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Ambulon's predicament

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Fort Max recharged peacefully. A calm smile on his face plate as he vented softly. Wrapped in his arms rested Ambulon. Ambulon had his back leaned up against the larger mech's chest, their legs entangled. Ambulon knew that it was probably against the rules to recharge with one of the patients but he felt safe in Fort Max's arms. Especially after what had happened with the Decepticons that had tried to attack him. He knew that Fortress Maximus would not let anyone harm him.

It was early morning's light. Ambulon's optics fluttered online. He turn his helm to see that Fort Max was still resting. Ambulon tried offlining his optics again and not disturb his sleeping partner. He felt something touching his aft but ignored it. It was common for Fort Max's servos to wander in his sleep so he thought nothing of it. Fort Max might seem like a brute to everyone else but to Ambulon he was a gentle giant.

Whatever was touching him was starting to press against him uncomfortably. Ambulon tried to shift but doing so would wake his berth mate. "Fort Max you are poking me." Ambulon complained softly. Fort Max's optics onlined as he looked about. In his half alert state he looks to find his servos resting comfortably on Ambulon's chest and sides.

"Ambi...I...not doing anything." He murmurs and offlines his optics again. Ambulon looks puzzled for a moment before it dawns on him that Fort Max has a case of...morning spike. "Are you sure about that?" Ambulon tugged on one of Fort Max's servos to rouse him.

Fort Max's optics snap online. As his systems start up he is more aware of his spike being stiff and it pressing against Ambulon's backside. "I'm sorry." Fort Max chuckles. "There's still a few hours before your shift...I could make up for waking you." He says with a grin.

Ambulon pondered this for a moment. It was only a matter of time before they interfaced. Ambulon knew that such a large spike would feel good but also probably hurt quite a bit. He was a little bit reluctant to agree at first. "Don't worry. I wouldn't hurt you. At least not on purpose."

"Let me help get you started." Fort Max kissed Ambulon's neck in a way that sent shivers though the mech. His servos traveled downwards to meet Ambulon's aft. "It's been a long time since any one has..." Ambulon trailed off. He wasn't used to getting much attention from anyone besides Pharma's lecherous advances.

After a few moments of Fort Max caressing his aft and thighs Ambulon felt a large digit stroking over his interface panel. "Open when you're ready." Fort Max spoke into Ambulon's audial. Ambulon nodded softly as his frame began to relax a little bit. The large mech rubbed Ambulon's panel patently. Slowly Ambulon opened his interface array.

Fort Max began to stroke Ambulon's spike for him while softly nipping at his neck. Ambulon hadn't shown his spike to many. He hadn't bothered to paint it to match his red and white frame, instead it was a shade of purple. "I have an idea." Fort Max pulled Ambulon up as he positioned himself on his back. "Climb on and brace yourself against the wall." Fort Max instructs, guiding Ambulon to seat himself over his faceplate.

Ambulon does as he is told, holding his frame up against the wall. Fort Max's large glossa dragged along the outside of Ambulon's valve. Ushering a small groan Ambulon pressed against the larger mech's faceplate. Fort Max grasped Ambulon's aft as his glossa glided along the smooth valve lips. Parting them he came to Ambulon's clitoral node. Slowly he slipped a digit inside Ambulon's wet valve.

Ambulon lets out a moan in response. Fort Max pushes a second inside an begins to pump them in and out. His glossa stroked Ambulon's clitoral node and occasionally lapped up at his spike. "Oh Maximus..." Ambuon gasps. His hips roll forwards into the pleasure he receives. One hard pump of Fort Max's digits later Ambulon suddenly overloads. He's a shaking, dripping mess.

"Fort Max I'm so sorry I...It's been a while." Ambulon admits. Fort Max chuckles softly and laps up the transfluid leaking from Ambulon's valve as if it were sweet nectar. "I'm not finished with you. Belive me." Fort Max replies with a grin. There are a few streaks of transfluid still on his chin which he doesn't bother to brush away.

Once Ambulon has eased off the larger mech Fort Max gets to his knees and pushes Ambulon down on the berth. The tip of his spike teased Ambulon's entrance. "Are you ready for me?" He growls softly and waits for a reply. "Enter me slowly." Ambulon spreads himself a little wider for Fortress Maximus.

