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Secrets to Tell

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Before seeing that girl on the first day of school, Weiss had always fantasized about the boy in black she had met over the summer.

Her parents had been concerned about Weiss' activities for the few 2 months, as she had gotten into spending time watching TV, so they had sent her to the library to sign up for Summer Reading. She wasn't exactly overexcited about the idea of having to read books every day; but it was an idea she completely got over the day she saw him.

She had just entered Vale's county library, astounded by the countless amount of books, the shelves forming labyrinths with endless twists and turns. It didn't help that the building was several floors; and it didn't help that she hardly knew her way around the library in the first place. It wasn't a location that she tended to frequent in her spare time. Where even were the librarians? She could hardly find a help desk.

Weiss tried taking different passages through the first floor, searching for a teen's section of some sort, but the library didn't have any maps marked with a "You Are Here" indicator around the place. The staff seemed to just assume that everyone knew their way around. By the time, she had rounded the same corner at least 3 different times, she was starting to get concerned.

Her state of mind must have reflected easily onto her face, because suddenly, a hand tapped lightly on her shoulder.

"Um, hey, are you lost?"

Weiss pivoted her gaze to where this voice was coming from, only to come across a person she would never forget.

The voice belonged to a boy, a young-looking teenager, perhaps around the same age as her. He was somewhat tall, his height maybe a few inches higher than hers. His skin was pale, almost white like paper, as if he always burned under the sun. One thing that struck Weiss right away was the lack of color about him. If there was a color to represent him, it would definitely be black; his thick wavy hair with a curtain-like fringe was black. The long-sleeved hooded sweatshirt with a white 'The Great Gatsby' graphic he wore was black. The tight-fitting skinny jeans that caressed his legs were black. The canvas sneakers with one shoe untied were black. The beanie that covered the top of his head was black.

The only thing about him that wasn't black were his eyes: a fierce, striking amber, full of intensity.

And full of secrets.

He wasn't the type of boy that Weiss would usually associate with. He wasn't the type of boy who anyone in Weiss' crowd would associate with. Weiss could easily imagine her friends disdaining him, calling him "an emo freak" or a "dumb misfit". She remembered walking with a group of friends in a mall once and passing by a large group of goth kids, dressed in their dark, gloomy glamour. They had all scowled, wrinkled their noses. "Those lame goth kids are so full of themselves; how can they think they're so cool? They just look stupid."

But she didn't feel that way about this boy. She couldn't muster the dark emotions that her friends had felt when they saw boys like him. There was a certain aura about this boy; the way one of his eyes was hidden under his hair, the glow of kindness that emanated from his pretty irises, the inquisitive tilt of his head. No, she felt quite the opposite.

She thought he was adorable.

That day, the boy helped Weiss find her way around the little city of books, being sweet enough to give her a personal tour so that way she would know her way around. The tour lasted hours, much to Weiss' happiness, and it was through this tour that she learned his name.


Just saying his name made her heart skip a beat.

Weiss didn't stop going to that library over the summer. She could hardly remember a single day that she didn't go; in fact, she always tried to spend her entire day there. It was the same routine: get up, eat breakfast, go to the library, get lunch, go back to the library, go home, eat dinner, sleep.

And she didn't regret it at all.

Because for most of that time well-spent at the library, she was able to spend time with Blake. Blake was one of the kindest human beings she'd ever met. He was gentle, reserved, quiet, intelligent. He always listened to what Weiss had to say before inserting his own opinion. He only interrupted if he got excited over a certain topic; god, he was such a nerd. He wasn't afraid of awkward silences, unlike most of the boys Weiss had ever interacted with. In fact, he seemed comfortable with them, and he made Weiss feel comfortable with them too. Sure, he could be shy and stiff when they were talking with other people like the librarians, but Weiss found that endearing. Although she tried her best to understand that shy people weren't always comfortable in social situations, so she'd try not to make him feel too uneasy.

For the first few days, they were simply acquaintances, learning about each other and learning to get used to one another. After a few weeks, they each invited each other out for coffee. After several weeks, they were meeting everyday first thing when they got to the library. To discuss new finds and new amazing plot holes, to debate on new character motivations and new fascinating theories. Weiss loved it. Weiss loved every single second of it.

She had never loved anyone like this in her entire life. She loved Blake in different ways, obviously. He was handsome, with a cute, round face, cute, full lips, cute, slender figure. She loved how the pale complexion of his skin contrasted so sharply with the dark color of his clothes. She loved how his amber eyes glinted with enthusiasm at the subject of something he loved. She loved how his long fringe swept and covered over his right eye so mysteriously. She loved how his deep rumble of laughter sounded like a cat's purr.

