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painfully green beneath the gold

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"When you mentioned vacations, I kinda had something different in mind."

For example: her feet digging into fine white sand and the sun glinting off a sparkling blue sea. Perhaps she should've asked where they were headed before starting to pack. But Harley got so excited hatching plans on how to spend their time that she simply... forgot.

Though really, she should've gotten a clue when Ivy, unlike her, traveled without a suitcase.

"What could possibly be more relaxing than this?"

This being a jungle of lianas, thickets and leaves tall enough for bath sheets, spotted by sweltering sunlight from overhead. Harley, out of place with her luggage sinking into the squelchy ground, studies her nail polish. It's still red. For a moment there she thought she must've gone colorblind among all that green.

"Oh, y'know," Harley grimaces and swats a mosquito. "Sipping pina colada at a beach, going skinny dipping in the sea, maybe chatting up some rich old dude for a cruise on his yacht or sailboat. Jet-skiing. Paragliding. That sorta thing."

"No one forced you to come along." Ivy caresses some fungi, her smile sweetly serene.

"You didn't expect me to stay home after I heard the word 'vacation,' did ya, Red?"

"Not exactly, but I thought you knew it wouldn't involve salt water."

"Oh, whatever," Harley shrugs, wiping her soggy bangs from her forehead, "I've picked out enough fun stuff for us to play with. Even if this heat's killing the mood for most of them..."