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The buildings are tall, similar in appearance to high rise apartments. They are very ordinary in style and just a bit dilapidated. This is part of their cover. You'll see why when I get inside. Today is a special day. My first day of entering these undescript complexes. My first day as a student here. You have to be twelve to attend this school. Not only that, you have to be of 'childbearing age'. You can still apply if you're older than twelve, if you happened to be a late bloomer. I am not.

I started my period when I was ten. By now, my breasts are fully developed. Most people look at me and think I am at least sixteen. As you can imagine, I have been waiting not so patiently to attend here. It nearly killed me, waiting until I was old enough. My mother graduated from this institution with honours. My father was their Valedicktorian and no, that is not a spelling error.

Today is my first day at the Aphrodite and Eros Academy for Sexual Development. I will be in training to become a temple priestess. It is the highest calling one can achieve in society. Thankfully for me, I have the extreme advantage of being able to study at the most prestigious academy in the entire world.

As I head into the building there are statues everywhere of couples and groups engaged in intercourse in various positions and configurations. There are many couches, loungers and beds lining the hallways as well. Many are currently being used for sex in its various forms. Moans and other sounds of desire and ecstasy fill the air around me in a loud cacophony.

I do not gawk, of course, we are used to this. We see such things everywhere in our society. It is perfectly normal, in fact it is highly encouraged. Sexual acts can occur between anyone, anywhere, at anytime. A person is considered to be highly unusual if they don't partake. Though most people who attempt to refrain are often forced anyway.

The first thing I do, once inside the building is to head for the office to get my schedule. The guidance counselors offices are all full of students and educators engaged in various positions. The principal's office is currently holding a small orgy. A massive orgy is held at the morning assembly but we don't attend the assembly during our first week here.

We all enter this school as virgins. Lying about your virginity is cause for immediate expulsion. We are assigned a Home Room Instructor who will be the one to deflower us. After that, for our first week of school, we are only permitted to have sex with our Home Room Educator, his assistant (if he has one) and any of our fellow classmates who are also first year students.

After reviewing my schedule I find my Home Room class easily enough. Double checking the name on the sheet, I walk in with a bright smile, careful to hide my nerves. "Mr. Belikov?" I confirm. I notice immediately that I am the only one in the room fully clothed. But before I can begin to undress, he walks up to me and slides down my zipper.

"Let's get a look at what assets you have hiding under all of this clothing, shall we?" He says in his thick, Russian accent. As he undresses me, he makes a point of handling my tits and my ass, and checking to see if I am wet for him which, of course, I am. He is very well built and fully erect and seems totally ready to do his job, namely me.

"Do I pass inspection, Sir?" I ask, flirtatiously, just as my mother told me to do.

"Do you indeed! You're quite developed for your age, though I am sure you know that. It must have been agony for you to have to wait this long to apply!" He laughs, then standing behind me, he wraps one arm around my waist, drawing me closer. With the other hand, he takes one of his long callosed fingers and inserts it inside of me without any preamble.

"Fuck!" I moan loudly. "Yes! Oh, that feels amazing!" It also feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but I don't mention that part. We are taught to expect a mixture of pleasant and unpleasant sensations at first and to focus on the pleasant ones.

I gasp and he picks up speed, fucking me harder and faster with his talented finger and soon adding a second one. As I whimper and mewl while he holds me tight in his arms, he turns my face around to look at him. "Are you ready to join this school officially? Are you ready to get fucked by something better than my fingers?" He asks in a throaty, lust-filled voice, his erection probing at my opening, waiting only for my consent.

"Of course I am, Sir. I have been waiting my entire life for this moment. I want to feel you filling me, Sir. I want you to break my hymen and make me bleed! I invite you to take me for the first time. I admit you into me, that I may be admitted into this school!! Please, fuck me now!!" I gasp in anticipation after perfectly reciting the new student first time consent speech my mother helped me to rehearse.

"Okay, now I would like you to cry out when I penetrate you. This will hurt a lot and I want you to scream or cry or whatever you feel like. I want you to express exactly how it feels and how very much it pains you." I nod and feel the moist tip of his shaft as he lines up at my virginal entrance. And then it happens. That sharp, wonderful pain that I have heard so much about. I scream out, loudly, tears spilling from my eyes.

"Do you need a minute?" He grunts once his shaft is fully seated inside of me. He is so overwrought with desire that I can actually smell it on him.

"No, I'm great. Now show me how it feels to be a woman!" I gasp through my tears and he immediately begins thrusting. It hurts so much and I continue to cry out as he repeatedly thrusts inside of me over and over again, grunting and groaning loudly as he fucks me. I barely register that all the other students in the room are watching us. Some of them are merely watching, while some pair off and begin having sex with one another and yet others choose to masturbate.

One girl though, I do notice specifically. She is especially loud. At first, she is loudly moaning while touching herself and then she moves over to another girl and begins fingering her. Loudly giving instructions to the other girl. I hear her yelling things like "Ride it out, Baby." and "Fuck my fingers!" and "Cum for me, Alice, cum hard for me!" All of the guys can hear her too and many begin to stroke themselves watching her.

