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Paint My Coffin Red

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Aro and the Volturi were in their regular meeting room, a head peaked from the dark corner, they all drew their daggers. They came out of the corner and showed their face.

“Cole, where have you been?” Aro asked, placing his dagger back in his coat space.

“Gathering evidence.” Cole uttered. He shook his head.

“I- I have almost irrefutable proof that Renesmee is an immortal child.” Aro was confused, his mind in a daze for a second.

“Do we have a location on her.” Aro asked.

“She is near the forest, in an area covered in snow. The Cullen’s and Hale’s as well as other vampires are with her.” Cole said.

Aro grabbed the phone from his desk, his arm was as fast as a leaf blowing in heavy winds.

“Jane. We have Renesmee and she is an immortal child.”

Jane was shocked as she heard, taking the phone from her ear. Aro ended the call and texted her the location.

Everybody was standing outside, the snow going up to their ankles. This was where it would take place, where it had to.

They were all on the battlefield. Jacob, Alice, Bella, Rosalie, Edward, Jasper, Renesmee, and Carlisle. Emmett was not present, but there were other werewolves and vampires, such as Benjamin, Seth, and more.

The Volturi were here, footprints in a line covering the snow. They weren’t wasting any energy, Aro however rushed into the field with some of his lead men. They all looked very formal, as usual for them.

Bella quickly started projecting her mental force field, knowing that Jane could reflect pain on them.

Alice walked toward him, inching closer. She was ready to show him the vision. In all visions, Renesmee was an immortal child. In other visions, she was helping with the battle, taking out over half of the Volturi. In other versions of the battle, the Volturi never showed up, fearing extinction and loss of their kind if they would have lost. She violently grabbed his hand to show him a vision. He was quickly thrown into a trance

… Vision …

He was greeted by all the vampires, the Cullens, Seth, Jacob, Renesmee. Chaos broke out, both sides attacking each other. Somehow, the Volturi were slowing down in numbers. Alice had hope, that they could win the war, if there even was one.

Aro was walking near the middle of the field, not expecting a vampire to start splitting the ice, causing a crack in the middle of both sides. The vampires starting to take out nearly everyone on his side.

Edward jumping to the other side and charging at him. Aro trying to fight back, but Edward had restrained him with all the force in his body.

Edward throwing him into the crack, struggling to hold on but still on the rock. “Break the ice” Edward yelled. Rosalie laughed, then realizing this wasn’t the time.

Benjamin opening the crack even more with such ease, swallowing up almost all of the remaining Volturi members. Only Jane and a few others were still alive. The rocks started breaking over themselves, the people clinging to the rocks no more. Aro was still holding on to the rocks.

He tried to jump back up, but it was too late. There was a rock crumbling over his head, making him fall down, but not yet into the pit of lava that the Benjamin had created under them with his elemental powers. He was still hanging on, even if it was slightly.

But then, Alice had never seen this part of the vision. Benjamin had made a crack too big, Renesmee was at the edge of the crack, his powers opening the crack just a little more. Her falling into the lava, Edward jumping down to save her, and Rosalie protecting Bella.

“Bella, stop” Rosalie yelled. Bella tried to get Renesmee, but Rosalie talking her out of it. Edward had jumped down to try and save Renesmee, Alice standing over the line that had looked like a cliff. Jasper jumping to the other side to take out the rest of the Volturi. Edward was down in the rocks, Renesmee trying to fly up, but Aro had a tight grip on her.

Jane had stopped inflicting pain on everyone, It wasn’t working because of Bella’s mental shield. She started to inflict pain on Aro, he tried to ignore it but it was too much. He fell, and so did the rock under Renesmee, nobody noticed that she had fallen until they called her name.

Alice, Rosalie, and Jacob’s eyes left the pit and went to the other side, where they heard Jasper screaming. Jacob morphed into a werewolf and jumped on the other side, Rosalie followed, but Alice was still, Giving Edward comfort after he jumped out of the crack. The Volturi saw Rosalie and Jacob arrive to their side, they quickly left. Rosalie standing over Jasper who was screaming in pain.

… End Vision …

The vision had ended, Alice had seemed more scared than Aro.

“That is just a possible future. In every vision you have showed me, Renesmee dies.” He said

Alice had never even realized this before, nor did she want to. Renesmee’s life may depend on her and the other Cullen’s. He then thrusted his arm forward and threw a jab at Alice in the face, and she went flying into the corner.

Her elbowed bruised, laying in the snow for seconds, so cold almost becoming numb. Blood coming out of her left cheek, and a bruise of impact filling her cheekbones.

