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what the fuck!

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Police sirens were going off not too far from where Patrick was. He didn't realise he was walking towards them until he saw the cars, turns out they were right outside the local café. It was cold today, so lots of people were enjoying warm coffee.
Patrick walked towards the café, everyone but this one guy seemed scared or surprised. Some of them were aggressively typing on 2007 Nokias, some were calling others too. Everyone was a bit spread out, so Patrick went towards the ominous man. The odd man glanced towards Patrick, who was now standing next to him. The odd man's eyes were a very odd yellow colour. Patrick asked the pale man why the police were here. They were escorting a young man out as he asked. The man answered "They're arresting that guy. He's a serial killer, apparently." The man smiled at both of them in a disheartening way. "It's scary how people like that are so close to us, isn't it?" the pale man asked. "I haven't really thought about it." Patrick replied, and put his hand out for a handshake with the man. They shook hands, the man was eerily cold, colder than it was outside. Patrick didn't think much about it and then introduced himself. The man's name was Edward. he then asked "Once this is cleared out, would you like to join me for some coffee?" He knew Patrick was thinking the same thing.
They waited for a bit, and Patrick asked Edward about the killer while they waited. "He's been on the news a little, he killed the mayor, did you not hear about that?" Patrick never watched the news, he believed it was all propaganda. "I heard about the mayor dying, I didn't know he was murdered though. who was the guy? he gave me an interesting look." Patrick replied. "I'm not sure what his actual name is, I guess we'll find that out. they call him "The Riddler", from what I know." Edward then gestured toward the cafe as the police said it was safe.
Patrick didn't really want coffee, and little did he know, edward couldn't even have it. they ordered coffee anyways, the waiter, famous YouTuber Markiplier, had it out fast.
Edward was having trouble not spitting it out..

Edward knew Patrick was intrigued by his unique eye colour, so he voluntarily made an uncomfy amount of eye contact with him. Edward was trying so hard to not get all flustered. Edward never blushes or anything so it was very odd for him. They had some awkward silence, but patrick ended it by saying "Your eyes are such an odd colour, they're oddly bright, is that normal?" Patrick slipped a bit and sounded a little passive aggressive at the end, but Edward didn't pay any mind. "I get that a lot," he said. "My eyes are naturally brown, but they get lighter sometimes. It's the fluorescents, I think."

Edward then asked, "So, what do you do for work, Mr. Bateman?" "I'm an investment banker, probably the worst job I could've gotten." he said. "What do you do?" Edward didn't have a super clear answer, but, "I'm unemployed right now, i'm currently in college. I'm working on getting my doctorate." "Ah, that's better than what I'm doing. I hope it's going well." Patrick added. "I'm going to go pay, it was nice to meet you." "I can pay for myself, it's okay..!" "No, don't worry, it's on me." Patrick was a little persistent in his tone as well. "Are you sure? Thanks. Maybe we should meet up again sometime for dinner." "I'd like that."