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[Podfic of] You Were A Kindness

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...anyway, I kind of went crazy with this podfic here, because it was my first ever attempt at making an audiobook and it's practice for this multi-voice fic I'm hosting where 6 of us plus 2 artists are working together to make a long Arrow podfic. I wanted to test if I could make different art in different chapters and I guess I was in the mood to revisit Elizabeth & Kyle's scenes too. I never even shipped them really but... I am a sucker for unrequited love stories and idk, I love how complex and realistic their whole relationship felt, and I loved Gabe's POV on it this season too.

Anyway, a major shout out and THANK YOU goes to InTheWind for writing such a beautiful story and inspiring me to do all of this. I really hope I did your story justice.



Everyone? You can stream the podfic with the art here, as an unlisted video I uploaded to YouTube. I faded the images in and out here in a way I couldn't do with the audiobook. ;)

You can also download a 480p .mp4 copy of the video (45.9 MB) by right-clicking here.

Or here for the 720p .wmv original copy of the video. (108 MB)

If you would like to download the audiobook with separate "chapter" markings for each of the 6 small parts of this oneshot, then right-click here: .m4b audiobook

If you would like to download 7 separate .mp3 files with each of my 7 pieces of art embedded in the metadata, 1 for each file, then right-click to get an unprotected .zip folder containing 7 .mp3 files.

Finally, if you don't care about the art stuff, and just want a simple .mp3 for the whole little 13 minute audio podfic of this oneshot InTheWind, 1 file, click here: simple .mp3 podfic, most art missing.

Please don't forget to leave InTheWind feedback if you liked the words she wrote!! Her story is amazing. Click here to get to her fic. ;)

A final reminder -- I mentioned it in the podfic but the song I used throughout this short little podfic is "Black Butterfly" by Odessa. Lyrics are here.