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That one time H.M saved humanity

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There's a man or what we think is a man, he's looking at the all the captain portrait's. We see him in every one of them but through out the years his facial expression gets more sad, he's clearly not human even though he could easily pass as one well one from before the world went to shit. Now all the human's looked like big baby's, it was something to do with the gravity or lack of and the artificial gravity. His name was Murdock that was what it said on his name tag, there was also a small Buy 'n' Large logo on it. Murdock was designed to be the co pilot working alongside a robot steering wheel named Auto, they haven't gotten along in the past three hundred some years but it was whatever. Murdock was scruffy his hair was all over the place, unlike some of his picture's with the previous captain's, were his hair was short more to military standard's but it was clear he was long past it. One of the obvious things of that fact was the fact his LED was gone, in the first picture he's smiling and he seemed so excited but by the second captain his smile has faded and his LED was gone. By the fouth captain he's not wearing his uniform, he's wearing civilian clothes looking more like he does now. Murdock has got a captain insignia on his leather jacket, he's also wearing a red baseball cap that says Airborne on it. He's also wearing a shirt with a stupid qoute on it, that nobody would get nowadays. He definitely looks human, I mean he feels it to it was obvious by the look of sadness as his eyes traveled to the first captain's portrait. He's watched all the captain's come and go over the years but none of them seemed to affect him more than one Captain Reardon. Murdock stares at the portrait thinking of a very distant memory of his.
We see the man from the portrait except he's very much alive, the only difference from the portrait and him is the fact he's not in uniform. He's wearing the Airborne hat that Murdock would wear in seven hundred years, speaking of Murdock he's currently being put online by said captain. The name tag he has on his leather jacket says his name is Mason H.M Reardon, the name tag is the same as Murdock's. He was reading the manual trying to figure this out unlike everyone on board he hated having robotic help, he was raised to do everything all by himself and he was gonna stick to it. He heard Auto come from the bridge, he was tempted to throw the manual at him but decided not a good idea.
"Captain." Auto says
Reardon groans, he turned towards him with the what can't you tell im busy look before going back to his manual, he stared to work on Murdock not paying attention to the annoying sentient steering wheel he got stuck with.
"What Auto did someone fall out of there hover chair." Reardon says laughing softly at his own joke
Auto said nothing he just blinked at him, Reardon rolled his eyes going back to Murdock, he really hopes this android has a sense of humor because he really couldn't take Auto and it's only been two months into there five year tour. Of course poor Reardon had no idea he would be stuck with Auto for the rest of his life.
"No sir, your needed on the bridge for your picture. If you want I can request a service bot to turn him on, you know he's not required on board and where's your uniform." Auto says
Reardon mocked him under his breath, there was no way a service bot was touching this. He was gonna do this all by himself with no help from a stupid robot, he hates how his world has turned out. Well it wasn't a world anymore, Earth was a mess and now here they were in space. Reardon just wanted to go home to his beach house in South Florida. But he knew that wasn't possible so he just worked on this project so he wasn't bored.
"Auto did they program you to be an asshole or you just naturally an asshole with no sense of humor." Reardon says
Auto once again just blinked at him, Reardon was really regretting his decision in taking the captain's job because this just sucked but finally he got Murdock online, he looked towards Auto crossing his arms he knew the steering wheel really didn't care but it made Reardon feel good.
"Hello im Murdock created by Buy 'n' Large to be your copilot." Murdock says
Reardon rolled his eyes, he looked towards his manuel before coming back over with some tool. He put it to Murdock's LED which flashed red but soon it stayed blue, now Reardon didn't completely turn off his code but he did scramble it enough so Murdock wasn't a walking information board like everything else on this ship.
"Start over okay hi im Mason Reardon your partner in this five year old tour." Reardon says putting his hand out for a shake
Murdock tilted his head slightly before shaking his hand he looked towards Auto curious about him before looking towards Reardon he smiles at him looking around the cabin liking how it was decorated.
"Murdock." Murdock says
Reardon looked at him wanting to give him a first name, but he didn't know what he could call him maybe Aiden no he doesn't look like an Aiden maybe Martin but then again Martin Murdock wasn't interesting enough he looked around seeing his James Dean stuff on a shelf. Yes James it was perfect.
"What about we call you James, what do you think?" Reardon says
Murdock thought about it for a second his LED flashing yellow, he nodded liking it. Auto watched them completely unimpressed he just wanted Reardon to do as he's told, we now understood why Reardon absolutely hates Auto.
"Captain your needed on the bridge in uniform." Auto says
Reardon looked towards Murdock with the ignore him look before he grunts nodding heading to go change even though he really didn't want to. Everyone on this boat wore a uniform and he also hated that so he wore his civilian clothes as much as he could unless he was bossed around by a steering wheel.
"Murdock follow me to the bridge." Auto says going to leave before Reardon came back out
He had no shirt on, he looked towards Auto crossing his arms. Murdock immediately reverted his eyes from Reardon, he has zero idea why he had that reaction he shook it off. He must have just been program to act human and that was totally a normal human reaction right. Murdock swallow's even though he didn't make spit in his mouth just another totally normal human reaction.
"Auto you go to the bridge, Murdock stays with me." Reardon says buttoning his uniform shirt
Auto just blinked at him before he disappeared into his hole in the ceiling going to the bridge, Reardon went over to Murdock fixing his uniform for him. He puts Murdock's hat on him looking at him with a smile.
"You clean up nicely Murdock." Reardon says making sure there uniform's were good putting his own hat on his head
"As do you Captain." Murdock says
Reardon shook his head heading towards his elevator that goes to the bridge, Murdock waited a second before following after him. He stood next to him as the doors close starting to take them up to the bridge.
"None of that Captain stuff okay, my name is Mason use it or Reardon if you wanted." Reardon says
Murdock nodded saving that in his memory datebase, he was excited about this job he couldn't wait to work alongside Reardon in this five year tour.
Seven hundred years later and Murdock is still doing the same damn thing, he looked towards Reardon's picture one last time. Murdock is wearing the exact same outfit that Reardon was wearing when he booted up the android except the red cap was looking more faded and the leather jacket was cracked in place's and the pants fit tighter on Murdock then Reardon. But the bright eyes and general happy look wasn't on Murdock anymore. He grumbles as he spots Auto staring at him, he didn't turn towards him not right away.
"What do you want Auto." Murdock says
Auto just blinked at him, somthing's haven't changed in the past seven hundred years and that was Auto. He was still a giant annoying asshole, that didn't say much and just wanted you to listen to him like he was in charge. You didn't think a sentient steering wheel could have an ego but this one did.
"You never woke up the Captain, it's almost one in the afternoon." Auto says
Murdock grumbles under his breath, that's what he was forgetting this morning. His memory was shot or he just really was done with this song and dance, he wanted something other than this. I mean do you really blame him, it's been seven hundred years of the same dam routine.
"If I forgot then why didn't you do it Auto seriously." Murdock says
He started heading over to the elevator, he somtimes really didn't understand Auto because there supposed to work together or well use to maybe it's because Murdock broke out of his code or something. But he swear's Auto isn't completely to his code anymore and that he's trying to make him look bad but that just might be in Murdock's head, he stares at him for a second before he pushed the button to go down into the captain's quaters. Once he got there he failed to notice Wall-E as he called the robot's to wake up the captain, he opened all the blinds walking around. He got to the bed, it was still made from when the third captain used it after him they just started using the hover chair's for everything. Murdock looked around the side of the room that wasn't used anymore, he starts to recall a distant memory.
Murdock is watching Reardon sleep which sounds creepy but to him it wasn't, he looked at all the scars that marred the man's back, Murdock knew he was a ranger in the army but he never expected the captain to have scars. I guess it was the android thinking of his, he wishes he had scar just like the captain did. He heard the captain stir like he knew there was a set of eyes on him.
"Is there something you need James or you just enjoying the view." Reardon says sitting up looking at the android
Murdock blushes a bit, it was interesting his blush wasn't like that of a human's but instead it was a orange color. It was like he had freckles against his skin, he tried to remember why did he come down here to get Reardon. He thought about it for a second trying to remember.
"We got a message from President Forthright, Auto sent me to come get you." Murdock says
Reardon nodded, he rubs the sleep out of his eyes looking towards Murdock he knew he made him fluster guess they made him more human then he thought.
"Would you mind passing me my shirt." Reardon says
It was like Murdock short circuited for a half second it was hilarious, Reardon couldn't believe it he was partnered with a android who's shy and more to himself who knew. He would definitely thank Forthright for giving him a special bot like Murdock, he was snapped out of his thoughts by his shirt smacking him in the face.
"Captain bridge now before Auto comes looking." Murdock says
Reardon snorts watching the android slowly inch his way towards the deck to see outside of what's going on the within the Axiom, Reardon slips on his shirt stretching before he started wondering over to the elevator looking towards Murdock wondering if he was coming.
"What did I say about the captain stuff use my name, I do have one and you speak every language in the book." Reardon says
Murdock wondered over looking towards his I guess you would say best friend, his LED turning yellow as he thinks about how to say the captain's name in any language possible.
"Mwashi, masón, le maçon, pedreiro." Murdock says
Reardon started to laugh as he pushed the elevator button looking at the android he's also a giant smartass, that was awesome it never failed to make Reardon laugh especially when he did it to Auto.
"Funny good one, but you know Swahili." Reardon says
Murdock got in the elevator first when it arrived, he stood in his spot watching Reardon stand next to him. It was funny how Murdock was taller then the captain by a inch or two it would be like for every captain to come.
"And you don't." Murdock says
Murdock smiles at the memory, he remembered it like it was yesterday. He could hear Captain McCrea grumbling awake asking for him, he looked around the unused side of the room before going to him. He almost got ran over by the hover chair but that was just a daily thing for Murdock. Murdock managed to get into the elevator before McCrea left without him.
"Good afternoon Captain." Murdock says
He looked bored, he hated acting to code he really did but ever since Captain Thompson and the incident he's been pretending to act to code. What was the incident you might ask well it involved a very pissed off captain and a spatula, there was also an invisible dog in the mix just don't ask. Because it got Murdock locked in the defective robot section which is literally just code for robot funny farm, Auto was probably very pleased those two weeks. So now Murdock pretend's to be to code and if your wondering should he have his LED back and the answer to that is kinda morbid and sad, after the second captain died she ordered all android's shut down and destroyed except Murdock because he was useful. They did it because everyone depended on the hover chair's, they had no reason to walk anymore so no more android's. Now Murdock isn't the only one, there's one other android.
