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let me tell you about this (you and me)

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Namjoon didn’t think that having a younger step brother would be this torturous, yet, Yoongi is too much…of everything. A real temptation. Namjoon has a feel he might just be a pervert.


They are currently on the public swimming pool with some friends on a nice Saturday afternoon and while Namjoon took a seat in one of the bigger chairs under an umbrella, Yoongi decided that the best spot to sit was between Namjoon’s legs, back resting comfortably on the elder’s chest. No one says a thing about it because it really doesn’t look suspicious and there's that fact where Yoongi is his brother. Step brother. Younger brother. Namjoon is 18 years old while Yoongi has reached last week his birthday number 15th.

So the current scene involves people on the pool walking around chatting and Namjoon sitting with Yoongi’s butt almost pressed to his crotch because Namjoon can't help himself being that much aware of anything to do with Yoongi and from thinking, since day one really, that Yoongi has a cute ass, perky ass, very fuck-able ass. A cute perky ass that Namjoon wouldn’t mind g– Namjoon is in so much deep shit, he is so screw. Damn.   


"Namjoon" Yoongi calls, pulling him out of his reverie.


"I want a soda. It’s so hot in here"

"...why don’t you just go in the water then?" Yoongi shakes his head. “Why?"

"You’re so annoying. Go get me a soda" Yoongi says that but still doesn’t make a move to get off of him and let him do so.

Namjoon rolls his eyes because that is just how Yoongi is. They have met 3 years ago when their parents started to date more seriously and have been living together as a family since the past year and a half. So Namjoon can say he knows a little about Min Yoongi.  

He chuckles. "You don’t know how to swim?" he knows he has hit it right when Yoongi tenses a little and complains about not having the soda in his hand yet. "Okay! Okay!" he gently nudges him forward and stands. "I’ll be right back"


When Namjoon gets back, grape soda in one hand, he sees how Yoongi is talking to someone –or rather how someone is talking to Yoongi. He takes the finals steps and shoves the soda in Yoongi’s hands taking back his position behind him, legs spread to make room to the little pink haired brat.

"So?" the girl asks.

Yoongi looks up at her. "I’m sorry. You seem nice but I'm gay"

Namjoon feels like choking on air just as the girl across them. Yoongi seems unfazed by the whole situation and takes a sip of his soda –the girl quietly leaves.

"What was that?" Namjoon asks then. Not that is a secret Yoongi’s sexual preferences for him or his parents.

Yoongi shrugs. "She wanted for me to go with her to the slides or whatever"

"Oh! So you decide to answers her by saying you're gay?"

Yoongi shrugs again and leans back into Namjoon's chest, closing his eyes.

Namjoon licks his lips. Yoongi is quite a beautiful sight, right now he is wearing a dark blue wife beater and white shorts and Namjoon had actually told him to change from those back at the house because aren't those too reveling? Yoongi had looked at him like he was crazy and got inside the car. Those shorts are too revealing in Namjoon's opinion, they don’t even reach to his mid thighs and that’s totally a no. Yoongi’s thighs are too eye catching.

Right now though, Namjoon pulls his gaze away from them, but he keeps his hand resting on Yoongi's hip, chin on top of his head. "If it is too hot for you" Namjoon starts, "Why are you all pressed against me?"

Yoongi takes his time to answer. "Does it bother you?"


"Then shut up"

Demanding little brat, Namjoon chuckles and then a thought strikes him. "You don’t know how to swim right?" Yoongi doesn’t answer right away and he probably won’t either. "See those stairs at the other side?" Namjoon points, "They lead to another part of the park that has more pools, not much people go there, don’t know why really" He shrugs, "Hoseok said once that people got scared by something"

"Then why the hell do you want to go there?"

"Language! I can teach you to swim there. The guys won’t see" Namjoon knows that even if he doesn’t do it often, Jimin likes to tease Yoongi when he gets the chance.

It’s only after a couple of minutes that Yoongi finally replays.


Their friends don’t notice when they leave and true to his words there are three more pools in the next level of the construction and there's only a couple of lovers around one. Namjoon takes him by the hand to the further away pool that has a closed toboggan in it.


"It looks deep" Yoongi says biting his lips and looking into the blue water, a few leaves floating from the trees around.

"Don’t worry" Namjoon assures him with a squeeze on his shoulder.

Namjoon drops their bag down and pulls his own shirt off, staying only in his swimming shorts, when he turns to Yoongi, the younger tilts his head away from him quickly.

