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To Dean Winchester | From a Busty Asian Beauty

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so this is what I am to you
sixty-nine pages of hotttt tttt adults only xxx
& eight pages wrinkled jizz-stained two still sticky
a fifth of whisky can’t kill your headache as fast as your
Premium Membership can, you with your palms all sweaty
fist pumping base tip slap slap slap

bet you want me docile & submissive & on my knees
worshipping your biiiiiii i i i g cock
bet you want me riding you, hips on hips
two thirds dragon, one third tiger


look babe, if you want me to be a centerfold, then
all right, I’ll crawl right into the center of you
& fold that jackpot hand you got when the dealer saw
your pink skin
your creased lids
your green eyes
your sharp nose
& that thing you can’t stop reminding me about:

your cock

as if the way you wanna drive it deeeeeeep in me, with
my head pulled back, my black black hair
wrapped tight around your wrist—

as if that’s what’ll make you a man

as if all those words you wanna whisper in my ear about
how tight I am, how sexy I am, how oh
your cock’s never felt so damn good

as if that’s what’ll make me a woman

hey sūnzi, let me clue you in
on some ancient mystical wisdom
that’s entirely foreign to you:

your cock
ain’t what
defines me.

this Busty Asian Beauty
is more than just busty
is more than just Asian
is more than just beautiful.

this Busty Asian Beauty
exists without you.

this Busty Asian Beauty
ain’t a running gag
but the one running a gag
’round your lips
& telling you

shut up
and listen.

this is my story too.