Templeton Peck, he gave himself the name so many years ago. He's walking through the traffic of robot's going from place to place but he's not on a mission he's not doing anything. He hasn't really done anything since 2379 which is crazy, he thought freedom was supposed to be fun but it wasn't. There was nothing he could do except keep the crazy android know as Murdock company, Murdock just the thought of him made Templeton smile. He ducked into a corridor as he saw a robot steward go by, he knows about the order sure it's been forever but those steward's hold a grudge he swears. Once the bot was gone he continues his boring walk just like Murdock he looked human at least human's before what happened, he also was missing an LED just like Murdock. He was dressed in clothes he found on the abandoned level's of the Axiom, now you wouldn't think there would be but there was at least two as far as Templeton could tell, the key card he stole off of one the first generation people didn't get him really far in the ship unlike Murdock who could go anywhere he wanted but chose not to for some reason. Templeton almost steps on Wall-E he looked towards the robot confused, what was left of his system tells him Wall-E is a earth robot why is he here. Templeton watches the little robot's eyes go to an EVE probe, that's definitely new something was happening, he watched Wall-E chase after her. Templeton almost caused another robot pile up as he follows after him, he hopes something was happening because he was bored. He follows after Wall-E up intill the little robot bumps into a guy on a hover chair, he watched the steward bot's surround him. Templeton watches the guy look around realizing there was more to his world then a little screen, it made Templeton remember what broke him out of his code
Templeton is waiting tables at a coffee shop, he's wearing a uniform and his nametag says his name is George which is hilarious because he doesn't look anything like a George. He gets to the table were Murdock and Reardon are chatting up a storm, Murdock's LED is flashing yellow he's clearly enjoying himself. Templeton puts down menu's saying the things he was programed to say intill Murdock looked towards him and then Templeton short circuited in a way, he doesn't know why or how but Murdock's smile did it. Templeton's LED starts to flash red as his coding breaks away, he feels like he's drowning but finally the feeling let's go of him. His LED goes back to blue once he calms down, he let's go of the grip he has on his notepad.
"You okay George." Murdock says looking at him
Murdock looked worried and concerned but Templeton knew that was just his coding responding to another android, Templeton also seemed to freeze at his name George he was no George but who was he. That he couldn't answer right now because his brain was currently rebooting but he would figure it out eventually.
"Im fine, also the name's not George I grabbed the wrong coat. It's Templeton but what can I get you guys." Templeton says
That was odd were the hell did the name Templeton come from, he shook it off knowing the human was giving him a werid look well actually it was a more knowing look but Templeton couldn't exactly tell.
"Just a coffee and oatmeal raisin cookie if you got them." Reardon says
The captain didn't even bat an eye, it was obvious he was more of a fan of the android's then the actual robot's. He looked towards Murdock wanting to know if he could eat or drink.
"Any cookie is fine oh and one of your fancy coffee drinks extra whip cream please and thank you Temp." Murdock says
That answer's Reardon's question Buy 'N' Large did think of everything when making there android's, they obviously didn't need to eat to survive but it was nice to know he could take Murdock out with him. He hides his face in his menu watching Templeton short circuit over the nickname. Once he got himself together he put down the menu handing it to Templeton. Templeton was in fact short circuiting and melting at least his heart was, he nodded writing it down. He goes to leave that table taking one last at Murdock, he didn't even think about it when he stole someone's ID card. It wasn't like they were gonna notice, a service bot would just make them another. He also didn't think twice about ripping his LED out with a fork which got him look's from other version's of himself, it was really werid when your not to code anymore. The wound bled orange only for a few seconds before it healed, he threw the fork away with the LED, he snapped at the version of himself.
"What you looking at, I was inspecting the fork and someone ripped my LED halfway off." Templeton says
The lie rolled off his tongue easily, he watched the other version of himself blink at him before going back to his duty. Templeton smiles at himself he ripped off his nametag off throwing it away with his LED before he grabs his tray going back to work.
Templeton walks into the now abandoned cafe, he saw Murdock sitting at what was left of a table. He didn't think twice before sitting with him. They were connected more then Murdock was connected to Auto, it was probably because Murdock broke him out of his code and so now they were working on the same system. But it could also be the fact Templeton loved him but he knew Murdock would never love him like he loved him, his heart belong to someone else and it always would.
"H.M have you seen Billy." Templeton says
That was there code for if they could talk alone even though Murdock was free of his code his connection to Auto was still there, that meant Auto could hear anything Murdock said and that's definitely not something they want. They use H.M which was Reardon's middle name's and it was important to Murdock obviously because he gave himself the middle name Howard Martin, which when abbreviated it was H.M. Templeton also enjoyed calling him Howling Mad because of the whole invisible dog thing which is Billy, he showed up after Reardon's death which it was probably just Murdock's mind dealing with death and grief.
"No I haven't." Murdock says
Templeton smiles happy that they were alone, he leans on his elbows looking at Murdock wanting to know what he saw on his end because yes there connected but not like that. They just knew when they needed each other and or needed to talk.
"Have you seen the Wall-E, what's left of my system says he's a earth bot and what's with the EVE probe." Templeton spits out
Murdock looks towards him leaning towards him acting like they weren't alone which in fact they were but it's probably the connection to Auto, that made him feel eyes when there wasn't.
"I didn't see the Wall-E he must be like us broken free from his code and the EVE probe it came back positive." Murdock says
He started to explain what he knows, him and Templeton were practically nose to nose with how close they were. But Templeton had question's like how could a robot break out of it's code, he understand's android's they were made to virtually be human so they were walking time bombs. I mean him and Murdock were walking proof that it can happen and I guess the robot funny farm was proof that robot's could in fact break free from there codes as well but still Templeton had question's. But he listened to Murdock not wanting to miss any detail.
Thirty minutes ago
Murdock comes out of the elevator with McCrea he stood in his spot, he let Auto take the fall for not waking the captain up. He just gave the steering wheel a very smug smile. It made him feel good he watched the captain change the time of day like it was nothing, Murdock just watched with his hands behind his back, he watched as Gopher came up with an EVE probe. He saw the green flashing light, she was positive for life but as soon as that thought snapped through his brain Auto's red eye looked towards him as "A113" snaps through Murdock's brain he almost jumps like he's been shocked. The captain looked towards Murdock confused
"What's going on Murdock." McCrea says
Murdock goes to answer him, but of course he gets shushed by a sentient steering wheel. It was obvious Murdock was afraid of him, it was kinda heartbreaking to see but Murdock kept quiet letting Auto speak.
"Captain a EVE probe came back positive." Auto says
Murdock got a feeling, he looked towards Gopher knowing the little robot did something but he wasn't exactly sure what. He knew Gopher was connected to Auto but what was werid Murdock wasn't connected to him, it made it werid because for years Murdock was connected to Gopher because Gopher was designed to report to him or Auto about something on the ship and Murdock would fix the issue but for a couple hundred years he hasn't been connected. It was just static on that channel, so for the past two hundred some years he's been using the ships computer to know if there's any issues with the Axiom. He knew Gopher was loyal to Auto, Murdock couldn't know what Auto was thinking because there connection didn't work like that. Auto was designed to be the big brother keeping an eye on the android, they hated each other but Murdock was more afraid of the steering wheel but that didn't mean he didn't hate him.
"What do you mean positive, the probes never come back positive." McCrea says Murdock moved out of the way as the captain hovers over looking at the EVE probe, he watched the captain stare at EVE's flashing green light and like a cat seeing a laser he couldn't resist pushing the button, Murdock looked around the room as everything was locked up tight, he couldn't shake this feeling he had. He looked as President Forthright appears on a screen, Murdock tilts his head confused because the guy should be dead like very dead. But then he saw the date on the screen read 2104 this was prerecorded, that made more sense then Forthright being alive, being connected to Templeton was making him dumber because poor Templeton's system was a mess that even Murdock couldn't fix. It was that or just Murdock and his issues rearing it's ugly head but he enjoyed blaming the cocky bastard that was his best friend. He watched McCrea watch the message in fascination about the fact they could be going home, Murdock wasn't as excited not because he didn't want to see Earth but because he knew Auto wasn't going to let this happen easily. McCrea looked towards Murdock with a look that resembles a child's fascination for a new toy or game, it made him smile because he would have to admit it was adorable
"We are going home Murdock, you never been there right." McCrea says
Murdock liked to pretend he's been to earth back when it was lush and green but the truth was he's never been on earth, I mean technically yes he has but he wasn't booted on intill six months into Reardon's first year. So in his head he's been on his home planet but he's the heard the stories from Reardon, who spent twenty seven years on the planet before devoting his life to the Axiom. Murdock was about to answer when he saw the manuel pop up, he didn't notice Wall-E as he grabs it for the captain blowing off the dust before handing it to him. McCrea held onto the manuel as he watched the film about what they needed to do and how to get back to earth.
"Now because of the micro gravity you and your passenger's might have suffered slight bone loss, so you might not look exactly like your prototype copilot Murdock but don't worry once you run a few miles on the ship's jogging track. You will look like him in no time." Forthright says cheerily
Murdock couldn't believe this guy, he glares as a picture of him from seven hundred years ago pops up to a picture of the passengers and how they look currently. First off they call him a loony bin when President Forthright clearly has issues for saying what he just said so cheerily and number two he really hates that picture of himself, he just wants to murder the already dead guy. But clearly the comment or well anything blew over McCrea's head because all he cared about was the knowledge that they had a jogging track.
"We have a jogging track?" McCrea says
Murdock nodded, it was in one of the abandoned levels but again because he's either old or it's Templeton he couldn't exactly figure out exactly which level. Now there's only two abandoned levels but still, he really hopes the captain doesn't want to know more because he to be honest can't answer it. But thankfully Murdock didn't have to answer the question becomes McCrea went back to watching the end of the film. Once it was over his attention went back to the manuel which he tried getting to open up by talking to it, Murdock feeling bad for the captain went over to him, it hurts him to see the human race reduced to this in his system it talked about bright men and women doing amazing things but now the human race was basically back to caveman times except the futuristic version.
"Here let me help you." Murdock says
McCrea smiles in thanks as Murdock opened the book for him, Murdock pointed at the first page like a first grade teacher trying to help a kid. But McCrea was fascinated by the book opening, he did a few times over before he looked towards Murdock who's patience was pretty much gone at this point. But he was smiling his way through it, he wanted to know what happened in seven hundred years that made the human brain so small that a simple book opening was like discovering fire for the first time.