Namjoon jumps inside and when he surfaces, Yoongi is still by the edge. "Come!" he shakes his head. "I’ll hold you, promise!"

Yoongi takes a whole minute to walk to the little staircase by the inside wall of the pool and, pulling his shirt off, starts climbing down into the water. Namjoon is right behind him when he is down till his waist and can't feel any more steps.

"Now let go"


"I’ve got you!"

Yoongi breathes deep and does as he said. Namjoon holds him by the waist and makes him turn around; Yoongi quickly hooks his arms around his shoulders for more support. Now, when they are chest to chest, Yoongi with a cute flush across his face and clinging to him with a even cuter expression, Namjoon's sub conscience tells him that maybe this is probably not a very bright idea of him, and it’s definitely not better when Yoongi hooks his legs around his hips and refuses to let go of the tight grip.

Namjoon keeps his cool. "How can I teach you if you are like this?" He still has a hold on Yoongi by his slim waist.

"I don’t want to learn anymore"

"Don’t be a baby!"

"I am! Take me out!"

Namjoon swims with a little difficulty and presses Yoongi’s back to the ceramic wall. Yoongi opens his eyes and pulls his head away from Namjoon’s neck.

Namjoon looks down and Yoongi looks up.


Never have been Yoongi more tempting that right then, deep blush covering his cheeks, plush pink lips, eyes showing different types of emotions at that very moment and the bonus of them been pressed against each other, almost completely skin to skin. Namjoon pats himself on the back when his next action is to tell him "Ok, you can learn later. The other pool is not as deep as this one–"

But in the end, the one making the first move in their little situation is the younger.

Yoongi leans up and Namjoon sees himself losing all his senses.

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Namjoon tugs him close with one hand by the waist and the other cupping his jaw, he kisses back almost immediately because who is he kidding? He wanted this since a long time ago. And now he apparently has it. Yoongi seems so willing right now in his arms, so eager for it so Namjoon takes, takes and takes without a second thought.

He nibbles on his lip and pushes his tongue into the mouth that parts for him keenly, Yoongi is so warm and needy. His lips fall to his jaw, then a little further to his ear and down to his neck, Namjoon sucks on the sensitive skin there and sees how easily the purplish mark forms.

Namjoon also has the pleasure of hearing the hottest moan than he has ever witnessed in his entire sex life and with that comes the sudden realization of what he is actually doing, he pulls away just the slightest bit to observe the other. Yoongi is beet red and already panting, Namjoon wonders if maybe that was his first kiss, Yoongi then open his eyes and fixes him with a gaze. Namjoon’s thumb tracing small circles on his cheek “We should get back”

Yoongi narrows his eyes, “Why?” He presses himself forward and Namjoon stops him, using all his strength he hauls the younger up and out the water. “Yah!”

Namjoon gets out seconds later and reaches for their towels, offering one to the younger. Yoongi takes the towel and throws a glare at him.

 “That’s it?”


“Namjoon!” Yoongi whines. Namjoon picks up his shirt and Yoongi then decides to throw his own towel at his head. “Say something!”

“What?” Namjoon holds back his chuckle and grabs the item.

“You shoved your tongue down my throat five seconds ago! You need to say something!”

Namjoon hums and takes a seat on one of the chairs. “What happened was a mistake, don’t you think?” He cocks up a brow.

Yoongi crosses his arms. A real brat, Namjoon thinks. “You wanted it!” Yoongi affirms. “Do you think it was a mistake?” His voice sounds cocky and Namjoon leans back on the chair, arms crossed behind his head. “Namjoon!”

“You’re so noisy when you want” He closes his eyes, “It shouldn’t have happened, you’re my step brother, shit” he laughs drily, “You’re three years younger than me” a sigh, “I’m almost sure this is a felony.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes but Namjoon doesn’t see it, but he surely feels the weight of little Min Yoongi taking a seat on his lower abdomen. The couple that had previously been around is no longer in sight but that doesn’t calm Namjoon’s senses, anyone could be walking in there and get a good look of them.

Namjoon’s gaze finds Yoongi’s, the boy is pouting. Yoongi’s hands are on his chest and he seems to be leaning down and Namjoon does absolutely nothing to stop him. Yoongi kisses him again.

