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Wizard Flimpetyflomps and the Night of the Nackawack

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Wizard Flimpetyflomps and the Night of the Nackawack


It was a lovely day, so Gecko, Owlette and Dad went to visit Revs. Noddy was away on a deep-sea mission with Kwazi so Revs was pleased to have some visitors. They were just deciding what to do for the day when all their phones pinged at the same time. It was a message from Wizard Flimpetyflomps, he was calling an urgent meeting aboard Little Bear’s space rocket. The PJ Masks said their goodbyes to Revs and Dad, and headed back to their HQ at once.


Later that day, aboard Little Bear’s space rocket, the meeting started. Flimpetyflomps had worrying news. Shellington had discovered signs of a strange creature deep in the Midnight Zone. It was big and strong, and he didn’t know what it was. He needed help from all the friends to find out.


They arranged for the deep-sea mission in the Gup A with Kwazi to search for more clues. Kwazi was worried, when he was a boy, his grandfather Calico Jack had told him tales of a strange beastie that slept in the briny depths. If it had awakened, there may be all sorts of trouble ahead. He sent a message to Flimpetyflomps to find Calico Jack.


What the team didn’t know was that someone else had heard rumours of a scary sea creature too. Grandmaster Glitch had been listening to the meeting having hidden his Grimbler beneath Little Bear’s rocket. He was now hoping to capture whatever it was and turn it into an attraction at his new water park, Glitch World. What could possibly go wrong?


Glitch arranged a meeting with some of his villainous friends and told them of his plan to capture the mysterious sea creature. They agreed to help in return for free tickets to visit Glitch World whenever they wanted. The first thing they needed was a vehicle that could go underwater. Captain Hook knew exactly where they could steal one from.


Back in Space, Flimpetyflomps decided he needed to get the message about the sea creature safely out to all their friends. Father Christmas said that he only knew of one person who could be trusted with this, the person who made sure that all the letters from children got to his North Pole HQ safely and on time each year. So, they jumped into the Vroomster, and zoomed back down to Earth. Once there, they met Little Bear at…


…Greendale Post Office! Postman Pat agreed to deliver the message to all of their friends. He asked Mrs Goggins for the special list they kept for just such an emergency. Flimpetyflomps wrote the message and they printed lots of copies. Mrs Goggins put the messages in envelopes and wrote the addresses on the front. Pat took the pile and he and Jess jumped into his van.


Arthur and Elwyn were the first to get the message through their door, they immediately retrieved the Magic Spoons from their secret hiding place and got them ready in case Wizard Flimpetyflomps needed them.


Meanwhile, out at sea, Little Bear and Daddy were keeping watch aboard the Mighty Colossus with Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates. As Little Bear scanned the horizon with a telescope, a strange storm suddenly blew up. The winds and the waves were like nothing Jake had ever seen before. He wondered what could be causing it.


Suddenly a mighty wave rose up and rocked the ship from side to side, as they clung to the rails desperately, they saw a strange creature leap from the ocean and into the stormy sky. Lightning crackled around it as it streaked up in a blur of green. It roared as it spotted the ship being tossed around in the waves far below.


On the other side of the ocean, on a rocky, remote desert island, Flimpetyflomps met with Calico Jack. The old pirate confirmed the wizard’s worst fears, the mysterious sea creature was a monster known as the Nackawack. One hundred years ago it had terrorised the seven seas, but a brave band of heroes lead by Calico Jack’s Grandfather had used magic to put it to sleep in a cave on the ocean floor. Somehow, it had awakened. Flimpetyflomps would need his magic spoons.


Down on the docks, Captain Hook showed Jake’s old ship Bucky to Glitch and Romeo. He explained how it could turn into a submarine, perfect for hunting sea monsters. Bucky had a mind of its own so Romeo would need to use his computer to hack into Bucky, take over the ship and activate the submarine mode.


It didn’t take Romeo long, he hacked into Bucky and soon had the ship under his control and transformed into submarine mode. He ordered his Robot to work with the Grimbots to get Bucky ready to go hunting sea creatures in the ocean depths. Grandmaster Glitch was very excited.


Soon Hook, Glitch and Romeo were heading down into the Midnight Zone with a giant net ready to catch the mysterious sea creature. Little did they know, it had already left the deeps and was creating mayhem up on the ocean’s surface.


In fact, the Nackawack was now attacking the Mighty Colossus!  Jake and his crew along with Daddy and Little Bear were doing their best to stop it getting on board, but the monster was very strong and very fast, and they didn’t think they would be able to hold it off for long. They needed help, but who could help them?


Luckily, they weren’t alone. After the deep-sea mission had returned to the Octopod, the PJ Masks has flown up to Little Bear’s rocket and were watching the battle through the rocket’s telescope from space. They called Kwazi back on the Octopod to let him know what was going on. They had to somehow get help to the Mighty Colossus before it was too late!


Down in the Octopod, Kwazi jumped into the Gup B and was soon leading a flotilla of underwater vehicles piloted by brave volunteers. Following directions from the PJ Masks up in Little Bear’s rocket, they were soon approaching the beleaguered Mighty Colossus. Kwazi was determined to save his mateys!


