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‘War, what is it really good for? Fighting the good fight until the very bitter end? When, does it all really ever end?’

“Hardcase, on your flank!”

The blaster shot just barely missing him.

With the pace of the battle being brutal at best. The enemy approaching from two sides. Boxing in the squadron of troopers having been sent in advance as reconnaissance and to assess the status of the enemy front line only to have ended up being ambushed.

“Everyone! Hold your heads down!”

The sound of a blaster canon fired booming somewhere above them.

“Keep your eyes on those clankers!”

“Hold the rear!”

“Hardcase, concentrate your fire to your left!”

“Six o’clock, enemy approaching from your six!”

“I see them. Damned clankers!”

The several commands, orders, warnings sounding out. The sometimes fear filled shout outs inside the helmets of the soldiers echoing. A constant for sure.

Trying to keep their position, before backup would arrive. It wasn’t supposed to have been needed. But the enemy’s surprise attack had caused the small squadron to take cover. And being pinned down, was never a good place to be.

“Cover fire! Use cover fire!”

A few of them having been misplaced from the whole, were now running towards the safe place, the brief respite of haven the soldiers had found for themselves while waiting to be rescued.

It would not take long now.

The others were already rolling towards their position. At least the comms had promised as much.And then, they would all be saved.

But, the enemy just kept on firing. The noises of fighting around them growing ever stronger, in their ears and the minds of those soldiers in the middle of the battle field… stuck inside their supposed haven of sorts.

Would any of them get back to real safety, ever again?