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Rodeo Sex

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cross posted from hentai comm - Prompt #48 old west style

Title: Rodeo Sex
Fandom: Family Guy
Author: cheshirejin
Chars/Pairs: Peter/Lois

Genres: humor
Warnings: none
Word Count: 149
Summary: Fun little drabble-ish thingy

Peter Griffin limped into his favorite bar, the Happy Clam. His glasses did nothing to hide the darkening bruise on his left eye and there were matching bruises and scratch marks all over him.

“Peter, what happened to you?” his friend Cleveland asked languidly.

“It’s all Glen’s fault,” Peter explained. “I thought his description of rodeo sex sounded like fun. So, earlier tonight I put on a pair of chaps and a cowboy hat and got Lois all worked up. Then I got behind her and grabbed hold of her hip really good with one hand. Then I hit the stopwatch as I leaned forward and said, ‘hey, baby, you fuck just like my girlfriend.’ I was only able to hang on for six seconds.” He finished sadly.

“I’d have thought you wouldn’t last that long,” Glen Quagmire chimed in, recalling years of fantasies about his friend’s wife, “Giggity.”