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Indominus No, Raptor Yes

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“Hey, boss man,” Darcy called as she sauntered into Tony’s engineering lab, large cup of coffee in hand. She came to stand at his desk, surprised to not see him. He was just right there. “Tony?” she called, placing the cup on a stack of unopened letters. “Marco!”

She heard a rustling from her left and turned in time to see Tony come barreling out of a side room. “Polo! Where’s your bag?”

“What bag?”

“Your overnight bag? Did I not tell you?” Tony barely stopped moving as he asked, picking up what seemed like random tools and tossing them all over the place.

Cleaning was not one of her responsibilities.

“Hi, Dum-E,” Darcy muttered as the robot came over to say hi, beeping excitedly. She patted its outstretched arm and went to follow the billionaire as he left the room. “Tony! No you did not tell me about needing an overnight bag. I’ve already told you, I’m not sleeping with you.”

He made a vague hand gesture as he continued down the hall. “Your loss. Jarvis! Have someone put together something for Lewis. Wheels up in ten!”

Darcy stopped, standing in the middle of the hallway, arms across her chest. “Hey, asshole!”

It said something about their working relationship that at her call, Tony stopped and faced her. “What?” he nearly whined it.

She raised an eyebrow at him. “You need to actually tell me what’s going on.”

Tony moved towards her, coming to stand by her side. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and ushered her down the hallway. “Me, you, and Bruce are going on a little field trip.”

“A field trip?” the disbelief was strong in her voice.

“Yeah, an old buddy of mine invited us to his island. In Costa Rica. It’ll be fun! Jarvis, make sure there’s a bathing suit, bikini, in her luggage.”

“Miss Lewis?” The disembodied voice of Stark’s AI came from everywhere and nowhere.

Darcy sighed. “That’s fine, J.”

Scoffing, Tony replied, “Of course it’s fine, I said it was.”

She rolled her eyes. “If you guys are going on vacation, you don’t need me.”

Tony stopped their progression and Darcy realized they were standing outside Bruce’s lab. “Lewis, when was the last time you left New York? Fuck, when was the last time you left the tower?”

“Um,” Darcy paused, thinking. “We had to evacuate the city for that thing with the giant mice. Jane and I went to your Malibu facility.”

“That was eight months ago. Once I do lunch with my buddy, we’re going to have a weekend of relaxation. You’ve been saying I need to take a break, and this way you can make sure that I do. Win, win!” His tone of voice brooked no argument and, honestly, if they were going to Costa Rica, Darcy didn’t feel too inclined talk him out of it.

As long as there were no aliens or robots trying to take over the world, she could actually have a few days to unwind. Her thoughts of beaches and drinks with umbrellas in it was broken when she heard him yell for Bruce.

“Let’s go, Big Green, the jet awaits!” Tony really sounded entirely too excited about a few days off.

They only had to wait a few minutes for the doors to the lab to slide open and for Bruce to emerge, bag slung over his shoulder.

“Hey, Tony. Hi, Darcy. You coming, too?” Bruce asked as he joined them on her other side, and the trio made their way to the bank of elevators.

She shrugged, “Guess so. My boss says I need a few days off, who am I to argue?”

Bruce turned confused eyes to Tony. “I thought we were going to take a look at –“

“Look, the elevator!” Tony called out, interrupting whatever Bruce was about to say.  Ushering them inside, he hit the button for the quinjet launch pad. Yeah, Tony sounded entirely too happy about no work for a few days. Something was going on. Bruce could usually talk sense into him, so she wasn’t too concerned. For now.

Whatever. Free vacation, apparently. She was too busy envisioning herself laying on the beach so she missed the look Bruce gave Tony over her head.

A few seconds later, the elevator doors were opening and the three made their way to the open ramp of the quinjet. There was a familiar redhead standing nearby.

“Hey, Nat,” Darcy called. “You going on vacation, too?”

Natasha’s eyes flicked to Tony very briefly. If Darcy hadn’t known her as well as she did, she never would have caught the small movement. “I’m just your pilot to Costa Rica. You’ll be picked up by a private helicopter once you arrive.”

Darcy tried to hide her disappointment. “Oh. Figured we could have had a girls’ weekend.”

Nat hummed, but sounded apologetic when she said, “Sorry. I’m heading on from there to meet Barnes in South America. We’ll be back to pick you guys up on the mainland in three days.”

Nodding, Darcy moved to board the jet, finding a duffel bag with her name embroidered on it. Huh. Well, Stark did pay for the best service. And apparently that extended to putting together last minute luggage for her. Oh, and her purse was placed next to it. Sweet.

They were in the air less than five minutes later.

Darcy settled herself in her seat and called over to Tony, who had placed himself in the copilot seat, “So who’s your rich buddy that we’re meeting?”

He turned his head slightly to look at her. “Simon Masrani. Nice guy. Went to the same school for a while. Eighth richest man in the world, though. We can’t all be perfect, I guess.”

Natasha muttered something under her breath and Darcy could have sworn she called Tony a pompous fool, but she couldn’t be sure. She and Bucky had unofficially been teaching Darcy how to speak Russian. It was slow progress, mostly because Darcy couldn’t focus to sit still for the hour long lesson they were trying for. Some words were sticking, though. Mostly curses, but it counted.