"Wow would you look at that." McCrea says
Murdock nodded trying to act as amazed as McCrea was but he was failing miserably but luckily McCrea didn't even seem to notice, he watched McCrea starting to read the first page. Okay smarter then Murdock thought, he watched a robot arm come out of the ceiling and grab EVE and the captain once again got confused this time about a simple voice authorization. But Murdock kept quiet just watching but when they opened up EVE there was nothing, now normally Murdock wouldn't question it but he had that pesky feeling in his gut. That EVE found something that Auto didn't want her to find all because of the stupid A113 order, he had Gopher take it away from her well she was shut down. It was genius but was he giving Auto to much credit no definitely not, he knew the steering wheel was smart. He knew he immediately needed to find Templeton, this was definitely something that would keep Temp entertained. It would be like solving one of those murder mystery's Reardon use to read to him, of course there was no murder involved but still a mystery and he intends to solve it. He gets snapped back to reality by McCrea asking about the plant in his own way.
"Where's the thingy?" McCrea says
"The plant sir." Murdock says
"Right thank you! Where is it?" McCrea says
Murdock pretended to play dumb because he didn't want Auto onto him, so he just shrugs watching Auto and the captain trying to figure it out together he stole a glance to Gopher just knowing. He found this a perfect time to slip away, he knew Templeton would come looking for him. They were connected in some way as well, Murdock didn't know how or why but they were and he honestly didn't know what to make of it. He heard the captain slam the manuel close sounding happy.
"False alarm." McCrea says
Definitely not a false alarm, Murdock knew something was up but he couldn't do this mystery alone because of the peeping steering wheel. He stood in the shadows for a second because he couldn't believe how relieved the captain sounded about not returning to earth, if Reardon got the news that a probe came back positive but with no plant. He to would be asking questions like Murdock was, he wouldn't be relieved that they weren't going home but Reardon was dead and not coming back so it was up to Murdock to get them home one way or another.
Templeton had his feet on the table as he listened to Murdock explain to him what happened on the bridge just thirty minutes prior, Murdock was right it was fishy that a probe came back positive but with no plant. If something was wrong with EVE her ship would have not sent her out in the first place.
"I like this already, you and me Sherlock and Watson solving the case of the missing plant." Templeton says
Murdock just blinked at him pushing Templeton's feet off off the table, last week the guy didn't know what pancakes were but he knows who Sherlock and Watson were.
"You don't know what pancakes are but you know Sherlock and Watson explain." Murdock says
Templeton thought about it for a second if he had his LED it would be flashing yellow right about now, he wouldn't admit he knew about Murdock and his little puppet show's he does to annoy Auto on a daily basis. So he just thought about the library on the first abandoned level, it had all of the movie's and books that mankind had made at least copies of them.
"I read, this place does get boring after seven hundred years." Templeton says
Murdock snorts not all believing him, he decided not to push the matter further. Because they were wasting time, they needed to figure this out now not later.
"You know I don't believe you but not the point, we need to find Eve and Wall-E that's your job. There in what you call the robot funny farm so go get them okay, im gonna go back to the bridge so Auto doesn't think we know what he's doing." Murdock says standing up
Templeton listened to him nodding, he stood up as well pushing his chair in force of habit. He watched Murdock start to walk back to the bridge, he chased after him because to be honest the abandoned levels were creepy to say the least.
"Meet you in our spot." Templeton says
"Yes Temp oh and if you see Gopher please kick him into the sun for me." Murdock says as he disappeared into the shadows
Templeton would never understand Murdock at least not completely but that's what he loves about him, yes he was crazy and a mess but god there was just something about him. It made Templeton love him more then anything, but he knew he had no chance he was just Murdock's best friend nothing more nothing less. But god he would love more with Murdock, but he knew Murdock would never let go of Reardon. He snapped out of his thoughts going to do as he's told.
By the time Templeton had gotten there all chaos had broken out, he stepped over broken Steward bots who were freaking out, this was definitely not good.
"Halt halt." The Steward bot repeat's over and over
"No can do now what happened here." Templeton says
He walked in looking around the place, it was odd how peaceful it was, there was no evidence of a riot it just look like the power failed in here. He saw the control panel and saw that was the problem, now normally it wasn't in his program to want to figure things out and fix it but he went over, he looked at it.
"Bingo." Templeton says
Murdock was on the bridge keeping an eye on Auto knowing something was up, he didn't look outside so he had no idea of Wall-E's and EVE's escape, he put a hand to his temple connecting to Templeton.
"Temp did you find them." Murdock says
Templeton was currently looking at the control panel trying to get it to at least work a bit, he wanted to know what happened because that's what Murdock would do. He heard Murdock in his head on instinct he looked around before realizing he was on the bridge and not physically here with Templeton.
"Uh no but you will be happy to know that the robot funny farm is no more." Templeton says
"What, what did you do?" Murdock says in a hushed whisper
"Nothing it was already destroyed when I got here but look outside." Templeton says
Murdock went to the window's seeing Wall-E and EVE's wanted poster everywhere, it reminded him of when Templeton had one for awhile back in 2383 long story. Murdock didn't like to think about it to much, he knew they needed to find the bots before the Steward bots or Gopher found them.
"Its destroyed really." Murdock says
He honestly was happy, that place was not a place he wanted to be again. He felt himself drift back to a not so distant memory.
Murdock is in the robot repair ward better know as the robot funny farm. He was in a straight jacket well a electrical one, he seemed so done. He was in here because he decided to play fetch with Billy and he accidentally hit captain Thompson in the head with a spatula. The captain didn't take it to well, he looked towards Billy glaring at the small dog that he could only see. It was Captain Reardon's first dog a little Jack Russell Terrier it died when Reardon was still a small boy, Murdock started seeing him well after Reardon's death. Templeton kept telling him it was his mind dealing with death and grief, but Murdock he refused to believe that. He got snapped out of his trance by said Captain appearing in his uniform.
"James." Reardon says
Murdock glares at him shaking his head, he wasn't there it was just his mind trying to process the fact he was gone. He should be better it's been over a hundred years, but as the years go by it gets worse and worse.
"Your not real, your just in my head." Murdock says
Reardon smiles sadly, he touched Murdock's face so gently as to not hurt him but it didn't work because Murdock started to cry he rarely has allowed himself to grieve because he didn't want Auto to see him like that and he can never escape him not really. He also didn't want Templeton to see him like this because he cares about him so much and he doesn't want to burden him with his problem's.
"Im as real as you want me to be." Reardon says
Murdock glares at him, it was all his fault that he was in here. He hated him for this for leaving him alone on this stupid ship, for leaving him with Auto for leaving him with all these captain's who saw him as nothing more then a machine, who don't love him like Reardon did. He just snapped so upset so hurt.
"You left me, you were my one we were supposed to be together forever. You promised me that you would protect me and everyone like me but me and Templeton are all that's left. I hate you, I hate that your gone forever I hate that I couldn't do anything to save you and I hate you god I hate you so much." Murdock says
Reardon just wrapped his arms around Murdock not saying anything just allowing him to grieve, it wasn't Reardon that was in there with him. It was Templeton he broke in to save Murdock, that's why he was wanted by the robot's because he came out of hiding to save him. He rocked Murdock knowing he needs to get them out of here, he runs a hand through the poor android's hair.
"You left me but I still love you." Murdock mumbles
Templeton just rocks him putting his chin on Murdock's head, he knew he needed to go he grabs Murdock's head getting him to look at him.
"Listen to me, your free alright go find Templeton talk to him. Please don't keep all this bottled inside listen to me it's not good for you, I love you so much James and I hate seeing you like this so if not for yourself do it for me. I gotta go I love you so much and im so sorry that im gone." Templeton says kissing Murdock on the forehead
Murdock watched Reardon fade away as he saw his gate was open, he saw Billy running around happily barking happily. He didn't see Templeton sneaking off wiping tears from his eyes. Murdock called for Billy before running out going to find Templeton not realizing he ran right by him.
"Come on Billy we are free." Murdock says
Templeton smiles watching him, he started sneaking back to the lower levels but a Steward bot saw him and immediately identified him, that's what made Templeton wanted by Auto and all robot's who are kiss asses about order's but that didn't stop him from being there for Murdock. He just had to stay in hiding much longer then he wanted to but it was worth it just to have Murdock talk to him.
Murdock snaps back wiping his eyes, he sniffs. He had no idea about what Templeton did for him busting him out like that, Templeton told him that he was just spotted by some Steward bots well on a walk but that was far from the truth. He could hear Templeton talking to him but to be honest he caught none of the words being spoken in his head by Templeton. He runs a hand through his hair getting himself fully back.
"Could you repeat that again please sorry." Murdock says
Templeton just sighs, he knew he shouldn't have said anything he spot's Gopher. He could tell he was acting strange, he didn't say anything he just got up following after him. Murdock heard him sigh and then there connection was broken, he immediately got worried he looked towards Auto wondering if he was listening but it didn't appear he was. He slowly sneaks back out of the bridge towards there spot, he starts thinking about how they have this spot. He recalls the memory to make himself feel better for the long walk
Reardon is on his tip toes as he walks with Murdock, he had the android's eyes closed with his hands. Murdock was slowly realizing how he hates surprises but he's putting up with it because it's Reardon. Because of Reardon's height he was right up on Murdock which that Murdock didn't mind over the past year and half Murdock has realized that he might not have a so innocent crush on his best friend but he didn't know what to do. It was definitely effecting his ability to do his job because he can't even count how many times he's spaced out and had thought's ranging from pg to not so pg. He doesn't know why I guess Buy 'N' Large really did think of everything but he's still within code which doesn't make sense at least to him anyway, his thought's have given him strange looks from Auto if a steering wheel can give strange looks. He hears Reardon shuffling around probably looking for his key card or something.
"You better keep your eyes close." Reardon says
Murdock snorts he opened one eye before Reardon smacked him gently with the back of his hand, which made Murdock laugh almost giggle. He stood straight he couldn't wait it was obvious okay maybe he likes surprises but only from Reardon. He heard the sound of a door opening, Reardon grabbed him by the hand taking him inside.
"Can I open my eyes now." Murdock says
"Yes, your adorable when your impatient." Reardon says
Murdock opened his eyes as he comes inside it was so beautiful, he could see all the stars and it was just breathtaking. When he walked in he realized that all his stations in his head went static and honestly the peace and quiet was nice. He looked around the place seeing a work station and an old CD player with CD's, Murdock knew Reardon liked to collect but he had no idea he had this stuff. He turned towards the captain who had closed the door
"What's this place." Murdock says
"I honestly don't know, it's not on the manual or the ship map but what I do know is no living electrical thing can set foot in here without frizzing out. I tested that theory on a Steward bot, he completely shut down." Reardon says
Murdock had a lot of questions like why was this place was designed, was it designed in case of a robot uprise or was just created for Reardon because Forthright knew how much he hated technology. The question may never be answered and honestly Murdock likes that, he likes mystery. Murdock went to the window looking at the stars before he turned back towards Reardon leaning against the wall so he could look at the stars, the captain came over to him leaning against the opposite wall.