Alice, ignoring her injuries started flying towards Aro trying to keep up with him. Luckily, Rosalie was next to Aro and charged at him. She shoved him in the snow, trying to keep him still but nothing was working, she could see that he was staring directly at Renesmee. Rosalie had realized that he was heading towards her, holding him back for a few more seconds before he body slammed her and she was being blown backward on her feet, her body covered in snow.

Alice got to flying again, this time for a different destination. She met Jane; she still had the mental force field effect working. Rosalie was wiping off the snow and dirt from her body and clothes

“Jane, in one of the possible futures that I saw, you helped us, you saved Renesmee. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t understand why you are still on Aro’s side.” Alice tried to get her to help.

“I’m not on Aro’s side. I’m on my own side and The Volturi” She spoke. “That means that you can help us save Renesmee, you don’t have to kill him, just inflict pain on him.” Alice replied.

Jane shook her head no. Jane saw Alice’s hand go out, which only means one thing, a vision.

… Vision …

It was a vision of Jacob and Seth in their werewolf form, Seth tearing Jane’s limbs off, starting with her legs. And moving straight to her head. Then Edward and Rosalie snapped Aro’s neck, pulling his head off by latching their arm weight onto his hair.

… End Vision …

“If you don’t help, you and Aro will die, and the rest of the Volturi will die off. You could be their leader. Doing what Aro couldn’t, being a competent leader.” Alice started to whisper. "In most of my visions Aro dies no matter what." She tried to intimidate her into following.

After seeing her death, Jane was petrified. Although leading the Volturi was a position she had considered, she had her intensely focused face on. “Pain” She whispered, inflicting pain on Aro. Aro pulled something out of his pocket, Bella was near and gasped at the site of this. Edward and Jasper were also around but didn’t see what was happening, them and Rosalie were fighting more of the Volturi.

He took a dagger and started to crawl closer to Renesmee, the pain still affecting him. He sliced Renesmee’s right arm off, blood everywhere. The fingers still slightly functional, twitching and trying to move. Renesmee was screaming in pain. Edward heard Bella scream and so did Jasper.

They saw that she was silently approaching Aro, they held her down so she wouldn’t be hurt. He no longer felt pain, but Jane was still reflecting the pain. Aro had realized that It was Jane. He stood up, not feeling anything, he ran towards Jane. Now that he was gone, Bella went over to Renesmee, both of them were crying and yelling.

Edward running over to comfort them. Carlisle had no idea what was happening, he was taking heavy damage from the Volturi. They had throwing knives, trying to get one to latch onto Carlisle.

Alice went over to Carlisle to help him fight them. A werewolf was approaching, and it jumped over Aro, gnashing its teeth on the veins of his neck. Aro fell over, the werewolf digging their nails and body into his skull, his head crushed. His head rolled, Aro’s head and Renesmee’s arm lying next to each other.

The remaining Volturi went over to attack Jasper, they messed up one of the ribs on his left, which was not all they had done. He was still able to run to them, but his speed was diminished. All the people of the Volturi left and scattered, fearing the wrath of the other Cullens and Hales.

Exiting much faster than they entered. They all met in the middle of the field in a circle, almost like a cult, or a clan. Jasper had clutched his neck, he thought someone had twisted his insides out. “Somebody get me a bucket or a container, not too small though” Rosalie said.

Everybody stared at her, even Bella who had Renesmee in her arms. Carlisle had nothing to do, he went and found a medium sized container with the lid next to it, he handed it to Rosalie.

She squatted down and picked up Renesmee’s arm, everyone looked at her like she was crazy. “I’m saving an arm dummies. We need to get to a hospital.” She scoffed. Everyone winced at the sight of the arm. “Grow up.” She growled directly at them.

“These clothes won’t do, everybody get changed.” Carlisle added. Everyone had blood on their clothes, except for Renesmee. Alice and Rosalie carried Jasper to the van. Bella carried Renesmee, still crying, both of their shirts filled with tears.

They all got changed, Edward and Bella secretly looking at each other. Before Jasper got changed, he put a jacket on the back of his neck, acting as a support and a pillow. Alice had to help Jasper before going in.

They got into the van. Carlisle was driving, Jasper called shotgun, he had to lay in his seat, with his makeshift pillow. Bella and Rosalie sitting next to each other, Renesmee in Bella’s lap, Rosalie gently stroking her hair while buckling her seatbelt.

Alice was in the back left, Edward in the middle of the backseat, and Jacob on the right side. The ride was silent, nobody could find themselves able to talk during the ride.