Sighing, she put in her earbuds, raising the volume to drown out the sounds of Tony and Natasha’s not-so-muffled argument.

She must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew, Bruce was gently shaking her awake. His hand was on the back of her neck as she raised her head from where it has slumped over. He was helping control the motion because, ow, that’s gonna hurt. Once she was looking at him, she unbuckled her seatbelt and her hand took place of his. “Thanks, Bruce,” she yawned, standing.

She could see that Tony was already out of the jet and standing near a helicopter that had its blades already rotating. When Natasha had said that they were being picked up, she didn’t think it was going to be immediate.

Bruce nodded at her, grabbed his bag, and went to go stand near Tony.

Darcy stretched as she stood, being careful not to move her neck too suddenly. She reached down for her bag and heard Tony yell, “Hurry up, Lewis! The island waits for no one!”

She waved his words away and picked up her new duffel. He wouldn’t leave without her. She slung the strap across her chest and turned to Natasha. “Have fun doing whatever super-secret spy stuff you’re on your way to.”

Natasha nodded. “And you, have fun?”

Darcy wasn’t sure why that was a question but she smiled anyway. “Thanks!” She turned and made her way down the ramp.

“Darcy!” Natasha called suddenly, stopping her.

She turned slightly, “Hmm?”

“Be careful. Just…please. Be careful.” Natasha paused and seemed to think through saying something else, but all she said was, “Go. I’ll see you in a few days.”

More confused than ever, Darcy turned back and exited the jet.

The air was warm and humid. Slightly gross, to be honest, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. The view to the side of the helicopter was spectacular. She could see pristine beaches, barely dotted with people. The ocean stretched out around them for miles. It was peaceful. Well, minus the running helicopter in front of her, it was.

Shaking her head, she joined the rest of her group. “Alright, boss. Let’s let this vacation get started.”

Tony grinned and hopped through the open door, taking the farthest seat. Bruce gestured that she should get on next so she climbed through, glancing at the side of the helicopter.


Why did that sound familiar?

Ignoring it for the moment, Darcy again buckled herself in and waited for everyone else to get in place, taking the headset that was handed to her.

“Alright, kids,” came the voice of the pilot. “Let’s get this party started.”

Tony’s voice was next. “How long to get to the island?”

“Hm. Not long. It’s about a hundred miles offshore, but we make good time. Usually only about twenty minutes or so. Just a quick jump over, really.”

Darcy saw Tony nod out of the corner of her eye, and not even a minute later they were in the air.

There wasn’t much to see on their flight, just miles of ocean in either direction. It wasn’t long before she could see the blurry shape of what had to be the island in front of them. The blob grew every minute they were flying and soon she could see it.

Well, she could see a lot of greenery. And…was that a cruise ship making its way towards the shore? She thought Tony’s eccentric billionaire friend had a private island?

The trees and slopes of the hills were becoming more defined as they swooped and soared lower and lower. They went around one side and were soon flying through a small range of hills. There was an area of plains to her left and she leaned around Bruce to try and take a better look. There was a herd of animals making their way through across it but they were too high for her to try and see what they were. But they were big. Giraffes maybe? Were they even native to the tropics?

“Sorry, Bruce,” she murmured, straightening in her seat. He just smiled at her and turned his head forward again.

They descended quickly and were then smoothly landing on the helipad.

“Okay, boys and girls. Enjoy your stay on Isla Nublar. Remember to run if anything chases you.” He was still laughing at his joke when they handed their headsets back.

Run? What?

Okay. Now Darcy was concerned. What, exactly, was going on?

The helicopter took off again as soon as they stepped off, and Darcy had to hold her hair down so she didn’t eat it. Once her vision was cleared she saw that they were being greeted by a small, two person, welcoming committee.

“Ah, Tony Stark. Welcome! Welcome!” The man said jovially, embracing Tony.

Okay that was weird all on its own because Darcy well knew of his whole “I won’t even shake your hand” thing.

This must have been Simon because if it wasn’t, it was some other rich dude that was way too happy to see them. She’d learned a lot about expensive suits and tailoring since she started to work for Stark Industries, and this man’s suit? Yeah, definitely screamed money. He had good taste, though. The colors suited him well, as did the cut. If Darcy hadn’t already been exposed to Tony’s charm, she could see herself being blinded by this man. In addition to the great suit, he had a kind and open face. His smile was genuine and she could see an honesty lurking behind his expression. He was honestly thrilled to be seeing them.

Tony introduced Bruce next as his favorite scientist in the world of bioorganics. Simon’s smile grew as he heard that. That seemed to make his day. And really, it should. Tony and Bruce were the absolute best in the world at what they did.

“You must be Miss Lewis,” Simon said, stepping in front of her, hand outstretched. “I have heard much about you. Tony likes to brag that you’re the only one that doesn’t listen to him.”

Darcy blushed and shrugged, “Yeah, um, I guess that’s me. Darcy. Nice to meet you, Mr. Masrani.”

“Simon, please!” His grin seemed to grow. She wondered if his face muscles were starting to hurt.

Darcy nodded and repeated, “Simon. Thanks for letting me join in on your boy’s weekend.”

At her words, he looked over at Tony. “You didn’t tell her?”

Tony smirked. “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

“Well, welcome,” Simon started, spreading his arms out to the side as if to encompass the whole island, “to Jurassic World.”