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The Full Blooded Prince

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The world was spinning and made Edwards's stomach churn with a long-forgotten feeling of his days as a mortal. He was perplexed with what on earth was happening to him. Try as he might, he couldn't focus his sight and was now fighting with a deep ferocity granted to him by his animalistic self in a vain attempt to discern any images from the swirling vortex. 

He could feel his equilibrium slowly returning, and the blur of colours gave way to more explicit images. 

With a heavy thud, he smacked into a hard, cold and unforgiving stone floor. Rolling onto his back, he let out a breath he had been holding. As he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the dim light of the setting sun as it was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour as it fought its way through a stunning set of stained glass windows. Glancing around, he was surprised to find himself in what appeared to be an unused classroom, judging by the dust settled on the long-abandoned desks. 

Edward tried to calm his fraught mind as only moments before, he was attempting to read whilst Jacob was snoring away next to him. Panic was setting in rapidly as he worried about where his Werewolf now was, hoping he was still safe in their king-sized bed. Just as he was standing, the door to the ancient classroom burst open. With his inhuman speed, Edward rushed behind a granite column. 

Fuck. What did I do? I think I killed him. Merlin, please let him be okay. Please let the greasy git have the magic to heal him. 

Edward could hear the young man was in total distress. He heard a light thump as the intruder fell to the floor and started to cry. Edward's body began to shake as his senses were assaulted with the most alluring smell he had ever experienced. The granite crumbled under his grip, and he fought his instinct to drain the young man of every last drop of blood. 

"Who is there?" the raven-haired man directed in Edward's general direction. 

With his inner demon taking over, he was temporarily unable to tune into his mind-reading abilities. He decided at that moment he would need to confront the source of all his desire. 

"Who did you kill, boy?" Edward asked as he stepped toward the shorter man. 

"Cedric. How? How are you here?" the man with burning green eyes enquired. 

"I am sorry. You have me mistaken for someone else. My name is Edward."

Edward was fighting hard not to tremble and knew from experience his eyes must have been pure black. He watched as the young man, holding some sort of wand, started moving back to the chalkboard. 

He looks just like Cedric, but he is dead. What the fuck is happening? He looks like he wants to kill me. I hope a stunning spell will sort him. 

"Ah, I see. You are some sort of sorcerer. I would not advise using magic against me, as it would be ill-advised. What is your name, and where is this place?" Edward asked as calmly as he could, still fighting the urge to feed. 

"Sorcerer? Well, the correct term is Wizard. You are in a school full of Magicals, so I would say it would be equally ill-advised to attack me. My name is Harry". 

During his long years on Earth, Edward had not heard of a school for magic. It dawned on him that he was likely in Britain, judging by this architecture and this Harry's accent. Edward knew he wouldn't get answers just standing in this dusty room with a man of barely seventeen. To gain his trust, he continued his conversation. 

"So, who did you kill, Harry?"

Edward watched as the green-eyed man started to fall to his knees. As if on instinct, he zoomed over to catch Harry, pulling him into his arms. He was boiling to the touch and seemed tense in Edward's arms. 

Shit, why is he so cold and firm. Oh, who cares. My life is over. I will have a one-way ticket to Azkaban. 

"What is Azkaban, Harry?" Edward purred into his ear. Whatever else happened tonight, the 'Wizards' blood will fill Edward's stomach before sunrise.

He is using legilmency as he seems to know what I am thinking. Merlin, he smells so good. 

"I can read your mind without using your magics, Harry. You smell just as good."

Edward was resolved. He would hold off his demon as long as possible but try to take care of his growing arousal before killing the Wizard. Delight flooded him as he could feel Harry's member was flooding with blood that he would soon drain from the man. 

Pressing the advantage, he pulled the young man's chin and pressed together their lips. His lower half tingled as the Wizard moaned, giving Edward an opening to push his cool tongue into Harry's burning mouth. Lust flooded his vision, and again he struggled to read the Wizard's mind, not that he needed to at this moment. The taste of the raven-haired man was indescribable. Edward thought his scent was overwhelming, but it paled to the taste in Harry's mouth. 

"Take off your clothes, Harry", Edward commanded. 

It pleased him that the Wizard started pulling off his clothes, hands trembling in pleasure. Edward moved with lightning speed to strip himself and swiftly moved Harry to rest on the long table near the far wall. 

Fuck, how is he so fast, and why is his skin so firm and cold? Merlin, his body, looks like he has been chiselled out of marble. I want to suck his cock. 

Edward laughed internally. This was going to be too easy. Now that Harry was on his back, Edward climbed over his prey, knowing it would be the last place his heart would be beating. 

