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How Rose Tyler solved the Broadchurch murder

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Rose had been told before she went on holiday she was next in line for a promotion when the DI who had been in charge retired from the Broadchurch Police Department. She had met up with her mother and they had been to Spain for 10 days. She was supposed to have gone with her boyfriend Mickey, who still lived in London but they had fallen out just before they were due to fly out so she told him to get lost and changed the booking, not wanting to miss her holiday because of him. She was back on a Thursday and Mickey had not been off the phone since, trying to get her to take him back so she had told him he could come down next weekend and she would see.

She had a nice two bedroom apartment on the road up from the harbour into the town for when her mother came to visit and she had a few friends including Ellie who had been the DS that Rose had replaced when Ellie went on maternity leave but they had become good friends and often had each other over for dinner.

As Rose was walking down the High Street late on Wednesday afternoon on her way home, she passed by The Traders Hotel and said hello to Becca who asked how Rose had enjoyed her holiday. Becca had been talking to a tall man with a beard in the doorway but he had gone inside when Rose approached. Becca asked her if she had made up with her boyfriend and Rose had said she was thinking about it and Becca had laughed. As she walked down the street, she bumped into Olly Stevens, the local newspaper reporter and who was a few years younger than she was and always trying to get a date with her and she kept telling him she had a boyfriend.

"Hi Rose, fancy a drink tonight?" Olly asked hopefully.

"When are you going to get the hint Olly? I've got a boyfriend."

"Well I've never seen you with him, I'm sure you're making it up."

"Well that's because he lives in London and only comes down at weekends but that's beside the point." She just waved him away and carried on walking with her groceries and reached home.


Thursday morning, Rose's alarm went off at seven, back to work and she showered, put her work clothes on, a pair of black trousers and a blue blouse then gathered the few presents she had brought back for the people in her team. Everyone greeted her when she arrive in the office and her chief was waiting in the doorway.

"Rose, can I have a word?" the chief asked.

Rose was all smiles until she got into her office.

"I'm sorry Rose, we gave the job to someone else."

Rose could hardly believe what she was hearing. "Sorry, did I hear right? You gave the job to someone else? What happened to we need more females in key positions?"

"It's out of my hands Rose. I got an order from HQ, I had to take on someone, a DI because there were no vacant posts."

"So have I heard of this person, are they local?" Rose asked, trying not to get herself suspended for insubordination.

"I doubt it, he's from Scotland," the chief said matter-of-factly, like Rose was supposed to already know.

"What? You gave the job to a man, from Scotland?"

"I'm sorry Rose, I had no choice. This station was the only one with a vacancy."

"So when does he start?"

"Last week."

Rose got up and walked out, trying not to slam the door behind her and went into the ladies room, kicking the door on her way in and screaming at the top of her voice. She got out her phone and called her mother, telling her what had happened.

"Rose, calm down. Think this through. It wasn't official was it? I mean there must have been other candidates for the job and if your chief had no choice, maybe her hands were tied. You'll get the next promotion or you can put in for a transfer."

"That's just it Mum, there aren't any more DI positions, that's why he was sent here."

"Well what about where he came from?"

"Mum, he's come from Scotland, I'm not moving up there."

Just then there was a knock on the cubicle door. Rose lost her temper. "Do you mind, I'm in here."

A female voice shouted, "Rose, you got a call-out."

"I have to go Mum, love you."

Rose put her phone in her pocket and opened the door, stopping to wipe her face on a paper towel. She went back into the office to get her car keys from her desk when she was told she wouldn't need them. The crime scene was over on the beach. She made her way over, her ID badge clipped to her and walked awkwardly across the sand, showing her badge to the uniformed officers behind the police tape. There in the distance was the body of a child, she could see it was not an adult and she covered her mouth with her hands as she got nearer. She had never been called to the death of a child before.

As she approached, a uniformed officer acknowledged her and a tall man turned around, waving her away. It was the man she had seen on Saturday afternoon in The Traders.

"Who let you past the tape, get her away from the crime scene," the man barked in a broad Scottish accent.

Rose showed her ID badge and looked at the body.

"I know him," she simply said.