Fort Max pushes the tip in, easing his hips forwards he works in deeper. Ambulon lets out a small whimper. "Am I hurting you?" Fort Max pauses. "No. Well only a little." Ambulon said still getting used to the stretch. It hurt a little bit more when Fort Max started to move but Ambulon didn't complain, after all it was starting to feel pretty good.

Fort Max began to buck his hips. His servos pinning Ambulon against the berth. The smaller mech let out a moan as he arched into Fort Max. "You can go deeper." Ambulon breathed gripping the berth. He gritted his denta as the spike was pressed inside to the hilt. "Maximus it hurts so good." Ambulon whimpered his valve clenching against Fort Maximus' girth.

Maximus replied with a simple grunt as he continued to thrust his hips. The way Ambulon's already tight valve squeezed his length was quite intoxicating. Rutting against the smaller mech felt so pleasurable he lost himself in the moment. Fort Max began to get rougher with him. Ambulon's helm tilted backwards as he breathed moans and wimpers. Slightly masochistic by nature this provided his need for pleasure as well as pain.

"Maximus...I'm..." Ambulon's faceplate flushed in the throws of another overload. Fort Max's engine revved a little when Ambulon began to quiver underneath him. Fort Max was beginning to lose his control, his spike throbbing inside of Ambulon. His hips slid forwards as he overloads hard into Ambulon filling him with hot transfluid. Fort Max pulled out to find fluids running out of ambulon's valve and down his thighs. Some even dripping onto the berth.

"Doing alright there Ambi?" Fort Max asks, stroking Ambulon's faceplate. Ambulon's chest heaved as his fans worked furiously to cool him. "Just give me a minute." He breathed. Fort Max lay on his back next to Ambulon on the berth waiting patiently.

Within moments Ambulon climbs atop Fort Max and straddles his hips, aft facing Fort Max. The heat from Ambulon's interface array was all it took for Fort Max's spike to pressurize again. This time it was easier for him to work his way inside Ambulon. Once fully seated he allowed Ambulon to ride him as his hips started to buck. Fort Max's large servos steadying him as he moved.

Ambulon leaned back against the larger mech's chest. One of Fort Max's servos went with him though slid a little too far. Fort Max had pressed his servo over Ambulon's neck. He immediately retracted his servo. "I'd like it if you did that." Ambulon admitted. Fort Max put his servo over Ambulon's throat again. "Just like that. Don't Squeeze hard." He instructed, trusting Fort Max not to harm him.

Ambulon ground against the base of the over-sized spike that was filling him. The servo grasping his neck held it's position. Fort Max was steady focusing on not hurting his partner though he returned the roughness with his hips. The grinding motions of Ambulon's hips were enough to make Fort Max utter a groan. "Ambulonnn." Fort Max growls as his hips begin to shake.

"Maximus please try not to overload inside me again." Ambulon felt extremely full of fluids already. Any more and it would feel a bit strange. Fort Maximus could feel prefluids leaking from him already. "N-now." He warns. With one swift motion he pulls out of Ambulon as he starts to spurt. He manages to only get a little inside, mostly finishing on Ambulon's back.

Ambulon rises trying to get some of the transfluid to drip out to no avail. The fluid is in there deep and will probably take hours to work its way out. Ambulon's fidgeting does not go unnoticed. "Did I make you sore?" Fort Max asks as he cleans his spill from Ambulon's back with a cloth.

"Yes but the problem is I am full of your fluids. It's uncomfortable." Ambulon tried to press on his lower abdomen. "My shift is coming up. I don't want it leaking out where everyone can see." Ambulon's voice shuttered with dread. "There has to be a way to stop it." Fort Max ponders.

Ambulon gets up and starts rifling through his drawers until he comes upon a small plug. "This might do." He notes holding up the toy so that Fort Max can see. It's a small round plug, wide enough to stay in place while Ambulon's panel remains closed. With Fort Max's help he is able to get it deep enough inside to hold the fluids back for the duration of his shift. After Fort Max dabs Ambulon's interface array clean he heads off for his shift.