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With Meliodas and the rest gone it was extremely quiet in the bar. Only Gowther remained, his small figure striding across the light wood and through the warm light of candles as if the silence didn't bother him at all.

Slader watched him with focused eyes and a twitch in his fingers. He was considering pulling his mask back over his face so his gaze's attachment to Gowther would be less obvious. He was too late in his thoughts, however, because Gowther stopped at the table in front of him and turned his blank gold stare to Slader with a question, "Are you uneasy around me."

His voice didn't lilt up at the end. It didn't take on an inflection of emotion at all, really. But it was smooth, low and pleasant to Slader's ears and calming enough that he almost didn't flush at the question, "What? No, no, why would I be?"

Gowther tipped his head to the side, strands of hair moving across his forehead, "Because of the Night Terrors."

"Oh!" and Slader laughed nervously at that because of course; he's a sin. He's dangerous. "No, I don't suppose you'd try anything now." Slader lowered his voice a little, attempted to regain some of his typical battle confidence even if it was just a farce, "It's not as though you'd come out unharmed anyway."

"Ah. So," Gowther said simply, head moving back to a neutral position, "that's how you think it is."

Slader's eye twitched. If he hadn't currently been sliding his gaze up the lithe line of Gowther's neck and imagining what it tasted like he might have gotten irritated.

Instead he just wound up flustered.

Gowther lightly raised his hand, "But if you're not worried about me attacking you, I'm inclined to determine why you have been staring at me all this time." There was a spark of light at the tip of Gowther's finger.

Slader stood in a rush, hand flying to cover his neck. He backed up against the chair he had been sitting in, almost knocking it over with the backs of his knees. "Don't do that," he sputtered quickly. "We will have problems if you go around getting in my head."

Gowther lowered his hand, mouth trained in a flat line. "You could tell me," he offered easily, voice still placid and nonchalant. Its flat cadence sat in eerie opposition to Slader's heartbeat.

"Ah, well, that," he laughed nervously, dropping his hand back down by his side. Gowther watched him without moving and without any apparent inclination to do so. When he stood in place his body was so strangely still, as if his spine was cemented in position until it was forced into motion. "Do you..." and Slader could  hear his voice stretching a little high, lilting when he didn't intend it to, "um." He coughed.

Gowther blinked, and his eyes seemed to focus even more on Slader's face, "You realize you haven't posed an actual question."

"Give me a minute!" Slader barked. He flopped back down into his seat and leaned against his knee, "Do you often... are you used to turning the heads of both men and women?"

Gowther's gaze drifted upward as he thought. "I don't tend to notice," was his even answer.

Slader stared at him with some disbelief in his eyes. Don't notice?

Gowther blinked back down at him, "Is this question born from a need to understand my sexual preference, given the homosexual thoughts you currently have concerning me?"

"What?" Slader reared back in his seat, "NO! Well, yes, but also no."

Gowther brought his fingers to his chin as he spoke, all but ignoring Slader's outburst, "I suppose that would make sense. Your heartbeat often accelerates in my presence, and your body temperature typically rises as well."

"You are far to observant for comfort--"

Gowther made eye contact again at last, "Does it bother you?"

"Ah--" Slader paused for a moment to resettle in his seat. He gave the question a moment of reflection. "No," he finally decided. "Not really."

"But you're curious." It was a statement, not a question. "About me."

Slader felt his face starting to burn, his chest constricting and making breathing more difficult, "Well..." He thought out his words carefully. "As familiar as I am with male attraction, you are..."

Gowther tilted his head. 

Slader cleared his throat, "I'm not used to being attracted to men... like you."

"Like a type." 

Salder turned his head to shield his blushing face, "Yes. Something like that." 

"Aah, that must make you very curious." Slader brought his eyes back up at the words, and at their calm delivery. "'Why would I be interested in a man like him', 'What's so special about him' ; you probably ask yourself these questions."

Slader was unnerved by how exceptionally right he was.

"I think myself a curious person," Gowther told him without much pause. "I suppose I..." he thought for a couple heartbeats, lips pinched in, "appreciate," he decided, "the curiosity of others."

Slader swallowed hard, his eyes twitching large on his face.

