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Hit and Run

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Jimin eyes the windows lining the third floor of the office building across the street from his rooftop position. Through the lens of his binoculars, he spots three heavy figures moving past the glass panes and that’s his cue. Bringing the microphone of the headset closer to his mouth, he turns it on with two fingers. He hears the static before whispering into it.

"Targets located and on the move. Do you read?"

A second later, there's static in his ear again and then Jungkook's low voice.

"Copy that."

Jungkook, young at the age of nineteen but with the cold-cut resolve of men twice his age, is in position inside the building opposite of the one Jimin's currently at. Whereas Jimin's on lookout duty today, Jungkook has the pleasure of being the hitman, which meant he also got to do the fun part.

"They're in the farthest room of the east wing. Seagull, you gotta act fast, associates are on their way." Jimin's voice is urgent in Jungkook's ear and he picks up his pace, pulling his black cap down lower as he does so.

He walks faster, taking care not to make a single noise. Pulling off a stunt inside of an office building meant maneuvering through cramped and narrow hallways and weaving through annoying cubicles. The only positive thing about this setting were the carpeted floors that makes it easier to do this job; he had learned the hard way what happens when you don't take the necessary caution to hide your footsteps. He's got the scar to prove it, too.

Walking fast, he reaches the end of the hallway and leans against the white wall. There's a door to his right, leading into a room where his targets were currently in - three business men who had messed with the wrong drug lord.

A week earlier, Namjoon - their manager of sorts - had been contacted by the drug lord to have him and Jimin "take care of" the three men. The following day, they had been sent a manila envelope containing all possible details of the men including their daily and weekly schedules, their physical profiles, SIN card numbers, visa card numbers, phone numbers - everything they needed to get to this point.

Jungkook takes a second to collect himself. This was going to be easy, they weren't even suspecting him. But he relished these moments; right before seeing his victim's surprised faces, he liked to drink in the adrenaline coursing through his blood, pumping and fueling his excitement.

He loved the thrill of the chase more than anything - wait, no. Scratch that. There was one thing he liked above all else. The satisfying bang of the gunshot and the thud that followed right after. Those sounds were music to his ears.

Listening carefully, he hears the muffled sound of conversation from the other side of the door. Being as quiet as possible, he turns the doorknob slowly, his Cold Mustang XSP held close to his chest with his other hand.

He peeks through the tiny crack and sees them standing in a tight circle, their voices frantic and their conversation fast-paced - they're arguing, he realizes. Their backs were to Jungkook and they didn't even suspect a thing. God, this was almost too easy.

He aims his pistol at the fattest one, right at his left chest. Lesson one on Taking Out Bastards 101: aim for the heart. Leave no room for error.

The pistol is warm in his palm. With one eye closed and the other squinting at his mark, he pulls the trigger.

The man makes a stifled noise before falling dead to the floor, a red stain blossoming on his expensive shirt. The other two gasp in horror before turning to stare at Jungkook.

"What the fuck's going on?" The one standing to the right shouts, eyes blown wide in panic.

The man on the left, however, seems more collected as he asks with narrowed eyes, "Who sent you here?"

Jungkook steps inside the room and closes the door behind him. "No need to worry about that." He takes one step forward and they take one step back, almost in unison, and he finds it all too comical.

There was no escaping, anyway.

"Please, don't kill us." The man on the right whimpers as he throws his hands up in the air as if surrendering. As if he had a choice to live.

Jungkook smiles, one corner of his mouth lifting higher than the other. Jimin had always told him his lopsided smile was unsettling but he thought it fit well in situations like these. "That's not for me to decide, really."

And he pulls the trigger a second time, sending the second man to the ground. He lands with a thud, and the last man standing looks from him to Jungkook with terror in his eyes.

"P-please, spare me! I have a family, I have a wife and kids." He begs, his voice trembling and his hands clutching his chest. "I'll give you anything, name it! A million won? Two million?"

Jungkook takes another step closer, the pistol raised and aimed straight at the begging man in front of him. "I'm good. Thanks for the offer, though." And with another gunfire, the room becomes silent.

Jimin's voice is in his ear again. "Seagull, get out of there. Now! Associate's cars just pulled up."

Jungkook looks out the window and thinks three floors shouldn't be too bad of a drop. "Roger that."




