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Never Expected This

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Caius Pov:

I sat bored in my room. Athenodora was after two thousand years boring and uninteresting. When I first saw her, I thought she would be my mate. But now I knew it was a big mistake from my side. She wasn't in love with me, but with the money our marriage brought her. I was a king, one of the three kings of the vampire world. I gave up the hope to find my true mate long ago.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I was absent-minded that I hadn't realized that Felix, one of our guards, was coming to my door until he knocked.

I grimaced before I got the always angry and mischievous king that everyone knew.

"What is it?" I snapped.

"Master Caius, Master Aro wishes to see you in the throne room," Felix voice came through the door. Curious I stood. It couldn't be Heldi. She was on her way back home, I knew that, but no one thought of her arrival before this evening or late afternoon.

"What is it?" I asked the vampire while I opened the door and stepped out. Felix bowed and gestured me to go. I growled quiet but took a step forward. The big vampire followed me.

"A vampire arrived, we do not know what he wants yet, but Aro wants you to be there too."

I raised an eyebrow but said nothing anymore. If Felix hadn't said anything to this by now, he seemed to know nothing more.

When I arrived at the throne room, I smelled one vampire I didn't know. When I entered I saw a bronze-haired guy with yellow eyes. Actually it wasn't yellow, but I could tell it was a strange eye color for a vampire. Curious but a bit bored, I sat down in my throne and stared down at the vampire. He didn't look like he was interested either.

"So, what is this about?!" I asked angerly while Marcus entered the room. With him the three kings were gathered. His expression was as always without any emotions.

Aro shot me a deadly glare before he turned to the young vampire. He didn't seem nervous which irritated me.

"Would you mind telling us why you are here, young one? What is your name?" Aro asked swiftly.

"My name is Edward, Edward Cullen. I heard about you Carlisle. He is the one who changed me," the vampire in front of us said. When the name Carlisle fell, I was curious. So this strange guy was alive after all. We hadn't seen him since- what was it? three hundred years I guess it was.

"That's because he was very busy this time. He found a family," Edward said without hesitating. I blinked in confusion. Had I said aloud what I was thinking?

"No, please forgive me, I read your thoughts."

I snarled but didn't say a thing. When I forgave him now, later I had no reason why I would appreciate to kill him afterwards.

Aro laughed excitedly. "So may I?" He asked the vampire in front of us. Edward stared at the hand which Aro offered to him then grabbed it. They both went silent for quite a while. When my brother loosened his grip and took a step away from him, he looked excited like a little child on Christmas eve.

"I appreciate your memories of Carlisle," he said smiling before his expression turned something darker. "Let us think about your request. Come back in four hours."

Edward nodded and left the room. Our guard seemed to relax a bit. Unknown vampires brought them to highest concentration because they were an unknown danger to us.

I shot a glance towards Marcus, who was sitting there without any emotions. This lack of them made me like always shiver.

"What was his request?" I snapped at my brother who still stood in the place Edward stood a minute ago.

"He requested death," Aro simply said. For a moment I stared at him in disbelieve.

"So why haven't you give him what he mostly wanted?"

"Because my dear brother, he has a fascinating gift. And he has broken the law."

Only Aro was talented enough to mention a positive and negative argument in one sentence.

"And, what was his gift?" I asked impatiently.

"He can read your thoughts," Aro explained excited.

"So could you," I shrugged.

"But I have to touch this person. Maybe it's powerful but Edward's gift is more handy. He sees only the thoughts you are thinking in that moment but everywhere, from everyone and without a stupid barrier like mine."

Like almost always I don't understand what was so exciting about that. We had one mind reader. Wasn't that enough? Even Marcus, who sat there expressionless, began to speak after that.

"So, dear brother, what was his crime?" Ah, the interesting part of the conversation could begin. I leaned forward to stare right down to Aro.

Aro sighed, "He told a human woman about us. Her name is Isabella Marie Swan but she prefers Bella."

"Why did he do this? Has Carlisle not told him about the law?" Marcus asked with a lack of emotions in his voice.

That was what I asked myself too. We were the ones who raised Carlisle to a vampire who would never break our laws.

"He thought that she was his true mate," Aro explained softly. Marcus should understand what Aro was talking about.

"But...she wasn't," I guessed. Aro nodded silently. The guards stared at us. They waited for our decision.

"He walked away when she was hurt on her birthday party a coven member planned for her. If she was his true mate, he never ever could just walk away, even it was her own safety. He thinks that she is dead because someone told him. He didn't go and check it, so I doubt that the young lady is really dead."

I looked up when I felt two gazes on me. One was from Aro, the other one from Marcus.

"What?!" I asked shocked. It was never a good sign when my brothers thought the same.

"Maybe you want to go hunting?" Aro asked in a sweet manner and Marcus nodded.

"You want me to find that brat he fell in love with?" I glared at them. "What have I done to you that you think you could throw me in the new world? You both know how much I hate it over there!"

Aro smiled softly. "But we need someone who will bring her over here so that we can held the trial for Edward."

"Why do we need a human? They are pathetic and start to shiver before they even see us," I whined.

I knew that I was going to pack my things in a few minutes. Like I thought it never was good when Aro and Marcus had the same opinion.

"Caius, just stand up, pack your things, travel to Forks, find that girl and bring her to us!" Aro said impatiently.

"Has she really to be alive?" I blurted out.

"You will take Jane and Demetri with you," my brother said at the end without even showing that he heard me. "Maybe... You will take Felix along, too."

My mouth hang open so I closed it with a snap.

"If you wish, brother," I snarled. I wasn't happy. I hated traveling and most I hated the new world. The USA saw themselves as the from god blessed people. All they did was fighting a war here, a war there, entering the world wars, when the world was almost to an end. If there were no more fights they just could enter, they made one on their own like they did in Afghanistan. In my opinion this was not the behavior of god-chosen people.

I stood up and left the room. Once I was in my room, I saw that my bag lay on my bed. Athenodara seemed to be happy to get rid of me for four days or something like that. Two hours after Edward was in the throne room, I was on my way to the new world with Jane, Felix and Demetri. I sighed while I watch Volterra getting smaller and smaller until it vanished.