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Hannibal: Tonight It's Only You and Me

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Hannibal didn't hear Barney call for him the first few times. He was in his Mind Palace, sitting at home with Will, the omega curled up with his head in Hannibal's lap. He had a migraine, often a sign that his heat was approaching. Usually headaches were due to stress and Jack Crawford. A migraine meant that soon they would be locked away in their bedroom, enjoying each other.

Will whimpered. 'Shh,' Hannibal hummed, brushing his fingers through Will's curls. 'Do you want anything?' he asked, tone soft so as not to aggravate Will's brain.

'No,' Will whispered. He curled further into Hannibal. 'S'going now.'

Hannibal hummed and rubbed gently at Will's temple. Will sighed-

'Dr Lecter.'

Hannibal's eyes snapped open and he breathed out heavily. The faint scent of Will, of their shared study, of the Earl Grey tea Hannibal had been sipping, faded to be replaced by ammonia, sweat, and all the other wretched smells that seeped from the walls of the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Hannibal took a deep breath to reorient himself before he tilted his head. Barney, the chief orderly, was standing just beyond the bars. Hannibal didn't say anything.

'Dr Lecter,' Barney repeated. 'Your mate is here. He's in heat.'

'Will?' Hannibal croaked. He hadn't spoken since Will's last heat, where he'd growled the younger man's name over and over again. He and Will had spoken between bouts of intense sex, had shared memories and what they'd been up to towards the end of Will's heat. Will had more to speak of; he was still working for the FBI, more as an instructor, now, than a field agent. He had been deemed to unstable for field work, given that his Alpha mate was incarcerated.

The last words Hannibal had spoken had been to Barney, thanking the man for bringing him back to his cell and feeding him. He'd laid down then and slipped into his mind palace. He'd stayed there, even when he'd eaten, gone to the bathroom, allowed the orderlies to clean his cell. He'd never really been here, instead escaping into his own head.

He was back now and he stood as Barney indicated for him to approach the bars. The leather hockey mask was passed through and Hannibal fixed it around his head. Even though he'd never bitten anyone, he'd snapped at a fair few people. Chilton was his favourite; the man scared so easily.

Hannibal then had to get to his knees and lay on the floor, legs and feet stretched out to show that he wasn't holding anything. Two large orderlies entered the cell while Barney watched, a can of mace in one hand, a baton in the other. Hannibal allowed them to pat him down, stared ahead as a straitjacket was wrapped around him, his arms secured. The trolley was brought in and Hannibal's feet bound to it, then his hips and chest.

Hannibal was wheeled from his cell and out of maximum security. The rooms mated couples were allowed in was on this floor, on the opposite end of the building. Hannibal was wheeled past store rooms, break rooms, a long, concrete hallway that offered various shades of grey.

They finally reached the rooms, and Hannibal was wheeled into number 5. He couldn't smell Will, which meant that the omega wasn't in the room yet. Hannibal was unshackled and tied to the bed. His hands were released last of all and Hannibal remained still, even when the door shut behind him.

He knew the routine by now. He had to stay where he was, the orderlies watching him on the cameras. Only when Will was let into the room after being searched, the door locked behind him, could Hannibal move.

The door opened and the scent hit Hannibal; smoking wood, too-ripe fruit, heat and fertility and Will. He got to his knees quickly and felt hot fingers on his ankles, undoing the straps that had been used to tie Hannibal to the bed. Hannibal snarled as he tried to get the hockey mask free, tried to get rid of the piece of leather that obstructed the scent of his mate.

Will whimpered and it cut through Hannibal's cold heart, making it beat rapidly. Hannibal was hard already, his aching cock stretching against the rough material of his prison jumpsuit. He finally got the mask off and whipped around, only to be tackled back to the bed. He snarled again and rolled over, pinning Will to the mattress.

Bright blue eyes, feverish with heat, stared up at him. Will's hair was damp and matted to his forehead, his skin shining with sweat and bright pink. Hannibal ducked down to press his face against Will's neck, breathing in deeply. His scent was much stronger here, but would be even stronger down, where slick was leaking from his needy hole.

Will shuddered when Hannibal licked at his neck, then bit over the scarred mark that proclaimed their bond to the world.

'Hannibal!' Will gasped.

'Maniškis,' Hannibal growled.