But she loved Blake in other ways too. She loved him for his secrets. He was enamored with books. If he was allowed to marry something that wasn't alive, it would be with books. It was like he had read almost every book in the entire library; he could name the books people were reading by the color scheme of their covers, hear the name of a random character and name the books they could be from. And he could give an entire critique about what he thought of a book, what he liked or didn't like about it, constructive feedback for what the author should do to improve, and so on and so forth. But he did so in a way that made the listener want to keep hearing what he was saying; it entranced Weiss' attention so easily.

There were other smaller secrets about him too, of course. He loved drinking tea. He was scared of dogs. He had an entire beanie collection, in many assorted colors. One of his favorite books was "Ninjas of Love". He didn't handle stress well. He didn't always just wear black; sometimes he came to the library in blue jeans, or green hoodies, or gray shoes. When Weiss asked why he loved black so much, Blake said that he wore it to feel invisible; like a shadow. But he had laughed after that comment.

"If anything, it probably makes me stand out more."

Weiss furrowed her eyebrows, concerned.

"You don't like to be seen?"

"Sometimes." Blake smiled. "But maybe I secretly just want to be noticed."

A few weeks later, Weiss learned something important about Blake; an enormous secret she'd thought she would never ever hear.

They had just been hanging out as usual, hidden in the very back of the 3rd floor, ignored by many of the other library visitors thanks to the wall-like shelves. Weiss had been trying to introduce some sort of physical contact into their relationship as of late; a week prior, she had started doing small things, like patting his shoulder or poking his arm. Each one sent tingles into her bloodstream. He seemed to be responding to it, returning the same little touches every so often. But then, Weiss noticed a little crumple underneath Blake's beanie. It had been bugging her the entire time, sticking out like a straight-up triangle. It was puzzling. After laughing together at a joke, Weiss pointed it out.

"Blake, there's something weird sticking out from underneath your hat," she had said. Before he could react, she raised her hand and tapped her fingers on the weird lump. The lump twitched. Weiss flinched back. "It moved!"

When she looked back at Blake's face, it was as red as a tomato. "Oh my god."

"Blake, what was th—" Without letting her finish, Blake placed his hand over her mouth, putting his finger to his lips. "Shhhh…" But his breath sounded shaky, as if something horrifying had happened to him, and was putting his heart on edge.

He led her to the bathrooms, where he pulled her into one of the individual, gender-neutral rooms when no one was looking, and closed the door behind them. Weiss could feel her face grow hot from his actions, as well as his touch.

When he turned to her, he said he had been lying to her, not being honest with her, making it seem that he was something else to her. Weiss remembered feeling so confused; what had been that thing under his hat? Finally, Blake pulled up some of his hat to show the secret.

He had cat ears.

Small, cute little cat ears.

"You're a Faunus," Weiss whispered in awe.

Blake's cheeks were heating up so much that she swore she could feel the heat from them, even if they weren't standing so close. "You're gonna tell everyone, aren't you," he murmured, averting his gaze away. "I-I understand if you don't like me anymore." While his expression could've appeared calm from a distance, up close he looked almost frustrated.

Weiss maybe would've been angry before, if this boy she had fallen in love with had been a Faunus the entire time. Her family hated Faunus; always going on about how they were the ones ruining her parents' company, ruining the economy, ruining good business deals. Distant relatives, dying one by one from the antics of the White Fang. It brought sadness to her heart to hear of these things, and it wasn't totally fair that they had to strike out on humans with such violence.

But Blake wasn't behind all of that. Some select few members of his people might've been. But Blake wasn't.

She knew too well that this quiet, docile, book-loving teenager in black would never do something like that.

And then she said something that made Blake do a double-take.

"I don't care."

It had taken him a while to understand her, but soon enough, the boy and girl's friendship reached a new level, a new kind of trust Weiss had only dreamed of achieving with him. Blake was entrusting her with one of his biggest secrets, after all. The two started sharing deep, personal sentiments about loneliness and feeling abandoned. Weiss was able to start sharing some of her own big secrets too. Like how she was usually ignored and left to her own devices by her busy family, how she used to call her serving maid "Mama". Blake didn't even live with his real family anymore; he was currently staying with some foster parents. Whenever they weren't talking about books, they were talking about their feelings: their mysteries.

The last week of summer was the hardest for Weiss, because Blake wasn't sure which school he would be attending that year. Weiss was tempted to tell him to try coming to Beacon Academy, but she figured from his family and financial situation that he wouldn't be attending an expensive, hard-to-get-into school that trained Hunters for battle, so she never mentioned it. The only detail he gave was that he was probably gonna end up at a public school, anything that would accept him for free. She hated the last week the most; because the oncoming dread that she and Blake would be separated only worsened.

On the very last day, Blake kept trying to comfort Weiss, as she was in a dark mood and wasn't afraid to hide it. He brought her by the hand up to a private area on the 4th floor, hidden by a set of three walls made by three different shelves. He sat her down on a bench beside him, not letting go of her hand. He rubbed her palm with his thumb kindly, staring at her in the eye as the tears almost welled up.