Growing up, Taehyung had always been fascinated with technology. Gaming consoles, his walkman, his first ever desktop computer - he had cherished them more than the piggy bank on his bookshelf and the coins it held. To him, his electronics and the joy they brought were worth more than any amount of money he could count.

Fast forward a decade later and he had mastered the language and technology behind these electronics. As a computer science major in his last year of university, he had been the top of his class and all his peers and even his professors were confident he was destined to be the next Steve Jobs of Korea.

He had gotten offers from huge corporations and gaming companies to come work for them after graduation. Some offered very impressive employment benefits and ridiculous salaries, but to everyone's utter surprise, he had turned them all down.

"I'm taking a year off after graduation." He had told the countless number of people who had questioned his decisions. "I need to get away from it all for a while."

Except that had been a load of bullshit. He wasn't getting away from anything at all. Far from it, really. He was doing what he loved doing - and not for free, of course. Yes, he had taken on a job.

But not with a big-name corporation or a company.

Not even a small start-up.

No, he was employed by a gang. Not a well-known one, but one of that his friend was in. This friend had asked him for a favor once in his junior year. When he had agreed to do it out of the obligations that came with friendship, he didn't realize that it was for a gang or that his friend was even in a gang. Sure, it had been a bit odd that he had been asked to hack into a bank security system, but the friend had told him it was all for a simulation and not a real bank.

“Don’t worry, it’s just some safety measures they’re testing out” had been his friend’s exact words.

In retrospect, that's when he probably should have cut off all ties with that friend if he wanted to lead a normal, civilized life.

But Yoongi had always been a smooth talker and a very influential hyung in Taehyung's life, so he had done what he had been asked to do. And done a very good job, apparently, because he got paid ridiculously well afterwards.

He remembers Yoongi handing him a briefcase of cash afterwards - a fucking briefcase - and thinking this was some sort of joke because who on earth had the money to pay a poor college kid that amount? Then Yoongi had explained that he was part of a gang, that he was pretty much the second in command and that if Taehyung wanted to keep the money he would have to keep hush about it. Well, it wasn't like he was going to go blabbering around about it. He liked money, and he respected Yoongi, so that was that.

After that first task, he had helped out Yoongi and his gang many times. Always with something hacking-related. Getting past firewalls, hacking into private bank accounts, messing with a security camera system - whatever they wanted, Taehyung could do, and do well.

So after graduation, they offered to take him on full-time and pay him a fucking ridiculous amount if he accepted. An amount that he couldn’t even think about being able to handle. So of course he said yes.



Presently, Taehyung is sitting in his kitchen leaning against his Italian marble counter and drinking his espresso made from a state-of-the-art espresso machine imported from somewhere - he didn't really know nor care from where. He just knew it costs almost a university semester's worth of tuition and that it made damn good espresso.

He checks his phone for messages and emails and sees that he's got a shit load to go through. There's three new jobs for him this week and although that's less than last week, the amount of time it would take him to get them done was getting longer and longer as the tasks were getting more complicated and dangerous.

Yoongi's gang had been giving him more serious jobs now that he was full-time. As if on cue, the phone rings and he already knows who it is before he even glances at the screen.

"Hey, hyung." He places his phone between his ear and his shoulder as he walks towards the fridge and opens it, digging inside for breakfast.

"Hey twat. I know you got the email, but I need you to listen up carefully." Yoongi says in a rush. He was always getting right down to it, never sparing time for small talk. "Our gang's expanding territories so we need you now more than ever. You gotta come into headquarters for this week."

He groans because the thing Taehyung likes about being a hacker was that he got to work from practically anywhere. From his home, from the internet cafe down the street, from the toilet, you name it and he could work from it. He even played some League of Legends in between work when things weren't that exciting and he was getting pretty good, having reached Gold this week.

"But I wanted to get to Plat, hyung." He whines, taking out a bag of milk. He moves to the cupboards and looks for some cereal. "Do I really have to come in?"

"Yes. Hang on." Yoongi shouts something on the other line but Taehyung can't make out what he says as he pours himself a bowl of Lucky Charms. "Okay, shit, boss needs me. Anyway, be here in an hour."

And the call's ended.

Taehyung puts the phone back in his pocket and sighs. Guess he'll have to reach that platinum rank another time.