Eager and sloppy till Namjoon sits up and hauls him more into him by his thighs, then one hand on his lower back and up to his waist, Namjoon is again kissing him back –which he shouldn’t– he is again enjoying it far too much, and he knows it should feel wrong, yet Yoongi in his arms kissing him is nothing but everything Namjoon has been sinfully dreaming since he realized the fondness in his stepbrother was bonded with want, lust.

Yoongi’s presence is his life has been more significant with the passing days and Namjoon did nothing to stop that back then, he has no intentions to do it now honestly. He doesn’t want to force him though –Yoongi doesn’t look like it.

“Touch me more!” He demands.

Namjoon raises a brow, “Aren’t you bossy?”

“Aren’t you supposed to know more than kissing?” Yoongi is straightforward with the challenge in his tone.

Namjoon gets serious, “I don’t think a little bratty baby like you know more beyond kissing”

“You’re going to get surprise then!”

Namjoon’s dick twitches and he knows –he freaking knows– that this type of conversation and actions can’t keep being carry on there. They need to talk seriously about this whole huge thing.

“Let’s go home”


“If you want to show me otherwise okay, but not here” It’s pure luck what they have so far, so better not tempt it.

Yoongi obliges and follows him. Namjoon decides to just send a text to their friends about their leaving and leads Yoongi back to his car. Bag threw at the backseat and Yoongi securely on the passenger side he starts the engine and heads home –he is aware of their parent’s schedule and about their absent till late in the evening.




Yoongi sits on the sofa and takes the hot chocolate cup Namjoon offers him after a shower. Namjoon feels slightly disappointed at the lack of extremely inappropriate swimming white shorts but there’s something wickedly immoral in Yoongi’s purple kitty pajamas –Namjoon could be more than keen to tear them out off his body if he have the choice. Fuck. He is in so deep, really. He’s probably going to jail too. Fuck his life.

Yoongi takes a sip, blinks, takes another, blinks and sets the cup down.

Namjoon clears his throat but before he can utter a word, Yoongi beats him.

“I can blow you now if you want”

And Yoongi says it with so much ease and like if he just didn’t offer his older step brother a blow job –Namjoon almost lets his own cup fall on the carpeted floor but manages to keep his own composure.

“Tsk! Fine!” He puts the cup down and raises his hands. “Have it your way!” He sets his gaze on Yoongi, intense and defying, “You think a little thing like you could make me cum? Oh, Yoongi, don’t flatter yourself that much”

And Yoongi takes his words just like Namjoon expects him to and a little more.

“I don’t need to do too much to get you hard, am I?” His smile is smug, “I know how you look at me and I bet I’m your more frequent fantasy when time to jerk off comes, isn’t it?”

Namjoon then understand that Yoongi is just not a little brat boy that thinks knows all about the world.

Well, he is still a brat though, if that isn’t clear enough yet.

“Then stop talking”

And Namjoon does acknowledge that with that, he might have just signed his sentence for real. 


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“Are you going to keep talking about what supposedly you can do or…?”

Yoongi takes his place between his parted legs and Namjoon can’t keep his eyes away from the view now, Yoongi seems very focused in what he is about to do, like when he wants to win something over others.

“It’s not a test, relax” It might be, Yoongi apparently wants to prove something.

Yoongi glares, licks his lips and looks down again.

Namjoon would feel a little embarrassed because he is already half hard under his clothes but he just wants to feel it, soon. He knows that Yoongi can know from little to zero about blowjobs and he would still definitely cum just by the sight of that pretty pink mouth near his dick.

…Or Yoongi’s small hands undoing his jeans. Fuck.

Namjoon bites his lip at the same time that Yoongi frees his cock from his underwear and is way too soon when he has one hand wrapped around the shaft and the boy is leaning closer. Namjoon groans low, like a growl, and clenches his fists on the arms rest at both sides at the sudden feel of those cherry lips he has been dreaming of kissing softly the mushroom head.

Yoongi pulls back a little. “it’s nice” He misses the raise of a brow from the older when he dips back down and Namjoon curses loudly because holy shit, Yoongi went from a little kiss to sink down on his cock hallowing his cheeks. Fucking hell, so Namjoon sees, feels, now that maybe Yoongi wasn’t just bluffing earlier.

Definitely not. 

His knee jerks up a bit and one of his hands goes to tangle his fingers on the pink strands of hair –Yoongi latest whim. Not pulling or gripping hard. Yoongi carries on and Namjoon’s head falls back on the couch when the younger starts humming with his mouth still full.