They arrived just in the nick of time. The Nackawack had conjured up a powerful rainstorm and was trying to wash the crew of the Mighty Colossus overboard! The rescue fleet surfaced and surrounded the fearsome sea creature, who turned to face them with a deafening roar. Kwazi was finally face-to-face with a monster from his Grandad’s legends.


Realising it couldn’t take on all five of the rescuers at once, the Nackawack dove to the bottom of the ocean and hid amongst the rocks and kelp. When it saw it wasn’t being followed, it swam along the seabed until it found deeper water. Next it started to head back down to the midnight zone. Maybe it would just go back to sleep in its cave after all. Then there was trouble…


Grandmaster Glitch, Captain Hook and Romeo suddenly appeared in the captured submarine Bucky and threw a net over the Nackawack! As they cheered and celebrated, the Nackawack roared and thrashed about, not at all happy to be caught in a net. It started to try to swim away, Robot tried to warn its master Romeo, but the three baddies were still laughing and cheering at their success.


The Nackawack began to swim, dragging the helpless Bucky behind it. The cheering and laughing quickly turned to shouting and yelling as the powerful beastie pulled them up out of the Midnight Zone and into shallow waters near the coast. Soon, the Nackawack got the submarine Bucky stuck on a coral reef and managed to break free. The enraged monster started to swim towards the land.


The crew of the Mighty Colossus, recovered from the Nackawack attack, was sailing back to the port. On the way, they found Bucky stuck on a reef in the moonlight. They took Glitch, Hook and Romeo prisoner below decks on the Colossus, and Daddy undid Romeo’s hacking and turned Bucky back into sailing mode. The two ships then headed back to port, ready for the final showdown with the Nackawack.


Night in the city, and all the townsfolk were heading home for the evening. Suddenly, the angry Nackawack appeared and started chasing them. They screamed and ran as fast as they could, trying to get away and find places to hide. Noddy and Mayor Goodway called for Ryder and the Paw Patrol to help, however everybody knew that the only thing that could save them now was the Magic Spoons.


It was time for the Guardians of the Spoons, Arthur & Elwyn, to return them to Wizard Flimpetyflomps. They grabbed a Spoon each and jumped into their rocket cars. They zoomed off through the night sky, heading to the Super Wings World Airport to drop off the Spoons so that Jett could deliver them to Flimpetyflomps. Time was running short!


Up at the Paw Patrol Tower, Ryder was coordinating the moonlit evacuation of the townsfolk with Ubercorn.  The Sodor engines were taking trainloads of people to safety in Greendale and dropping off people who had come to help with the Nackawack problem. Pat and Jess had delivered the messages from Flimpetyflomps to heroes and helpers all around the world, and they were now coming to make a stand.


Flimpetyflomps himself was preparing to do the magic that he hoped would send the Nackawack back to sleep at the bottom of the ocean for another 100 years. He was practicing his ancient wizard battle meditation techniques to remain calm. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Jett with the Spoons, on time all the time. Flimpetyflomps lifted the Spoons and the deep magic crackled between them as it flowed through him. Now he was ready, he hoped it wasn’t too late.


Back in the city, the townsfolk were safely away, now it was time to stop that Nackawack! Ryder and Ubercorn knew they just had to hold it here long enough for Flimpetyflomps to arrive with the Spoons. The Nackawack tried to go after the trains, but the heroes and helpers surrounded it, working together to slow it down and trap it in an old quarry. Hurry Flimpetyflomps, hurry!


Flimpetyflomps was hurrying. He was speeding through the misty dawn towards the quarry in his helicopter. He had the Spoons and had memorised the spell needed to convince the Nackawack to return to the Midnight Zone and go back to sleep in its cave. He hoped his friends could hold out long enough for him to get there.


Flimpetyflomps arrived just in time. The Nackawack had managed to get past the heroes and helpers, and was following the track out of the quarry, towards Greendale! As the sun rose in the sky behind him and the mist cleared, the Flimpetyflomps positioned himself on the track between the Nackawack and the town. When the monster came towards him, Flimpetyflomps banged the Magic Spoons together and shouted, “You shall not pass!”.


Wizard Flimpetyflomps whispered his magic spell and the Spoons crackled to life. He felt the power flowing through him and lightning flashed from the Spoons and towards the Nackawack. The fearsome beastie roared in anger and then raised is arms in the air and…. yawned? Yes, it yawned and rubbed its eyes. The magic was working! Flimpetyflomps sent another burst of magical lightning from the Spoons towards the Nackawack. It turned and started back towards the ocean, yawning all the while.


Once back in the ocean, the sleepy monster drifted back down into the gloom of the midnight zone. It found its cave and swam inside. The Nackawack took one last look around before curling up and falling into a deep, dreamless sleep. Flimpetyflomps had done it, the Nackawack was back where it belonged, sleeping peacefully. The world was safe for another 100 years.


This time there was no grand victory parade, no celebration, everyone was just glad that the Nackawack had gone back to sleep. Flimpetyflomps thanked everyone who had helped, and the Sodor engines, having brought all the townsfolk home from Greendale, started to take all the helpers and heroes back to where they belonged. Little Bear accompanied the wizard as he took the Magic Spoons back to Arthur and Elwyn’s house. They locked them back in the chest for safekeeping ready for the next time their magic would be needed to save the world.


The End