Taehyung arrives at the gang's headquarters half an hour later. Despite the vast amount of cash they illegally earned, their space for a headquarter was a shabby floor in an abandoned building located in the shadiest part of town. He supposes they don’t really need to be extravagant about where they plan their stunts.

When he walks in through the door, Yoongi greets him with a nod from where he’s sitting and waves him over.

"Hey, hyung." Taehyung says as he takes a seat beside the older.

"Look at this." Yoongi points at the screen, getting right to business and Taehyung leans in closer to see what it is. "Our target for the next project."

The screen displays Google Maps and it seems like it's on street view. Staring harder, he realizes he's looking at a casino. A very large, extravagant casino.

"You want to rob The Palace?" He asks, his interest piqued. They had worked on medium sized banks and small companies before but never a casino this size. It was gigantic, probably the biggest in the province.

"Yep." Yoongi narrows his eyes at the screen. "Business has been booming for them so we thought we’d pay a visit.” He grins and that gold molar of his glints in the sunlight shining through the dirty windows. “You think you could hack into their security system?"

Casino security these days have become a multi-million dollar investment as complex as a police department. Taehyung knew modern casino security was usually divided between physical security force and a surveillance department that operated the closed circuit TV system, known in the industry as the ‘eye in the sky’ to detect any misconduct. The technology was becoming more evolved these days and it was probably going to take a bit longer than usual to crack, but he could definitely do it.

Taehyung looks over at Yoongi and winks. "Have I ever let you down before?"



He gets to work after getting set up at a table in the corner of the gang's headquarters. There was a noisy buzz in the place with people in suits walking in and out the front door endlessly, voices always shouting and phones constantly ringing.

As he gets to work at his station, Yoongi walks over to his desk and leans against it, his arms crossed.

"There’s some talk about another gang hiring a duo to rob the same place we're eyeing." He tells Taehyung, his voice gruff and annoyed. "As if they could do a better job." He scoffs.

"A duo?" Taehyung questions, not looking up from the screen. "Who?"

"No one knows their real names, they go by codename." Yoongi doesn't sound impressed about it. "Who do they think they are, double o-seven?"

Taehyung thought it was a smart move, though. Not wanting to reveal your real identity was a common practice in this shady line of business. "So what's their codenames?"

"Seagull and Falcon." Yoongi spits, distaste clear in his tone.

"Seagull? Are they for real?" Taehyung lets out a laugh and Yoongi glances sideways at him. Yoongi was never one for joking around. Taehyung’s laughter trails off into silence.

"Get to work, Taehyung." He says as he pats his shoulder once before walking away, leaving Taehyung wondering if these two were a serious threat to his job or not.




It’s evening in Seoul and the sun’s setting as Jungkook and Jimin lounge around in their own headquarters. Jimin’s polishing his personal collection of revolvers while Jungkook aims darts at the bullseye target pinned to the wall with precision unseen in most nineteen year olds.

When Namjoon walks in through the doors, his expression is dark. He runs a hand through his short auburn hair as he walks up to where Jimin is sitting and waves over Jungkook to come sit as well. When the three of them are seated on the contemporary chrome chairs in the shape of pods - the entire space was decorated with all black and white modern furniture hand-picked by Namjoon himself - he gives them each a grave look before speaking up.

“Someone’s hacked our database.”

Jungkook and Jimin both regard their manager with wide eyes, their surprise written plainly on their faces.

“Who is it?” Jimin asks, brows furrowed.

“Not too sure, I’m going to get on that soon. Once I track down the hacker, I’m sending you two to take him out.”

Jimin and Jungkook nod once to show they understood.

“But how did they get through our firewall?” Jungkook asks as he abruptly stops playing with the dart in his hand. He knows how important the classified files in their DB are, and if they fell into the wrong hands, they were in huge trouble.

“A fucking virus.” Namjoon grits through his teeth and shakes his head. “This is a first. No one’s been able to do this before.” He stands up and stuffs his hands in his suit pants, his frustration evident in every movement. “Whoever it was made a virus like I’ve never seen before and it got into our server. Whoever this bastard is, he’s good.”


It’s almost midnight but Taehyung’s still at the gang’s headquarters. He had spent the whole afternoon and evening attempting to get past the infamous duo’s security measures protecting their database.

After Yoongi had mentioned that the infamous Seagull and Falcon were after the same target and that they were apparently the top contractors in the hitmen business, Taehyung couldn’t get them out of his mind. He was curious as to how good they could be.

