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Breaking Boundaries

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‘Being alone is not always a bad thing, as sometimes, especially those hardest of times, can become the greatest teacher of life’


She felt the cold dampness all around her as she slowly started to wake up from the sleep like daze she had been in. At least it had felt like sleeping. Although, she had no recollection of having dreamt of anything.

How she had gotten there, wherever it was she was at right now, was still a mystery.

The events leading to her being there were a blur, the images not clearing up in her brain no matter how hard she tried to focus them.

But, she did feel a grave loss. The loss of her family. And realising that very fact. That none of them were there with her. That ultimately, she was all alone.

As it was, she had no idea of how she had ended up in wherever this was. Trying to look around, but there was only darkness there greeting her all around. Only the damp smell of something filled her nostrils as she took a deep breath.

A sudden flash in her mind and a memory emerged just then. That of having been stunned. With a weapon perhaps? At least that much was for sure. She had not been sleeping but unconscious. The sensations of the nausea and headache reached her senses just then. Trying hard to keep it in, so not to hurl.

A moment passed and then another.

She finally managed to control the bad feelings and aches enough to get up and take a few steps around the immediate area. But there was nothing more there to find. And as she really could not see much, venturing around was not the best choice for her to make.

Sitting back down on what felt like some kind of a wooden box. At least she hoped it was. It was difficult to tell. But trusting her own instinct she remained seated there. All quiet. As she was way too tired and at loss of doing anything else, but to simply sit in the one spot.

One thing was for sure though. There was no one else there where she was. That much she had realised though. It was only her. By herself. Nothing but the darkness her companion at the very moment. She was truly, all alone.

The tears filled her eyes, some of them falling freely. She could not stop them from falling. Not that she even tried to. And then, she was crying, nay, sobbing, loudly. The hopeless tears streaming down her dirty face. She felt abandoned, cold and alone. There was nothing for her to look forward to.

The darkness remained all around and she did not move. Sitting by herself, crying, lost to her family, lost to the world, the whole galaxy even.

What her future would hold for her, was too scary to even think about.