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Taehyung can’t take his eyes off of Seokjin.


Granted, he usually can’t take his eyes off of Seokjin. It got worse after they started dating, especially since if their eyes met, Seokjin’s lips pulled into a smile and Taehyung loves to see Seokjin smile. He jumped when he felt a pinch on his thigh. “Stop staring at Seokjin-hyung and pay attention,” Hoseok hissed out of the corner of his mouth, crinkling his face into a smile when the next fan came over to him.


Taehyung beams at the fan in front of him – he loves his fans, he really does, but his mind keeps wandering to Seokjin. Seokjin’s sitting at the far end of the table, in a white long-sleeve that covers his knuckles. There’s even a hole for his thumb to go in and Seokjin looks angelic in it.


“Oppa,” the fan says, sounding amused, “what are you looking at?”


“Hey,” he turns his attention back to her, and he’s 100% serious. “Do you think Jinnie hyung might be an angel?”


Hoseok makes a strangled noise next to him and pinches his thigh again, but the fan just laughs. “He does look pretty angelic today,” she agrees, and then laughs. “Were you staring at him?”


“I have this theory that he’s an angel,” Taehyung whispers, pulling his chair closer to the table so he can bend to talk to his fan. She looks amused and she’s probably just humoring him because she’s a fan, but the last time he tried to talk to someone about this was to Jimin. Jimin told him he really should go see a psychiatrist, so he’s willing to talk to anyone. “He’s pretty, right?”


“Right.” The fan nods.


“And he looks really, really good in white.”


“He looks good in any color, though,” she says, blinking at him. Taehyung pauses because she’s got a point. Seokjin pulls off any color. He could wear tie-dye and look amazing. Has worn tie-dye and looked amazing. She glances in Seokjin’s direction, and giggles a little. “Oppa, I think he’s actually a rabbit.”


Taehyung glances over at Seokjin and finds Seokjin pulling on a rabbit hair band that a fan gave him. Taehyung makes a noise that’s between a squawk and a squeal and a gasp. Hoseok pinches his thigh again and the fan just laughs.




Taehyung manages to snag the bunny ears before his manager packs up all the fan gifts. They never throw them out – the manager just packs everything neatly into boxes that go into storage, but Taehyung grabs the bunny ears before they can be packed. He’s fumbling with them in the van when the door slides open and Jimin tries to climb in. “Oh my god,” Jimin groans. “You would grab those ears.”


“Why?” Taehyung sits up, looking alarmed. “Did you think Seokjin hyung looked good with the ears, too? Jimin, I see the way you look at him!”


Jimin stares at him before climbing in and muttering, “Jesus Christ, Taehyung, not everyone is into Seokjin-hyung. I don’t look at him any certain way.”


“Sure you don’t! I see it! You’re always making these honey eyes at him and so are Namjoon-hyung and Yoongi-hyung oh god even Jungkook and-“ Taehyung’s rant gets cut off when Seokjin appears behind Jimin. “Hyung!” Taehyung jumps up in his seat, crashing into the roof and not even caring. He slides completely to the other side, tugs Jimin in and pushes him toward the back, and beams at Seokjin.


Jimin grumbles as he’s pushed out of the way, mutters something about the woes of being single, but leans back when the rest of Bangtan files in. Taehyung beams at Seokjin like Seokjin’s the sun and Seokjin smiles back at him. “Kim Taehyung,” Yoongi rolls his eyes, “you look like a lovesick puppy.”


“I think he’s cute,” Seokjin says, grinning at Taehyung, and Taehyung’s heart skips about fifty beats. He might have died and gone to heaven where Seokjin is one of the angels. The only angel. Taehyung glances down at Seokjin’s sleeves again and sighs happily, twisting so he can face Seokjin the entire way back to their dorm. Seokjin smiles at him and leans against his shoulder before falling asleep.


Taehyung beams. “Hyung,” he whispers to Yoongi, “can we switch rooms today?”


Yoongi just rolls his eyes and pulls his headphones over his head, which is basically a yes and Taehyung has to keep from yelling out loud because that’d wake up Seokjin and Seokjin looks so frigging pretty when he’s sleeping. Especially when he’s sleeping against Taehyung’s shoulder. So moving is a big no-no.




