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Let that be Enough

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The Goblin castle.

Chaos reigned. Small, filthy creatures scrambled about the throne room in pursuit of squawking chickens and feathers flew as the birds panicked. Goblin guards were scattered through the mob, some joining the chase for chickens, some yelling orders and beating their companions with short wooden spears. Petitioners from the goblin city milled about the entrance to the great room, drinking ale and muttering unpleasant comments about their ruler. In a corner that had thus far remained clean of drink, feathers, and goblins, a group of visiting dignitaries huddled and cast baleful glares at anyone who approached.

Thus had the kingdom remained for three days. Three days since the king had vanished without a trace. There had been no word of warning and no preparations for his absence. The petitioners had appeared the first day and found the castle goblins already enjoying their revelries. More had come from the city with each day, staying to enjoy the drink and good times with the Goblin King gone. The foreign embassy had arrived on the second day, gaining a temporary control over the mass…until it was realized that the foreigners had no more idea where the king was than his own subjects did.

Now the fourth day dawned, and subjects and guests alike stretched stiff limbs and shifted on the cold stone floor that had been slept on for several nights. Thunder rumbled as a few goblins stumbled sluggishly out of the room in search of food, promising for a long, damp day. Angry muttering rose from the corner as the visitors argued amongst themselves.

The Goblin King's realm threatened to crumble without him.



Far away from the anarchy of the throne room, in the castle's innermost rooms, she stirred in the warm darkness. Gently disentangling herself from Jareth's embrace, she rose from the bed and stepped to the window. The cool morning breeze caressed her naked flesh, bringing her fully awake. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her that she had barely eaten in the last…well, she wasn't sure exactly how many days it had been. Not more than two, surely.

She had returned to the Underground to prove her love for the Goblin King, but after her confession he had fallen into her arms, sobbing hysterically. Shocked by the unexpected reaction, Sarah finally realized the depths of the pain she had caused him. She held him until his breathing calmed, stroking his hair as he laid silent in her lap.

Just as she began to wonder if he had fallen asleep, he lifted his head, snaking an arm around her neck. She had a glimpse of wild eyes before he pressed his mouth harshly to hers, kissing her with such passion and desperation that she gasped in surprise and tried to pull away, but he held her tightly against him.

The kisses continued until their breathing grew ragged. Only then did he release her enough that she could see his face. It was a ghostly white, and his eyes appeared to glow with inner madness.

"Please, Sarah…please," he whispered, searching her face for signs of rejection. She knew then what he wanted, and that turning him away now would cause him to retreat so far within himself that she may never get another chance. Fighting down her trepidation, she summoned a smile and nodded bravely. Then with a grateful sigh, Jareth was upon her again, kissing her, stroking her hair, pressing her gently to the cold floor.

There in the madness of the Escher Room, Sarah gave the Goblin King her virginity.

It was not how she had imagined her first time to be, crushed against the cold stone floor while Jareth ravaged her body with an intensity that made her cry out in pleasure and pain. But it was necessary. Only a small sacrifice, she told herself. Such a little thing.

The king had certainly made up for it later. A blush stained Sarah's cheeks as she recalled the past few days.

She glanced at the sleeping form on the bed. He looked so relaxed. She hated to leave him, but she doubted his palace ruled itself. Someone had to take care of things and the sooner she established her position, the better. She lifted a silken robe from the floor and drew it over her shoulders.

Then with a last lingering glance at her beloved, Sarah slipped quietly from the room in search of more fitting attire to greet her soon-to-be subjects.