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Could've chosen anybody but I chose you

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When you looked at Harry you knew he was wealthy. You wouldn’t know that he’s filthy rich but his looks gave enough away that women and men almost threw themselves at Harry. Harry knew that most people liked him because of his money. So that’s why he made sure to keep his childhood friends close no matter what. They were the ones he could trust and always talk to without wondering if his secrets were safe. His job was part of an incredibly dirty business. People lied and were ready to do everything possible to get their way. Harry was only a number for them instead of a human being. If it wasn’t for his family and friends he would’ve gone insane by now.

When you looked at Louis you instantly looked away again. He was pretty, no doubt, but he looked worn. Used. Like a storm had taken its toll on him. He looked like a tree that has been struck by natural forces but never collapsed under them. He was a thick, hearty oak that might be empty inside but never collapsed. Louis knew people didn’t like him. He knew that they wanted him for his body and only for a night. A cheap distraction from reality. That’s what he was to them. Louis knew he had not much worth so he kept himself distant from people, especially the ones that meant so much to him all these years ago. He had no friends and he was fine with that. Made things easier for him. At least that’s what he tells himself at night.


“Thank you, goodnight sir.” Harry said politely, shaking the old business man’s hand. “It’s been a pleasure to negotiate with you. Can’t wait to work with you and your people in the near future.”

“You too, Mr Styles. I’ll have my secretary call you sometime next week. Have a good night.” And with one last tight squeeze to his hand the man was gone.

Harry kept his smiling face on until he was sure the old man was not going to come back. He slumped back into his expensive leather chair and let out a heavy sigh. It’s not like Harry was forced to take up his parents’ company but he didn’t have that much of a choice either. He was thankful for what they have done for him. His childhood was lovely. His parents had started the company when he was 4 years old and ever since then they became famous and highly requested in their business branch.

As a teen he never had to ask for money. His parents gave him enough each month but made sure that he handled it well. Finishing at his dream Uni his dad got him straight into the company. After illness overcame both his parents he was determined to continue what they had started. He knew how to work with money and he knew how to use his charm to make people trust him. Yes, it wasn’t always fair and right what he did. But business is and stays business.
You can’t be honest if you want to be successful. He didn’t regret any decision he has done but on days like these he wished he’d rather serve people at Burger King or slide items across a scanner and tell the customers what their total was. He wouldn’t be forced to get a deal with a partner, fooling him into thinking that there will be much profit for him. Harry knew that he – Mr Raab – had a family with a handicapped child. He knew that this deal will give Mr Raab – much to the latter’s delight – lots of time to spend with his family but it will tear a massive hole into their previous stable, filled bank account.

He rubbed his face and tried to ignore it. That feeling, He believes it is the feeling of guilt. But he keeps telling himself that it’s not. After all, it could be worse. Definitely.
A knock on the door interrupted his swirling thoughts and when he looked up a genuine smile spread across his face. “Hi Liam, what’s up?”
“Just wanted to say bye before I leave, sir.”

“It’s end of work, Liam. You can call me Harry, you know that.” Harry said with an amused grin.
“Yes, yes sure, sorry sir, eh Harry. Enjoy your night and don’t stay too long. Have a good, long sleep. It was a hard but successful day.”
Harry nodded.
“It indeed was, thank you Liam. Enjoy your night as well. I’ll see you on Monday.”

Liam smiled and gave Harry a nod as to say Alright and then he was gone.
Liam was always the second last to leave. To Harry he was very important. He managed all of his appointments, updated his schedule and put everything in order by using different colours. It all seemed a bit too much for Harry at the very beginning but soon enough he was thankful for Liam’s efforts. Without the highlighting of especially important meeting and events Harry would definitely have missed two or fifteen by now.

He used his feet to pull his chair towards his desk. Once he reached it he turned off his laptop and grabbed his few personal things and got to his feet. With long strides he left the building, making sure to lock it all the doors and turn the alarm system on and went straight to his Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG. Sliding into the soft leather seat he let out a content sigh and was about to turn the key in the ignition when his personal phone started ringing. A short glance at the display told him that Niall wants his attention.
“Horan!” Harry yelled into the phone once he slid the green button to the right.

“Harold! You finished work? If not move your arse out of that office, I wanna go to the pub and you’re gonna come with me.”
“How nice of you to ask me if I’m available. Maybe I’m having a date tonight?”
As a cackle loud enough for people on the sidewalk to hear rang out of the speaker of Harry’s phone he let out an offended “Heey! What so funny?”
“Aaah, nothing mate. Just move that cute arse over here.”


