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Totally so not of a laughing matter!

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‘Sometimes, some new and creative ways are thought to simply bring the zing and zap right back into a somewhat steady, but ‘set in a specific way’ kind of a relationship’


“I wouldn’t say our relationship has grown stale. Far from it. Only, it seems, that we are stuck with the same old routines. In the bedroom that is. Again, not that I am complaining, but…”

Sinker was trying to subtly and then again, none too subtly explain what he meant with this comment to his best friend Hardcase. Which was in regards of his ‘not so new anymore relationship’ with Boost. The two of them only recently having made things official and even moved in together. Now that the war was over and all. And the clones were pretty much free citizens to do as they pleased with their lives. And it was about karking time too!

Thank the Force for small pleasures!

“I hear ya!” 

And while Hardcase could be sympathise to his friends predicament, he could hardly empathise with Sinker’s current predicament. Because Hardcase’s and Wolffe’s relationship, in and out the bedroom was certainly anything and everything but stale or boring or set even. Quite the contrary! At least as far as Hardcase thought about it to be as. The variance of it all clearly present there. Still, after all this time too!

“So, guess you have thought of something to…well, you know, to fire up the ol’ heat then?”

Hardcase knew the look on Sinker’s face all too well. Totally familiar every time Sinker was about to pull some stupid stunt out of his helmet. Only as it clearly had something to do with sex this time, Hardcase really hoped it wasn’t a thing the rest of them would hear about at some point. As laughing at a verbal joke was a completely other matter compared to laughing at some sex stunt gone awry.

Because it was bound to happen where Sinker was concerned. That of a really way out there, supposedly sexy position or similar happenstance causing either Sinker or then Boost, to end up in the medical bay. Something of which Hardcase was sure of would happen and the worry of his friends plans grew exponentially just then.

“Well actually, there is something I have been wanting to try out. Ever since we went into that special cabaret. Remember? Where we saw all those gender bending performers dressed up in all kinds of fancy clothing putting on a show?”

Sinker had been totally in awe of the various male and gender neutral performers having been dressed up in the most fanciest of outfits. The finest of attires. In delicate silks, satins and lace, not to mention the high heeled boots they had all worn. Their faces painted and made up to look gorgeous in the most ambiguous of ways. The representation being certainly against to what was the supposed norm for most societies still.

“I do indeed. It was certainly a titillating event if any I have seen in my entire life!”

Hardcase was reminded of how exited not to mention aroused both he himself and Wolffe had been after the spectacle. And even if neither of them had expressed the need to dress up in similar fashion. Not yet anyway. Well, it had certainly given them a few ideas to try out in the bedroom.

But clearly, Sinker had gotten a few ideas of his very own and wanted to do more than simply to fantasise about dressing up. Or at least, that was the gist Hardcase had gotten from what Sinker was on about now.

“So, you had something similar in mind then? Dressing up in those kinds of fancy clothing?”

As this was certainly something even Hardcase would love to see for himself. Even if it was his friend doing the dressing up and all. At least that was what Hardcase assumed from this, conversation they were having at the moment.

“Well yeah. I did, I mean I do. But as it is a surprise for Boost, I would love for you to accompany me for the shopping part. You know, to make sure I won’t over do it or anything. You know, a second set of eyes and all that.”

Sinker smirked rather nervously even if the smile was more on the lewd side of things, seeing the curiosity peek up in his friends eyes clearly having mentioned his intentions for the surprise.

“I, um… Yeah! I would love that!”

Hardcase felt his mouth go all dry all of a sudden even if he really loved the whole idea. The thought of his friend trying on, um some sexy apparel and all… Yeah, Hardcase really needed to see Wolffe after all that. Like immediately after.

But after a moment of thought, calming himself down, he managed to speak again. Almost normally.

“So, when did you plan on this, um, shopping to happen then?”

“Tomorrow. If you are free of course?”

Sinker knew Wolffe would be in trouble as having seen the effect the show had had on his friends as much as it had on Sinker and Boost as well. And perhaps this shopping date would give Hardcase a few ideas of his own as well.

“Count me in, bud!”

Hardcase managed a to squeak out, with some effort. Still, this was one shopping spree he would certainly not want to miss out on!