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Island Captives, Broken spells

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The creatures and characters who live in the sea are often ignored in stories. 

The story of Seireus and his kind especially.

Seireus is the son of Poseidon born to him by Thalassa who was the daughter of the god of the sea's chief priest and Poseidon's cousin. His story is sad because on the night of his

birth, his mother became jealous of him. He had been born immortal. He was taken in by his father and his father's wife, Queen Amphitrite. He was raised alongside his half-

brother Triton and Poseidon's daughter, Ammersei.

Thalassa was punished for her jealousy and unfortunately this was passed down to her other children. She died unrepentant in her new form. Her children were split for three of

the five were born in animal form and two were born half-human.

Seireus found his half-brother and half-sister three months after their birth. He found them in danger and protected them. He then carried them to Amphitrite. Amphitrite saw 

Seireus was delighted with the young ones. Purposing to forget their mother's jealousy, she chose to see them as the innocents they were. This attitude enabled her to share her

foster son's delight.

Amphitrite spoke to Poseidon and they allowed Seireus to take the two infants in. They watched him do so with a great deal of love. They accepted the names of Seid and Alassa.

Seireus, who was now 12, named his half-brother Seid and his half-sister Alassa. Though still young himself, he began to care for them. His foster brother Triton couldn't

understand why but his foster sister Ammersei shared his delight. The two acted as brother and sister but were father and mother to the two half-siblings.