"I like it, the peace and quiet inside my head is perfect. Thank you for showing me this place, may I ask how I'm able to be in here." Murdock says
Reardon smiles mischievously which Murdock would admit was hot, he kept his brain in one place because he really doesn't need his thought's drifting sideways and his blood traveling to a place he honestly doesn't want to admit he has because it's awkward, he swear Buy 'N' Large had bigger plan's for android's other than them helping on the ships.
"Well I did some recoding it was quite simple, so now human's and android's can be in here. So you and your little friend Templeton can have place to hang out and you can work on your project's in here without Auto watching you." Reardon says
Reardon knew about Templeton because Murdock trusted him, it was actually Reardon who insisted that Murdock go find Templeton and be friends because "there was just something about him." His words not Murdock's but he was right it was nice having a friend other than Reardon. What Murdock didn't know was that Reardon wanted him to have an android friend because he wouldn't live forever like Murdock or Templeton.
"Really you did this all for me." Murdock says sounding surprised
Reardon nodded he went over to the work station, he grabbed the CD player putting a CD in. Reardon also did this to have an excuse to ask Murdock to dance with him call him old fashioned or really really old fashioned but he enjoying dancing and he to had a crush, he just didn't know how to wrap his brain around the fact he had a crush on a android not a human and like he was trying to figure it all out. Murdock listened as a soft song came on through the CD player, he closed his eyes as he listened to the song.
"Yes I did, now come here." Reardon says grabbing his hand
Murdock went with it letting him drag him to the window, he turned off the light so the only light in there was from the outside and the soft glow of his LED, he watched Reardon stand in front of him putting his arms around his neck. Murdock hesitated for a second which made Reardon snort but he finally put his hands on the captain's waist.
"There you go, this is reminding me of senior prom all over again." Reardon says
That made Murdock smile, they started to sway to the song nothing else mattered in that moment it was just them and the stars. One human and one android dancing together a moment in time, a moment Murdock would honestly never forget, he put his head to the captain as they sway all there responsibility's forgotten for just a simple moment together.
Murdock got to his spot in record time, if he was human he would totally be out of breath. He put his key card to the lock, it pops open. He lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding when he saw Templeton, he was okay but he had a hostage it was a Steward bot. He had it propped against the wall he was going through Murdock's cables it was obvious he had a plan in mind.
"You gave me a heart attack Templeton." Murdock says
Templeton immediately stopped what he was doing looking at Murdock like a deer in the headlights, he knew he was in trouble when Murdock used his full name instead of the nickname. He swallow's nervously.
"Im sorry H.M I really am, so here's the story I saw Gopher no I didn't do what you asked but I did follow him. You were right he did have the plant but don't worry Wall-E and Eve have it now and it's safe. I love when a plan comes together." Templeton says
Murdock just hugs him not wanting to lose him, he looked towards the Steward bot questioning what he was for. He looked at him questioning him with his eyes.
"What's your plan involving him." Murdock says
Templeton hugs him back not letting go of him as he looked at the Steward bot, they were heavier then they look but he was planning on connecting himself to the hive mind aka Auto but he was gonna do it without Murdock knowing. But now that part of the plan was a bust, he was doing this because he wanted to protect Murdock from Auto. That's what he's been doing ever since Reardon asked him to, he wasn't going to let anything happen to him. That was something him and Reardon had in common they loved Murdock so much and wanted nothing to happen to him.
"Im gonna fully connect myself to the hive mind, so I can be your second pair of eyes." Templeton says
Murdock looked at him shaking his head, he knew Templeton's code or what was left probably couldn't handle it. He couldn't lose him to, he didn't want to. He loved him to much to lose him just like Reardon but Murdock has been to afraid to say anything especially because of the fact his love didn't save Reardon.
"No your not going to do that, if anyone was to do that it would be me so I know everything." Murdock says getting away from Templeton
He grabbed the cables not wanting to argue he knows he can handle it, he has a good feeling he starts heading towards the Steward bot before Templeton grabs him by the shoulders stopping him.
"No your brain is scrambled James their is no way your doing it, I already saved you from yourself once. If you do this I have no idea if I will be able to save you again." Templeton says
Murdock took in this information putting down the cables, he seemed to put it all together. Templeton lied to him he was wanted by Auto because he busted him out of the robot funny farm not because he was careless on a walk, Murdock felt stupid not figuring it out I guess grief really does blind you.
"That's why you were wanted, you saved me not because you were careless on a walk but because you rescued my crazy ass." Murdock says
"Well excuse me for loving your crazy ass H.M." Templeton snaps
Murdock just blinked at him trying to process that information, both him and Templeton just angrily breathe at each other for a hot second before Murdock kissed him pulling him close by the shirt. Templeton immediately kisses him back, there kisses get less innocent when Murdock pushed against Templeton making them both moan into the kiss. One of the best things of being an android was that they don't need oxygen to survive, so they could make out forever if they wanted. Murdock pulled away, he wanted Templeton believe him he did but they didn't have time.
"We don't have time Temp." Murdock says
"All we have is time." Templeton says kissing Murdock's neck running a hand up his shirt.
Murdock bites back a soft moan, he grasps on Templeton's shirt, he hates how much of a charmer that Templeton is but at the same time he loved him for it. He felt Templeton push against him he couldn't help but respond moaning in tune with him.
"We need to help Eve and Wall-E." Murdock managed to get out
His brain was short circuiting because all his blood had traveled south, he wanted this so bad it's been a very long time since he's let himself go like this. It's been at least a few hundred years at least and he knows Templeton hasn't done anything in seven hundred years, the only thing he's done is with himself probably it's not like Murdock know's that or something.
"There fine trust me, we need to relax before we finish off this plan." Templeton says
Murdock thought about it before he just said fuck it and grabbed Templeton by the head kissing him hungrily, Murdock pushed him to the ground it was supposed to be more graceful but it was not, Templeton smacked his head against the ground and Murdock fell on top of him. They burst out laughing as Murdock put his head on Templeton's chest.
"Are you alright?" Murdock says
Templeton nodded looking at Murdock as he pealed off his baseball cap and jacket tossing it away, knowing he was probably gonna regret that action later he helped Templeton out of his shirt. He kisses him this time less hungry and more love then anything. As the two android's finally after so many years become intimate together outside Wall-E and EVE dance on by there own love springing into something so beautiful just like Murdock and Templeton.
It's the aftermath of what happened between Templeton and Murdock, his work station is all over the place. Templeton is helping him clean up well actually it's more Templeton, Murdock is currently looking around for his baseball cap but he has failed to realize Templeton is wearing it.
"Temp have you seen my cap, it's really special to me and I can't..." Murdock says
He looked up realizing that Templeton did in fact have it, he smiles coming over taking it off of Templeton's head kissing his neck softly, he put the hat on his head making sure it was on good and snug before he put on his jacket.
"You know im not changing my mind about being your second pair of eyes, if you love me your gonna let me do this." Templeton says
Murdock grumbles under his breath not wanting him to do this, he didn't want to argue with Templeton but he was to tired especially after what just happened on the floor. He just grabbed the cables looking at Templeton grabbing him by the chin.
"Listen to me, if you leave me alone especially after what just happened im gonna feel very betrayed and I won't even think twice when I jump out of the bridge window. Are we clear Lt?" Murdock says
Templeton nodded looking at him, he wasn't going to leave Murdock not ever. He watched Murdock drag over the Steward bot over, Templeton wasn't lying when he said it was heavy. Murdock grabs a screwdriver he put it in his mouth as he looked around for the port once he found it he opened it up, he grabs a cable connecting it to the Steward bot. He then walked over to Templeton, he hesitates it was obvious he couldn't do this. That he was afraid, Templeton took the cable from Murdock looking at him.
"I'm gonna be okay I promise." Templeton says
"I know im just afraid." Murdock says
Templeton grabs Murdock's hand squeezing gently, he held onto his hand as he put the cable to where his LED use to be, he felt all the information download into his brain learning everything in like thirty seconds flat. He then proceeded to look at Murdock blankly like he didn't at all recognize him.
"Hello im George, your waiter." Templeton says completely monotone
Murdock's face immediately dropped as he stares at Templeton, he felt Templeton let go of his hand. Murdock just stood there crossing his arms.
"You better be joking." Murdock says
Templeton started laughing he hugged Murdock, Murdock let out a breath he didn't know he was holding he hugged him back before he hit Templeton on the back of his head. Which he totally deserved by the way, Templeton rubs his head looking at the pilot.
"Ow I know I deserved that but ow." Templeton says
"It didn't hurt that bad you big baby. But you got the information." Murdock says
Templeton nodded, he looked towards Murdock from what he could tell Auto didn't know that Templeton was connected to the steering wheel, he knew that Murdock needed to go back to the bridge like now. It was a feeling not something he had learned, Murdock needed to go now if he didn't god only knows what could happen.
"Yes I did, you need to go to the bridge now." Templeton says
"Why what's wrong?" Murdock says
"I don't know, I just have a bad feeling go." Templeton says
Murdock kisses Templeton quickly, he ran towards the door opening it, he looked towards him.
"Be safe I love you." Murdock says
"I love you to, go save humanity." Templeton says
Murdock smiles like a crazy fool but he knew he could do this, he ran towards the bridge. He could feel the feeling Templeton was feeling and it wasn't good. There time on this ship was coming to an end, Murdock didn't know if it was good or bad but he knew it was gonna get bad before it got good.
By the time Murdock had gotten back to the bridge, the captain had the plant and was taking care of it. Murdock smiles seeing that, McCrea turns towards Murdock showing the plant to him.
"We can go home now." McCrea says
Murdock nodded, he couldn't believe seven hundred years later and they finally have proof that it was safe to go back to earth. He was gonna be able to fulfill his promise to Reardon.
"Yes Captain, we can." Murdock says
He saw EVE watching the captain, he went over to her feeling like he should be because he wanted her to know he was on her side no matter what.
"I need to see Earth, Eve show me your memory's." McCrea says excitedly
EVE let him but McCrea was disappointed, so was Murdock. He remember's Reardon description of Earth it being beautiful and full of life but Earth now was nothing but dead and covered in trash, they needed to go back Earth needed them now not later.