Taehyung manages to last the entire ride without making a single noise or moving at all, and who cares if his leg falls asleep a little? He’s literally not at all distracted when he can stare at Seokjin’s sleeping face the entire time. “Hyung,” he whispers, when their manager pulls the car into the parking space, “we’re here.”


Seokjin stirs and squirms, snuggling his arms around Taehyung’s waist, and Taehyung melts. “A bit more..” he mutters, and Taehyung would really be glad to just stay there, in the car, but he’s going to get an earful if he stays.


“Come on, hyung. You can sleep when we get up into the dorms.” He smiles, and he knows he’s smiling so hard that his cheeks are starting to hurt but he can’t help it. Seokjin makes him so, so happy. Happier than he usually is. Happier than anything else makes him happy. He’d confessed to Seokjin on a whim, riding on the drunken giddiness of alcohol, but all of his drunkness had poofed when Seokjin blushed prettily and took his hands.


He manages to coax Seokjin up and then Jungkook gags as he coddles Seokjin into the elevator and then into the room Seokjin shares with Yoongi. Yoongi grabs a bunch of things and disappears into the room Taehyung usually has with Hoseok and Jimin. “Hey,” Seokjin smiles sleepily at him, stretching like a cat on his bed. “I have to change.”


“Don’t!” Taehyung blurts, and Seokjin raises an eyebrow at him. “I really – I really like that shirt on you. And I brought bunny ears.”


“You what?” Seokjin looks amused and he sits up, leaning back on his elbows in a way that makes Taehyung want to jump Seokjin’s bones. Although to be fair, almost anything Seokjin does makes Taehyung want to jump his bones. Taehyung loves Seokjin a lot.


“You looked so good in them!” Taehyung grins and jumps onto the bed. He pushes the headband onto Seokjin’s head and Seokjin lets him, smiling amusedly. Seokjin looks so, so, so pretty with the headband and the long sleeves, and Taehyung wants to cry. He thinks he understands a little how their fans feel. He leans forward to kiss Seokjin and Seokjin hums into their kiss, smiling as Taehyung nibbles at his lower lip and slides his hands under the shirt. Seokjin’s skin is soft under Taehyung’s fingers and Taehyung can’t help but smile even more, spreading his hands wide on the skin before swiping his index finger along the hardening nub on Seokjin’s chest.


When he stops the kiss, Seokjin looks exasperated. “We should be getting rest.”


Taehyung smiles, nudging Seokjin’s thighs apart so he can settle between them. “You know everyone’s going to take forever in the shower. We’ll make it quick.”


Seokjin tugs Taehyung closer. “I have a present for you, too.” Taehyung raises an eyebrow. “You’ll see.” Taehyung smiles as he pushes Seokjin’s shirt up, half wishing he could just keep Seokjin in this shirt forever. He presses his lips anywhere he can touch, making Seokjin squirm under him. Taehyung loves the feel of Seokjin’s skin against his lips, loves the way Seokjin’s fingers tremble against his shoulders, and loves the little gasps Seokjin makes.


He pulls on the top of Seokjin’s jeans, pushing his hands past the waist. He stops when he feels not what he expected. He expects the soft cotton of boxer briefs but the fabric under is .. different. Soft, but not the same kind of soft. He looks up and Seokjin’s smiling at him and blushing. “It was a fan gift and we were gonna throw it away but I just.. kept it.” He’s gripping the front of his shirt in his fists, the way he does when he’s embarrassed during sex. It really only makes Taehyung want to devour him more, and so Taehyung unbuttons the top of the jeans. He freezes.


Seokjin’s wearing panties. Taehyung’s jaw drops as he fingers the lace and Seokjin flushes a dark red. He brings his hands up to his face, long sleeves and all, and Taehyung would pull them back down if he didn’t look so cute doing it. He turns his attention back to the panties, tracing the pink lace with his thumb. “Holy shit, hyung,” Taehyung sighs, nuzzling his nose on Seokjin’s stomach. Seokjin giggles a little and twists. “This is so fucking hot.”