“Yoongi…” The name rolls out of his tongue in a deep moan without him thinking about it and Yoongi knows he already has him. Yet, he pulls away and the pop sound that comes is just way too filthy.

“Namjoonie, is this good enough?” He’s smirking when Namjoon looks down at him.

“You little shit” He is breathing heavily, “You know exactly how you’re doing” His hold on his hairs tightens then, “Now get back to it” Namjoon tents to get bossy when it comes to this.

Yoongi too.

“You want my mouth back on your dick?” He smiles and this time is almost angelic. “Then say please.”

Fuck. Namjoon laughs. It’s too much. Yoongi is too much. And he wants it all.

Namjoon’s fingers reach for the slightly swollen lips and he brushes his fingertips there, softly “Please”

Yoongi complies of course; he goes down on him again and sucks as hard as he is able, he even dares to scratch softly the head and teases like a devil pressing his tongue down the slit. Namjoon almost feels like coming but…


It’s so dirty the way the detachment dick to mouth scene is, “….What?”

Namjoon smirks, “What? You want me to cum in your mouth?”


If this keeps going this way Namjoon might need to start worrying about his health because if Yoongi continues talking like that he is going to get a heart attack. “Damn, Yoongi. Have you done it before?”

“I know how it is!”

“So never.”

“Don’t that arouse you?” He is a tease by nature, the tone in his voice, his gestures, “Be the first cock that gets to be inside my mouth” Namjoon unconsciously grips at his upper arm, “…Be the first one inside me?”

Yoongi is hauled up and their mouths crash.

“I knew it” Namjoon whispers against his lips, “I was hoping, actually. Good to hear” Yoongi brings his tongue out and licks across the elder’s mouth. Namjoon is definitely going to lose it. “You’ll be the death of me”

Namjoon cums in his face and thinks he could do it again just by the sight of Yoongi licking his lips. “Fuck. Go wash!”





When Yoongi’s mother arrives, they are thankfully dressed properly and just watching a movie of Yoongi’s choice. “I brought dinner” The woman says cheerfully and Yoongi goes smiling at her. Namjoon observes him leave the room with his eyes dropping to the perky butt. Namjoon is screwed in so many ways, he regrets nothing though.

“Namjoon-ah!” The woman sits next to him once the dinner is over and it’s Yoongi’s turn to do the dishes.

“Yes?” She has been more than a delight to Namjoon, always wise and supportive so it’s kinda hard, Namjoon realizes now, to watch her in the eyes after what he has done with her son.

“You know our married anniversary is this weekend?” Yes, Namjoon knows. He has actually joined his father the previous week to shop for her gift. He nods. “Well, I was hoping I could ask you something!” She presses her palms together. “Could you take care of Yoongi for this weekend? I want your father and me to go for a couple of days to his amazing springs!”

….How could Namjoon possibly say no to that?

“Well… That’s a big responsibility” Such a little hypocrite, “You really want me to?”

“Of course! I know you are capable! I trust you and I know Yoongi likes you”

She doesn’t know what that like implies, “Absolutely then!”


Yoongi hears Namjoon’s responds and a huge smirk forms on his lips. “You have no idea what are you agreeing to, Namjoonie” He runs up to his room and the first thing he does after plop himself belly down on his bed is text Jeongguk.

Jimin is his friend, and even if they bicker and Jimin loves to tease him, Yoongi likes him but for what he is about to say he trust more in Jeongguk, he doesn’t have the big mouth Jimin does.

[20:17] Yoongi: finally happened!

The answer comes in less than thirty seconds because Jeongguk’s very aware of Yoongi’s secret crush.

[20:17] Kookie: Fuck

[20:17] Kookie: really?

[20:18] Yoongi: OMG YES!

[20:18] Kookie: but like, you made out? Or what?

[20:19] Yoongi: come to the house

[20:19] Kookie: be there in 5



Jeongguk rings the doorbell and soon Yoongi's mom opens it, he chats a little with her and then makes his way to Yoongi's room, he glances at the door down the hallway on his way there –Namjoon's.

Yoongi lets him lay down next to him and proceeds with the story of the events occurred that afternoon.