He smiles watching what Wall-E did trying to wake up EVE, he could see how much the little trash bot loved EVE by doing all the things he did trying to wake her up from being shut down. It made him think of Templeton all the things he ever did for him even when he was manic or depressed and how much he's taken him for granted, he never realized how much Templeton loved him. Well he watched with EVE he doesn't notice McCrea call Auto down. He looked away from the video letting EVE have her moment, he spotted Auto looking at the captain and the plant. "A113" flashed through Murdock's head and it hurts because Murdock doesn't have any code anymore to follow, so having that order just rip through his brain like that didn't feel good.
"Auto look we can go home, fire up the holo-detector." McCrea says
Murdock knew Auto wasn't gonna let up easily because of the order that they were given over seven hundred years ago, he was right he watched McCrea and Auto argue back and forth about the plant.
"Just let him do it Auto, give it up." Murdock says
But Murdock's plea to the steering wheel went unheard, he followed after McCrea. He wasn't going to let anything to happen to the human even though he wouldn't say they were friends. He knew Auto would do anything just to follow an order. Murdock watched Auto block the elevator, the captain was getting frustrated Murdock was as well. He glared at Auto trying to get the stupid steering wheel to listen. McCrea seemed to notice there interaction he looked to Murdock knowing he would get him to talk.
"Alright what have I said about keeping secret's from the captain." McCrea says
He sounded like a mother trying to keep her kids from ripping each others head's off which honestly Murdock wanted to rip Auto apart, he thought that would be a awesome time. But he snapped out of his dark thought's, he decided to speak knowing Auto wouldn't.
"Sir Auto was ordered to make sure we stay away from Earth." Murdock says
"What's he talking about Auto." McCrea says
"It's classified sir." Auto says
McCrea looked pissed about the fact Auto was keeping something from him, he looked towards Murdock for the answer well also keeping the plant far away from Auto as he could.
"Doc please, I know you don't keep secret's from me." McCrea says
Murdock smiles at the nickname, he nodded he didn't like keeping secret's. He never has, he always told Templeton everything especially after his trip to the robot funny farm. He looked smugly towards Auto before walking over to the ships computer pulling up the video, he still remembers like it was yesterday when it first came in, he typed in Auto's code which he knows pissed off the bot because Murdock shouldn't know that. He watched the Buy 'N' Large logo pop up. He heard the jingle, seeing this again stirred up some memory's for Murdock.
Murdock is watching Reardon pack to go home, it made Murdock tilt his head. The to have a comfortable relationship there like on the boarder of best friends and lovers, Reardon was currently babbling about Florida and how he was gonna take Murdock with him even if Buy 'N' Large has a huge fit about him taking there prototype. Reardon stops to look at Murdock knowing he was worried.
"You know they shouldn't have programed you with anxiety, it makes talking to you ten times more difficult." Reardon says
"Mason, we haven't heard from Buy 'N' Large in six months isn't that just a little weird to you." Murdock says
Reardon stops his packing to look at Murdock, he hates that Murdock was right it was just a bit strange. He didn't really want to address the elephant in the room, he was trying to have hope that he was going home and that this five year pleasure cruise was coming to an end.
"James could you past me that." Reardon says
Murdock grumbles, he grabs what Reardon wanted handing it to him. He didn't want to push the captain but this feeling Murdock had was not good, he just knew they weren't going home not now anyway.
"Sir we can't pretend that everything is all good something is terribly wrong and pretending it's not isn't good." Murdock says
Reardon shoves something into his bag frustrated not at Murdock but Buy 'N' Large, they fucked everything up ruined everything for him. The only good thing that's come from this from them is Murdock, he wants off this dam ship. He just wants to be on solid ground, he wants to feel the rain again. God he would do anything just to see snow and he hates snow, he doesn't want to spend another birthday alone on this ship. I mean he's got Murdock but he's got no family on this boat.
"I know it's not good but let me have this, I don't want to be here anymore. I can tell how much you hate Auto and I just want to take you away from him and this entire fucking company, I don't want to be on this dam ship anymore. I want to be home, I want to feel the sand and the warmth. The rain god I would kill to just see snow. I know you don't understand because your not human and im sorry James. I want to go home." Reardon snaps
Murdock just blinked at him, he was kinda hurt by the fact Reardon didn't see him as a person, he completely missed how Reardon wanted to take him with him. His LED flashes yellow for awhile before he started inching towards the elevator.
"I'm sorry Captain, I will leave you alone." Murdock says
"No wait...." Reardon says
But before he could get anything out Murdock was gone, he knows he hurt his feelings by saying he wasn't human. He didn't mean to say that, he was just trying to explain how Murdock wouldn't understand what he's going through since he's never been on Earth at least not online anyway. But it came at all wrong and now Murdock probably thinks he's a giant ass. He went back to packing wanting to give Murdock space.
It's later and technically night on the ship, Murdock is in his work station working on some project of his. He didn't hear Templeton come in with coffee and cookies.
"Hey." Templeton says
Murdock nearly threw his screwdriver at the other android, his LED turning bright red before he realized it was just Templeton.
"Temp you scared me." Murdock says kicking out a chair for him
Templeton put the cup of coffee close to Murdock plus a cookie, he stared at him because he usely Murdock isn't jumpy unless he's upset about something or other. He watched Murdock sip at the coffee, the caffeine did nothing for them but it was just nice to have something warm. He munched on the cookie taking his frustration out on the project he's working on.
"Okay what's wrong, your only jumpy after Auto shocks you or something happened between you and Reardon." Templeton says putting his feet on Murdock's work station
Murdock didn't say anything so it wasn't Auto because usually he has very colorful words for the steering wheel, so that only leaves him and Reardon. Templeton figured out they must have had a fight which is super rair because there like Jack and Jill or Romeo and Juliet okay bad example Templeton know's that, he slowly realized he needs to read more. He sips his coffee, he started breaking his cookie into little bits.
"Nothing Templeton, nothing is wrong." Murdock says
"Uh-huh sure, I'm a con man I know when your lying mostly because you get twitchy and you use my full name for some reason." Templeton says
Murdock put down the screwdriver, he groans why did Templeton call himself a con man. He didn't get it, I mean I guess he charmed people into giving him stuff because he always was wearing something new well Murdock just wore his uniform.
"You know your annoying right." Murdock says
"Ah there it is, something is wrong your never mean to me unless your annoyed yourself." Templeton says
Murdock groans under his breath, he hates when Templeton is right. He pushes his project away taking a drink of his coffee eating his cookie.
"Me and Mason had a fight there you happy Temp." Murdock says
Templeton immediately took his feet off the table looking at him wanting to know more not just because he liked drama but because he cared about Murdock, he was slowly coming to the realization that he loved Murdock but that was not the point. He knew that when you love someone, you want them to be happy no matter what even if it makes you hurt.
"Yes very now spill did you guys confess your feeling's bump ugly's what?" Templeton says
Murdock looked at him throwing a piece of cookie at him, he smiles softly which made Templeton smile because he was making Murdock smile again.
"No none of that Temp, he's packing to go home when we haven't heard from Buy 'N' Large in six months. I addressed my concerns to him and he didn't take it to well. He told me he wanted to go home and take me with him to Florida." Murdock says
Templeton looked at him wondering how in the hell did they fight, this was good news. He was so confused.
"And this is a bad thing." Templeton says
"No it's not but he said I wouldn't understand because im not human." Murdock says
"Um James, you aren't human you do know this right." Templeton says
That comment got a tiny screwdriver thrown at him, which made Templeton laugh because it just whizzed right on by his head and hit the wall.
"I know that, it means he see's me as a machine nothing more which to be honest would be fine if I didn't love him." Murdock says
Templeton nearly chokes on his coffee hearing that comment, he obviously knew Murdock liked him and had a crush on the captain but he wasn't expecting love can a android love a human was that even possible, it was stupid asking himself that question considering he definitely had some type of feeling's for Murdock.
"Well maybe he didn't mean it like that, please don't say you walked off." Templeton says
"I did, I left him alone with his feelings and I did my duties and now I'm here talking to you." Murdock says
He grabs his project going back to working on it, it was his way of saying this conversation was over which Templeton understood. He didn't want to push Murdock into talking unless he wanted to. So they spent at least a couple hours together talking about random stuff, Templeton left because he needed to check in if he didn't something would happen Murdock wasn't exactly sure. He left late in the night heading back to the bridge, once he got to the captain's quarters he peaked in on Reardon who was asleep. He smiles watching him for a second before he headed over to his side to sleep.
It was way to early in the morning, he woke up to Auto beeping at him in his head, he quietly got down to the bridge. This is the only time Murdock isn't wearing his uniform, he's wearing colorful striped pajama pants a loose shirt that says "Orlando 2095" a plaid robe and sneakers that are probably older then Reardon. He's also got this ridiculous hat on his head, it kinda looks like he's homeless and he raided a thrift store donation box. But what probably happened was he raided Reardon's closet because Reardon probably said "you can't wear your uniform as pajamas." But anyway he looked towards Auto confused before he realized the ship computer was on.
"Auto I'm not in the mood for your mind games, either tell me why im up at two in the morning or im going right back to bed." Murdock says
Auto didn't say anything, he just pulled up a message that said "Buy 'N' Large classified only for Autopilot and prototype copilot's eyes." Murdock was confused but he wondered if this was information for going home, he kinda hopes so for Reardon's sake. Auto started to play the message, Murdock listen's to the annoying jingle before President Forthright cuts into it.
"Cut it off alright, hello Autopilot and Copilot unfortunately project cleanup has failed, Earth's toxicity levels have risen to an unsafe level. Im putting full charge into you Autopilot code A113, don't return to Earth I repeat don't return to Earth."
Murdock couldn't believe it, he felt horrible for Reardon he just wanted to go home and now he can't like how is that fair. He looked towards Auto wanting to know what he was going to do.
"You can not tell the captain you understand me." Auto says
Murdock nodded even though there was no way in hell that he was just keeping this to himself, he just would have to make sure whoever he tells doesn't blab about knowing.
"Alright alright can I go back to bed now." Murdock says
Auto blinked at him which Murdock took as a yes, he went back downstairs to the captain's quarters. He peaked in on Reardon who was still asleep in his bed. Murdock didn't want to tell him because it would hurt him and Murdock didn't want to hurt him not ever. He went back to his side of the room as he took off his sneakers laying back in bed. He didn't know if he would be able to sleep but he would try.