"I can enlighten you," Gowther offered without hesitation or a blink.

Slader's mouth fell open, a strange sound working from the back of his throat before he could finally stumble into speech again, "No no, I could never ask that of you, it's unnecessary, I'm just--"

Gowther lightly brushed at the ends of his strands of  hair, fingers touching at his tunic. The sleeve slid down his shoulder, exposing the black strap of an undergarment and the perfect angle of smooth pale flesh.

Slader lost track of his sentence.

"You're blushing," Gowther pointed out.

"You don't have to bring attention to those kinds of things," and Slader hated how that was almost a whine.

"Oh. I see," he took a step forward, chin tilting down to look at Slader. For having such a small body he maintained such a large presence. "I won't, then."

Slader felt his mouth going dry under the steady gold gaze, but he couldn't look away.

"Allow me to sate some of your curiosity," Gowther said. With every passing second Slader was growing even more unnerved by the constant calm of his voice. Gowther slipped off his shoes, stepping on the heels and pulling his small feet from the folds of leather. Then his hand slipped under his shirt until he reached the waistband of his pants. He tugged them down.

"Here!?" Slader almost yelled in surprise, blinking around the empty dining room of the bar, "Right now?"

Gowther blinked at him, "You're ready right now."

The burn on Slader's face steadily slid down his neck. "But," he managed dryly, "what if someone walks in while--"

Gowther looked to him as his pants slid down the lithe line of his legs, "I don't really mind."

Slader felt the blood drain from his face, and he wasn't sure if it was in mild horror or in flustered reaction to a kink he didn't know he had.

Gowther stepped from his pants, kicking them aside like he was changing into pajamas rather than preparing for a sexual encounter. Slader couldn't help but look, couldn't help but tip his head. Then he almost gasped.

"You're wearing--"

"Ah. These," Gowther said, lightly pulling up his shirt to display his striped underwear. "They're women's panties, apparently." Slader was beginning to feel dizzy. "They work best with my tight pants," Gowther explained simply.

Logical. Of course.

Gowther took a few steps forward and then rested his knee next to Slader's thigh. He put his hands on his shoulders, the gentle touch burning against Slader's skin like it was a brand. Then he brought up his other leg and straddled Slader, moving to sit on his lap.

Slader's hands were immediately on the outside of Gowther's thighs to hold him, but he was shaking, the erratic heartbeat pumping through his veins and into the bones of his fingers.

The warm light of the room glinted against Gowther's glasses, "Do you want me to kiss you?"

Slader's hands clenched down hard on Gowther's thighs then, and the smooth skin sent electricity up through his fingertips to wrack his spine and tingle at the base of his neck. "What?" he managed to wheeze.

"I don't know if you want me to attempt to emulate romance or if this is simply a sexual experiment."

"I--" Slader wasn't sure he knew either. But he knew this was good; Gowther sitting on his lap was definitely good. "Whatever is comfortable for you," he finally decided, laying down trust for someone he wasn't sure he should. It would be simpler that way.

"Very well then."

Gowther reached down, undoing Slader's pants and coaxing out his length without pause.

Slader hissed breath into his mouth, the hot touch of fingers driving shivering sensation from the point of contact out across his limbs.

Gowther tipped his head, ruby strands of hair grazing against the top of his shoulder. He slid his hand up Slader's length slowly, watching the motion with interest. Then he took his time bringing his thumb up to run circles over Slader's head, sliding through beads of precum and forcing Slader's hips to tip up into the motion.

"Ah," Slader grunted in spite of himself. If he didn't know better he would say Gowther was teasing him with the slow steady motions of his fingers.

Gowther ran his hand back down to the base of Slader's cock too slowly, too lighty, and then moved with a few quick pumps that ended with another slide of his thumb over Slader's head. His eyes were unwavering on Slader's face the whole time.

Slader groaned. Maybe he didn't know better.

While Slader wanted to drink in as much of Gowther's touch as possible, he also wanted to touch him. The nimble body that was perched almost weightlessly across his lap looked breakable even though it wasn't, and it looked flawless in its beauty, and it definitely was.

