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Venus de Milo

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This book contains snippets and extra scenes that did not make the final piece, Flaming June.

If you stumbled across this book without reading anything about its companion piece Flaming June, I suggest you do so first before reading any further.

If you came here from reading Flaming June and from where it’s currently updated, then there’s a couple things you should know:

  1. Anything you read in this book will have a chance of being relevant in later chapters pertaining to Flaming June unless stated otherwise and a chapter summary will be added to every chapter.
  2. The chapters in this book contain scenes that did not make the final cut either due to pacing issues or irrelevancy to the chapter I intended it to be in and no longer fit anywhere else in the story. Whatever is written on here IS canon unless stated otherwise in the chapter summary.
  3. Some chapters will be short because they only have specific scenes told from a different character’s perspective.

Because I have a document filled with blurbs and scenes that are taking up space, I decided to create this side-piece instead of deleting my work.

I hope you enjoy!