Will didn't speak Lithuanian, but Hannibal had shouted that word often enough. 'Yes,' he agreed and wrapped his arms around Hannibal's shoulders. 'Hannibal, please-'

Hannibal ripped at Will's flannel shirt, buttons popping all over the place. He tore the fabric clear and was glad to see that Will wasn't wearing a t-shirt underneath; he never did when he came here, he always wore loose clothing that was easy to remove. He always brought extra clothes with him.

But Hannibal was an alpha, his mate was in heat... higher thinking took a backseat to the need to claim and mark and fuck.

'I'm going to fill you so full of my seed, it'll leak from you for weeks,' Hannibal growled as he licked over Will's chest, down to his stomach. Will mewled and arched up, his fingers now threaded through Hannibal's hair. 'I'm going to fuck you and breed you. You're going to look gorgeous carrying my pups, aren't you? Isn't that what you want?'

'Yes,' Will gasped. 'Yes, Alpha, I want-'

He choked on his won tongue when Hannibal's large hands smoothed down his thighs. Will was wearing sweatpants and socks, slippers on his feet. Hannibal tore them free and started on his own clothing, the jumpsuit peeling away easily under Hannibal's fingers. He kicked his shoes off, slid his socks down with the jumpsuit and underwear, dumped his white t-shirt atop the pile.

Will was where Hannibal had left him, legs spread, cock hard and red against his stomach. He was never allowed to bring his glasses in, so his blue eyes were unobstructed, giving Hannibal the chance to drink him in.

Hannibal had enough control to say, 'I missed you, mylimasis,' as he climbed onto the bed, then over Will. There was a strip of condoms on the bedside table, but Hannibal had no use for them; Will was on birth control, the latex would be nothing but a flimsy barrier that stopped him from fully enjoying his omega.

'Missed you... t-too,' Will got out. He arched back, pushing his lower body off the bed. 'Hannibal, please, I-'

Hannibal growled and shut him up with a kiss. His control was rapidly dwindling, and he slid an arm beneath Will's lower back. Will pushed up eagerly as Hannibal used his free hand to steady his cock. He sank in quickly and easily, slick gushing from Will's fluttering hole. Will shouted Hannibal's name and obediently came, clenching around Hannibal's fat cock, greedily sucking him further in. He stripped his stomach in sterile come, and Hannibal watched it with wide eyes, the alpha in him purring at the fact that he'd pleasured his omega.

He managed to still himself, wait, until Will started clawing at his back. Then he pulled out and fucked back in, his rhythm immediately punishing, cock stretching Will further open, filling him, striking his prostate and making the omega shout in pleasure.

Hannibal growled and buried his face in Will's neck. Will's scent was getting stronger, slick and sweat mixing together with come, Hannibal's own scent hidden beneath Will's. They would overlap eventually; when Hannibal worked up a sweat, when he came and rubbed himself all over Will so that the omega smelled like him, like them, like mates.

Will came again and his nails broke Hannibal's skin. Hannibal growled in pleasure and rewarded Will by tugging on his cock, working the younger man through his orgasm, making him whimper and shake when it was over.

Will's heat spurred him on, made both want more, and Hannibal grabbed at Will's hips to lift him up, to bring Will down onto his cock. Will pushed back as best he could until he was forcing Hannibal back, climbing onto him. A part of Hannibal, the alpha part, didn't like it; didn't want his mate above him, dictating this. The man enjoyed it, wanted to see the look of rapture on Will's face, feel it in his body, flush against Hannibal's own, when he climaxed again.

Hannibal flexed his fingers and dug his nails into Will's ass. The omega's mouth was hanging open, his eyes hooded, and he let out a gasp every time he slammed himself down. Hannibal growled filthy things into Will's hair, his neck, his ear; he was going to breed the omega, pump him full of seed, fill him up until his belly grew big, until he was swollen with Hannibal's pups. He'd kill whoever Will wanted and serve the meat up on a silver tray while Will laid in bed, glowing with good health, pregnant and waddling because of Hannibal.

Will said yes to all of it; screamed yes when Hannibal threw him onto the bed face-first, when he forced Will's ass up so that he could fuck into him again. His pace was harsh, brutal, and Will took it all with moans and begs for more, harder, faster.

