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Beach Ficlets

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“As we agreed.” Ginny placed a small sealed envelope on the table.

Draco’s eyes narrowed for a moment before he reached inside the front pocket of his elegant robe and pulled out a similarly-sized one. He handed it across the table to Ginny. “I don’t know why he doesn’t just ask me himself.”

“Yes, you do.”

Draco raised one sleek eyebrow in response, then leaned back in his chair as two steaming cups drifted down to their table.

Ginny reached for the sugar bowl. “He’s a bit old-fashioned in that way.”

“More like sexually repressed.”

“And you would know?”

“I have no comment on the matter.” He lifted his cup and looked pointedly away from the table. Silence hung heavily between them for nearly a minute, even as the activity of the cafe whirled around them.

Ginny drained her cup and set it down with a louder clink than necessary. “Is this... are you really okay with it?”

Draco shrugged. “Are you?”

“I don’t mind. There are benefits for me, believe it or not.”

“I can imagine.” He smirked around the rim of his coffee cup. “It’s an unusual arrangement, but less messy than the alternative.” He picked up Ginny’s envelope and turned it over in his fingers.

Ginny counted out knuts for the coffee and placed them next to her empty cup. “See you next month, then?”

He smiled magnanimously. “I wouldn’t miss it.”


Harry turned off the water and reached for his towel. It wasn’t there. He tugged the curtain aside, frowning. He’d hung it right there not five minutes ago.

“Looking for something?”

Harry felt the flip in his belly before he’d even turned to look. Draco Malfoy stood in the bathroom doorway, slightly blurry, but still all long lines and reptilian smile. From the end of one long finger hung Harry’s towel.

Harry pushed the curtain aside and stepped dripping onto the bathroom floor. He stared back at Draco for a moment. “Ginny--”

“Isn’t here right now.” Draco’s gaze drifted down Harry’s body, lingering at his groin.

“Got it.” Harry held out his hand. Draco balled up the towel and tossed it at Harry’s head, then turned and walked away.

Harry watched him go and took a deep, calming breath.

He toweled himself off and ran a comb through his hair. He stared at himself in the mirror for several long seconds, and finally whispered, “What the hell am I doing?”

His reflection winked at him and whispered, “Go get it, son.”

Draco was stretched out on the bed, boots removed but otherwise still fully clothed, and flipping through the copy of Witch Weekly that had been on Ginny’s bedside table. “There’s an absolutely fascinating article about you in this one, Potter.”

There was something slightly off about his voice, and Harry winced. “Please don’t talk.”

Draco looked up at him again with narrowed eyes, then tossed the magazine to the floor. He stretched his arms over his head and stared back at Harry, silent. Harry stood and watched him for a moment before closing the last few feet to the bed. He reached out and pushed a strand of blond hair back from Draco’s forehead. He looked to be growing it out again, but this wasn’t the time for that conversation.

Harry slid a hand around the back of Draco’s head, fingers tightening in his hair, and pulled him up into a rough kiss. Draco made a small sound of pleasure, but was otherwise completely pliant as Harry climbed on top of him and straddled his thighs.

Harry broke the kiss, panting, and then shifted forward until the tip of his cock was inches from Draco’s chin.

Draco’s mouth was already wet and reddened, and when he parted his lips, Harry’s cock got impossibly harder. His tongue flicked lightly at the underside of the head, and his pale blue eyes stared up at Harry.

Harry braced his hands on the headboard and pushed forward, his cock disappearing into Draco’s mouth inch by inch until it was fully seated. Draco’s eyes began to water slightly, and Harry pulled back. He pressed forward again, slowly fucking his mouth.

“I love to see you like this,” Harry whispered. “Just taking it, choking on it.”

Draco’s hands slid over his bare arse, pulling him forward and pushing him back again, fingers digging into his skin hard enough to bruise.

It was too good too soon, though. Harry pulled back and sat on Draco’s hips, and felt his erection pressing up under his balls.