The tech savvy side of him wanted to know everything he could find online about the two. So after researching a bit and making a couple of calls, he found out they were actually part of a small independent contract-killing business located in the heart of Seoul. And they had the most well-protected database Taehyung had seen.

He had spent most of the afternoon trying to get past their firewall and had finally cracked it just an hour ago.

But not without effort. He had sent a virus their way - one that had taken him almost a week to develop and was saving for a time like this - and it had done the job. Once he was in, he found out that indeed, they were hired by a rival gang of Yoongi’s to hit and run the same casino.

He also found Seagull and Falcon’s individual profiles as well. His curiosity got the better of him and he had read through each, surprised to find that one was the same age as him. The other was two years younger, and quite the looker.

He motions Yoongi over to his work station and the older obliges.

“This better be important.” He says as he leans against Taehyung’s desk. “I was just about to leave.”

“It is. Look at this.” Taehyung points to his screen.

When Yoongi turns around to see what could possibly be more important than him going home, his eyes widen and his jaw drops.

“You hacked their database?” He asks in disbelief. He’s almost laughing. “You’re kidding.”

“Nope. I got all their files right here.” He shows Yoongi all the files he’s extracted. “And a list of all their contractors.” He presses a few buttons and an excel sheet pops up.

“Holy shit, Taehyung. This is great.” Yoongi is definitely laughing now. “This is fucking gold.”


“I got him.” Namjoon announces half an hour later and Jimin and Jungkook rush over to where he’s seated, his Mac Desktop screen displaying Google Maps.

“This is pretty nearby.” Jimin notes, looking at the street where the red designation bubble is. “Like, twenty minutes by car.”

“Yeah and this is where whoever the fuck hacked us is at right now.” Namjoon turns to looks at the two of them and they both know what they have to do.

“We’re on it.” Jimin says, voice low. Jungkook’s already heading towards the door, tucking one of Jimin’s revolver between his belt.


“How’d you do this?” Yoongi asks in disbelief. He’s looking through all their printed classified files with glee. Taehyung had printed out all the ones he thought he would be interested in seeing.

“A bug helped me.” He answers, knowing Yoongi didn’t want the actual technical explanation.

“Bug, insect, worm, whatever it was, this is brilliant.” Yoongi beams and Taehyung feels happier that his hyung was getting excited over this. Yoongi had always been hard to please. “But I gotta run, boss called for a late meeting outside of town.” He grabs his keys from his desk and heads towards the exit. “You gonna be okay locking up?”

Taehyung didn’t mind being the last one left in the headquarters. He wanted to pry more into the duo’s files before leaving for home. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Good night, hyung.”

“Night.” Yoongi waves before the door closes behind him, leaving Taehyung alone in the silence.

He sits in front of his computer for a while, scrolling through and saving all the information he thinks could be of use in the future. Twenty minutes pass by and when he looks outside the dirty window beside him, he realizes it’s pitch black outside.

He should probably head home soon, he thinks. He makes to get up from his seat when he hears distant footsteps coming from near the entrance.

He freezes. Who could be here at this hour? It couldn’t be Yoongi, he left only half an hour ago. He hopes to God or whoever was up there that it’s one of the other members in their gang or maybe the building’s maintenance? Wait no, this place was abandoned. And no one ever came in here this late.

He listens more carefully, frozen in place, and realizes there’s not just one set of footsteps but two.

He definitely didn’t want to be here in case they belonged to someone unfriendly. Being in the hitmen business had earned him one too many enemies, even from working behind the scenes. He was a well-known hacker and there were many unknown faces waiting to have a good go at him.

He gets up quickly and starts to head towards the back exit when all of a sudden the lights go out, leaving him in complete darkness.

Shit. He freezes mid-step, his eyes widening in surprise at the sudden power outage. His heart pounding faster, he swallows. It was late, no one was within hearing distance to hear him if he cried out for help and he had just hacked an infamous duo’s DB. He had a growing suspicion of the situation he had just placed himself in. Damn, he should have taken better care to cover up his tracks.

He hears the pair of footsteps getting closer now.

The door knob starts turning and he gulps as he silently awaits for whatever was coming at him in the darkness.