Hannibal felt his knot swelling and soon it caught on Will's rim. The omega mewled and thrust back onto it, wanting more, more, more. Hannibal draped himself over Will's back, wrapped a hand around Will's leaking cock. He squeezed Will's prick just as he bit into Will's neck, and his knot finally caught and locked them together. Hannibal growled Will's name but it was muffled against his skin, blood licking at his teeth and making the alpha shiver.

He pumped Will full of seed, thoughts on how gorgeous Will was going to look fat with Hannibal's pups. Will climaxed with him, spilling around Hannibal's tight fist. He pushed back and pulled forward, wanting to feel Hannibal's knot tug at his entrance, locking them together.

When Hannibal finally stopped coming he used his larger bulk to push Will to the bed. The omega was compliant, allowing his mate to rearrange them. Will curled up and hummed when Hannibal wrapped himself around the smaller man. Hannibal licked at Will's wound, quickly cleaning and soothing the bite.

'Hannibal,' Will whispered.

They were coming back to themselves; sated, for now, until Hannibal's knot deflated and Will's heat clawed at them both once more.

Hannibal came again before he could answer, Will's channel milking the climax from him. Will didn't come but he shivered, his cock twitching against Hannibal's hand. Hannibal idly traced it with one finger until Will caught his palm and threaded their digits together.

'Hannibal,' Will repeated.

'Will,' the doctor replied.

Will sighed and eased further back into the alpha. 'I've missed you so much,' he murmured.

'And I you,' Hannibal said. He kissed the back of Will's neck. 'Tell me.'

Will listed what he'd been up to since his last heat; work, as usual; talking about serial killers and dodging questions about his mate, the Chesapeake Ripper. He worked one case, strictly by file, for Jack. Beverly had brought it because it had only been a few days ago, and Will had known his heat was coming. He didn't like being around alphas when his heat was approaching. It reminded him that his alpha wasn't there. Hannibal soothed Will somewhat by kissing the back of his neck again. Will cleared his throat and continued.

He'd had lunch with Beverly, Alana, Beverly and Alana. Beverly was the only one who didn't treat him any differently. Alana jumped between pity and anger; pity over Will, bonded to a psychopath and still in love with him; anger at Will for not recognising what Hannibal was before they mated.

Will and Alana were friends, but Hannibal knew that their relationship was strained. Alana still harboured some romantic feelings for Will, he mused. Beta/Omega pairings were rare but not unheard of and no longer judged too harshly by society. But Will was Hannibal's, and neither man wanted to break their bonding.

Hannibal still remembered the aftermath of when he'd been caught; the articles about Will Graham, the man who could think like a killer, the man who had actually bonded with a killer. Jack had ordered that Will severe their bond as soon as Hannibal was found guilty on twelve counts of murder (he'd killed many more, but they couldn't prove it); Alana had advised Will to break their bond; Beverly had gotten Will drunk and listened to him cry, hadn't judged him once.

Will had surprised them by refusing; he was Hannibal's omega and always would be. It hadn't surprised Hannibal. He and Will had only mated because Will had figured out the truth, had confronted Hannibal and said the words that Hannibal would treasure for the rest of his natural life; “I know what you are, Hannibal Lecter. And I want you because of what you are.” They'd talked, of course, but then? Hannibal cherished the memories of them bonding, of the first time they'd made love in Hannibal's bed; Will screaming Hannibal's name as Hannibal bit him, Hannibal growling Will's as the omega bit him in return.


Hannibal hummed and brushed his nose along Will's neck, breathing deeply. Will was all heat and sweet, sweet fruit; fertile and mate. 'My apologies,' Hannibal murmured, 'I was remembering when we mated.'

Will chuckled. 'I wish I had your memory,' he said. 'I have photos.' He kept an album by the bed- in the bed, sometimes, he'd told Hannibal. On the nights when Winston and his other dogs weren't enough, Will drank and curled around Hannibal's pillow and looked at photos of himself and the doctor together.

Hannibal felt a savage spark of anger go through him. Jack Crawford had caught him and torn him away from his mate. He'd forced Hannibal into the BSH, had locked him up. Hannibal saw Will weakly, but it wasn't enough. He only got to touch Will when the omega was in heat. If he touched Will from his cell, through the bars, Barney came and took Will away. Will was always forced away for two weeks, leaving Hannibal frustrated and barely able to control his darker urges. On those days he would happily skin Barney, who was the most polite orderly he'd met.

