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secretly, greatly

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"Hello," a low voice greets as the elevator doors open in front of Yoongi who's frowning at his phone, his head low. He steps inside and continues tapping, blatantly ignoring whoever else is inside. In fact, he's so busy typing out an email to one of his clients and ignoring the other occupant's breathing behind him that Yoongi forgets to press for his floor.

"Fuck," he curses, eyes snapping up as he checks what floors the elevator has already passed. Luckily it's still three floors away from his stop, so Yoongi quickly presses the 8th button. There's a tiny noise of amusement that follows, and Yoongi, who's had a long day at work full of meetings and emails and coffee runs, snaps and whips his head around to face whoever's the asshole further spoiling his already spoiled mood--

He's met with a tall, lanky boy, probably in his early twenties, and he's got this smile that dips an indent on his left cheek-- a dimple. Yoongi blinks; he'd been expecting a douchebag in a suit and tie much like himself, not some kid giving him a flirty once-over and wearing-- Yoongi frowns. What the hell is he wearing anyway?

"What the hell are you wearing?" Yoongi blurts out, because apparently even though he's in a terrible mood, he can still give clowns like this kid the time of day. But the kid doesn't seem to catch the rude sneer in his voice, just smiles even more and opens his arms wide as if presenting himself to a grand audience.

"I was at a video game convention earlier." the dimpled boy says, and his face is brimming with so much pride Yoongi almost feels bad for being a douche. "I'm the commander-in-chief of a star fleet."

Yoongi has only ever been speechless for a few notable moments in his life; when he'd been turned down by the girl he likes back in high school and when he'd landed a job in one of Seoul's most prominent companies. But now he's about to add another one in, which is this very moment, staring at a boy with his ridiculous dimple and even more ridiculous outfit.

"You're staring." Dimple guy says after a muted pause, his tone upbeat and a tad bit teasing. "Didn't your mom ever tell you it's rude to stare?"

Yoongi blinks, the boy's words sinking in as he feels a slight blush crawling up his face. Even he can't deny he'd been staring, but it's definitely not because Dimple guy is rather attractive in the cocky sort of way, with his half-lidded eyes and upturned plump plips. It's because of the outfit. The goddamn outfit that actually looks good on the kid, the fabric stretching across his chest and hugging him in all the right places--

The elevator dings, and Yoongi gives a tiny jump, turning to see that it's already his floor.

He clears his throat and adjusts his tie, stepping outside once the elevator opens. Then, because Yoongi would never let some dork in a monkey suit one-up him in banter, he says, "I was only staring because there wasn't any other view in the elevator. And it was a shitty view, by the way. I think you've injured my eyes."

Yoongi's words don't seem to have his desired effect on Dimple guy, however, which is to see him frown and take offense. Contrary to that, Yoongi's comeback seems to have amused him to the point that he's full-on grinning, his eyes sparkling under the lights of the elevator.

"Then you should come up to mine sometime." Dimple guy says as the elevator doors start to close. "I've been told that I have the most breathtaking view of Seoul up in my penthouse."

The elevator doors shut after that, but not before the boy winks at him, and Yoongi's left standing there with his phone and briefcase, speechless for the fourth time in his life.




Yoongi's already hurrying towards the elevator the next afternoon, hand outstretched to keep the  doors from closing on him when he realizes there's already a hand stopping it from the inside. His stomach does a flip, already registering a face to the hand even before he sees him. The elevator doors part and sure enough, Dimple guy's there, an infuriating smile already on his face. He's also wearing casual clothes today, a gray sweatshirt and tight jeans, and Yoongi tries not to stare too long.

"Hey," Dimple guy says smoothly once he steps inside. His greeting falls into deaf ears as Yoongi situates himself in front of the elevator buttons. He's about to press for his floor when he begrudgingly realizes that Dimple guy has already pressed it for him.

