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Flower Boys Over Flowers

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As he’s running through the streets of the city, Namjoon tries to figure out when exactly it was that he turned into the world’s shittiest son. He completely forgot about his mother’s birthday and had planned to stay in the studio all day working. He thanked the gods of every religion for Yoongi, who had reminded him about an hour into their session (Oh, I got this card for your mom. Let me give it to you before I forget…)

Ultimately, he’d forgotten to take the card with him before bolting out of the door of the studio, but he was on a mission now. And he knew Yoongi would just bring it over later on anyway.

He was close to home before he realized that he had absolutely nothing to give to his mother, the woman who had birthed him, on her birthday. So, naturally, the frantic search was on for something and that something needed to be cheap because, well, Namjoon didn’t actually have the steadiest income.

Eyes combing over all the names of the shops up and down the streets, he spotted a small flower shop. Not the most original, but he figured it would do. Besides, his mom would have been grateful for even one of those stupid, homemade coupon books that offered promises of “free hugs” or “a dinner cooked by me” (Namjoon filed that idea away for Mother’s Day…but maybe not the cooking thing. He wanted his mother to live).

The faint ding of the bell that hung around the door knob of the flower shop signaled his arrival and a cheerful “One moment please!” rang from the back of the store. Namjoon decided to look around the shop as he waited for assistance. He really knew fuck all about flowers…

“How may I help you?” a sweet voice questioned.

“Yeah, it’s my mom’s birthday and I don’t really-“

Namjoon looked up from a particularly large bouquet of chrysanthemums to set his eyes on what might have been the most beautiful face he had ever seen.

The boy across from him tilted his head to the side, eyes furrowing in confusion but smile never leaving his lips.

“Don’t really what?”

For a moment, Namjoon didn’t really know what to say. He couldn’t really remember where he was or why he was there. But after staring at the boy for what was probably way longer than socially acceptable, he began again.

“I…uh. I don’t exactly know what kind of…um. Flowers. She uh…likes. And stuff.”


“Ah!” the boy exclaimed, clapping his hands together in excitement. “I’m very good at this! I’ll help you pick out something she’ll love, no worries!”

Namjoon, being the smooth operator that he was, was basically glued to the spot. How could someone be this cute? It was honestly unfair to the universe that one singular human being had taken all of the cute that the world had to offer.

“I’m Jin, by the way,” Mr. Cute chirped as he held out a hand to the awestruck customer before him.

“I uh. Namjoon,” he managed to sputter, mentally slapping himself immediately after.

Usually, he wasn’t this weird around new people, cute or otherwise, but this flower boy, this literal flower boy got him feeling some type of way.

“Nice to meet you, Namjoon! So, tell me about your mom…”

They spent about 20 minutes going through every colorful bouquet in the shop after Namjoon had mentioned that his mother really enjoyed bright things (The kitchen walls were orange, of course) before Jin decided that none of them would do and began to arrange a whole new bouquet just for the birthday girl.

Even through his nerves, Namjoon had amazing conversation with Jin, and although he was in the shop for a lot longer than he had previously anticipated, he found that he did not want to leave. However, the time came, and Namjoon paid for his bouquet (leaving a generous tip, of course) and he exited the shop, leaving a smiling and waving Jin in his wake.

Namjoon arrived home to a very confused Yoongi sitting in his driveway wondering what could have possibly taken him so long since he had sprinted out of the door over an hour ago, but Namjoon was in no state to talk and he just wanted to give his mother the beautiful flowers that were given to him by a beautiful man. (She loved them, by the way.)

A week had passed since his mother’s birthday, and Namjoon found himself standing in from of the door to the flower shop once again.

He really didn’t need any flowers for anything, but he was sure he would go insane if he didn’t see Jin right now. A week was as long as he could stay away, and even that proved to be hard.

Mustering up all the confidence he could, Namjoon pushed open the shop door once again. Ding.

He began looking around the shop again, waiting for the familiar face to come out and greet him as he had last time. He waited for a while, though. 17 minutes and 27 seconds, to be exact.

Just when he was thinking that maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for him today and that he should just leave, Jin came walking in from the back room, rubbing his hands on his adorable pink apron.