Hannibal's knot finally deflated enough for Will to turn and wrap his arms around the doctor; he buried his face in Hannibal's chest and shook violently until Hannibal hugged him in return. Hannibal whispered to him in Lithuanian; words that Will couldn't understand, but words that soothed him just the same.

Rubbing Will's back, Hannibal closed his eyes. He wanted to say that this wouldn't last forever; Hannibal had no intention of spending the rest of his life in his cell, buried underground, punished by Chilton when he didn't behave the way the other man wanted.

But even these rooms were wired and watched, cameras mounted in two corners to make sure that Hannibal didn't hurt Will and that Will didn't slip him anything. All Hannibal could do was reassure Will with touches and foreign languages. And when Will's heat spiked again, when Will's shaking stopped being about the anger over their situation and became about Will wanting Hannibal to fuck him and breed him, Hannibal soothed his mate with strong hands and deep thrusts and sloppy, harsh kisses.

He bit at Will's lips until they were plump and red; he slicked his tongue over Will's neck and tugged sharply on his hair, grinning when Will easily presented his throat. He fucked Will and whispered filthy things about his sweet ass, about how he was made to writhe on Hannibal's knot, about the pups both desperately wanted to have, would have had already if Hannibal hadn't been caught.

They fucked and Hannibal knotted Will; he deflated and did it all over again, Will riding him, Will face-first on the mattress, Will with his back to Hannibal and one leg lifted, head tossed back so that Hannibal could kiss him as he pounded into him.

Food was pushed through a flap in one of the doors, and they ate when they could, slept when overcome by exhaustion. They made love and they fucked and they rocked together in the quieter times, hands gentle and eyes open, locked on each other.

'I love you,' Will murmured when he came again, this round long and gentle, their orgasms building and building before washing over them like a gentle river.

'Always, Will,' Hannibal hissed into his neck. He flopped over Will when he was done and Will rubbed against him. They smelled like sex and mates. 'I'll always love you.'

Will hummed but didn't say anything until, about half-an-hour later, Hannibal's knot deflated. They were rapidly approaching the end of Will's heat; two more spikes, Hannibal estimated, followed by one more round of love-making before they ate and Will was forced to leave. He'd go back to his life, alone on the outside, stuck in Hannibal's large house with three dogs.

And Hannibal would be wheeled back to his cell, a cold shower with no privacy his only chance at washing the smell of Will from his skin. He never wanted to, but some of the other inmates made crude comments whenever Hannibal came back. It was why Miggs had killed himself two days after Will and Hannibal's first heat-mandated conjugal visit.

Hannibal was about to pull out- he'd clean up a bit, get the tray of food on the floor, force Will to eat something before they napped- but Will stopped him. He latched onto Hannibal's arm and dug his blunt nails into the doctor's skin.

'Will?' Hannibal questioned.

He heard Will lick his lips; heard him breath in heavily. Finally he twisted around and Hannibal's cock slid from him, sticky with come and slick. Will's entire body went tense for a beat before he relaxed into Hannibal.


Will leaned forward to whisper into Hannibal's ear; 'I didn't take my birth control.' Hannibal froze, his fingers clenching around Will's hips. The omega whimpered and pressed closer against him, tilted his head so that his neck was stretched out. 'I'm sorry.'

'Why would you do that, Will?' Hannibal asked, his voice soft, breath blowing across Will's ear.

'Because I'm tired of waiting,' Will replied. 'We were going to be a family and then you got caught. It's been six years, Hannibal. I'll be forty this year. I can't wait any longer.'

Hannibal drew back to look at him, maroon eyes meeting blue. Will licked his lips.

'I'll bring him or her to visit,' he promised. 'I'll come every week, so we can talk.'

Their conjugal visits would stop if Will was pregnant. Hannibal would only get to look at Will through bars; he wouldn't be able to touch, he wouldn't be able to go with his omega for his scans. He wouldn't get to see the birth of his child.

Will stretched again before his fingers splayed along the back of Hannibal's neck. Hannibal found himself moving down, burying his face in Will's neck to breathe in deeply. He still smelled sweet and hot, mate and heat filling Hannibal's nostrils.

Everything was recorded, even these visits, but Will whispered it any way; so softly that even Hannibal had to strain to hear him;

'I know that you won't miss it.'

