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The Lost Love

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'Well. I found the platform.', she thought while looking up at the scarlet Hogwarts Express. All around her children just like her were climbing aboard, but unlike her their parents wouldn't let them go and were smothering them. Her's just dropped her off and smirked or sneered at her misfortune of not finding the platform.

'If they could see me now!', her thoughts couldn't help but say. She climbed aboard the train and tried to walk through the passages. Emphasis on tried.

There were these mean looking people in green that kept tripping others. On top of that she was probably the shortest one there. Iris finally managed to squeeze through the crowd into one of the last empty compartments. Now that the easy part is over now it's time for the challenge.

Iris struggled to lift up her trunk and even stood on the seats. She even put it on her back and pushed, luckily that worked. Exhausted she slumped in her seat. When she was about to rest her head the compartment door flew open and she bonked her head hard against the window.

"Oh. I am terribly sorry. We were looking for a place to sit. Is it alright if we join you?", a girl asked.

She was a redhead with spring green eyes, she had this aura around her that felt like the first day of spring and was a greenish color. Behind her was a long greasy black haired boy who seemed to be her friend, but he gave off an aura of black but with a dot of white. Iris could usually tell a person's personality by their aura. It was always something that she could do. Just like how most people could sense other people she could sense their aura's.

That probably wasn’t the best explanation. She couldn’t literally see their auras it was more like what she felt their auras would be.

Iris could only nod timidly at her question. When they sat down the redhead spoke. “Hi. I’m Lily Evens and my friend here is Severus Snape. What’s your name?” Iris spoke but in a voice too quiet for them to hear.

“Sorry. I didn’t catch that.”

“Iris Peterson.” she replied in a small voice.

“Well Iris. I just know that we are going to be the best of friends.” Iris felt herself fill up with hope at those words. Nobody had wanted to be friends with her for a long time.

Throughout the train ride she got to know Lily and Severus better. Turns out Lily was from a muggle family as well except they didn’t hate her. Well other than her sister, Petunia, that is. It wasn’t quite hate, she was just envious of Lily.

The raven-haired girl couldn’t help but feel like she could trust Lily. Except she wasn’t that naive. Her secrets would stay her own.

Severus broke the silence. “We are getting close to Hogwarts. We should probably change. I will be outside if you need me.”

Iris shifted uncomfortably. She didn’t feel comfortable changing in front of an almost complete stranger. Lily, who seemed to have sensed her discomfort, only sighed.

“You can change first if you like. Knock when you’re done.” Lily said in a gentle tone. And with that she slipped through the compartment doors. Iris let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding.

As she slowly started to change she thought about her classes. Would they send her back home if she received a low grade? She hoped not.

“I’m done.” , she stated. No sooner had the words fallen out of her mouth the compartment door sprung open and a red blur barreled inside almost knocking her over.

“Thank god. I was starting to think that I might actually have to punch him in the face.” Lily said with a single breath. Iris's eyebrow crept up farther into her hairline but Lily didn’t seem to notice. She hoped Lily wasn’t talking about Severus.

He seemed to be nice and she would hate to see how he got onto her bad side. How anyone got onto her bad side was a wonder.

“Who?” she finally managed to mutter out.

Lily narrowed her eyes in disgust and anger her eyes flashing a jade green as she looked behind Iris and at the compartment door.

“Him.” How she managed to put that much venom into her voice was amazing. When Iris turned around she caught sight of a boy her age with black hair and brown eyes that were hidden behind glasses. He had a confident smirk on his face that made his face look almost devilish.

What really caught her attention though was one of the boys standing behind him. It was the boy that caught her when she fell into the pillar!