"Who is that?" I ask Mr. Belikov while he drills into me over and over again. My mind distracted from the pain by my noisy classmate.

"That's Miss Swan. She is from Arizona. She was the first student to arrive this morning so she was the one I fucked first. She had no Hymen. She is a virgin though. She had a doctor remove it so she wouldn't bleed her first time. She has a phobia of blood." He laughs a little as his eyes also turn to watch her, ferociously fingering a girl with short dark hair. "Let's get back to you though, shall we? How do you feel now?"

I think for a moment, careful to be honest as he continues to plow into me with his huge cock. "Better, actually, the pain is gone!" I grin.

"Mmm, that's good! Because this slow pace is killing me." He says, speeding up and intensifying the pressure. "I love Defloration Week. It is my favourite week of the year!" He groans, and then does something I wasn't expecting. He kisses me, deep and probing. When we come up for air, I ask him about it.

"I, wow, I... I guess no one has ever talked to me about that aspect of things. I suppose I had assumed there wouldn't be any kissing or romantic stuff."

He smiles. "Rosa, your mother, is a High Priestess at her temple and I know you attend a rather large temple indeed. You must have seen her have a lot of sex over the years. Isn't there often kissing involved?" He asks gently, still moving his hips, but slowly.

I nod, "Yes, it is often involved. But she also told me it isn't required. She said she only kisses the worshipers she likes." I smile.

"Well, there you have it. I like you. But if you don't like me, you could have chosen not to kiss me back. As you say, it is not a requirement." He says, picking up speed again.

"Oh! No, I like you very, very, much, Sir!" I say, gasping in pleasure. "I am really enjoy-oh! Enjoying this. It feels sooo good!!" I cry out as pleasure overtakes me. I know I am close to orgasm and I can feel it mounting so I move with him in such a way that he is hitting all the right spots and soon I am cumming, hard and intense as waves of pleasure hit me. "Oh yes!!!!! Oh yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!" I scream and soon he is blowing his load into me and grunting my name in his thick, Russian accent. His hands tangle in my dark hair as he cums fiercely inside of me.

After a while, we both come down from our highs and I feel wonderful. Just then, the next new student walks in. A little blonde bombshell. I am immediately drawn to her, and Mr. Belikov, who hasn't even pulled out of me yet, is immediately erect again at the mere sight of her beauty. "I have to go greet Miss Dragomir now. Thank you, Rosa. That was sensational sex for your first time." He says, kissing me again as he pulls out of me and cleans himself off, then heads over to make her acquaintance the same way he made mine.

I clean myself up as well and head to a sitting area in the Home Room, since everyone else is just having 'free time'. A guy comes over who has an elaborate tattoo on his chest of a pirate skeleton, on a motorcycle, throwing flaming ninja stars and I laugh. The pirate has a peg leg and a parrot. It's really quite amusing. "Hello." He greets me.

"My name is Adrian. I am a sixth year student here, but during Defloration Week, I help out with the first year Home Room classes. Let me show you to the fueling station. It has everything you will need to keep you going. As you know, performance is mandatory," he instructs as we walk over to it. "First, over here is the drinks cooler. It has the whole line up of Aphrodesia drinks. The Cinnamon Vanilla is not bad, the Banana Pomegranate is pretty good, the Honey Almond is better, but the Chocolate Coconut is my favourite."

As I bend over to take a look in the cooler, he wraps his arm around me and I feel him penetrate me from behind. I don't say a word. My parents had warned me that often in the Academy, sex would be inititiated with very little or no warning and that if it happened that way, I should just take a deep breath and get used to the sensations which is what I do now. Adrian casually continues explaining the fueling station while pressing himself deeper inside of me with every skillful movement.

"There are also red, white and rosé wines and you don't have to be of age to drink here. But we drink in moderation because drinking too much decreases libido. While drinking a little will increase it. Three ounces is the recommended glass size for first year students unless you already have an alcohol tolerance built up.

"Over there is the fridge and they have all of the Aphrodessa brand entrées and sides as well. The Smoked Oyster and Asparagus is delicious, the Ginger Garlic Carrots are great, the Chilli Glazed Salmon is to die for. The Cucumber Avocado Salad with Olive Oil and Dulse dressing is not bad but a little too veg for my tastes. The Caviar & Truffles are great if you have expensive taste buds, but it's all complementary so you don't have to worry about that.

"The Torafugu Sashimi is very delectable, and the kitchen is very careful with preparing it as it is deadly if prepared improperly. Next we have the Basil Egg Salad on Maca Bread which is sooo good! The Sushi Platter is superb. I like the BLT Salad with Fennel and Arugula and there is a choice of cranberry, maple or fig dressing for that one.

"And of course we have the desserts. Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a classic, there are other varieties of Chocolate Covered Fruit trays though as well. My personal fave is the pineapple because eating a lot of pineapple has improved the flavor of my semen or so I am told. And there are Maca Cookies in several varieties, fruit trays sans chocolate for those watching their weight, Tiramisu and other delectable treats.