He trailed soft kisses up Harry's lightly muscled abdomen and over his very erect nipples. He relished the taste and feeling as his victim arched up his back and moved his head to one side, exposing a throbbing pulse on his neck. 

That's it, my young Wizard, it is best to invite your end so readily, Edward mused internally. 

Edward moved forward and gripped tightly, placing a firm hand in the raven hair. "You want me to drain you, don't you, boy" he growled at his prey. 

I know what you are, Edward. I am ready. 

Edward cruelly laughed as he didn't need his consent, but it caused his cock to leak a generous amount of precum. He started by kissing the Wizard's neck slowly, followed by licking over the pulsating vein. The young man was clearly in a frenzy of euphoric lust, judging by how loud his heart was beating and the speed it was pumping blood, as if eager to be drunk into Edwards's stomach. 

Running his tongue over his fangs to stem his venom, he placed them precisely over the vein so that he could pierce him deeply. He plunged both fangs and felt a little remorse that the venom would soon cause excruciating pain. His mouth was flooded with burning hot, thick blood. Edward has never tasted anything so powerful, so unique that it sent floods of precum surging out of his prominent member. He became aware that the Wizard was moaning in delight. 

Oh, Melin, why does this feel so good, so right? Please, Edward, take more. 

Edwards swallowed mouth full after mouth full. He noticed his hands started to emit a light blue glow and could feel a strange surge of something primal and powerful. To his surprise, Edward stopped draining his prey to throw his head back and let out a low growl. Looking down, he could see the young man was bleeding, so he coated his tongue in venom to lick the wound. It had the desired effect of stemming the free flow of blood. 

Shit, why did he stop?  

"I am going to fuck you, Harry; that is why I stopped," Edward gruffed into his ear, adding his tongue. 

Edward was resolved to cum inside his willing victim before he finished him. Moving to Harry's mouth, he ordered the Wizard to spit as much saliva as possible. To his surprise, Harry produced a velvety liquid from the tip of his wand. It was pleasantly warm, and Edward palmed it onto his already partly slicken cock. With his hand still wet, he placed it under Harry to rub his tight, virgin hole. He was pleased that the Wizard reacted under his ministration and arched his back off the table. 

"Be patient, Harry. I don't want to hurt you in your final few hours," Edward purred. 

Fuck he is planning to kill me. I don't care. My life was over the second I killed Malfoy. 

"That's right, Harry, accept your fate". 

Edward smiled sincerely as the young man shuddered in pleasure. He hooked up the Wizard's ankles over his shoulders with very limited resolve now holding him back. With his fat cock lined up against Harry's hole, the vampire growled at him, looking down at his prey's member, which was a healthy size for a mortal. If he were lucky, he would let him release one last time. 

With no kindness, he pushed himself fully into the tight heat. It was raptured bliss. Edward had never felt so good and was sure he would be unable to make this last long. He laughed as he saw Harry tense at the foreign invasion inside him. Edward did not allow time for his prey to adjust and started to pump into him rapidly. He gripped his hip bone and fought hard not to break the mortal. 

Edward's stomach and his very being demanded more of the Wizard's hot, sweet delicious blood. He bent his head forward and clamped his mouth onto Harry's thigh. As he thrust his cock into the raven, he teased him with his tongue. 

Please, Edward, drain me some more. 

He did not need to be told twice. Edward pushed his fangs into Wizard's hot flesh, and again the delicious blood of Harry flooded his mouth once again. This time he swallowed down relentlessly, barely hanging onto his orgasm. For the second time, he pulled away but added venom not to waste a drop of blood again. 

He looked down at harry, who was covered in a sheen of sweat and was panting hard. Edward resolved to make him feel as good as possible. He took the Wizard's rigid member and started to jerk him firmly. Edward heard the unorganised thoughts of his victim. The blood loss meant he was in a delirious yet euphoric state. Edward realised that draining his victim's blood also meant he was receiving his magic. 

As he continued to fuck him into the table, he bent forward and pressed almost loving kisses into Harry's mouth. However ridiculous it was, at this moment, Edward loved him. Harry broke this kiss and moved his head to the side. He had heard in his mind that when he took his blood, it felt more potent than any orgasm he had expericened. 

Edward placed his mouth over his victim's neck and plunged his fangs in for the last time. The hot blood assaulted his mind again, and he would not be stopped this time. He continued to pump Harry's cock but was aware it was starting to become softer. This made Edward's erection swell more painfully. He drank a little slower and relished the feel of Harry's cock, as it shrunk back, becoming softer with each passing second. It turned him on so much that draining his blood would deny him his release. Harry deserved all of this for the murder he committed that night. 

He was now lightly sucking the blood out. He wanted to make this moment last. He thought if he ever saw Jacob again, this would be his fate next. As he drank, he could feel Harry's cock was now wholly flaccid, so he let it fall limply against the man's thigh. 

