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A Stunt Like That!

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‘One’s past cannot be easily forgotten - adapting to something else, someone new, is always difficult and often leading to choices made out of frustration, out of haste, usually, leading to total and utter disaster’

“Fives! Fives, please respond!”

Echo’s tone was pleading, wanting nothing more than his partner to answer the hail.

But, the communications frequency was filled with static only.

“Fives, if you can hear us… please, respond.”

Echo sounded defeated, the needed response not coming through no matter how hard he tried to wish it to.

“Echo, he is not there.”

Tech had his arms around Echo, trying to console his partner the best he could, even if he himself wasn’t feeling the situation at all. The loss of their partner, out there somewhere, missing in action or possibly… dead.


Echo’s voice was a low whisper in the end. But no matter how hard Echo was pleading. Sending out prayers to the universe. Fives was not responding to their hails.

Fives, for all they knew, was once again, gone.


The landing team whom Fives had been with for the mission of a search and rescue, also assumed the worst. As the enemy had started firing on them just before they had managed to get back to their ship. Fives having held the rear, with the several people they were supposed to rescue from their enemy’s hands. None of them making it to the vessel before they had to leave.

Tech and Echo had been on a return trip from another mission, while getting the other team’s call for help and then having rushed to their aid as soon as possible. Only to find out that the team had failed with their rescue efforts. And not only that, but there was a missing crewman as well. Fives. 


“Echo, please, we have to leave. The others are back and we need to leave. Now. We cannot survive another volley.”

Tech warned Echo as they were only two ships, under manned and gunned against several attacking craft.

The enemy kept on firing at them and one of the other clones who had been with Tech and Echo, offered to take the helm instead of Echo or Tech, after seeing their state and realising how distraught both of them really were.

“Please Echo…”

Tech was trying his very best to console Echo at the very moment. But the other man only shook his head, slowly at that. Being in total shock and falling into an almost catatonic state.

“Please, not again.”

Was all Echo managed to utter before he was deep inside the abyss, having lost Fives once again.


They could only hope to come back and look for Fives and the rescued captives with a bigger force. As for now, there was nothing more they could do. The enemy being too powerful to fight back against with just the two ships. And so, reluctantly setting their destination back to their home base. Because no matter whom was missing, they needed to leave in fear of getting shot down themselves.