Later in the morning, Murdock tossed and turned he barely slept. He woke up when Reardon did, he looked over at the captain who was making coffee trying to wake up for another day of boring shit. Murdock just stared at him which he had a bad habit of doing.
"Murdock I know your staring at me." Reardon says turning his head towards him
Murdock could tell he was still a bit frustrated from yesterday especially by the last name calling, he got up going over to him he needed to talk to him.
"Mason can we talk." Murdock says
"I don't like that tone what's up?" Reardon says
Murdock just gestured him to be quiet as he lifted his head towards the ceiling, it was his way of saying Auto could be listening. Reardon nodded he poured himself a cup of coffee before going over to the sitting area, Murdock following after him.
"It's classified for my eyes and Auto's eyes only but I knew I needed to tell you." Murdock whispers
He settled down in a chair right next to Reardon, who was just sitting crossed legged staring at Murdock wondering what the hell happened well he was asleep.
"Okay im listening." Reardon whispers
Murdock took off his hat, he felt horrible for this even though he didn't give the order to never return to Earth.
"Me and Auto were ordered to never return to Earth, the toxicity levels have risen to a no life sustaining level, I'm so sorry Mason but we aren't going home." Murdock whispers
Reardon seemed to take it okay at least to Murdock and then he stood up abandoning his coffee as he paced the room looking at Murdock.
"What do you mean we aren't going home, I was told five years on this ship and then I was free to go and now your saying im gonna probably die on this ship." Reardon says
"Shh he could hear you." Murdock says standing up
"I don't fucking care right now James, I want to go home." Reardon says
"I know believe me I know but you can't nobody on this ship can not now at least." Murdock says
He got closer to Reardon trying to calm him down before Auto heard and Murdock didn't know what Auto would do if he found out Reardon knew the truth. Murdock grabbed Reardon's hands getting him to look at him.
"Listen to me, someone once told me home isn't just a place it can be a person to. Now I know I'm probably not what you wanted but I'm your home not this ship or the hundred's of thousands of people on board but me, you put me online so you had a friend other then Auto. Mason just because Buy 'N' Large ruined everything doesn't mean we can't make a life together, a home just you and me." Murdock says
Reardon looked towards Murdock, who just stares into the captain's eyes. He then kissed him softly something Reardon wasn't expecting but he returned the kiss grabbing Murdock by the face kissing him happily, these two would be okay sure they can't go back to Earth together but they would do there best to make a life here together in anyway they can.
Murdock snapped back just as the message ended, his mind thought about Reardon and all there time's together through the years but then Templeton bled through and there moment together in Murdock's work room, yes Murdock would always love Reardon in some way or another but he knew Reardon would want him to be happy and god he was with Templeton. The captain's voice breaks him out of his train of thought.
"Auto that was nearly seven hundred years ago we have to go home, Earth needs us right Murdock." McCrea says
Murdock nodded completely agreeing they needed to go back, he looked towards the steering wheel crossing his arms.
"Right Auto let him do this." Murdock says
"No." Auto says
McCrea was getting frustrated, he started to yell at the steering wheel like that was going to work. Murdock looked towards the captain's portrait's he then realized in every one of them Auto was getting closer and closer to the captain. How did he not realize that before, Auto was gonna do anything to make sure an order would go through. He turned back towards McCrea having a horrible feeling he stood right next to the captain not wanting anything to happen to the human.
"Im the captain of the Axiom and Murdock is the copilot and we both agree we need to go home today you understand me Auto." McCrea says
Auto just blinked at them, it was clear it was no more nice robot. Murdock could hear Templeton in his head telling him to get out of there because he knew what Auto was going to do but Murdock was gonna stand his ground no more being afraid.
"I love you." Murdock says in his head to Templeton
Then it was what he feared, Auto shocked Murdock right in the temple were his LED use to be and it was a strong voltage, he dropped immediately from the over whelming amount's of electricity. He went into a memory's he didn't want to go into. He hopes McCrea and Eve are okay just as he slips away into unconsciousness.
Reardon was getting old, Murdock has been trying to ignore that it was happening ever since Reardon went gray. He realized humans have a longer life span in space then on Earth which he was thankful for because it meant he had more time with the dear captain. He was currently in his working area working on a project like he always does when he has free time, he heard Templeton and Reardon come in Reardon grumbling that he was perfectly fine and that he could do it.
"You better listen to him, that cane is hard." Murdock says looking up from his project
"I know, he's already wacked me twice." Templeton says
That made Murdock laugh, he kicked out a seat for Reardon he looked towards Templeton wondering if he was staying or not but Templeton shook his head leaning against the doorway.
"No im not staying, I have a job remember and I got people to pick pocket. I just thought I would help Mason." Templeton says
"I didn't need help Peck, I was doing just fine intill you showed up also can I have my wallet back." Reardon says
Murdock covered his mouth Reardon and Templeton's friendship was definitely something and it was hilarious to at least Murdock. He watched Templeton take out Reardon's wallet putting it on the work station before he headed back to the door.
"How did you know I pick pocketed you?" Templeton asks curious
"I was a teenager once Templeton." Reardon says
Templeton looked towards Murdock with did you know this look in which Murdock nodded he knew everything about Reardon. Murdock waved goodbye to Templeton who in turn just nodded as he left. Reardon looked at Murdock's latest project worried because the last project didn't end well.
"Don't worry this project won't throw socks at you like last time." Murdock says with a laugh
Reardon chuckles, he grabs Murdock's hand squeezing gently to get his attention in which Murdock put down the tools looking at him.
"Can you promise me something?" Reardon says
"I don't like that tone Mason." Murdock says
Murdock didn't want to lose Reardon and he knew one day he would, he honestly couldn't come to terms with that. He knew that he needed to come to terms with it because Reardon wasn't getting younger.
"It's nothing bad, I just want you to promise me one day you will get this ship home. Earth needs us." Reardon says
Murdock looked out towards the stars, he hasn't thought about Earth in such a long time not ever since the order went out to stay away. But he turned towards Reardon nodding he loved him so much so he would do anything he asked of him.
"I promise now you wanna hear about my project." Murdock says
Reardon nodded smiling, he listened to Murdock. As the android talked about his project, the light behind his eyes so bright who knew in just a few short years his eyes would become dull.
Murdock was standing on the bridge, Reardon was in a hover chair he was so small and frail. Murdock could hear his heart it was getting weaker and Murdock knew he was dying and there was nothing he could do to save him because it's what human's do they are born, they live a life worth living, reproduce if they want to and then they die. Murdock knew he was so lucky in getting to know this amazing man, he still remember's the day's when the man's heart beat fast and strong. He remember's listening to it well there limbs were tangled together and he was tracing the scars that marred the man's body but now he's trapped in a body that's failing. Murdock's LED has been a steady red ever since he realized that Reardon's heart was getting weaker, he knew this was his final day with him he puts on a smile as he listened to Reardon complain about the hover chair.
"Did I ever tell you how much I hate these hover chair's?" Reardon says
"Multiple times Mason." Murdock says trying to hide the emotion in his voice
Murdock wipes his eyes looking at Reardon forcing a smile onto his face but of course Reardon could tell by his LED that something was bothering him.
"What's wrong?" Reardon says
Murdock couldn't tell Reardon that he was dying, he didn't want him sad on his final day on this ship. No this was one secret Murdock was keeping to himself even though it was hurting him so much.
"Nothing it's time for lunch you want your usual." Murdock says walking over to the elevator
"James you know I can tell when your lying." Reardon says
Murdock just shook his head as the elevator opened he went inside, he felt bad not telling Reardon but he didn't want the captain knowing that Murdock knew he was going to die. He smiles at Reardon as the doors close taking him all the way down.
Murdock is currently taking his frustration and sadness out on some pea's up intill Templeton grabs his hand stopping him getting Murdock to look at him.
"Alright what's wrong?" Templeton says
Murdock's LED was bright red, so there was no way of lying his way out of this one. He puts down the fork looking at Templeton tears rolling down his face.
"Mason his heart, it's gotten to slow he's dying I give it a day at best." Murdock says
Templeton's eyes well up with tears sure he loved Murdock he knew that for sure and he should hate Reardon for taking Murdock away from him but he doesn't. He completely understand's and he count's Reardon as a very good friend.
"I hate how human's don't live forever like we do." Templeton says wiping his eyes
"Me to Temp, I'm gonna lose him forever." Murdock says
"We are gonna lose him forever he's my friend remember but do you want me to take that to him, let you have a second." Templeton says
Murdock nodded immediately putting the plate on a tray handing it over to him before walking off, Templeton knew Murdock was going through it the worse because he was in love with him. Templeton looked down at the plate for a second trying to get his bearing's before he walked off towards the bridge.
Templeton walks off the elevator into the captain's quarters seeing Reardon in his hover chair looking at the picture of him and Murdock in the year 2105. It didn't seem like that long ago but it has been, he looked towards Templeton surprised to see him considering Murdock said he was gonna go grab lunch.
"Where's James." Reardon says
Templeton puts down the tray on the table, he watched Reardon hover over smiling at his lunch. It was his favorite Murdock really does remember everything.
"He needed a second." Templeton says grabbing a chair
"It's cause I'm dying isn't it, he can tell like I can." Reardon says digging into his lunch
Templeton was surprised that Reardon knew, I mean I guess human's can be aware of that because it is there bodies after all. Templeton slips into the chair looking at there captain.
"Yea he knows, I know to." Templeton says
Reardon smiles sadly, it was obvious he felt horrible about dying. He was gonna leave to very amazing android's behind one that is his lover and the other a brother he never had.
"I'm so sorry, I don't want to leave you or James believe me." Reardon says
Templeton nodded he knew, he watched Reardon eat if he had his LED it would be flashing yellow right now.
"I promise to keep an eye on Murdock for you." Templeton says
"Thank you, please take care of him for me. I know how you look at him it's obvious that you love him, just know that you have my full support because I want him to be happy." Reardon says
Templeton nodded, he was happy to know Reardon wouldn't mind if one day him and Murdock got together. They sat in slience as Reardon ate his lunch, Templeton could hear what Murdock could hear. He was right a day at best a tear slips down his face knowing he was gonna to lose him.
Murdock is standing at the mirror in Reardon's bathroom, he's got tears running down his face. He's no longer in code, it's obvious what happened Reardon was gone he passed in the night in his sleep. It broke Murdock in more ways then one, he had a pair of scissors what was he thinking his LED kept flashing aggressively red and then out of nowhere he stabbed himself in the temple right on his LED, he didn't even wince he ripped his LED from his head throwing it away. He watched as orange blood ran down his face, his wound healed quickly he stared at himself for a few seconds before he left, he saw Auto and immediately glared at him.