Jungkook had found the power circuit board for the entire building on the main floor and had shot it five times - the fifth bullet for good measure - to give that good-for-nothing hacker the scare of his lifetime.

Namjoon had said this hacker’s HQ was located on the second floor of the building so they had climbed a very run-down flight of stairs and were now turning the doorknob.

They throw open the door to reveal a pitch black space inside. Jimin aims his phone’s light in front of them and they take a few tentative steps.

“We know you’re here.” Jungkook calls out into the darkness. “There’s no point in running, we’re armed.”

They take a couple of more careful steps forward when out of the blackness a low voice calls out, “Please don’t hurt me.”

Jimin aims the light in the direction of where the voice is coming from and it falls to rest on a young man, his hands held out in front of him. He’s got dark brown hair and a League of Legends tshirt on, along with dark ripped jeans. He looks around his age and wears a terrified expression. Jimin can’t help but think he looked, well, quite harmless.

Jungkook however immediately aims his gun at him and the brunette flinches.

“On your knees.” Jungkook commands and the hacker obeys wordlessly. “Hands on your head.”  

Jungkook looks to Jimin, expecting him to raise his gun as well but Jimin’s eyes are trained on the guy before them, his expression softening.

“Hyung.” Jungkook says with an edge to his voice to remind Jimin why they were here.

“He’s so young.” Jimin says quietly, and Jungkook is about to tell him to get his head in the fucking game when the brunette kneeling before them speaks up.

“I am!” The two hitmen turn in unison to stare at him. “I’m only twenty one, please, I’m too young to die.”

When the two don’t reply, he continues. “My name is Kim Taehyung, I’m just a young computer science major turned hacker who’s trying to make a living, I swear I didn’t mean to cause any harm. Please don’t kill me.” He gulps and continues talking, hoping they would take pity on his poor soul. “I have so much to live for, you know? I haven’t even attended my first League tournament yet, please, I can’t die yet, do you know how hard I’ve been training?”

Jimin looks at him with his mouth open, taking it all in. Jungkook just studies him with narrowed eyes and his expression dark, wondering if this guy was right in the head.

Then Jimin turns to Jungkook and whispers, “Isn’t that the same game you play?”

Jungkook couldn’t fucking believe Park Jimin sometimes.

“Not. Fucking. Now.” He grits through his teeth. Ignoring the older, he aims the gun right at Kim Taehyung’s chest and says in a dangerous voice, “So why’d you decide to hack our database?”

“Well, that’s kind of what I do.” Taehyung says quickly, almost apologetically. But when he hears the click of the safety being pulled, he knows he has to try to save his sorry ass no matter how pathetic he would sound.

“Wait! Wait, wait wait. Listen to me.” He frantically looks at the shorter of the two because he seemed like the softer one out of the duo. “I’m a good hacker. I got through your firewall didn’t I? That was one fucking good security system you guys had going on. Almost shit myself getting through it.”

Jimin looks like he’s listening so he rambles on.

“What I’m trying to say is, I’m a damn good hacker. And if you let me, I’d gladly work for you two! And do a damn good job while I’m at it.” He pleads, looking right at the shorter guy’s droopy eyes. “Just, please don’t hurt me. I’m harmless.”

Jungkook scoffs and takes one step closer to Taehyung, his gun now aimed at his head.

“That makes you sound suspicious. First, you hack us. Second, you claim you’re harmless but really, you just caused us more harm than you could imagine. How do you expect us to believe you?”

“Okay, I see your point. I do.” Taehyung swallows, knowing his argument from here on was what was going to determine life or death. “But that’s pretty much all you know about me right now! I’m so much more than just some dude who hacked you guys! First off, I’m really good with animals. And kids.”

Jimin turns to Jungkook and whispers, “That includes you,” while sniggering.

Jungkook resists the strong urge to punch the living shit out of his partner in crime.

“Second of all, I can do this!” And he reaches one hand underneath one of his shirt’s long sleeves and Jimin and Jungkook instinctively point their guns at his forehead, thinking he was reaching for a weapon.

“WHOA, DON’T MOVE! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Jungkook shouts, holding the gun steady with both hands. “Hands where we can see them.”

Taehyung looks between them, bewildered. “What? What are you freaking out about, I was just trying to show you this!” Looking at their expressions, he wonders if maybe this isn't the best way to cut the tension.