“You’re wearing entirely too many clothes,” Harry said, tugging at the fastenings of Draco’s fancy shirt.

Draco stared blandly up at him, apparently having taken Harry’s admonition not to speak quite seriously. Harry gave up on the shirt and moved further down to unfasten Draco’s trousers. He slithered them down Draco’s narrow hips until his cock bobbed free.

“Hello, lovely,” Harry said, and then swallowed it down.

Draco finally made a sound at that: his head fell back and he arched up into Harry’s mouth, gasping. Harry worked his cock slowly with lips and teeth and tongue, and when he looked up again, Draco was watching with something akin to awe.

Harry pulled off and sat up. “I want you to fuck me. Long and slow, for as long as you can manage. Will you do that for me?”

Draco’s eyes were darker than Harry had ever seen, and his voice was a hoarse whisper: “Yes.”

Harry rummaged in the bedside table’s drawer for the right potion and Draco stripped off the remainder of his clothes. Harry set the small vial on the table and then stretched out on his back on the bed, knees up and thighs spread. Draco’s eyes practically glazed over at the sight. He reached for the vial and missed it the first time.


“You wish,” Draco retorted, settling on the bed.

Harry closed his eyes as two slick fingers pressed into him, the potion warming and relaxing. Draco’s fingers curled up and lightly circled, and Harry’s hips jerked up.

“Stop teasing. Fuck me, come on.”

“I think I like you pushy.” Draco lifted Harry’s feet up to rest on his shoulders. A moment later, Harry felt the blunt head of his cock press against him and then push forward, breaching his body.

“Oh, yes, perfect,” Harry said through gritted teeth.

Draco pulled back slightly, then pushed forward again, inching forward.

Harry felt the tickle of hair against his arse and the glorious stretch, so full and hot and god. “Move.”

Draco pulled almost all the way out and slowly pushed in again, changing the angle just so as he did. “Like that?”

Harry’s cock ached. “More.”

It was slow and long and complete torture, and Draco kept him there for what seemed like an hour, stretched out across a precipice, distant waves crashing, so close but not-quite-there, his cock impossibly hard. He wrapped his trembling fingers around it at last and stroked. Draco took it as the signal he’d intended and changed the pace.

The headboard began bumping against the wall as Draco pounded into him. The neighbors would give him the side-eye later, but Harry didn’t care. It was glorious and he wanted more, needed deeper, harder.

“God, you--” Draco said, and then, “I’m close, fuck.”

Harry’s hand moved faster and he shifted his hips, and then, there, there, white hot and perfect.

Draco cried out, shuddering, and finally stilled. He collapsed on Harry a moment later, cock still buried in Harry’s body. Harry could feel two hearts pounding, could feel every bit of the skin where their bodies touched.

“Oh, fuck,” Draco groaned, face pressed into Harry’s shoulder. He shifted and his cock slid out, and Harry winced.

“I’d better go--”


Harry pushed himself to standing and waddled toward the bathroom. He wet a flannel and cleaned himself off, and glanced at the wreck of his hair in the mirror.

“That sounded like fun,” his reflection said with a smirk.

Harry responded with a rude gesture.

He went back to the bedroom and stretched out next to Ginny on the bed. Her body was covered with a slick sheen of sweat, and semen was drying between her breasts. Harry leaned across her to lick it off.

She grinned lazily at him. “Good?”

“Amazing,” he replied, and kissed her. “As usual.”

“Good.” She closed her eyes and smiled. “Your turn next.”

“I’m already working on it.”


Draco Malfoy checked the time on the grandfather clock on the wall and smiled. He stood and stretched, then climbed the stairs to the bedroom. He paused outside the closed door and took a deep, calming breath, then turned the ornate knob.

Harry Potter was stretched out on the bed, naked and already stroking an impressive erection. Draco leaned against the doorway and grinned.

“Astoria, what did I do to deserve you?”

Harry smiled in response, then crooked one finger in invitation. Draco began unfastening the buttons on his shirt and walked forward.