To say that he didn’t expect this to happen would be a lie. He knew that as soon as they entered the pub it would take no time until Niall caught someone’s eye and seconds later they were hidden somewhere in the mass of people dancing in the middle of the rather large room. It usually was a quiet bar Harry sometimes went to mostly during the week. But it being Saturday cause the room to be filled with laughter and the smell of sweat and alcohol. He couldn’t deny that it was a nice distraction. He needed that. To let go and forget about work even if it was just these two, three hours he spent in pubs once a week.

The slurping noise that came from his straw trying to suck some last remainders out of his cocktail glass startled Harry out of his trance. He stretched his back and looked around, wondering if anyone saw him staring at one spot for what felt like ten minutes. To his relief, there was not a single face or glances turned towards him. But what he noticed on his own was that he looked rather odd sitting alone at a table for four. Therefore, his empty glass was a good excuse to go back to the bar. If Niall ever decided to come back to him tonight then he would surely be able to use his brain and look for Harry somewhere beside the table they were sat together for probably twenty seconds before he had jumped up with a lovely brunette on his arm.

As soon as he got eye contact with the bartender Harry lifted his hand and yelled, “a Ferrari, please!” The bartender confirmed his order with a quick nod and started preparing several drinks. Harry turned around and watched the masses. He always had been amazed by the variety of people. He liked to watch them. Not in a creepy way but more in a happy-for-them-way. He loved seeing people enjoying themselves, laughing and dancing with friends or their partners. Christ, even the ones dancing with complete strangers had the time of their lives. What he also liked was the uniqueness of every single person. He had no doubt that he was too cowardly to ever go somewhere styled all extravagant. He preferred being happy for people who were confident enough to dye their hair in a billion different colours and put several piercings on their faces. He found these people were more pleasant than any of his cranky, stiff partners who would pull disgusted grimaces at some people in this room.

“Your drink, mate!” was shouted behind him. He accepted it with a polite small and a simple nod and proceeded to watch the people on the dance floor. He knew he could get out there. Maybe find someone for the night, After all it was a Saturday night and there was no work waiting for him in the morning. His outfit though, seemed a bit too much for a dance floor. He didn’t have time to change so here he was in his dress shoes, black skinny jeans and a white button up. He had left his blazer in his car knowing it would be way too warm in here to wear it. Looking down at his chest he noticed that the first three buttons were opened, he couldn’t remember when it happened but it was probably for the best. Plus, you could see his tattoos peeking out behind the fabric and maybe just maybe his outfit was just good enough for the dance floor. He was aware of his looks and usually he didn’t like taking advantage, he preferred getting to know a person before sleeping with them or committing to them in any way. Tonight he didn’t care. He’s just a human being who needs some relief.

Nodding to himself he gulped the rest of his drink down, placed the glass with a loud thud back onto the counter of the bar and straightened his shirt.
But just when he wanted to leave the bar he felt a cool liquid hitting his back and arms, making the fabric of his button up cling to his skin. A hiss of surprise left his mouth as he turned around quick to see how and why this happened.

What he didn’t expect to see was a petite boy with a scared expression plastered on his face to peer up at him.

“Fuck! So-sorry, shit. It was an accident, really! I’m so sorry, your shirt-“
“No, it’s okay. Don’t worry. Things like that happen.”
“You looked angry, I just. I’m sorry.”
Harry tilted his head to the side, looking at the boy who was chewing on his lip, his eyes not meeting Harry’s. “I was just surprised. It was an accident, it’s fine…”
“Louis,” the smaller boy said barely loud enough for Harry to hear.
Harry smiled, the name sounding rather pleasant, “Alright, Louis. I’m all good no worries.”

Louis simple nodded, still feeling shy. Harry took advantage of Louis refusing to look at him to look at him properly. His clothes looked worn and his shoes probably had seen better days already. His hair was tousled and swept across his forehead, slightly hanging in front of Louis’ eyes now due to his posture. His skin looked tired but still clear from any pimples or other irritations. Harry was just getting distracted from Louis’ button nose when the boy looked up at him.

“What?” he asked, his head tilted to the right.
“You want a drink? Since you spilled your previous one.” Harry suggested with a smile,
“Uh yeah, sure, that’d be lov-“
“Louis!” a deep male voice boomed not far from beside Harry and Louis.

Louis’ head turned quick to the source of the noise and muttered a “Fuck”, giving Harry one last apologetic smile before he was jogging up to the man that had called his name. The stranger grabbed Louis’ arm and pulled him towards the exit.
Worry crept up Harry’s spine and settled into his mind.