He tentatively reached forward, fingers first bumping against the hardened length under the fabric of Gowther's tunic. Slader almost flinched. He wasn't sure why, but he was excessively surprised to find Gowther in such a state, cock hard and pressing moisture against his shirt.

He slid his hand under the shirt, and when he found Gowther's length and wrapped his hand around it Gowther blinked twice in quick succession.

"I'm surprised," he stated.

Slader's mouth pulled down into a frown, "I want you to feel good too."

Gowther's hand almost paused in its coaxing as his eyes refixed themselves to Slader's face. "I'm surprised," he repeated.

Slader began moving his hand, mirroring the long slow strokes that Gowther was employing.

Gowther's mouth seemed to pinch a little tighter, his eyes staying closed for just a bit longer when he blinked. His rhythm on Slader began to pick up pace, and when Slader followed suit with his own hand Gowther made a small noise in the back of his throat, something like a grunt or a clearing of his throat.

Slader let go of a heavy breath, and he could feel his blood pooling in his thighs and low in his stomach, mounting with every calculated stroke of Gowther's hand.

Gowther released him then, and Slader was slow to do so but he eventually let go of Gowther as well.

"Allow me a moment," Gowther requested politely.

Slader gave him an uncertain blink but he nodded anyway. Gowther brought his fingers to his lips, taking them into his mouth and moving his tongue around them. When he withdrew them they were shining and slick, almost dripping.

He reached around himself, tipping forward slightly so that Slader could smell the faint smell of heat and sweat and flowers radiating from his skin. Gowther's eyes were fixed on something behind Slader as he adjusted his hand. There was a pause, a moment reserved for a steady exhale from Gowther's throat, and then he was tipping his head back, biting back a hiss of breath as his wrist worked his fingers inside himself.

Slader felt precum spill heavily from his length, the sight and lack of sight working together to form the perfect erotic image in his mind.

Gowther exhaled again, and when he opened his eyes the normal clarity of his gold irises were a tad hazy in the light. His lips parted but he didn't say anything. Instead he started moving his arm, shifting at the elbow and wrist to sink within himself.

Slader held Gowther's hips steady, and his eyes couldn't decide where to land. The damp part of his lips, the flushed bob of his cock, the now sweat sheened shine of his neck-- it was all too alluring to ignore.  

Gowther wasn't making noises but Slader wouldn't exactly call it silence either. Every breath was heavy, working his lungs and forcing a tremble of his lower lip. Then Gowther did something, something Slader couldn't see or fathom, and Gowther's exhale left him with an echo of voice attached.

Slader had to keep himself from forcefully digging his fingers into the perfect angle of Gowther's hips. He wanted to feel the heat with his own fingers, but he understood that perhaps Gowther didn't trust Slader's fingers to do what his could.

"Okay," Gowther said, even keel voice lacking a bit of its normal strength. He withdrew from himself, pulling his fingers away steadily. Then he began to rise, and Slader was leaning forward, clinging to his hold on Gowther's hips and forming some sort of 'where are you going' when Gowther lightly pushed his hand aside and sunk to his knees. "Another moment," he requested. Slader didn't even have time to blink before Gowther was wrapping his lips around Slader's cock.

Slader groaned, hips instantly bucking into Gowther's throat and his hands threading through soft tendrils of hair.

Gowther tensed his back and shoulders, allowed Slader's hips to fall back to normal position before he swirled his tongue around Slader's head and dove down over the length of his cock.

"Ah, Gowther, I--" and Slader was groaning again, relishing the burning wet heat slicking over the entirety of his length. He had to resist the urge to thrust into the wetness, the plush warmth of Gowther's lips and tongue driving his breathing ragged and thin.

Gowther pulled away after a few more dips of his head, leaving saliva to spare. He stood, expression still placid and unreadable, and returned to his position on Slader's lap.

"You're going to kill me," Slader said, voice lilting and dropping as his chest heaved.

"Not now," Gowther responded easily. "Not like this."

Slader would have had it in him to smirk if Gowther hadn't taken hold of his length once more, lifting himself high onto his knees so he could touch the tip to his own entrance.

Slader's breath caught in his throat, and his hands were back at Gowther's hips, although he knew it was to steady himself more than the other.

