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Car Wash

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"Fuck off! I'm not doing it!"

Aaron was now slamming down tools and bonnets of cars as his cousin and uncle followed him.

"Stop being a prat Aaron!" Cain shouted.

"No, that's what you're going to make me. A prat who washes cars for a living!"

"Come on, you knew we were expanding. The garage doesn't need me, Dad, you, Ross AND Dan at all times. We'll have three people on here and two at the car wash!"

"But you want me there most of the time?! What am I, weakest link?!"

"No!" Debbie shouted back. "Look... we thought it'd be better to have you out there. We trust you not to be messing around all the time. We know what Ross is like!"

Aaron just sighed.

"It's quiet out there! I don't even understand why you're doing it!"

"It's cost us nothing to set it up, me and Debs have done the maths, there's always cars heading down that road. Through country roads, dirty, smelly country roads. We'll make a good profit! A mate of mine on other side of Hotten did it and he's made a killing!"


Aaron hated it. He liked being at the garage, it was nice to have your head in a car all day, not having to talk unless completely necessary and he could get lost in it. Now, he'd have to be wet and dirty all day, in all weathers, washing peoples dirt off their cars.


"I'm not gonna get out of this am I?"

"What do you think?" Cain laughed.




The place wasn't THAT bad, after all the kicking off Aaron did, it wasn't too shabby. A small outhouse that had a desk, TV, chair, fridge, microwave, kettle and a heater, and then a garage that held all the equipment and enough room for two cars along with Aaron's. The place was a bit of the beaten track but it was quiet at least, there were a lot of trees around too, so it wasn't like he was just in the open country field where anyone and everyone saw how pathetic and sad he was standing around waiting to wash someone's car in the distance. There was a longish road leading to and from the car wash, with a large sign on the end where the road connects to the main one, signalling that a car wash was available.

Adam tutted as he looked around. "God mate, it's not THAT bad!"

Adam had agreed to shift his time working at the farm and with Aaron at the car wash after Cain asked nicely. It meant that Aaron had a friend around most of the time to keep him placated so he wasn't just lumbered with Arsehole Ross or dull Dan. He was warming around to the idea now, especially as it meant he didn't have to deal with his mum checking up on him on her lunch break as much.

"Yeah I s'pose."


The place had only been open an hour or two, but they were surprised when a quite flash car turned up.

Aaron loved the car. A white Audi, covered in mud mind, but it was a car Aaron would love to get his hands on. He'd been admiring the car too much that he didn't notice the window roll down.

"Oi, you gonna wash it or watch it?!"

Aaron was snapped out of his daze as he turned his focus to the driver. A blonde haired prick, was Aaron's first impression.

Not bad looking though

Aaron just rolled his eyes and approached.

"What you want?"

The guy looked at him in slight confusion. "Erm.. my car washing?!"

Aaron rolled his eyes again and pointed to the sign behind him.

The guy noticed the pricing sign with a list of different offers and looked a little embarrassed, making Aaron smirk.

"Oh... the full exterior wash."

"£5 then."

The guy pushed his head back.

"I'm gonna have to see what kind of job you do first before I hand over my money!"

"Suit yourself!" Aaron shouted, heading to the garage and starting up the equipment that Adam had already begun busying himself with getting ready.


It wasn't a hard job. Spray the car with water first, then spray on the soap, clean the wheels, windows and wipers, then wipe the car with a cloth, rinse off the soap, dry the car, apply wax, rub in, clean around the inside of the doors and boot, send them on their way. Simple.


They'd soon done it, and Aaron and Adam couldn't deny they did a good job.


The guy opened his door and climbed out, inspecting his car.


Aaron couldn't believe the guy. He was checking under the side mirrors, the window, everywhere. He was a prized tool.

"Oh, Robbie, didn't realize it was you!" Adam shouted.

Aaron looked confused before the blonde guy turned.

"Oh, didn't realize it was you either."

Aaron looked at Adam, getting his attention.

"Oh, this is Robert. Robert Sugden? Andy and Vic's brother."

"Oh shit, yeah. Sorry. Aaron. Aaron Livesy."

Robert extended his hand and shook Aaron's.

"Livesy? Chas's son right? I remember you when you were a kid. You probably don't remember me."

"Nah. Only want Andy, Vic and Diane have told me."

"Not all bad I hope" he smiled.

Aaron let out a laugh and smiled back.

"So. Up to standards?" Aaron asked, folding his arms while looking at Robert.

"Yeah. You did good" he smiled again, making Aaron bite his lip and blush slightly.

"Good. Fiver then please."

Robert walked closer to Aaron, handing over his money while looking Aaron straight in the eye.

"Worth every penny."


Robert returned to his car and drove off, leaving Adam to pathetically cheer at himself for doing a good job, while Aaron couldn't help but watch the car roll away.