“Oh! I was out in the garden, I’m sorry! Have you been waiting long?” he asked as he rushed over.

Namjoon really had to take a moment to drink in the sight before him. Jin wearing a cute large-brimmed sunhat on his head, a pink apron tied around him with a neat bow in the back securing it in place, a shovel and a pair of gloves in the pockets- it was a wonder Namjoon even survived the first initial sighting.

As soon as he (somewhat) collected himself, Namjoon smiled at Jin brightly and shook his head, to which Jin let out a sigh of relief.

“Good! I really need to a louder bell,” he mumbled to himself as he seemed to make a mental note of the fact. “What can I help you with today? Another mom’s birthday?” he joked.

“No, not today,” Namjoon laughed.

“Ah, these must be for someone special?” Jin asked, looking excited.

Not knowing what else to say, Namjoon just decided to agree, causing Jin to basically squeal in excitement over getting to help this poor sap pick out some flowers for some fake date he seemed to think Namjoon was going on.

Really, Namjoon’s life was one big joke that he was not in on.

It was the same deal as last time. They talked, they browsed, they talked some more, and then sooner than he had hoped, Namjoon was leaving the store with a large bouquet of flowers whose names he couldn’t pronounce. He never thought he’d have to buy a vase, but he supposed there’s a first time for everything.

Namjoon ends up back at the flower shop every week, and Jin is always happy to help pick out some beautiful flowers.

The stays at the shop seem to get longer and longer each time as he and Jin lose track of time while talking to each other about everything and nothing.

After about 2 months of weekly visits, Jin starts to ask questions about this person that Namjoon must really like, since he buys them so many flowers. Namjoon just laughs and avoids all his questions, knowing that the only special someone in his life was Jin.

The weekly visits soon turn into biweekly visits. Which turn into every other day visits. Which turn into daily flower runs.

Jin’s questions are more and more frequent now, and Namjoon continues to dodge every single one of them with a blush and a short laugh. He really has so many vases now…

5 months after they first met, Jin is finally over not knowing anything about Namjoon’s secret significant other.

“Either you’re incredibly sweet, or the worst boyfriend in the world if you need to buy flowers every day,” he says on afternoon as he crafts another one of his signature creations.

“I will have you know that I am an excellent boyfriend.” Namjoon replies, feigning hurt.

“Then whoever you’re with is one lucky person,” the elder replies with a large smile, causing Namjoon’s heart to stop for just a few seconds.

The next day, Namjoon decides that he can’t take it anymore.

He decides that it’s D-Day. It’s time to confess to Seokjin.

With shitty flowers he plucked from the ground in front of the studio (some with roots still attached to them) he marches over to the flower shop that he’s come to know better than his own house these past months.

“Namjoon-ie!” Jin greets happily when he enters, as if he had been waiting for the boy to show up. Which he usually did.

Despite the flips his stomach was doing, Namjoon tried to keep as cool as possible as he stood in front of Jin.

“I don’t have a girlfriend or whatever,” he blurted.

Well, that was as cool as he was going to get.

Jin sort of stared at him for a moment before opening his mouth to say something, but Namjoon cut him off before he could.

“My house is so overflowing with flowers, it could be mistaken for a botanical garden. Or a rainforest. I have probably two hundred vases, when, a few months ago, I didn’t even have one. Every day, on my way home, whenever I see a person who looks a little bit down or alone, I give them one of your beautiful flowers and I see the way it makes their heart bloom a little bigger just like your garden.”

Namjoon pauses for a moment, taking a breath and trying to gauge Jin’s reaction. He decides to continue when Jin says nothing.

“I come into this shop every day to see you. I love seeing the focus in your eyes as you tend to your garden. I love how you arrange and re-arrange all your bouquets until you think they’re perfect. I love the look in your eyes when you see a couple come in to look at flowers for their wedding. I love how happy you look when your newest flower blooms. I love how you’re brighter than all your sunflowers. I love you.”

There was a moment of stunned silence. A bit of shock as Jin drank in this new information like a parched plant getting rained on for the first time in a few weeks. As soon as the shock wore off, however, Jin’s lips were pressed to Namjoon’s in a silent agreement that a love had blossomed between them.