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Wizard Flimpetyflomps and the Lost Sword of Milly-Moo

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Wizard Flimpetyflomps and the Lost Sword of Milly-Moo


Wizard Flimpetyflomps was getting restless, yearning for another adventure.


He stood in his Spoonery, thinking, dreaming, planning his next adventure. Thinking made him hungry.


Eating his breakfast one afternoon, Flimpetyflomps decided that maybe it was time to get a cat.


He set out and met with a feline friend who told him to speak to the Wise Old Cat of Snuffle Mountain.


Up at the top of Snuffle Mountain, the Wise Old Cat came out of his cave and spoke of two young catlings who had gone missing.


And so Wizard Flimpetyflomps and the Wise Old Cat set off down Snuffle Mountain to begin the search for the missing catlings.


Once they heard of his quest to find the missing catlings, all of Flimpetyflomps’ friends wanted to help him.


Everybody set to work at once, scanning the airwaves for sightings of the lost catlings.


A report came in of catlings being held on Skull Rock. Flimpetyflomps used the Magic Spoons to get them there fast.


They arrived at Skull Rock and Flimpetyflomps let the magic fade. As they looked for a way in. they felt a bit scared. It was a very unsettling place, but they needed to rescue those catlings!


Inside Skull Rock they found a cat bowl that had recently been used, and signs of a hasty departure. Whoever had the catlings knew that someone was after them.


Back outside, Flimpetyflomps and the Wise Old Cat followed some fresh footprints to the edge of the jungle.


They followed the trail in among the trees. Soon, they were lost in the leafy jungle, however would they find the catlings now?


The Wise Old Cat had an idea, he climbed to the top of a giant Wompa Tree and scanned the horizon. There, in the distance, he saw movement, the chase was on!


They hurried on through the jungle. Soon they came to an enormous tree. Flimpetyflomps examined the tree trunk then tapped it with the Magic Spoons. A door appeared in the wood and started to creak open.


They went through the door and followed a tunnel into the tree. The gloomy walls were dappled with sunlight that made its way furtively through cracks in the trunk. They began to hear noises ahead and pressed on cautiously.


The tunnel opened out into a large space, full of animals. The animals said that they were being held captive by the Zookeeper. Flimpetyflomps radioed their location to the Paw Patrol so that they could be rescued, then asked the animals if the catlings had come this way.


The animals gathered round and in hushed tones indicated that the catlings had been taken by the Zookeeper through a door at the back of this strange, hollow space, deep inside a giant tree.


They left the animals behind for the Paw Patrol and Octonauts to help, then walked over to the door. It was wooden and unremarkable, and not locked. Wizard Flimpetyflomps pushed it open.


He stepped through it and found himself in a hallway with a ticking grandfather clock, doors leading off into other rooms and stairs leading up. Other than the clock ticking, there was silence.


They tried the door on the left first, it lead into a kitchen. The stove was lit, but no people or animals could be found. After a brief search, they headed back out into the hall to try the other door.


The other room turned out to be a dining room. The table was set, but still there was no sign of anyone. Suddenly they heard a creaking noise, someone was upstairs!


They ran upstairs and found themselves in a strange room full of books, but no spoons. Flimpetyflomps sat on a chair, still warm! Then they heard a crash from the next room.


They ran in to find a wardrobe with a broken door. As they went in for a closer look, they heard running footsteps on the stairs in the spoon-less book room next door. The smashed door was a trick, a diversion!


They ran back out of the room and headed up the stairs as fast as their feet and paws could carry them. The sound of a toilet flushing came from above, it sudden dawned on Flimpetyflomps what was happening up there, he had to hurry!


They reached the top of the stairs and found themselves in a bathroom. The toilet chain was swinging slightly, and the cistern was refilling. Flimpetyflomps immediately leapt up onto the toilet, there was no time to lose.


For this was no ordinary toilet, it was a magic toilet, connected by the Poo Network to all the other magic toilets in the world. To use it, all you had to do was do a poo and think very hard about where you wanted to go as the poo splashed down into the water.


Someone using the Poo Network could be followed if you were quick enough. You just had to use the toilet’s magic before the aroma of the previous user had dissipated. He sat down with the cat on his lap, closed his eyes, cleared his mind, inhaled deeply…and found himself locked in a dungeon!


It was a trap! Luckily, being a wizard, he still had a trick or two up his sleeve. Or, in this case, his bottom. He bent over and did a giant windy-pops that was so strong in blew a hole in the wall behind the toilet! Now to stop this Zookeeper once and for all.


They clambered out of the hole in the wall and saw a mysterious figure dragging two struggling catlings along. They quickly gave chase and the figure stopped and turned around, revealing himself to be…


…Grandmaster Glitch! This time he was trying to trap and steal animals for Glitch World. Flimpetyflomps quickly used the Spoons to cast a sleeping spell on him and the Catlings managed to wriggle free as his moustache vibrated with rusty snores.


The catlings told Flimpetyflomps and the Wise Old Cat that they had been on a quest to find a magic sword belonging to their grandfather when Glitch captured them. Being a wizard, Flimpetyflomps loved all things magic, so he asked them about the sword.


As the catlings told him and the Wise Old Cat about their grandfather’s lost sword, Flimpetyflomps had a sudden realisation. He smiled a little smile and invited the catlings back to his castle for a special surprise.


Their first stop on the way home was the Gup W where Peso lead a team of volunteers helping the animals freed from the giant tree. The Wise Old Cat said he’d stay a while and help Peso before heading back to the solitude of Snuffle Mountain.


After saying farewell to the Wise Old Cat, Wizard Flimpetyflomps and the catlings headed into town. There, they caught a friendly bus who would take them all the way back to Flimpetyflomps Castle.


Flimpetyflomps was glad to be home, and the catlings agreed to stay and help with the mouse problem. But what about their grandfather’s sword? Well, it turned out that…


…the Lost Sword wasn’t so lost after all, it had been in Wizard Flimpetyflomps’ Spoonery the entire time! Flimpetyflomps had been good friends with the catlings’ grandfather and had promised to keep the sword safe. Now everybody was happy. Except for Grandmaster Glitch of course!


The End.