And they realize he’s pulled up his sleeve to reveal two small moles located side by side on his biceps. He brings his thumb and forefinger to his upper arm to pinch the skin between the two moles so that it looked like... “It’s an elephant! On my arm!”

Kim Taehyung is not right in the head, Jungkook decides.

“Okay, I’m going to shoot you now.” He tells him and the smile on the hacker’s face falls right off.

He starts to aim right at Taehyung’s heart when Jimin intercepts, coming to stand between him and Taehyung.

“What the fuck, hyung.” Jungkook deadpans. “Move.”

“Wait, I think he has a point.” Jimin tells him slowly, lowering the gun in his hand. “He could work for us.”

“Did you see him just now? What is he, five? A fucking elephant on his arm?”

“Um, I can hear you.” Taehyung says, sounding offended.

Jungkook ignores him. “We came here to do one job and we’re going to go back having done that job.”

Jimin doesn’t move an inch. “Seriously, Jungkook, think about it. Namjoon hyung has way too much on his plate. If we have a hacker on our side, we could be doing the same amount of work in less time. Which would mean more business for us.”

“Good point.” Taehyung calls out, and Jungkook just wants to shoot him even more.

“Jungkook, think about it.”

Jungkook knows Namjoon is managing way too much on his plate all the time, but still. This guy just pulled all the wrong strings with Jungkook and he didn’t like him one bit.

“Let’s bring him back to our place and see what hyung thinks.” Jimin suggests and Jungkook gives one last threatening look at Taehyung before slowly lowering his revolver.


He had a feeling he was going to regret this.


When they get back to their HQ, it’s late at night but Namjoon is still hunched over in front of his desktop, immersed in his work. He looks up when he hears the sound of their footsteps entering. He turns around and when his eyes come to rest on the brown-haired, League-wearing stranger, he looks at Jungkook and Jimin questioningly.

“Who’s this?” He asks, although he had a feeling who it could be just from the way Jimin is looking at him with a guilty expression.

“Jimin decided to take pity on the guy who just hacked us.” Jungkook spits out, frustration loud and clear in his tone. He gives Jimin a look as if to say you’re in for it now.

Namjoon looks to Jimin for an explanation.

Jimin looks at Namjoon with his best puppy-face; he knew Namjoon had a weak spot for those. Namjoon wills himself to not let it get to him as Jimin points at the stranger and says, “Hyung, he’s just a harmless nerd who hacks for a living, I couldn’t kill him! Look at him.” He points at Taehyung, who looks back at Jimin with a grateful smile, letting the nerd label slide. “And think about it, he can work for us! He could do the coding and hacking so you wouldn't have to do so much at once.”

Taehyung perks up at that and turns to look at Namjoon with an earnest expression, his eyes wide. He’s assuming this guy’s their boss or manager of sorts, so he was going to have to do a good job convincing him of his worth.

“Yeah, what he said! I can do all the tech work for you guys, I’m really good. I’d do a clean job, leave no trace, be untrackable, all that jazz.” He says quickly but Namjoon doesn’t look convinced so Taehyung continues, his words coming out in a rush. “I’ve been doing this stuff all throughout college, I majored in comp sci and I’ve done countless stunts for my gang. Never fucked up once. Well, except until now. But they don’t call me “V” in the tech world for nothing.”

“Wait.” Namjoon finally speaks up at the mention of the famous nickname. “You’re “V”? The same “V” that hacked the Seoul subway line four years ago?”

“Ah, my infamous graduation prank.” Taehyung smiles smugly despite the dire situation he’s in. “Yeah that was one of my earlier works.”

“He did what?” Jungkook finds himself asking, his curiosity getting the better of him.

“It was wild news back in the day.” Namjoon tells him, recalling the day the story had gone viral within the tech community. “Someone had managed to get into the  Seoul subway system’s server and shut it down for an hour.” Namjoon tells them, sounding half impressed, half disbelieving. “And you’re saying you were that someone?”

Taehyung nods fervently, his brown hair flopping as he does so. “I thought letting my graduating class sleep in on the last day of school would be a nice way to say goodbye. So yeah.”

Namjoon regards him, looking impressed but also still a little doubtful. He narrows his eyes before asking, “So why did you hack our database?”

The brunette rubs the back of his neck, looking apologetic. “I was curious.” He admits, biting his lip. “I heard these two were after the same casino my gang was after, so I looked you guys up. Then I came across your DB and couldn’t help myself.”