"Damn!" Jeongguk is only mildly impressed because a. he already knew Yoongi’s thoughts about Namjoon and b. he already thought Namjoon was a pervert (it shows on his face, he had said Yoongi once). "But you didn’t went all the way"

Yoongi pouts and blushes "Not that I didn’t wanted. He only said not yet which means later" he looks Jeongguk in the eyes "I'm a hormonal teenager he better not make me wait long"

"The way I see it, you are going to do whatever he wants, shit, you’re probably even going to jerk off to the thought of him while waiting" he sighs. "You’re both crazy"

Yoongi throws a pillow at him. “Won’t you going to say something like, this is wrong or whatever?” Yoongi says casually but he is very anxious about his response.

“Why would I think that?” Jeongguk remains as calm as when he arrived there, “It’s not like he is your real brother and is not like people isn’t that mind closed to same sex relationship these days. I don’t really care about gender y’know?”

Yoongi throws himself this time knocking the air out the raven’s lungs. “Yoongi!” He complains.

“Love you bro!”

“Don’t lie to me. You love Namjoon-hyung more”

Well, true.

“By the way” Yoongi sits straight, “Would you like to spend the weekend here?” Yoongi really wants the alone time with Namjoon but he also has this naughty need for making him miserably frustrated first. “You can bring a friend too!”

And Jeongguk sees right through his bright smile.

“What are you planning now” He crosses his arms, “Wasn’t the pool thing enough?”




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Yoongi planned what happened on the pool indeed and it turned out just how he wanted and even better. From the smallest swimming shorts he could find till his need to sit between Namjoon’s legs, enjoying the feeling of his chest and the brush of his fingers against his body. The solitary pool and Namjoon holding him was just a bonus well appreciated and the result of Yoongi’s hard work.

Now Yoongi needs to push it a little more, to get Namjoon to finally lose all restrictions and just indulge all his wishes like he should –and he kinda does already but not at the level Yoongi wants.

When the anticipated weekend of the anniversary finally arrives, Jeongguk brings a friend to the house five minutes after Yoongi’s parents leave, Namjoon is still out and Yoongi keeps glancing at the clock. “Remember Taehyung, right?”

“Hello!” His voice is a little louder than required and his smile is wide and shaped.

Yoongi does remember him from school; the boy is on Jeongguk’s class. “Hi! I got lots of snacks and scary movies so…”

“Oh, cool!” Taehyung leaves his bag to Jeongguk and makes himself comfortable in the living room Yoongi already settled to be their nest.

“Are you trying to get in his pants?” Yoongi cocks up a brow, both hands on his waist. “Or you already…?”

“I’m not trying to” Jeongguk says simply and walks past him, “I actually like him–” He puts a finger on Yoongi’s lips, “As a friend and he is really nice, a little out of the box, but nice” He leaves their bags at the end of the staircase and goes in, Yoongi closes the door and glances back at the clock once more.



Namjoon arrives past 6 in the afternoon and when he checks the living room he finds three heads on the couch, one slowly turning back and a little squeal comes next because all the lights are off and Namjoon didn’t make a noise.

“Namjoon!” Yoongi stands dropping the covers and he can hear Jeongguk and Taehyung giggling.

“Sorry!” Namjoon shifts his gaze from his startled little brother to his friends, “Hello, there!”

“Hi, hyung!” Jeongguk smiles politely like always, “This is our friend, Taehyung!”

“Nice to meet you”

“Same! You gonna sleep over?”

“Yep!” Yoongi smiles at sits back down, “Can you make us dinner, thanks”

The elder’s brow rises a bit and he scoffs making his way to his own room, “Kids these days”



Namjoon can cook a few dishes but part time job leaves him really tired some days so he just dials for pizza and spicy fried chicken. When the food arrives, Yoongi yells from downstairs for him to pay and takes the food with him. Namjoon looks for glasses and sprite, when he gets to the dining room the three boys are settled at the table.

“Are you in college already?” Taehyung asks.

“I’m going there after summer”

“You’re gonna move out?” Taehyung keeps prying and neither he nor Namjoon notice the looks Jeongguk exchange with Yoongi.

“Yes, but not too far from here”

“Oh, I have a younger brother too! Do you like ice-cream?”

Taehyung keeps the conversation going with him and the other two till the last slice of pizza and chicken wing disappears.



Taehyung and Jeongguk along Yoongi set the sleeping bags on the floor by the side of Yoongi’s bed before setting to play videogames and talk about everything and anything till really late. Taehyung falls asleep first, head resting on Jeongguk’s chest while he's still talking to Yoongi –because he’s apparently super clingy.

