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Warehouses and Werewolves and Women

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Maura doesn't lie, but she was able to come up with an explanation for their werewolf they found in the park. Something had showed up on a scan, but when he came out of surgery, Maura made sure the bracelet he'd been wearing had been hidden. A few hours later, she added access for a 'Dr' Myka Bering to a list. A few hours later, she met the agent and her partner in the carpark, handed over some scrubs and walked them up to the ward.

Maura handed over the bracelet, careful to handle it with gloves on. Myka examined it, reading the Latin inscription.

"Lupinotuum," Myka said out loud. "You were right to call us."

"I know your career is... different to what it used to be. But I thought this might be in what Jane would call your 'wheelhouse'."

"Quite right," HG said, putting on a glove to examine the artifact. "I haven't seen this since that werewolf in Paris. I thought it had been recovered, but artifacts like this have a way of finding their way out of the archives."

"Can you explain it again," Maura asked, still curious. She liked to know how things worked. Myka shrugged, looked over to HG, who also shrugged. "Your sister says hi, by the way. She dropped in with a... houseguest."

"Rather you than me. Shaw still scares the bejezus out of me."

"She and Jane were arm wrestling all night," Maura said, rolling her eyes. "Still, it's nice to see her. I always thought it was a shame you pulled out of medical school. You always looked good in scrubs." Maura eyed Myka, who blushed. HG stepped forward, holding something odd. A moment later Jane had disarmed her, stepping into the room behind her, fiddling with the device, not quite not pointing it at Helena.

"I hate it when you guys come to town," Jane groaned, tossing Myka the gun. She trusted Myka, with her secret service training. Myka pulled out a static bag and slips the bracelet inside, a static shock rippling out as she closed it. They all look at the patient, who looked a lot more coherent.

"You'll be fine," Maura said, standing by the bed. "We were able to isolate the tumour." He nodded, confused, rubbing the small scar on his skull.

"Dinner?" Maura asked, and Myka nodded.


Helena picked at her meal, sighing and looking over at Myka. Jane nudged Maura.

"If you have nowhere booked, we have a spare room," Maura said. "Just the one."

"We have an early flight, you're sure it wouldn't be an imposition?"

"Not at all. We're on call anyway. I always remember the year you took me home for Christmas, let me return the favour."

Helena glared at Maura, and Myka watched her with interest. HG seemed bothered. When Myka looked up, Jane was glaring at her. Maura realised she'd said something that people were reacting to.

"We never dated," Maura clarified. "Not for lack of trying on her part. I wasn't the most socially aware at that age."

"You weren't when I asked you out either," Jane said, shoving salad into her mouth. "Took two months for you to realise I'd kissed you because I liked you."

"Oh," Maura said, blushing. "I knew you liked me. I didn't know that you -"

"You're lucky you're so cute," Jane grumbled, the fond smile on her face belaying her attitude. "How did you two get together?" Jane asked. "Root and Shaw said they were fighting an AI, which, as technology advances, becomes more believable by the day."

"Oh, uh, we're not dating," Myka said, blushing. "We're just friends. Good friends."

"Oh," Jane said, looking surprised. "Oh well," she shrugged. "Still only the one spare room, and let me tell you, the couch blows."

"It's fine," Helena said shortly. "We're used to bunking up on the road. Stuff upper lip and all that." She fakes a smile that even Maura can see through.


Jane barks out a 'Rizzoli,' not even opening her eyes as she stands and pulls on some pants. Maura follows with a more sedate 'Isles', and they're moving through the house in the dark, quiet in deference to their guests.

Guests who are in the longue room, playing chess. Maura makes the coffee while Jane watches the game. Jane takes her travel mug, leans over Helena and moves her knight.

"She loves you," Jane said kindly. "Checkmate."