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When Shall We Three Meet Again

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"When shall we three meet again?” Una intoned. 

“We’re going to need a clear day,” Secunda replied, “if we’re going to get everything done.”

“I can bring my slow cooker,” Tertia added.  “That way we can combine the ingredients and let them get on with it, while we meet with Macbeth, accidentally on purpose.  And they’ll all be ready when we need to cast the spell.”

“It’s not like the old days,” Una protested.

“No, it’s a lot cleaner and there’s much less risk of anything else falling in the cauldron and spoiling all our hard work.  You remember what happened when Tertia dislodged the spider’s web and all those flies fell in,” Secunda said.

Tertia shivered.  “Don’t remind me.  I had bright orange hair for a fortnight and the glitter went everywhere.”

“We had to clean absolutely everything to make sure there was no glitter lurking to ruin any further spells.”

“You have a point.  Very well, I’ll have to see when I’m next available.”  Una produced her crystal ball and peered at it.  “That’s funny, it’s totally clear; I’m sure I’ve got a number of things booked already.”

“You could try switching it on,” Secunda suggested.

“Oh, yes, silly me.”  She did so.  “No, still nothing, just as clear as before.”

“Perhaps you could try shaking it,” Tertia offered.  “Maybe snowflakes will start falling down.  I do like a nice snow globe,” she added dreamily.

“My old crystal ball used to do that,” Secunda said.  “I had to hit it on the top, that usually settled it.  In this case, it’s more likely your battery has run down.”

Una hunted in the folds of her cloak, eventually finding the charging cable.  She plugged it in and switched it on.  “That’s it,” she said triumphantly.  “Here we go.  Or not.”

“What’s wrong?” Secunda asked.

All three witches peered at the crystal ball, which was displaying the message ‘Update in progress.  This may take some time.’