He tugs Seokjin’s jeans off completely, pressing kisses to the insides of Seokjin’s thighs as he tugs Seokjin’s socks off. “This is more mortifying than I’d thought,” Seokjin laughs, a little embarrassed. He tries to close his legs and Taehyung holds them firmly apart, pressing kisses in the inner corner of Seokjin’s knees.


“I think it looks amazing.” He leans back, keeping Seokjin’s legs firmly open with his hands, and admires his boyfriend. The bunny ears have slightly gone ajar in their moving and Taehyung thinks that makes Seokjin look just even more delectable. He’s still got the shirt on, rolled up halfway to reveal Seokjin’s smooth stomach and the sleeves are still long as ever. It’s making Taehyung’s cock jump. Seokjin is completely bare below the waist except for his pink-and-black lace panties and Taehyung groans, bending to leave a dark mark on Seokjin’s thighs.


“Tae!” Seokjin shrieks. “We wear shorts!”


“I know, and they ride up your thighs.” Taehyung sighs. “Fuck, I wish I remembered that but you look so good right now.” He rubs at the bite mark hoping it’ll go away, but the red mark stays. “I’m sure makeup can cover it. Or they can give you long pants! Your thighs are mine.” He nods, satisfied, and bites once again.


Seokjin is staring wide eyed at him. “Taehyung, the stylist noonas are gonna kill us.”


“I’ll tell them I couldn’t help it.” Taehyung grins, rubbing his cheek on Seokjin’s thigh and pulling the face he knows Seokjin can never deny. Seokjin only shakes his head, laughing lightly before bending to press a kiss on the crown of Taehyung’s head. Taehyung beams, hugging Seokjin’s waist and leaving a trail of hickeys down the pale stomach. “Can I…?”


“That’s the plan, yeah.” Seokjin laughed, ruffling Taehyung’s hair. “Can you take the panties off though? I’m like… seriously embarrassed.”


Taehyung laughs and rubs his thumbs across the pink lace. “I like them where they are, but I think I might like them a little better somewhere else.” He rubs Seokjin’s cock, leaking and hard under the panties and watches Seokjin blush. “You get embarrassed so easily.” He grins.


“I’m making up for your shamelessness,” Seokjin huffs, squeezing his knees around Taehyung’s head. Taehyung mock-chokes and then smiles up at Seokjin, sitting up a little. He pulls the panties down, rolling them into a thin line of pink and black lace down Seokjin’s knees. When they reach Seokjin’s ankles, Taehyung presses his lips onto a blushing ankle bone and takes it off one foot, leaving it hanging around one ankle. Seokjin examines it. “That might be worse.”


Taehyung grins, reaching beneath Seokjin’s bed for the lube. It’s in a nondescript tube and he squeezes the last of it out. “We need to get more,” Taehyung notes, frowning. “I didn’t realize we used up so much.”


“I ordered a new one already,” Seokjin huffs. “It should come in tomorrow. I.. might or might not have used it to finger myself?”

Taehyung looks up from warming the lube between his fingers. “What? Hyung, wait, what. You just dropped a bomb and you can’t just expect me to be like oh, cool, hyung fingers himself – like what?”


Seokjin scrunches his nose. “Well, sometimes I get… turned on… and then I start jerking off and then of course I think of you and then you fucking me so.. You know what, don’t make me explain this, Tae.”


Taehyung grins and nuzzles their noses together, smiling brightly as he gently pushes a finger into Seokjin. Seokjin sighs, twisting his waist to slide lower onto Taehyung, and his fingers brush patterns into Taehyung’s shoulders. “One day I’ll watch you finger yourself.” Seokjin hums, rocking along to Taehyung’s rhythm. “I hate that Yoongi-hyung chose you as his roommate. I should have been your roomie.”


Seokjin giggles breathlessly as Taehyung pushes another in, nibbling at Seojin’s thigh. “Manager-hyung said we shouldn’t because we’d just have sex all day.”


