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Knight in Day

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Karkat sighed loudly, rummaging through his pockets for the change he needed. The cashier narrowed her eyes at him from behind the thick lenses of her glasses. They were so large that she'd probably go blind if she looked into a bright light, no wonder she worked in a cramped, trashy gas station.

No--wait--that was because her personality left much to be desired. Very, very much.

"Sir, hurry up," she hissed, gripping the sides of the counter she stood behind,"there are people waiting."

Karkat fixed her with a withering glare, fished out the two quarters he needed, and slammed them onto the counter, snatching the soda away.

"Thank you for your patronage," The cashier seethed.

Karkat left as quickly as possible in an attempt to avoid the poisonous stares of the other customers who were stuck in line behind him. Popping open the lid, he took a long full, and promptly choked as a man dressed in medieval attire came into view.
Karkat sputtered, desperately trying not to spew Coke everywhere as he watched the albino in the red cape ask the TV behind the window of the shop he was standing in front of directions.

"Dost thou happen to know where the stables are located?" He was demanding, making wild gestures at Barney, with his armor clinking. When the famed purple dinosaur broke into song, the man balled his fists and then cupped his hands around his mouth.

"STABLES?!" He shouted, attracting attention from passerby like a magnet.

Karkat stumbled towards the white-haired loon, gulping."Look," he held his hands out,"we don't appreciate LARPers around here. Seriously--what the fuck?"

The "knight" spun around at inhuman speed, considering the weight his armor probably was."What is...'LARPers?'" He echoed carefully, eyebrows creasing.

"No. No, don't you fucking dare give me that bullshit. I'm tired of the acts, 'specially since most my friends practically killed each other playing that game!"

"Good man, I assure you I am not putting on such an act. It is not in mine conscience, very much so if your comrades were wounded! Sir David Strider at your service." The pale man bowed with a sweep of his crimson cape, almost entangling Karkat in it as he flourished it.

The grumpy man groaned loudly, staring at the "LARPer" with a gaze that spoke "murder."

"I'm done with this intricate fuckery. You keep on screeching at Barney and I'll be on my way," Karkat said sweetly, and strode off.

"P-please wait!" The albino called nervously,"Dost thee happen to possess knowledge regarding the location of any stables or kingdoms? I only wish to return to my homeland. This peculiar town and its magics are too daunting for me..."

"'Sir David,' go get a life!" Karkat sniffed.

It started drizzling when Karkat arrived back at his apartment, and he couldn't help but look out the window and out into the city for David.
"Oh my God..." Karkat breathed.

Sir David was still sitting in front of the TV store out in the now pouring rain, his knees to his chest, trying to use his cape as a cover. He looked absolutely pitiful and Karkat couldn't imagine being so dedicated to a character like that. He never really even heard his LARPer friends using that kind if vocabulary either--he could hardly understand it.

Oh no.

Oh hell no.

He wasn't playing a character, was he.

Filled to the brim with confusion and guilt, Karkat equipped himself with his trusty rain jacket and favored weapon, the mighty umbrella, and rushed back to Sir David.