Taehyung expects Namjoon to blow up or get angry or start shouting at him for what he did - he wouldn’t even be mad, he kind of deserved it - but instead, Namjoon says calmly, “Impressive.”

Jimin speaks up then. “Hyung, we could really use him. The casino job could be in the bag with him on our side.”

Jungkook makes a noncommittal noise. “He’d probably screw us over.” He says, still not convinced having the hacker on their team was a good idea.

Namjoon just looks at Taehyung, studying him intently. He considers all the facts. He knew Taehyung, aka “V”, was the best in the field of hacking and Jimin was right, he could make their stunts go smoother and take a lot off his plate. But he knew better than to trust him so easily. In this line of business, trust was as rare as legally earned cash. He decides he’ll have Jimin and Jungkook keep a close tab on him. 24/7 surveillance.

He looks to Jimin and Jungkook and gestures at them, a signal that they’ve learned a long time as we need to talk. They walk over to him and they huddle, leaning their heads in. WIth Taehyung looking curiously at them in the distance, Namjoon speaks up, his voice low.

“Don’t go against my orders again.” He says sternly and Jimin opens his mouth to retort but he cuts him off. “But. I do agree that his skills could be of use. I’m just wondering what you two honestly think about this.”

“I’m against it.” Jungkook says instantly, crossing arms. “We’re fine as we are right now.”

Jimin, however, glances behind him and looks back at Taehyung for a second. Then he turns back to them with his mouth set in a straight line. “I think there’s more to gain from having him on our side than taking him out.”

Namjoon looks over at where the hacker is standing, watching them with a worried expression. There was something about him that just didn’t seem threatening, but Namjoon knew he had to be cautious, considering what they did for a living.

He straightens up and walks over to Taehyung. He takes one step closer, then another, and another, until he’s standing right in front of the brunette, their height difference very apparent from this proximity.

Taehyung looks up at Namjoon, his eyes wide in anticipation.

“Alright. I’ll give you one chance. You do this job for us and if it goes well, you can stay.” He gives a calculated look at the shorter, their gaze level. Taehyung could tell why this guy was in charge; he had a no-nonsense attitude and from the level of difficulty he had faced getting through their DB security measures Namjoon undoubtedly created, this guy was probably just as good as Taehyung himself.

“But around here, you won’t be working just as a hacker. You’ll need to be flexible and know how to kill as well.” Namjoon narrows his eyes at Taehyung. “And if you screw us over, you’ll be sorry you were even born.”

Taehyung nods once, eager to agree to anything as long he got to live, not looking away from Namjoon’s gaze.

“Make this official. Shake on it.” He offers him his hand, and Taehyung stares at it for a second before looking back up at Namjoon. He doesn’t break eye contact as he shakes his hand, once, strong and firm.

“Alright.” Namjoon’s tone is final. He steps back and looks to Jimin and Jungkook. “Take him back to your place. He’ll stay with you two from now on. Get him started on training tomorrow. We’re starting our plans for the next stunt this week.”

Jungkook is about to retort but Namjoon raises a hand to shut him up. “No buts.”

Jimin on the other hand, smiles and walks over to Taehyung, offering him his hand. “I’m Jimin, by the way.”

Taehyung gives him his brightest smile. He was grateful for Jimin taking pity on him; he had saved his ass. Big time.

“You just saved me. I owe you one.” He says in a low voice.

“You can take the couch then.” Jimin says back, smiling. Then he beckons Jungkook to come stand beside him. The younger reluctantly obliges, avoiding looking at Taehyung.

“This is Jungkook.” Jimin introduces, but Jungkook just crosses his arms and refuses to speak and looks at everywhere but Taehyung.

“Nice to meet you.” Taehyung says brightly. He could deal with this guy not liking him for now. He had a certain way of dealing with people that made boundaries disappear, and he was confident things with Jungkook would be no different.

The younger gives no indication of having heard Taehyung.

“We should turn in for the night.” Jimin tells them, not sure what to do about Jungkook’s cold front. He waves at Namjoon who’s already gone back to work on his desktop. “Don’t stay up too late, hyung.”

Namjoon bids them a wordless good night as they walk out the doors of their HQ and head towards Jimin and Jungkook’s shared studio apartment a couple of block away.