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A new & better life!?

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John Winchester was a broken man, in less than a week he had lost everything to a fire. Now, he is driving to no where with the last remains of his life. His two sons a six month old named sam and a four year old named dean. He doesnt know what to do, he has lost the love of his life and the mother of his sons. For him Mary was everythig he can´t do it without her, but he can´t leave his sons alone. He travels to a motel in another town and leaves his sons there while he goes to find some peace and emotional relief in a local bar.


Azazel had killed mary and given little sammy his blood. He was joyous everything was going according to plan but something in his gut wasn´t right, he didn´t knew what it was but he couldn´t relax and just like that a couple of hours after he had killed Mary, he was standing just in front of himself. That was weird, but not imposible after all not only angel´s could travel in time. In fact he was the only one in hell who knew how to do that but in order to do so he needed to be dead so something was really wrong in the future and his future self didn´t waste time in telling him “you need to change the plans. The Winchester´s will ruin everything they will stop the apocalypsis and kill us in the process, so you need to think something else unless you want to die” and just like that his future self vanished. He thought for a while what to do, he even went to watch the Winchester´s little family and he was surprised by what he found. The kids were alone in a motel room the oldest was so lovingly and tenderly taking care of fhe baby just like old mary used to do. Seeing that heartwarmig picture, if just he had a heart of course. He knew exactly what to do so he went to find johnny boy.

Azazel found john in record time it wasnt really hard, he just went to the nearest bar and spotted him getting drunk at the bar, he just hoped he was drunk enough to accept the deal and not to try killing him right here cause he really didn´t need to attract any more attention than he already had in case heaven was watching. Well he thought, there goes nothing and off to the bar he went.

John felt when someone sat in the stool beside him, the guy looked strange his ex-marine senses were going on in his head but he decided to ignore it. He chalked it up to the whiskey. The man beside him ordered a beer and another glass of whiskey, he offered it to john and said " rough night uh?" he just answered with a grunt and drowned the whiskey feeling the comforting burn in his throat. He was about to leave when the man began to talk again

"I could help you know"

john couldnt believe it. Nobody could help him, he was broken so he told the man that nobody could and made another attempt at leaving. Only to be stopped once more

"it's the truth. I can help you, I know what happened to your wife and I know that you will really benefit from listening to me pal"

John was surprised and suspicious that this man knew about mary, but he decided to give it a shot after all he was desperate. The man took him to a booth at the back where they wouldn't be molested and ordered another bottle, when it arrived he began to explain his offer.

" listen well johnny boy I will only repeat myself once. I´m a powerful person" John couldn't believe what he was hearing the guy was nuts, he only snorted in response but decided to listen to the rest "I know you might not believe me and judging for your face you may think I´m crazy but you are wrong and boy you bettter start showing some respect, after all I will give you back a family " john was more than intrigued now. he was thinking that maybe he will get mary back. The man must have read his mind because not seconds later he said " I can't bring mary back, but I can give you another thing you see your baby is infected and he will grow to be evil but I can stop it from happening you just have to do something for me and in exchange I will do something for you"  john couldn't believe what he was hearing little sammy was infected and in risk how and what could this person do but by now it didn't matter he will do everything to protect his sons, the lasts gifts from Mary. " Right. So what do you want from me, I won´t leave my sons"  

"relax, I don't want that. Quite the opposite you see. Here let me show you" and just like that he put two fingers in his forehead and images of a beautiful woman who was almost identical to Mary began to appear in his mind. His chest grew tighter and his eyes stinged with tears. In the images he could also see a child older than the girl, he was big, tall and handsome - and they were all laughing, he had his arms around this beautiful copy of Mary, but something about the girl was wrong. He resembled someone but he didn't know who, until the man spoke again " what you just saw was your family, if you accept" john spat angrily 'that ain't my family .I don´t have any daughters and the boy didn´t look anything alike like my oldest. I told ya i won´t leave my sons!'  as calm as ever the man answered " see johnny boy, there´s where you are wrong. I can make that happen, don't you see it your oldest is a carbon copy of mary with the right push he can be your precious girl and in exchange I will save little sammy from his fate" john was rendered speechless the man was sputtering nonsenses, he couldn't do that to dean or could he, he couldn't deny that the girl looked a lot like mary and when he had her in his arms  somehow he didn´t felt anymore the void that had formed in his chest since Mary died and it also would save little sammy. He didn't know what to do or say, everything sounded crazy. Before he could think some more the man said "I know you want it. In fact just for you I will give you something extra, but you have to promise that you will never hunt anything in your life, neither your boys, you will led a normal life" 'and If I choose not to accept' "I will kill you And your kids. so what´s going to be? " john said through clenched teeth "dont you dare touch my kids" but he knew there was no other way and he clearly wasn´t in the right mind to discuss all this, but not having to hunt and raising his son as his beautiful daughter didn't sound all that bad In exchange for his sons security, so he agreed.

The man clapped his hands and started to leave when he turned around with a devishly smile and said " you will find everything I promised in your motel room. Oh! and I failed to mention that your oldest "girl" is now your youngest. have fun! it was a pleasure doing business with you and remember no hunting for y´all" and just like that he disappeared and once again John was left speechless. He decided it was time to go back to the motel and catch a little shut eye maybe by then this weird dream will be forgotten.

He decided to head home not knowing what was about to happen. Meanwhile outside the skies were dark with heavy storms  and in heaven could be heard the rumble of the thunder hitting the earth. The angels knew something was wrong in earth, something big had happened. Michael sent an exploring squad and also sent orders to all the angels to search for the cause of this sudden storm. Minutes later a black haired angel was in his way to report his findings back to heaven's general and he knew, he wouldn't like one bit what was about to be revealed.