Earlier, Yoongi had made up his mind to ignore the boy's presence in case he ran into him again, but now that he's right behind Yoongi, no doubt looking amused and smug, it's an entirely different story. So he opens his mouth, snapping a comeback that he had thought of just last night, hours after Dimple guy had left him feeling quite stupid.

"You couldn't be living up the penthouse," Yoongi starts slowly, putting in a pause for effect as he raises an eyebrow at the perpetually smiling boy. "because you'd have to be taking your private elevator, which this building's penthouse obviously has. So why are you here instead?"

He waits for Dimple guy's cocky facade to break, waits for his face to flush in embarrassment, but neither of those happens. Instead, Dimple guy lets out a small laugh, having the audacity to look even more amused as he tilts his head and surveys Yoongi.

"That's true," he replies, his playful smile unwavering. His eyes seem to sparkle with interest the more he stares at Yoongi. "but what if I told you my elevator was under repair yesterday and only got fixed today? What's your rebuttal?"

Yoongi stares at him for a few seconds, torn between playing along to Dimple guy's game or turning away to play deaf once more. The latter would've been the better choice, if not for the fact that it obviously meant admitting defeat, which Yoongi's humongous ego just cannot stand for.

And then, just when the elevator dings to signal that it's on Yoongi's floor, it hits him.

"Wait,” he says, completely forgetting the open elevator doors behind him as he completely faces the other boy, tilting his head up just a bit because Dimple guy's a good few inches taller than him. “if your elevator's fixed already, why are you still here?”

That seems to be the question Dimple guy's been hoping to hear, because he looks so satisfied as he leans against the elevator's steel wall. Yoongi doesn't even realize that the doors have closed, and that the elevator's already moving up. The suspense is killing him.

“Well,” Dimple guy starts as he looks down at his shoes, smiling a secret smile. From this angle, Yoongi can perfectly see his dimple, and the sight of it makes him ache with the sudden desire to poke his cheek, to feel his finger dip into that indentation. Then Dimple guy cocks his head up just so, looking at Yoongi through his eyelashes. “after meeting you yesterday, how could I go back to using my elevator? It'd drive me crazy knowing that I could be in the common elevator instead, seeing you everyday.”

Yoongi's heart skips a beat the same second the elevator dings. Dimple guy straightens himself, then strides forward past Yoongi, stepping outside to a hallway that leads to a two-door entrance.

“Now then,” he says as Yoongi belatedly realizes that they've reached the topmost floor, the hallway leading to what could only be the penthouse. Yoongi can't help but be flustered, feeling quite idiotic as everything sinks in. But Dimple guy is looking at him so warmly, so fondly, like Yoongi couldn't have done him anything wrong even when he had been so sarcastic and rude. Yoongi grits his teeth, an unwanted apology already on his tongue when Dimple guy stretches a hand out to him instead, smile turning into a grin.

“Let me show you that breathtaking view of Seoul I was talking about.”

(Much, much, much later, Yoongi will tell this story to anyone who asks him how he met his boyfriend. How he met Namjoon. And really, it's not that Yoongi likes talking about these things in general, but it's just so amusing to watch Namjoon fidget beside him, groaning as Yoongi exaggerates on how suave Namjoon had been, even going as far as to try and copy his boyfriend's expressions. By the end of it Namjoon would be blushing and grumbling against Yoongi's shoulder, telling him how much of a dick he is and why do I even love you. But Yoongi feels a smile forming against the fabric of shirt, and he thinks of how much of a bad liar his boyfriend is.

But Yoongi always makes it up to him, pressed against the mattress of Namjoon's king-sized bed as silk sheets pool around them, cool against their naked skin. And as Namjoon peppers kisses against his neck, Yoongi tilts his head to stare at the glass windows, watching the distant sparkle of city lights.

The view really is breathtaking, but not as much as when Namjoon fucks into him, staring down at him with love in his eyes, his hand finding Yoongi's before he's lacing their fingers together.)