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Déjà Vu?

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‘Some call it the ability of warping time itself, while others say it is simply an old memory resurfacing then repeating in the brain, just because. But, most of us call it simply, Déjà Vu. Why? Because it’s French and sounds so totally cool, right!’


“Did you have a good nap?”

Sinker greeted Boost with a soft smile, seeing his partner looking still somewhat sleepy from the brief respite he had just had.

“Sure did! I am so feeling like taking on the whole galaxy!”

Boost let out a small laugh, rubbing his eyes, the sleep leaving his body gradually.

“So, what’s up? Are we in trouble?”

As if sensing something was wrong, Boost looked through the viewport, seeing not the excepted hyperspace corridor rather normal space. And then glancing back at his parter at the helm, seemingly emerged in something important as Sinker had never really looked up from the consoles. So, it must have been serious.

“I have been detecting large amounts of neutrino emissions emanating from the port side of the ship for last hour or so.”

Sinker was as reading the navigational scanner output. Having been keeping a vigilant eye on the readings ever since they had first emerged, simply out of nowhere after their shuttle craft had popped out of hyperspace without an explainable reason.

“It’s like something is there, but it really isn’t, because the equipment cannot explain it.”

Sinker finally looked up and at Boost, his face looking rather worried at this point in time.


Sinker and Boost had been on their way back from a covert mission they had been assigned to do. Their Commander, Wolffe, had sent the two, knowing they would deliver the goods.

Having been rather successful at that too, picking up the needed information from their enemy without being detected in the first place, the dynamic duo had headed back home as quickly as possible. With the good intel of the separatists plans to take over two systems in the Outer Rim in the next few months time, Sinker and Boost had made sure to head home to deliver it to their commanders for them to plan counter actions to quell the enemy’s plans.

Only now, their journey had been cut short as when closing in on Kamino, somewhat half way though their route, their vessel had been thrown out of the fast speed suddenly mid flight and then, the odd readings had appeared out of the blue.


“What do you mean something which is not there?”

Boost had joined his partner, seated at the helm now.


After waking up from the nap, as they had agreed on alternating shifts at the helm despite the autopilot but as this was a spy mission, doing so for the long journey back in trying to save their energy while doing so.

As Boost had woken and was about to relieve Sinker of watch duty, he had noticed Sinker busy with monitoring something neither of them had excepted to encounter. After all, they had gotten away scot-free after their successful mission from enemy territory, only to have been stopped by… some kind of space anomaly?

At least, that was what it sounded like to Boost as Sinker was listing the facts to him.


“Well, I am not really sure what it is as it is not there. Not really.”

Sinker had not yet found the explanation for the anomalous readings as according to the various instruments, there was nothing there. But having dropped out of the faster than light speed sooner than planned had caused concerns and then the readings had appeared. And now, they were simply hovering in place.

“We are in normal space?”

Boost was still a tad groggy from his sleep but seeing the stars around them clearly was indication they were out of the hyperspace corridor. And despite the engine’s hum, they did not seem to be moving forward.

“Yes, and have been for a while now. We are not moving, not fast at least. And, there is really no reason for any of this to be happening as our hyperdrive is in working order.”

Sinker glanced at Boost again.

“I ran several scans to check them. Everything on this ship is in working order and there is no reason for any of this to be happening.”

Sinker tried to explain their status to Boost. Sounding rather frustrated at that.

Boost was also glaring at the many instruments in front of him. But as Sinker had just told him, all readings were normal. On the green as it were without any blinking lights for errors.

“But if there is nothing there, how can the scanner detect it?”

Boost was still clueless as to why the nav scanner readings were telling a completely different story than any other instruments were. But still, Sinker was sure there was something wrong, so he had to believe it too.

“I don’t know Boost. But there is something there and it is really close too. It, whatever it is, simply keeps hanging out there, right in the same position according to the nav console even if we move forward.”

Boost was thinking for a moment before making his suggestion.

“What if we try to turn the shuttle and see what it is, if it’s even visible for the naked eye?”

Sinker simply nodded.


Because now that Boost was up too, it was better to do things together. Facing the unknown and all that. Sinker then took the autopilot offline and took manual control of the helm himself.Then simply manoeuvring the small craft just so, that they were facing the whatever was causing the readings to pop-up on their scanners.

But as the shuttle turned and was hovering in the spot where the cause of the readings should have been, with the viewport directly facing the exact location of the anomalous readings, there was nothing there except empty space to be seen.



Boost looked surprised at Sinker who could only shake his head in bewilderment.


After all, readings of something did not suddenly appear without a source causing them. But there was nothing there except darkness. A perfect pitch black wall as it turned out to be, right in from of them. With the nav scanners bilking of the same findings, just like before.



Sinker sounded as disappointed as Boost looked.


The two for them glared at the viewport. At the empty space right in front of them for a moment longer. Their eyes checking the nav console readings every so often. It took a moment longer, but then, they both realised what it was there they were seeing. Or rather what it was that was missing from the view. Almost at the same time.


“The stars…”

Sinker started.

“Are missing!”

Boost finished the sentence for him.

They exchanged glances and then, before they could do or say anything more, they could see something forming there. Right in front of their very eyes. A vortex of sorts.

“What the kriff, is that?”

Boost looked at the viewport and back at Sinker.

Both of them shocked to see the formation in the supposedly empty space. And then, before they could utter another word, the vortex had reached the shuttle and engulfed it with its two passengers in it.

“The neutrino emissions, are coming this way. And they are going right through us!”

Was all Sinker managed to utter. And then, they were gone… Ship, Boost and Sinker, from the known space they had been in.