Hannibal sighed and brushed his nose along Will's ear, kissed the mark he'd bitten into Will's skin eight years ago when they'd bonded. He had hoped for a little more time, just a little to make sure that the orderlies, the guards, Chilton, thought that he was comfortable here.

But now Will had tipped his hand. There was no guarantee that Will would fall pregnant, though the chances of him not conceiving during a heat were maybe 12%. And Hannibal didn't doubt that his clever mate had boosted his own fertility somehow.

'Will,' Hannibal mumbled yet again, eyes closed and nose buried in the younger man's soft, sweaty curls.

'I'm sorry,' Will replied.

'No,' Hannibal shook his head, 'no.' He opened his eyes to find his mate staring at him. Sweet Will, apologising for his betrayal, yet staring at Hannibal with fire in his eyes. The omega tilted his chin up; he wasn't sorry in the slightest. 'Don't apologise, dear Will,' Hannibal murmured. 'You don't mean it.'

Will said nothing.

'And you have nothing to apologise for,' Hannibal continued. He kissed Will gently. 'You will be a terrific father.'

'Really?' Will asked immediately.

Hannibal hummed, even as he nodded. 'Most definitely,' he said.

'I'll bring them to visit,' Will promised again. But when Hannibal looked at him, he saw it in Will's eyes; the omega had no intention of bringing their pups here. Why would he, when he knew that Hannibal would no longer be here? Hannibal wasn't going to only see his pups, his mate, once a week with bars separating them.

And Will knew it.

'Yes,' Hannibal agreed for the listening devices and the cameras.

Will smirked and closed the distance between then. Hannibal grabbed tightly at his hair and didn't want to let him go.

He did, eventually, when Will's heat had ended and there was a rap on the door. Will wrapped himself in the duvet they'd barely used and watched as Hannibal dressed himself. Hannibal then laid on the bed and Will strapped his ankles back down, then put the hockey mask on him. Soon Hannibal was up and pinned to the trolley once more, his maroon eyes locked on Will for as long as possible before he was taken from the room.

The two orderlies, plus Barney, were betas, so Will's heat and scent didn't affect them as much as it would an alpha. They still sniffled and coughed, Will's too-sweet scent tickling their nostrils and making them squirm. Hannibal dug his nails into his palms as best he could.

Not now, he thought, and not Barney. Later, if I get the chance, I'll kill the other two. We'll see .

Hannibal had a plan; he'd had it since the first year he'd been in here. But he was a patient man and capable of waiting.

Will had forced his hand, and now Hannibal would escape... two months, he thought. Will's next heat would be in three months, and that was only if he didn't fall pregnant. Two months was long enough for Will to find out. He'd come visit and let Hannibal know. Hannibal would escape soon after.

Perhaps it would be expected; maybe Chilton would be smart and realise that there was no chance in Hell that Hannibal would stay in a cage while his omega was out there, pregnant.

But maybe he'd be an idiot about this like he was about everything else; maybe he'd come to taunt Hannibal, talk about the omega he was courting (Chilton was a beta, as was his current partner; why he thought that he could lie to Hannibal Lecter was beyond the doctor).

Hannibal laid down on his cot when he was free and ignored the meal Barney slid through for him. He'd eat in a bit and shower, change into the fresh jumpsuit that Barney would bring before lights out.

That was still hours away, if Barney's wristwatch was anything to go by.

Hannibal closed his eyes and immediately dreamed of Will; the omega was barefoot, heavily swollen with their pups. Two of them, a boy and a girl. They would have another later, and then one more. Four children that would run through the trees Will was currently standing amongst. There was blood beneath Will's nails and he was gnawing on a bone, meat juices sliding down his chin, lips glistening with fat. His curls were a mess, eyes bright, free hand pressed to his stomach.

Hannibal didn't know where they were. Florence, perhaps. Greece, maybe. Paris? It didn't matter. They would settle somewhere warm and secluded, on one of the many properties Hannibal had kept an eye on when he was free.

Will would want for nothing. Their children would have everything they could need, but not be spoiled. Will would curl around Hannibal at night, stomach swollen, stomach flat when their pups were born. He would press Hannibal's face into his neck and breathe evenly when sleep came over him.

Hannibal would hold him tight and never let him go again.

Soon, he thought and slipped further into the dream.