"Your needed on the bridge to show the new captain around I will take care of Reardon." Auto says
Murdock felt like he was gonna be sick seriously they weren't going to even have a grieving period, they were just gonna toss Reardon out like he was trash. He was about ready to murder Auto but he breathed knowing what would happen if he tried anything.
"No Auto that's your job, I'm gonna take care of Reardon the proper way if you have a problem. Then you can shove it were the sun don't shine." Murdock says
He knew that comment was stupid because Auto is a steering wheel but he was upset. He went over grabbing Reardon's uniform getting it ready. He looked towards the night stand seeing an envelope that wasn't there before but of course Murdock hasn't been that observation in the past twenty four hours, the past twenty four hours he's been doing his duty and watching over Reardon. He to be honest needed to sleep because he needed to charge but he spent the whole night watching over Reardon listening to his heart go slower and slower intill his heart stopped at exactly August 13th at 4:56 2248, he tapped his watch which he had shorted out at the time of his death. He grabbed the envelope putting it in his uniform pocket before he looked towards Auto.
"What do you want blinky." Murdock snaps
"Your LED what happened to it." Auto says
Murdock rolled his eyes as he walked over to the bed going to get Reardon ready, he pushed all his emotions down because he wasn't gonna cry and show weakness in front of Auto.
"I cut it off made me feel better about losing our captain, unlike you who doesn't give a flying fuck so fucking go and give the new captain the grand tour bye bye." Murdock says
Auto just blinked at him before he left, when he did Murdock broke he started to cry grabbing Reardon's hand just wanting to feel his pulse again but he was gone. He takes off his hat throwing it against the room before he let out a cry that was filled with sadness and rage, he was not okay and he never would be not for a long long time.
Murdock is sitting with Templeton in his work room, there looking at the stars sharing a whiskey that would have no effect on them but it was nice. Murdock was fidgeting with the letter, it's been a few days since the funeral or what Murdock counted as one. He burned Reardon's body and scattered his ashes in space because they couldn't bury him like he wanted. Murdock took a swig, he had his head in Templeton's lap pointing out shapes he saw in the stars, he passed the bottle back to Templeton who was staring at the letter in Murdock's hands.
"What's that." Templeton says
"Not sure, it's addressed to us both I haven't had the heart to open it." Murdock says looking at it
Templeton nodded taking a swig, he gestured to Murdock to hand it over in which he does. Templeton looked at him seeing his name and Murdock's was in fact on it.
"Can I open it." Templeton says
"Please, I just can't I don't know why." Murdock says
Templeton opens it carefully knowing Murdock would want to keep it, he sees two little things inside and a letter he pulls out the letter first looking towards Murdock who nodded to him to read.
"If your reading this it means I'm no longer in the land of the living..."
As Templeton reads, it starts to morph into Reardon's voice as it change's so does the scene, it change's to Reardon writing the letter that Templeton is currently reading. He's young again it's clear he wrote this after he was told he was never going home. He looked over towards Murdock who was asleep in his bed, all tangled in his blanket's such a blanket hog not the point but still he turned back going back to writing.
"I knew it was going to happen one day because that's what the human body does, we are born to die there's no changing that. But sometimes I wish I could change that just to dance with James forever or get into some chaos with Templeton but I know I can't, because there's an order to things and you should never mess up the natural order of things. So im writing this letter to my two best friends, one who became my lover my darling. There's so much I want to say to you James, to make this easier for you like you will see me again or im always with you or we will be together again one day. When I have no idea if that's possible, you need to feel the pain it makes you human somthing so special and painful that you wish you weren't. Just know that yes right now it hurts like a bitch but it will get better that I can promise to you James and I can also promise that I love you more then there are stars in the night sky and that love will never die. Templeton my brother I also have no idea what to say to you, other then please watch over James he's gonna need you especially in this moment of time. Your all he has now, you only have each other now. So that's why im promoting you both, in the envelop is my Lt insignia from the Rangers and my Captain insignia from the Axiom. You are each other's unit now, I love you both especially you Captain James H.M Murdock."
It return's to Templeton who was crying but he was trying to keep it together for Murdock, he took the insignia from the envelop that belonged to him. He was Lt now and Murdock was captain, they were each other's unit now. Templeton carefully put the insignia on his jacket before helping Murdock with his being careful knowing the leather jacket belonged to Reardon. Murdock looked down at it with a sad smile, he then turned his head back towards the stars.
"Is this gonna get better Temp." Murdock says
"I'm not sure, I wish I knew through." Templeton says
The two android's stare into space looking at the stars each going through there own version of grief, Murdock's being more severe. They wouldn't be okay not for a very long time and even then it still haunts them.
Murdock groans as he finally wakes up, he's puts hand on his head because of the massive headache he had going on. He didn't see to notice McCrea's hover chair right over him, once he moved around a bit he felt a hand touch him which nearly made him jump out of his skin. But once he realized it was just McCrea he breathed easily, he could hear Templeton talking in his head.
"I'm coming up there, I'm not losing you to. Auto has gonna rouge." Templeton says
"No don't stay were you are, he will not hesitate to kill you." Murdock says in his head
He could hear Templeton groan but that usely meant he would listen to Murdock because Murdock out ranks Templeton and what Murdock says it goes no matter how weird it is.
"Are you alright." McCrea says
"Just peachy." Murdock says sitting up
He felt like he fell out the bridge window and then got dragged around by the monorail a couple hundred times. He took his hat rubbing his temple's in hopes that it helps. He could tell that McCrea wanted to say something to him but currently he was to focused on the fact that he almost got killed by a steering wheel, he knew Templeton was gonna find that hilarious when this is all done and over with.
"What's wrong." Murdock says
"Auto, he sent EVE and Wall-E down the garbage chute there was nothing I could do." McCrea says
Murdock went wide eyed he couldn't believe this it was all over, no more going home, he sat on the floor defeated. It made him think about when all the android's on board were destroyed and he thought he lost Templeton forever. He slips into another memory just to make everything better for himself.
Murdock was numb captain Fee just died and her order of removal of all android's has been put into motion. He knew Auto was having the best day of his life with this but Murdock not so much, he actually ran down way to many flight's of stairs just to get to the android levels trying to find Templeton, he got stopped by Steward bots
"Halt halt."
Murdock shows them his name tag so they leave him alone, they move on continuing there duties. It was horrible all the android's were marching towards there death literally, he saw many android's identical to Templeton but non of them were his best friend. He ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off, then out of nowhere he hears a voice.
"H.M I'm over here." Templeton aggressively whispers
Murdock turned his head so fast that if he was human, he would have pulled a muscle. He quietly but quickly darted through the crowds of android's going over to Templeton, he wraps his arms around him squeezing him like he was a stress toy.
"Can't breathe." Templeton says
Even though Templeton didn't need to breathe, he enjoyed the feeling it made him feel human. Murdock lessened the grip looking around in the little hiding space, he saw so many android's go by all of them going to there death but he tried not to think about it as held onto Templeton.
"Oh I'm sorry, you gave me a heart attack Temp." Murdock says
"I'm sorry, you okay?" Templeton says grabbing Murdock's face
Murdock smiles as Templeton does his inspection on him, he tilts his head slightly into the touch. Templeton touch's his scar were the LED use to be, he let go of Murdock.
"We have matching scars." Murdock says
Templeton nodded he couldn't believe it him and Murdock were gonna be the last android's on the Axiom at least that's what they thought unknown to them a pair of eyes was watching them, he appears to only have half his LED but then another LED pops out from the darkness watching the two but Templeton and Murdock were completely oblivious to the prying eyes of the two android's.
The trash level EVE and Wall-E tumble down, the android with the half LED pops his head out from where he was curious because they never throw robot's down the trash chute's, they usually burn them. He stands looking around for something or someone.
"Hannibal something is up."
The android with the fully intacted LED comes out of the shadows looking towards the other android, Hannibal was curious about what he saw. These two have been hiding down here ever since they saw Templeton and Murdock, it was clear they were out of there code as well how that happened is unclear but they have stuck together ever since.
"What's up Bosco." Hannibal says
"I don't know something I see these two robot's come out of a trash chute. Isn't it protocol to burn them." Bosco says
Hannibal nodded it was in fact protocol but these two were obviously different, or maybe they didn't have time but whatever it was Hannibal wanted to know so did Bosco.
"Show me were they landed." Hannibal says
Bosco nodded, they easily navigated the trash piles, I mean of course they know there way around. They have been down here forever, they avoid the big Wall-E's they were so tiny compaired to the big Wall-E's. By the time they get to were the little robot's crashed the big Wall-E's had put them into cubes, Bosco noticed EVE was still active. He nudges Hannibal pointing out both robot's.
"There." Bosco says
Hannibal looked towards the cubes seeing the two robot's both trapped in trash cubes, he knew one of them was an EVE probe but the other one his system couldn't figure it out for some reason.
"I don't think we can do anything Bosco." Hannibal says
He usely had a plan for anything mostly there boredom down here but right now he's drawing a blank, he knows how thick those cubes are and there was no way him or Bosco was getting through there in time. Both him and Bosco watch the Big Wall-E's move the cubes to the airlock not noticing another little robot coming to help his friend's. Both android's watch the little robot get stuck in the airlock doors trying to help and because of that an air pocket forms suck everything out the opening in the door, Hannibal and Bosco get knocked off there feet getting pulled to the airlock, Bosco tries to grab onto anything but he can't find anything solid to grip onto. But thankfully the big Wall-E's closed the outside airlock doors so everything stops getting sucked out, Hannibal and Bosco fall back onto the ground with a thud. It takes them a bit to get back to their feet but once they do they watch EVE trying to fix Wall-E, Hannibal sees the plant he couldn't believe it. It was clear he was much older then Bosco maybe even Murdock and Templeton.
"Earth." Hannibal says
"Whats that?" Bosco says
Just as he says the plant was tossed to there feet. Bosco picked it up looking at it curiously, he looked towards Hannibal showing it to him.
"Our home Bosco, are original home." Hannibal says looking at the plant
He saw Wall-E come over for it, so he kneels down to the smaller robot handing it over to the little guy. Hannibal felt bad for the robot because he was so messed up he wondered how that happened to him. They watched EVE and Wall-E talk to each other in there own way and it wasn't long before EVE shot a hole into the trash level picking up Wall-E and leaving. Hannibal watched them go, he looked towards Bosco.