"Then there is the cappucino machine, the water cooler, the vitamin dispenser which carries all the Eros Herbal brand libido enhancers. They have vitamins to stimulate arousal, enhance arousal, provide an erection, prolong an erection, prolong an orgasm, allow multiple orgasms etc. "

At about this time, I tune Adrian out for a minute and look back over to where Mr.Belikov and the girl he called Miss Dragomir are having sex. They must be past the pain stage but I know that she did cry in pain for him because her face looks blotchy and her make-up has run. Adrian notices I am not listening anymore, so he drills into me harder and it hurts somewhat and I have to brace myself against the lunch tray trolley to keep from falling over.

"Oh Adrian!" I gasp.

"Oh so now you're paying attention?" He laughs and then sighs. "Look, I get it. It's easy around here to get lost in what the others are doing. That's why they keep music playing in the background. It's the job of your instructors to teach you how to stay in the moment and enjoy the sex you're having, not the the sex you wish you were having."

I stand upright then, causing him to pull out of me. I spin around to face him and seeing the couch behind us empty, I push Adrian back onto it. "It wasn't the sex I was tuning out of." I say, mounting him where he now lays. "It was listening to you spout off about lunch food that wasn't very sexy. I am sorry but that was boring me to tears. Besides, you have a great body. That position we were in, wasn't letting me see any of it." I laugh. And I lock my eyes with his and don't allow myself to be distracted again.

If there is one thing I learned over the years from watching my mother having copious amounts of sex with worshipers from our temple, it is how to bewitch someone. So I bat my eye lashes subtly at Adrian, looking up at him through them, my eyes hooded with desire because he really is hot and good at sex. I begin sliding slowly up and down on his thick erection, and make a point of being very vocal about it.

"Adrian!" I gasp, my breath coming in quick bursts, and my full breasts heave with every movement. I place his hands on them as I have seen my mother do with the hands of hundreds, no, thousands of men. And his already painfully stiff shaft stiffens even further.

Soon, he is a wreck, pushing himself up to meet my thrusts, his eyes rolling back in his head and I take pleasure in making him this way. Knowing that my tight, newly deflowered little pussy is making him ache. Making him helpless under my spell. And in this moment I realize why it is the highest calling in our society. Because in this moment, Adrian goes from being a boy having sex with a girl, to being a worshipper communing with his goddess. I see it in his eyes when it changes. I feel it in the way his movements change. And it isn't long before he is exploding in such intense orgasm that his back arches right up off the couch as I feel him erupt into me.

He literally looks unconscious right after and it isn't until I have dismounted and cleaned up myself as well as cleaning him off that he finally opens his eyes. We both know it would be blasphemous to discuss his experience but we both know it happened. I smile proudly at him and he smiles shyly and gratefully at me. He reaches his hands out for mine and pulls me down onto the couch with him.

He positions me next to him on the couch and we lay there for a few minutes. Then he reaches over and touches my wetness. He rubs me gently, finding my clitoris and rubbing it softly in circles. It feels amazing. I can tell he has had exceptional training in how to do this, because he has me mewling and whimpering in brief moments "Adrian, ohhhh, yes!!!" I gasp. Soon he seems to have his energy back, and he definitely has his erection back. Those aphrodisiac foods he was talking about must really work wonders!

He moves down the couch, kissing, licking, nibbling, biting, every inch of flesh from my neck, down my breasts, my flat stomach and when he kisses and licks his way to the warmth between my legs, I moan and cry out in pleasure. His talented tongue finds and expertly captures my timid clit, sucking gently on it and now it is my eyes that roll back in my head and it is no longer Adrian pleasuring me. It is no longer Adrian's tongue causing me to cry out.

The silhouette I see in my mind's eye now, is that of Eros. Adrian has shown me a higher plane. Adrian has shown me Olympus. And yet, after he finishes making me cum so hard and fierce (though it isn't him in my awareness of the experience) and carefully, gently, cleans me up, lying down next to me to share in my bliss...I finally allow my eyes to drift back to where a blonde girl had been taking it from a Russian instructor when last I looked.

Just then, the bell rings, though that doesn't mean anything for us, we stay here. There are a total of eight of us in the room but start times are staggered. So all that the bell means for us is that a new group of students will be joining us shortly. Adrian and I continue to cuddle and he pats my pussy playfully. "Was that fun or what?" He smiles.

"Or what." I deadpan. And when he starts to look wounded, I laugh. "I meant because it was sensational, not just fun, Adrian." I grin, reassuring his ego.

But just as he is about to respond to my teasing we both inadvertently glance towards the door where another blonde has just entered except that this one has brown eyes and has just hijacked the attention of one perfectly post-coital Adrian Ivashkov (which he eventually mentioned is his last name).

I laugh now as I see him watching her. "Hey, why don't you pick your jaw up off the floor and go watch Belikov deflower her? That way you'll be there when she needs her boring sushi tour complete with hot Teacher's Assistant sex. Besides, I want to go find the Dragomir girl and see if she wants me to have her for breakfast. Of course I should probably also hit the fueling station at some point, but I get the feeling that her flavour will be substantial enough to tide me over." I grin, pushing him toward the new student. "Now go! You don't want to miss seeing her first penetration," I encourage. He takes me up on it and heads over to watch.