Before they both had to leave, Weiss could no longer bear it. Before he walked away, left her alone in the huge building which they had shared together for the last two months, Weiss stopped him, pulled him in close, and kissed him.

It was Weiss' first kiss; she hadn't been too sure on what to do once their lips collided. Her hands were holding at the crook of his elbow, her eyes completely shut. Millions of emotions went through her head. How was she kissing the boy of her dreams? What if he didn't like that she was kissing him? What if she was making him uncomfortable? What if he wanted to leave and never see her again? What if he hated her? She wanted to pull back, but a selfish part of her wasn't letting her.

She almost lost it when Blake put his hands on her arms and parted his lips open to kiss back.

Thousands of electric volts went through her skin. They stood there for a minute so, a passerby or two giving them funny looks, before finally, Blake slowly pulled away.

Without saying anything, he gave her a quick peck on the cheek, his hand holding the other side of her face, and he left.

And that was it. Weiss' failed summer romance had just come to an end.

Or so she thought.

8:15AM, early in the morning, the first day of school at Beacon Academy. Weiss shivered with anticipation, meeting up with some friends and carefully following her class schedule, the distant memory of Blake still on her lips.

She ended up yawning through most of her classes, listening while half asleep for a few minutes to the basic introductions that the different teachers gave. Every speech was the same; there was hardly any point in hearing each and every one. They could hardly give as good of a deliverance as Blake could.

Weiss still remained bitter about the silent split between the two of them, but she was trying her best to shake it off and just forget it. She would probably never see him again; and even if he did see her, it's not like he'd say hi. She'd completely embarrassed herself by kissing him without his consent. Maybe she'd gone too far.

She was still wrapped up in these thoughts when she came to her Grimm Studies class, taught by the pudgy Mr. Peter Port, when she saw him.

Or was it him?

There was a girl who sat a few seats away from her to the right. Her long, thick wavy black hair curled around her face, her skin pale white and her figure slim. From what she could tell, the girl was very pretty, sitting with her back perfectly straight, exposing an ample pair of breasts and a thick set of hips, which she could only see when she had been standing. A large black bow was sitting on the top of her head.

When Weiss laid eyes on her, she couldn't help but feel like she looked familiar. Why did this girl look so much like Blake? This girl was like his female counterpart. Aside from the hair, the butt, and the boobs, what kind of coincidence made these two look incredibly similar? Weiss narrowed her eyes. She couldn't be too sure yet. Everyone in the school was dressed in the Beacon Academy uniform, so she wasn't able to analyze this girl's personal sense of style. And she hadn't even seen the color of her eyes yet; just the smoky purple eyeshadow that tinted her lids. Blake's eyes had a certain shade to them that she herself could recognize in an instant.

But then the girl turned her gaze to her left towards Weiss to check the clock; and both of their eyes widened. Weiss felt her jaw drop.

Her eyes were amber; fierce and striking, full of intensity.

Of secrets.

Oh. My. God.

But how?

How was this possible?

Did Blake have a hidden twin sister that he had never talked about?

The girl was staring at Weiss like she had a giant tarantula on her face. She wasn't blinking.

"Girls, this is no time for a staring contest," Mr. Port said from the bottom of the classroom. Some of the people sitting around them giggled. Both Weiss and the girl broke eye contact and quickly looked away, both reddening in embarrassment.

He continued talking, but Weiss was no longer listening any more. White noise filled her ears like a flood, and suddenly, she couldn't hear anything. There was no mistaking it; that girl was Blake. Only Blake had eyes as sharp and as beautiful as hers. And that black bow; what was that hiding? She remembered there being a rule about hats being somewhat frowned upon; that was why most kids in the school didn't wear them. Blake always seemed to feel the most secure when wearing his beanie; in fact, Weiss had never really seen Blake without his beanie. He was always scared to show his ears. Wait, was he no longer a "he" now? Was he a "she"?

Did that mean she had actually kissed a girl?

When the bell rang, Weiss made an effort to quickly get up out of her chair and drop a hand-written note on the girl's desk before she could leave. She scurried to the door, but got in farther back behind the line of people filing out, trying to blend in with the others, trying to wait for her to come closer. The girl was walking towards the door, reading the note in hand.

Soon the girl approached without knowing it, all of a sudden almost right next to Weiss. People kept pushing and shoving, trying to get out the door even faster.

Weiss raised a hand and brushed her fingers gently on one part of the bow. Something was hiding underneath it; something that felt distinctly like an ear.

There was no doubt about it now.

Blake's eyes shot up and stared directly into Weiss'. Their gazes locked. Weiss placed her hand on her arm, the old tingles coming back through her bloodstream again.

The note had said,

"Come talk with me after class. Are there any other huge secrets you have to tell me?

- Weiss"