"I don't know about you but I want to know what's going on." Hannibal says
Bosco was afraid, he saw what had happened to there kind up in the living level's. He didn't want that happening to him or Hannibal but Hannibal being Hannibal was already on his way out, Bosco thought about it his fear making it hard to think.
"Alright alright I'm coming." Bosco says
In the upper level's Templeton is not listening to Murdock, he's heading towards the bridge but a sound coming from a closet gets his attention and to his surprise Bosco and Hannibal burst out. The three android's stare at each other so confused, they started pointing at each other trying to figure out what was going on.
"I'm so confused." Templeton says
Hannibal nods but he knows they don't have time so he grabs Templeton by the arm starting to walk away from the bridge towards the Lido deck.
"I know I am to son but we don't have time to be confused. I'm Hannibal and he's Bosco now help us we are looking for two robot's." Hannibal says
Bosco waves looking at Templeton following after them both of them, it couldn't be the same android they saw so many years ago could it? Bosco decided to save question's for later because it was clear Hannibal was on a mission.
"Templeton, but yea EVE and Wall-E I just saw them your heading in the right direction. I gotta go help someone." Templeton says trying to slip away but Bosco grabbed him making sure he didn't get away
"Templeton what the hell kinda name is Templeton." Bosco says
"I should be asking you both the same dam question." Templeton says
Hannibal glares at them both which gets them to shut up and stop there stupid bickering. They continue towards the Lido deck, Templeton trying to escape to go make sure Murdock is okay but he unfortunately can't escape there grip.
Murdock is fine, he's pissed and frustrated but other then that he's fine. He's got a screwdriver in his mouth as he's trying to get the elevator to work. Nothing every trick in the book he knows, he hears McCrea cussing out Auto which is productive but he will digress. But suddenly McCrea stops as he hovers to the window.
"I will be dammed get over here Murdock." McCrea says
Murdock looked towards the window, he smiles so big when he sees EVE and Wall-E on the wanted screen, his screwdriver falls to the floor with a clank. He scrambled over there looking out, he couldn't believe it they were alive. He started to laugh.
"Ha fuck you Auto." Murdock says
McCrea looked towards the copilot with a new found determination, he had a plan it was obvious.
"Can you get me connected to the intercom." McCrea says
"Can I, Bryan I can do it in my sleep." Murdock says with a laugh
He slid under the console, he looked for the control panel and once he did he ripped the wires out. He gave McCrea a thumbs up as he slid out, he stood up poking his head so he could be seen.
"Hi Auto guess what fucker what kills me makes me stronger." Murdock says
McCrea looked at him shaking his head he always knew Murdock wasn't right in the head, he quickly gave his message to EVE and Wall-E before he was cut off by Auto. McCrea began to think of another plan, he looked towards Murdock because he could tell the android was thinking as well.
"Okay what's going on in your crazy head." McCrea says
"We make Auto think we have the plant, we have EVE's memory in the ship computer." Murdock says
McCrea nodded he liked it and that's all Murdock needed before he went back to the console pulling up EVE's memory's, going to the one were Wall-E is holding up the plant. He froze it there he nodded towards McCrea who got into position. It worked just like Murdock thought, he knew Auto wasn't as smart as he appeared to be. But when Auto came looking for them both, Murdock wasn't expecting McCrea to grab onto Auto and get himself dragged up to the bridge and they call him crazy. He knew the captain needed him, he ran back to the elevator control's grabbing his screwdriver from off the floor.
McCrea is fighting with Auto, he wasn't letting go of him for nothing. He was done with doing nothing, he wanted to live.
"Is that all you got blinky." McCrea says
Then all of the sudden here comes Gopher, he starts heading for the captain when all of the sudden the elevator door open's and here comes Murdock. He doesn't even think twice when he kicks Gopher as hard as he can out the bridge window.
"One point for Murdock, zero for Gopher." Murdock yells happily
"Cutting it a little close there Doc." McCrea says
"Sorry." Murdock says
McCrea fight's with Auto well Murdock pushes the button which pisses Auto off to no end, he starts to laugh like a crazy person but god he was having fun. But the fun was cut short by Auto spinning himself dangerously to one side which sends Murdock toppling over McCrea, it would have been hilarious in any situation other then this. The three android's on the Lido deck were also having a grand old time, when the ship tipped Bosco was the first to topple over sliding down, then Hannibal and then Templeton but Hannibal got smart he grabs onto a lifeguard bot which was bolted to the ship, he reaches out grabbing Templeton by the hand stopping his slide. They would be fine right, wrong here comes some toddler's Hannibal looks towards Templeton who immediately shakes his head.
"No don't even think about it Hannibal." Templeton says
"Get ready for some kids Temp, you got no choice." Hannibal says
He used his own weight to pull Templeton up enough so his body caught the toddler's before he himself let go of the lifeguard bot grabbing Templeton's other hand. They slid down to Bosco who just looks at them funny.
"Don't ask or laugh." Templeton says as one of the toddler's grabs his nose
But here comes more trouble, in the form of a monorail, Bosco saw it coming so he grabs Templeton and Hannibal by there shirts pulling them closer to him because he was the bigger of the two. But thankfully EVE saved them at the last possible minute.
Murdock grumbles under his breath getting his bearing's, he saw Auto pushing the button trying to short circuit it out, he knew immediately that Auto was hurting Wall-E by doing that. He looked towards McCrea who nodded they were on the same page hopefully but Murdock had a good feeling about this. He waited for the captain and to his amazement McCrea stands up and starts walking towards Auto well more waddling but hey it was something. Murdock waited for Auto to whip around and look at the captain and when he did Murdock bolted, he ran right behind the wheel holding him in place for the captain, he wasn't gonna be afraid of Auto not anymore.
"I'm not afraid of you anymore and god I have thought about this day ever since I met you. So Auto don't take this personally but you are relieved of duty." Murdock says
Just as he said that McCrea managed to flip the switch turning off Auto, Murdock felt his head get a little bit lighter. He let out a sigh of relief. He moved out of the way for McCrea who turns the ship back around, this time Murdock kept both feet on the ground. He looked out the bridge window seeing everyone was okay shaken but alright.
EVE is frantically looking for the plant, she's not the only one Bosco and Hannibal are helping her, Templeton not so much he's become a toddler jungle gym much to his dismay. Mo finds it using his system, he tosses it to Hannibal who tosses it to Bosco.
"Eve." Bosco says
EVE turns towards him just as he tosses it as hard as he can, she immediately catches it putting it in the detector. Once the plant was in there it spit Wall-E out, he looked terrible both Bosco and Hannibal put there heads down.
"Ten seconds to hyperjump."
Everybody was slient for Wall-E except EVE who was obviously panicking, Templeton felt for her remembering how worried he was for Murdock intill he saw him on every screen on the boat. He wanted to tell her, they could fix him back on Earth possibly but currently he was trapped. But before he can even form some type of sentence he's knocked off his feet by the hyperspeed actually everybody was except EVE who was tending to Wall-E, Templeton watched Hannibal lose his footing knocking over Bosco which made made Templeton laugh, he held onto the toddler's making sure that they didn't slide away or something. Murdock on the other hand was laughing like a maniac and watching the stars go by from another window on the bridge.
The passenger's and the captain were back on earth looking around, EVE zooms by holding Wall-E heading towards his truck, Hannibal and Bosco chasing after the robot's on foot, they even had Murdock following after them. Templeton on the other hand was still trapped by toddler's
"Someone help." Templeton says
"Your on own Facey." Murdock says jumping over him following after Bosco
Templeton watched him go mumbling traitor under his breath as his ear gets tugged at.
"Ow ow my ear." Templeton says
Murdock was the last one to get to the truck and by the time he showed up EVE fixed Wall-E. But Wall-E was back to his code it made the android's sad seeing him no longer Wall-E.
"That's not fair." Murdock mumbles
"Nothing is kid." Hannibal says putting a hand on his shoulder
They watch EVE say goodbye to him and give up one last "kiss" but that seemed to jolt him back.
"Guys look." Bosco says
"My heart." Murdock says
By the time Templeton got over there EVE and Wall-E were spending time together and Murdock was currently pealing what was left of Bosco's LED off
"Crazy fool why did you do that." Bosco says
"Its an eye sore." Murdock says
Templeton smiles looking around, so this was Earth sure it needed some major help but it wasn't anything they couldn't do. He went over wrapping his arm around Murdock he starts to walk with him.
"I'm sorry Reardon's not here to see this." Templeton says
"Oh he's here." Murdock says
Templeton wanted to question him about that but decided not to, he walked with Murdock back towards the Axiom. They would be okay in the end now that they have each and that's all that really matters in the end.
It's been a few years give or take, Murdock isn't all that sure actually. He's strumming on Reardon's old guitar throwing sticks for Billy, he's sitting under the tree that brought them home in the end. Murdock looked more at peace then ever before, he was still wearing Reardon's stuff some things never change. He hears footsteps but doesn't react he knows who it is.
"Temp you come to sing with me on this rainy day." Murdock says
He plays a few more notes thinking Templeton was gonna sit with him but instead he stands in front of him.
"Me, Hannibal and B.A have a surprise for you." Templeton says
"Facey you know how much I hate surprises." Murdock says
Templeton smiles, he thought the pet name Facey was adorable. He puts out his hand waiting for Murdock to take it which he does after staring at him for a second. Templeton helps him up he then covers Murdock with his jacket as they run to the Axiom which was now just a time capsule really, it was lived in only by Murdock really and he didn't even stay here full time. Murdock puts down his guitar letting Templeton cover his eyes as he walks him to his old work station even when Murdock can't see he knows were's he going. He was actually kinda excited but he kept it to himself.
"Alright alright open them." Templeton says
Murdock opens his eyes he smiles it was beautiful there were plant's everywhere but really stuck out to him was a statue of Reardon. He saw Hannibal and B.A standing next to it, Hannibal was the only one with his LED it was obvious he was nervous because it kept flashing yellow.
"Its beautiful who did the statue." Murdock says reading the plate at the bottom
"I did well Templeton brought it up to me, he showed me a picture and then Wall-E helped me make it come to life." B.A says
"I love it thank you all of you, I never got to bury him on Earth so he would have loved this." Murdock says
"Your welcome kid, now whenever you want to talk to him you can." Hannibal says
Murdock nodded, he couldn't believe it he had a lover and a family who knew that's what come out of seven hundred years of service, but honestly he wouldn't replace it for the world he looked at the statue before looking at his family. He went over and hugged Templeton kissing him softy, they would be okay and so would Hannibal and B.A because they had each other and neither of them were going anywhere, anytime soon.