"Remember to breathe," Gowther said.

Slader was furrowing his brow in confusion when Gowther sunk onto him.

Heat. Slader moaned, his head falling back on his shoulders as the head of his cock burned inside the almost viciously tight walls within Gowther. Gowther put his hands back at Slader's shoulders before sinking lower, and now Slader knew exactly what Gowther had meant, because now he felt so positively strangled that he thought he might suffocate.

It was tight and it was slick and it was almost too much for Slader to handle all in one moment. Gowther didn't stop until he had taken Slader to the hilt, until Slader was gasping for breath and sweating as his mouth breathlessly worked around the other's name.

Then Gowther started moving, hips rising and falling, undulating, riding the natural tilt and buck of Slader's hips. Slader's vision was going tangled and red behind his eyes as Gowther suctioned friction up through his length just to force it back down again. Slader leaned forward, fingers digging into Gowther's soft flesh as he pressed his forehead in against his collarbone.

He was meeting Gowther's rhythm, starting to buck up into him to reach maximum depth with each thrust. And Gowther's face was flushing, his eyes going hot and fuzzy and unfocused. When Slader thrust up into him his head tipped back, mouth falling open.

Again, and this time there was a noise, a small grunt or perhaps the beginnings of a groan.

Slader lifted his head, brought his mouth to Gowther's neck as his fingers went numb with growing tension.

He kissed him, sucking at the flesh and inhaling his scent and yes he knew it would smell sweet like this. But Gowther surprised him, and when Slader caught his flesh between his teeth Gowther let go of a small groan, his fingers twitching tighter on Slader's shoulders.

Slader responded with his own rough noise, something that moved from a moan into a growl as his lips moved upward and he sucked at another untouched expanse of flesh on Gowther's neck.

Gowther's hips bucked out of time and a gasp moved over his tongue, almost hidden if not for their proximity.

Slader's hand moved, sliding inward from Gowther's hip to grasp at his length. It was wet, slick from precum and growing even more so. When he started stroking Gowther actually shuddered, and now he was leaning in closer, lending more of his weight to Slader's shoulders.

"Ah," he breathed against Slader's neck. "That is..." he trailed off as his hips picked up pace, riding Slader with more force and expedience.

Slader groaned, matched his speed with his hips and his hand, but brought his lips up, kissing under Gowther's ear right before taking the lobe into his mouth and pinching it between his teeth.

Gowther's breath caught in his throat, and his fingers dug into Slader's shoulders with such force that he thought it might draw blood. But he didn't have time to think about it because Gowther's hips thrust hard and erratic in that moment, and Slader felt Gowther clench and spasm around his cock right before he felt the warm spill of cum over his fist.

Slader let out a harassed sigh, something that clung to his voice and turned into a moan. He thrust up, hard and fast and with no concern for rhythm. But it wasn't until Gowther threaded his fingers through the long locks of Slader's hair and gripped against his scalp with breathy, "Ah" that Slader came. It was hard, and he felt himself pulse within Gowther for a long time before he could finally allow his hips to slow.

His body came to a stop, and he felt like he could very well melt where he was sitting.

Gowther took a moment before pulling away, but when he did his face was perfectly composed again, not even a flush on his cheeks to be seen. He surveyed Slader's face as if for data, and then moved off of Slader's lap.

Slader groaned at the final shiver of friction and loss of heat.

"I had no idea..." Slader breathed, head weighing heavily to the side.

"What?" Gowther didn't even venture a guess.

Slader shrugged and shook his head as Gowther pulled on his pants, "Well, that you were... that you would be..." he paused, decided embarrassment was better left for someone who would actually take note of it, "interested."

Gowther turned to look at him, face serious. "Well," he flashed him a peace sign next to his eye, "I am the Goat's Sin of Lust, after all."

Slader blinked at him. Then he laughed, heavy and from his chest. He smiled once his laughter died off, looking up at Gowther's still blank expression, "You're pretty adorable, you know that?"

Gowther tilted his head in thought, "No, I was not aware. I suppose you deserve my thanks for the observation."

Slader covered his face with his hand as he smiled against his palm. What had he gotten himself into?