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The Crackship Armada Sails Again, AKA Soulmate Shorts Part 2

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The Poll is now hosted at Kwiksurveys and is still open, if you're new to this Armada, or if you didn't vote yet. I don't promise to write all pairings or to write them all in order, but I do work from the top of the Poll going down, so the more people who vote for a ship the more likely it is to get written!

This chapter will contain the Index for the Shorts as they are written, plus links to any continuations that are posted. Please refer back to the Index of the original Crackship Armada for many, many more ships (some of them a lot less cracky) than those written here!


1. Intro/Index

2. Bucky Barnes/Kitty Pryde

3. Deadpool/Sif

4. Steve/Jane Foster

5. Sam Wilson/Beth the Waitress

6. Darcy/Pyro

7. Jemma/Scott Lang

8. Grant Ward/Kitty Pryde (not a HEA for this pairing)

9. Loki/Raina

10. Bucky/Jane Foster                                                                                 extension Hunger Pangs by Artemis_Day

11. Brock Rumlow/Grant Ward

12. Darcy Lewis/Rhodey/Sam Wilson

13. Jane Foster/Wolverine

14. Grant Ward/Wanda Maximoff

15. Darcy Lewis/Victor Creed (Sabretooth)

16. Brock Rumlow/Remy LeBeau

17. Brock Rumlow/Remy LeBeau/Darcy Lewis (sequel to previous chapter)

18. Gambit/Wanda

19. Skye/(JARVIS/Vision)

20. Skye/Rumlow/Rollins

21. Jemma/Jack Rollins

22. Rhodey/Beth the Waitress

23. Jemma/Daniel Sousa

24. Angie Martinelli/Dum Dum Dugan

25. Victor Creed/Daisy Johnson

26. Darcy Lewis/Sunil Bakshi

27. Loki/Maria Hill

28. Fury/Sif

29. Clint Barton/Claire Temple

30. Bucky/Claire

31. Loki/Nebula

32. Sam/Bucky/Darcy

33. Luke Cage/Karen Page

34. Dum Dum Dugan/Rose Roberts (Rose from Agent Carter)

35. Remy LeBeau/Jane Foster

36. Bucky/Darcy/Deadpool 

37. Steve/Logan

38. Frank Castle/Darcy Lewis

39. Mack/Beth

40. Sam/Pepper

41. Scott Lang/Wanda

42. Clint/Joey Gutierrez

43. Pietro/Elena "Yoyo" Rodriguez

44. Pietro/Kitty Pryde                                                                written for #jewishcomicsday

45. Remy LeBeau/Beth the Waitress

46. Frank Castle/Daisy Johnson                                                written for #birthdayfordaisy

47. Matt Murdock/Daisy Johnson

48. Loki/Wanda Maximoff