sultry voice. Swaying her hips as she approached him and rubbing her hands slowly over her body.

"What is it my rape princess?" He said with a jolly voice but without taking his eyes off his model. "Rape Princess" was a nickname he gave her for her 7th birthday when she was dressed as a slutty princess and shortly before the party started she was gangraped by a group of strangers who were just walking by and saw her through a window. She said it was the best birthday ever.

"I need your help getting ready for my toughest fuck yet." She said putting her hands on his desk and leaning over it to jiggle her breasts around. Being very careful not to hit her fathers precious models.

"Ah, so you finally noticed that zoids had dicks." He said showing no signs of looking away from his work.

"Wait, you knew!" She asked with an astonished look on her face.

"Of course I did. All men do. We have to do maintenance on them after all. Yeah, no one tells you women cause you'll just try to fuck them. Women have tried it in the past of course but they always end up being ripped apart and dying happy deaths. If all the women died then who'd we fuck?" He asked rhetorically.

"Well I'm fucking it whether it rips me apart or not!" She yells out before her face visible melts into a perverted drunken stupor with drool leaking from her mouth. "I can't go another day without taking that wonderful rod in all 3 of my holes."

"Why stop at 3?" Her father asks.


"I said "why stop at 3?". You have at least six holes you could offer up. Or are you just a half rate whore who's not worthy of being used as a cum rag?" He said finally looking up at her with a smile. Knowing just how to push her buttons.

"Of course I'm a cum rag! I'm the filthiest piece of fuck meat that's ever lived!" She shouts out in anger as the only thing that matters to any woman (her sluttyness) is challenged.

"Glad to hear it!" The Doc shouts out as he rises so quickly from his desk that he spooks Leena and she stumbles back, falling on her rump with her legs spread wide. Her tits jumbling about before finally coming to rest in her lap. "I knew this day would come so I invented a few things in preparation and now's the perfect time to try them out."

Leena simply looks up at her father in confusion. But the thought of that meaty cock has her pussy dribbling so much its leaking out of her pilot suit and staining the carpet. Looking down at her drenched pussy she regains her perverted drunken smile. "I sure hope they work." She says rubbing her covered pussy before slapping it hard, making a loud wet smacking sound as the labia squishes underneath her hand and pussy juice flies off onto the carpet.