“Okay, and he’s got a point, but still.” Taehyung pouts, and then grins. “I wish I could keep you in this shirt forever. You look so angelic right now.”


“Angelic with bunny ears and two fingers up my butt?” Seokjin quips, and then laughs when Taehyung nods enthusiastically. “I swear, the only reason you like me is my looks.”


Taehyung snickers and presses a kiss to Seokjin’s lips, pushing his tongue inside and drawing his tongue over his teeth. “That’s one of them. But not the only one, and you know that.” Seokjin hmphs in response and Taehyung grins. “Sex with you also rocks.” Taehyung laughs when Seokjin kicks him in the side – not enough to hurt, just enough for him to roll off the bed. He climbs back up and presses his body flush against Seokjin’s. He doesn’t even remember Seokjin tugging his shirt off of him, but there it lies on the floor.


He pours kisses onto Seokjin’s face. “I love you for the ability you have to see the best in everyone. I love you for your smile that lights up my entire day. I love you for the way you make even the shitty ingredients in our fridge into something amazing. I love you for the way you accept all of my weirdness and just go along with it like it’s no big deal. I love you for you and you know that.”


“Cheesy,” Seokjin snickers, but his ears are a bright red and Taehyung presses his lips on the tips of them.


“Getting mixed signals, here,” Taehyung grins, letting his mouth open in his square smile. “You just heard what’s probably the most heartfelt thing I’ve told you during our entire relationship and that’s all you’re gonna say?”


Seokjin scrunches his nose and leans forward to press their lips together. He tastes like candy. “I love you. For everything you are. Even your weirdness.” Taehyung smiles and presses his lips against Seokjin’s again, tracing Seokjin’s sides before pushing in. Seokjin pushes back against him, spreading his legs wider to accommodate him and Taehyung smiles a little at how at ease Seokjin is. They’ve really done this way too many times, and Taehyung still can’t get enough. “Feel good?” Seokjin asks, nails digging not painfully into Taehyung’s back.


“Yeah. You?”


“You always make it good for me.” Seokjin rests his forehead on Taehyung’s and Taehyung watches the way his face changes with every thrust in and out. Seokjin’s breath hitches in a small gasp when Taehyung pushes in and is let out in a stuttered sigh when Taehyung pulls out. His brows crease when Taehyung nibbles on his lip and a small smile quirks at the corners of his lips when Taehyung kisses him. “Taehyung-“ Seokjin’s voice is higher pitched, and Taehyung wraps his arm around Seokjin. “I’m so close-“


Taehyung wraps a hand around Seokjin’s cock, pressing their bodies as closely together as he can with everything else going on. Seokjin comes first, digging his teeth into Taehyung’s shoulder like compensation for the bite marks Taehyung left on him earlier, and Taehyung sighs at the way Seokjin tightens around him. He rocks Seokjin through his orgasm and Seokjin mewls, raising his legs to tug Taehyung closer.


The bunny ears have miraculously stayed on Seokjin’s head, Seokjin’s long sleeves brush against Taehyung’s bare shoulders, and Taehyung loses it, digging blunt nails into Seokjin’s hips. Seokjin laughs when Taehyung’s done, presses sweet kisses all over Taehyung’s shoulders, and sighs happily when Taehyung pulls out so they can snuggle. It’s not long until Seokjin falls asleep, complaining about needing a shower and feeling gross.


Taehyung grins and reaches over, careful to slide out his arm from under Seokjin so he doesn’t wake him up. He grabs the baby wipes and starts to carefully clean Seokjin up as much as he can. His grin widens when he tugs the panties off Seokjin’s ankle, tosses it in the trash with the wadded up baby wipes and empty tube of lube, and looks over Seokjin again.


He looks around and grabs his phone, and tugs Seokjin’s sheets up to cover his waist down just in case the picture leaks. Not only does he not want trouble, he also doesn’t want anyone looking at Seokjin like that. He makes sure the camera shutter sound is off so he doesn’t wake Seokjin and snaps about a hundred pictures at a hundred different angles. Literally a hundred.


Bunny ears and white long sleeves. He’s never going to get a chance like this again.