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Always and Forever

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" Its always the same dream. I'm running through the forest chasing the silhouette of a girl who I can never reach no matter how hard I run and whose face I cannot see that infuriates me to the core. And yet the overwhelming feeling that I must get to her and protect at all costs consumes me day in and day out. And if its not that it the horrendous stench of death that slowly creeps up the back of my neck, shadowlike arms slowly creeping its way up trying to surround me and stop me from getting to my ultimate goal. In the end it always of me screaming, screaming of a girls name I can't seem to remember . "



" Bells wake up "



" Bella wake up! .  I swear to all that is holy if you don't get your ass out of bed I'm gonna send Damon and Kol in here and have them drop you in the bayou", said Marcel.


"Fine! I'm up already , no need to call on your heathens " scowled Bella. Out of all the days that she could finally sleep in, Marcel chose this day of all days to ruin it. Don't get me wrong Marcel is awesome and all that but he sure can be a pain in the ass when he wants to be. Begrudgingly I start getting out of bed and get ready for the day. 15 minutes later after a fresh shower I head down stairs to meet the rest of my family eagerly waiting for me so they could start eating breakfast. I take my usual spot next to Hope  who in turn saves me a few beignets all of which I'm grateful for. New Orleans sure knows how to make some bomb ass pastries thats for sure. We make small talk to pass the time until Hope has to leave for school . Looking around my family I can't help the feeling that something is coming , something that I can't quite explain. Just the mere thought of what I'm about to do hurts my heart just a little bit more. 


30 min past 7 Hope is off to school with Hayley and Elijah sending her off. 


"  You had another nightmare again didn't you?  " 


" Huh? " I'm suddenly pulled out of my thoughts by non other than Klaus. Klaus who must have been watching me for some time. I could always tell by the little crinkle that forms in the middle of his foreahead. Which he tends to deny at times. Claims he doesn't have one let alone any wrinkles due to his impeccable genes . I can't but help giggle at that. 

" Your nightmares. You know the one you silently scream and cry into your pillow when you think no one is listening. Remember your living in a house full of hybrids and vampires. Or have you forgotten? My not so little wolf " , Klaus all but  murmured. 


" Yes. Its getting worse. "


" You're thinking about leaving too. To find this mysterious girl from your dreams. Don't lie to me either Bella and say that its not true. You should know all by now that we could read you like a book. "

Looking away I knew he was right . I mean its not like I haven't tried before. But those times before my luck always ended up in a dead end . That is until the other night when trying to come up with a surprise for Hope's upcoming birthday was when i got a email saying that Renee had died. Renee...the horrid lady I once called my mother. A mother who had took me away from my father when I was barely 2. I can't even recall what he even looked like. All I knew was of his name, Charlie Swan.  Honestly she stopped being my mother the day she stood and watched her new husband Phil beat the crap out of me for not moving as fast enough when getting his dinner to him. I was 13 at the time.  Once was was my bad, twice shame on me, by third time I had had enough. When Renee had long gone to bed and dirtbag Phil passed out drunk I had packed what was little of my stuff and ran never once looking back. 

Being that I was still 17 and still a minor the government had gotten ahold of Charlie and notified of Renee's passing. When asked about his daughter Bella all that the officers and that of which Phil told them was that she had ran away at 13 and they never even cared to look for her. One could imagine Charlie's rage of hearing that information of his only daughter. So that being said I had looked up my fathers information and had emailed him explaining that I was alive and fine , that for the last 5 years I was staying at a friends house and that I was very well cared for. That was when he suggested that I move in with him right away to Forks Washington. And that's when it hit me , that invisible pull , a tug that surely would of been super painful if not for my amazing healing abilities, straight center on the single rose etched right above my heart. It was basically like a shining beacon screaming at me to follow it. At last it was decided. 


" I'm heading to Forks Washington." Bella said. "


" Okay. And we're coming with you. "


All Bella could do was stand there mouth agape. 


" What? You didn't actually think that we would let you , a beloved family member go gallivanting across the state by your lonesome. You're surely out of your mind. "


At that Bella could only smile.


"Always and Forever"


" Always and Forever " , repeated Bella. And So the trip to Forks was on the way.