The man held his hand out. ''DI Hardy – and you are?"

''DS Tyler. I know who you are, you got my job."

The man was not amused. "Really, are we going to do this now?"

Rose glared at him. "I know who it is, his name is Danny Latimer, he goes to school with my friend's son.''

"What took you so long getting here Tyler?" Hardy asked, staring at her.

"Excuse me? I just got the call." Really, the cheek of the man.

They were interrupted from their staring contest by screams behind Rose as a woman had got past the police tape and Rose recognised her. It was Beth Latimer, Ellie's other friend and mother of the boy lying there on the beach. Someone hurriedly covered the boy with a green blanket but it was too late, the woman was screaming Danny's name.

Rose turned towards her, telling the woman she couldn't be there and telling the two officers that were standing there to take her away and take her home. They finished on the beach and went up onto the cliff top, talking to the scene of crime officer who explained there was no way the body had got onto the beach from up there. They didn't know that a certain keen reporter had been told something was going on at the beach and had followed them. He stopped them as they were getting in a police car further down the beach to go back to the station. She told Hardy who he was and he gruffly told the reporter to go away and got in the front seat of the police car.

Once back at the station, Rose went to collect her car keys and they went down to the garage and Hardy got into the passenger seat and Rose drove them to the Latimer house. As Rose pulled up, she asked if she could take the lead because she knew Beth Latimer through her friend. Hardy refused, adamantly.

"How many murder investigations have you conducted Tyler?" he asked, looking at her.

Rose had to admit it was her first in Broadchurch but had been involved in several whilst in London. "It's my first involving a child, Sir."

"You can't possibly make it any better because you know the family, you'd best not even try."

Rose was getting annoyed and she'd only spent a few hours with him. It was going to be a long investigation. "Sir, they'll talk to me, they don't know you. How do you know I can't make it better? You don't know me."

Hardy ignored her. "It was probably an abduction, we need the facts Tyler. Watch them and if you suspect anything, you tell me. Clear?"

Rose looked at him. "Crystal – Sir." She was going to make this difficult for him, he wasn't going to get a free ride.

"Don't look at me like that Tyler."

They got out of the car and went to face the family of the boy. Rose did not enjoy it. The father, Mark wanted to see the body, he thought they had got it wrong and it wasn't their son that had been found so Rose volunteered to take him to the hospital morgue while Hardy put on gloves and shoe protectors and went to examine the boys room.

When Rose arrived at the hospital with Mark Latimer, he asked her if he could touch his son but Rose regrettably told him it wasn't possible. She then took the broken man back home and picked up her new boss. What a start to a new week, after a great holiday, then coming back to find someone got the job you'd expected to be yours, a child you know has been murdered and your new boss was a total arse. She was thinking life could sometimes play cruel tricks on you. It wasn't about to get better anytime soon.

Getting back to the station, Hardy took over the briefing, leaving Rose to finish off. They were about to visit the local newsagents where the boy had been doing a early morning paper round as his mother had phoned the shop and been told he hadn't shown up that morning. The chief was waiting outside the station and Hardy walked across to the harbour with her but Rose got held up by two uniformed officers and hurried to catch up with them but Hardy was now on his own, walking back towards her.

"What did the chief want Sir?" Rose asked.

Hardy shook his head. "No, I don't want to discuss it with you Tyler."

Rose looked at him. "Sir, do you mind not calling me Tyler all the time? Everyone calls me Rose."

Hardy regarded her carefully. "Rose, Rose." Then he shook his head. "No."

Rose thought that seemed to be his second favourite word. His first was apparently Tyler.

After interviewing the local newsagent, Jack Marshall, who Rose was amused to find that Hardy had managed to annoy him as well, happy that she wasn't the only one Hardy seemed intent on getting on the wrong side of, Rose then had to drive Hardy to the hospital to get the pathologist's report, something else Rose didn't particularly enjoy but a necessary part of the job as she had learned the hard way. After going back to brief the family again, Rose had to stop to fill up the car and went into the kiosk, grabbing two sandwiches and two bottles of plain water.

Hardy looked at her as she handed a sandwich and a bottle of water to him. "What's this?" he grunted, looking at the cardboard sandwich carton containing a chicken salad sandwich.