He took two more deep gulps of the Wizard's blood and then flooded in insides with his seed. As he was nearing the height of his climax, he removed his mouth from the Wizard. The last of his seed pumped out at the sight of the wound on Harry's neck. He did not need to use venom to stem the blood this time. 

With his superior hearing, he could hear his prey's heart was now beating very slowly. Edwards's body was humming with new power; he had never felt so alive. He ran a hand over his stomach and chest, which were aflame. His skin had not been this hot since the day before his death. 

He could hear incoherent thoughts from his prey. 

Potion, wing, blood, hospital, replenish. 

Edward cruelly laughed. He saw the images in the man's mind. In this world, there was a potion which would replenish his blood. 

"Of course, Harry. I will get the potion, and we will find somewhere to chain you up because your life belongs to me now. I can't promise how long I will let you live as it took all my strength to stop this time". 

Thank you. 

"You're welcome, Harry". 

Edward stood and rapidly dressed and, using the images in Harry's mind, made his way to get his potion. 

Harry could feel the potion trickle down his throat as he was half straddled in Edwards's lap. He was partly aware that he was still naked and could feel the cold metal against his wrists. As Harry regained his vision, the Wizard could see the vampire standing over him. Harry's heart lurched as he watched Edward cast a spell over the chains and promptly snap his wand in half. 

Edwards lips curled up into a broad grin as his now slave, was hard again. He was going to enjoy this and would not need a stupid wand to perform magic. 

“That Potion worked very rapidly I see,” the master said to his slave. 

I can’t believe he broke my wand. 

“You will not be needing it Harry. Your life as a Wizard is over now”. 

Edward pulled his prey back and placed his head against his muscled shoulder. Taking his hand onto his slaves member he started to jerk him in a teasingly slow motion. As Harry started to moan Edward locked his fangs into his neck, over the same wound from a few hours ago. 

Starting to drink deep Edward could feel his massive cock fill with blood. The same blood he has taken from his slave. He was utterly relentless this time and could feel the dizzied euphoria of his prey. 

No, this won’t do. He does not deserve this much pleasure, Edward angry thought.

As Edward continued to drink Harry’s blood with renewed rapid vigour, causing his stomach to swell, he could once again feel the Wizards cock start to deflate. He got a sick pleasure out of jerking it harder and needing to tighten his hand as the blood was pulled from the cock. 

Edward decided to tear his victims flesh, so his blood would flow more freely. Whilst still drinking he placed the blood replenishing potion to Harry’s lips and command him to drink through a mumble at his neck. 

His slave did as he commanded. As he did he could feel the man’s cock start to swell again. No, he thought that won’t do. He took the potion and smashed it against the wall. 

Edward thought he should be full but he still felt empty and craved more and knew the demon wanted him to end the wizard. As Harry started to slide down slightly Edward started to leak as he felt the man’s cock deflate once more. This was the best part. Down it went, as he drew the blood away. Soon it was completely flaccid. 

He slowed his draining and cupped the wizards  manhood. Thinking about the magic he now had he willed for his preys balls to shrink. As his hands flowed with an eerie green he could feel as the balls went from the size of small eggs, to the size of blueberries. He certainly wasn’t done yet. 

Now grabbing the man’s five inches of flaccid cock he used the same magic to start to shrink his prey, as he continued to drink his blood. 

His own cock was dangerously hard and starting to leak. As he swallowed another mouth full he could feel the magic take the last of his slave, shrinking his manhood, inch by inch as Edward willed it into nothing. He smiled as he felt and now saw his own cock and balls grow significantly, gaining a hefty weight. His seed erupted as he looked down at the cockless slave. 

Edward had his head on the cold wall, with his prey breathing in a laboured manner. Harry’s heart was beating infrequently. He placed his mouth on fresh skin, piercing it aggressively and started to drink the last of his slave. He could feel his preys euphoric emotions, as Edwards lips caused a similar reaction to the blood replenish potion. He kept his slave at the edge of death for hours, unsure when he should let it end. Willing the magic to stop Edward sucked at Harry aggressively. He was now hard again as he could feel the blood slowing.

He was licking the last few drops and was suddenly aware he could barely hear the wizards thoughts. He waited for the final beat of Harry’s heart which excited him more than he thought possible, knowing he would cum hard with the final beat.

As moments past by Edwards stomach and groin was tingling with a tantalising lust. His newly hot body started to cool a little with his prey pressing coldly against him. Noticing his thoughts were alone and hearing one last pathetic beat of the wizards heart, Edward released his seed more intensely than he could ever recall and laughed as he heard Harry’s last breath leave him.