"Lunch, I'm not going to starve even if we have just started a murder investigation," Rose snapped back, driving forward into a parking space outside the kiosk and opening hers. Hardy pulled a face and opened the carton and took a bite out of the sandwich. Rose smirked as she eyed him in the mirror.

"You're not from around here, are you Tyler?" he asked, trying to unscrew the top of the water bottle that was a sports top and meant to be pulled open.

Rose thought his powers of observation were astonishing and could see why he had become a detective.

She thought better of it before she actually replied. "I'm from London Sir, been here two years. I took over from someone who went on maternity leave and she decided to stay off and look after her kids." She thought that was quite enough information for now.

Just then her phone rang. It was Olly Stevens. She knew she would regret him getting hold of her number. He wanted to know if she could confirm who the body on the beach was and asked if it was Danny Latimer. Hardy was looking at her, daring her to say something.

"Olly, no comment, there will be statement issued later today." Rose listened as he told her he had seen the boy's sister at the beach, leaving one of Danny's toys. "No Olly, I have nothing to say. Don't you dare print anything until we issue a statement." She hung up and looked in the rear-view mirror to reverse out of the parking space.

"What did he want? Was it that reporter again? No-one is to speak to the press unless I say so."

They drove back to the station and Hardy received a phone call. Someone had released the boy's name on a social networking site. Hardy went crazy and called Rose into his office. Rose insisted she had only spoken to him while Hardy had been present.

"You were with me both times Sir, you know I never said anything."

Hardy wasn't going to let it slide. "Then why did he call you Tyler? Why you?"

Rose tried not to seem offended that a male reporter would be calling her. "Because he tried to ask me out several times and I kept turning him down. He thinks because of that it gives him the right to try and get information out of me."

"Go away Tyler and if he calls you again, either hand me your phone or hang up without speaking to him – understood?"

Rose didn't see why she should get chewed out by her new boss because the child of a reporter couldn't take no for an answer. She had half a mind to get Mickey down here to rough the stupid ape up a bit.

"Yes Sir." She left Hardy's office, trying not to slam the door but it still closed with a thud. He followed her out, now chewing the entire office staff out.

"You people are unbelievable. The Latimers trusted us, now we have lost that trust. Get back to work, all of you."

Rose was totally annoyed. She walked out onto the balcony to find that Hardy had gone out to release a press statement. Thankfully for Rose, he then stayed in his office, glaring at his computer screen. She got a call from Beth Latimer, asking if she could meet her over by the beach. Rose looked over at Hardy, who was still trying to look busy so she walked across the harbour and met with the distraught woman.

"Why can't you lead this investigation Rose? We know you, you knew Danny. Why does that male detective have to lead it?"

"I'm sorry Beth, he's the lead detective in this case, he's my boss. I really tried but he's very strict about it."

Rose didn't know the woman that well, Ellie was closer than she was and they only met at events, not much socially. She supposed the woman felt more comfortable around her. She couldn't blame her, Hardy was a hard case and grumpy with it. DI Grumpy, that's him, she laughed to herself.

She walked back into the station and Hardy came out of his office.

"Late night tonight Tyler, go home and get changed or whatever you need to do, I'm going to give a briefing to the press at the local school in an hour, I want you there then we have work to do. Meet me back here."

Rose took his advice, she would need to get changed so she hurried home, got changed and was back at the station in half an hour. She had received CCTV footage of the night before showing Danny skateboarding down the middle of the High Street and called Hardy over. He stood behind her watching her replay the footage asking a dozen questions and when she could finally get a word in, she went over the list of possessions found with Danny. The skateboard and his mobile phone were both missing.

Rose was getting annoyed with his never pausing to give her a chance to reply and was stunned as Hardy went back into his office saying "Good work."

She then took him up to the school, meeting the chief and they all walked into a room full of concerned townsfolk and the local press including the local TV station. The chief handed the floor over to Hardy as the senior investigating officer and he stared into the camera, answering questions from the local newspaper editor who Rose knew. Finally, Hardy gave his sternest look yet that Rose had seen and vowed to catch whoever had done this.