"Do you think he drools?" Yoongi points with a finger, all covered with his blankets till his chin, "Looks like it"

Jeongguk rolls his eyes and yawns, "Gonna sleep, night" Jeongguk covers his eyes with his forearm and Yoongi gets on his back ready to do the same. The last thing he thinks about is Namjoon's funny face when Yoongi told him just a simply good night and took off with his friends to his room.



The first thing Yoongi sees when he partly open his eyes is Namjoon's chest, then his neck, his jaw, his face. Yoongi lifts a hand to rub his eyes and only then he notices that he is not on his bed anymore and that Namjoon is actually carrying him. "Hey" Namjoon gets them on his own room and when he lays Yoongi down on his mattress the younger goes straight to go back to sleep. Namjoon has a different idea and manhandles him till Yoongi is under the thick bedspread and he can place himself beside him.

"What’s this?" he asks half in a mumble.

"I just wanted something warm to hug"

Namjoon does hug him tight kissing his temple. Yoongi hums and let’s himself go back to dreamland.



When Yoongi wakes up once again, he feels Namjoon’s breath ghosting the tender skin of his neck and the warm of his body pressed against his smaller form. He smiles lazily and moves a bit and that’s when he feels something else. Namjoon’s morning wood. Yoongi’s face heats up fast and he stays completely still when Namjoon shifts on his spot, erection pressing more into Yoongi's leg and up, almost touching his butt.

Namjoon grunts and bit by bit starts waking up. Yoongi is still in his arms which is good until he senses him tense. "Morning" he greets.

"Morning. Your dick is hard on my ass."

Namjoon would have fallen from the bed if it wasn’t by the fact that he and Yoongi were in the middle. "Eh, sorry." Namjoon says, doesn’t move missing Yoongi grinning –and maybe he is not sorry at all.

"What time it is?"

Namjoon checks his watch. "Almost 6"

"Gosh, so fucking early." Yoongi complains "Your dick is still on my ass"

“Don’t you want it there?” Namjoon’s brain to mouth filter hasn’t fully woken up yet.

Yoongi gasps, “You’re such a pervert, Namjoon! I’m just a 15 year old baby, y’know?”

“You weren’t like that when you were sucking my dick the other day”

Yoongi’s eyes are glistening with excitement. “Mh? Don’t remember such a thing!”



“I can help with that” That little voice that tells Namjoon every time that it’s wrong isn’t hear this time so Namjoon assumes it’s all okay. Not like he is about to stop now. Not, not today. With no parents around is all almost perfect, almost, because Yoongi’s friends are still sleeping in the other room and Namjoon keeps wondering why the hell Yoongi invited them in the first place. “You are gonna drive me crazy”

“You think so…”


“I don’t hear a complaint though” Yoongi turns completely around and faces the elder.

“I’m not”


Yoongi lets himself be touched by Namjoon’s big hands, enjoying it. He lets Namjoon pull his pajama top off to spread kisses all over his skin, pajama’s bottom ending up off his body as well, Yoongi is positively moaning a little bit higher by now. “Are you gonna fuck me now?” He manages to say when Namjoon’s lips detach from his own.

“Maybe” Namjoon teases and bites slightly above his throat.

Yoongi frowns parting his legs more, fitting Namjoon in between more comfortably. “Namjoon” He calls, whines, pouts.

“What, baby?”

“Kiss me more”


Yoongi has no idea if Jeongguk is still sleeping but he and Taehyung are probably because of how late they went to bed but even without knowing that Yoongi doesn’t think he would have being able to keep quiet with Namjoon sucking him off this time and ordering him to touch himself until he is hard again because, “We’re not done yet”






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Yoongi has never received a blowjob before so is understandable that he cums a little fast and can’t quite catch his breath right away but, “We’re not done yet” Namjoon says, eyes fixed on the beautiful mess under he himself. Yoongi looks so sinfully good like that, jerking himself off now, Namjoon can only imagine how he would look once Namjoon does fuck him. Just not yet.

Yoongi, on his part, should remember that his friends are only one room away but he just can’t make his own mind to think straight, young horny hormones leading him and he just wants more.

Namjoon sits back on his heels and lowers his pants just enough to freed his cock, shirt already gone, stroking slowly and never stopping watching the younger. Yoongi chooses to sit as well, he’s stark naked but after Namjoon’s mouth and the little show he put on, he feels no shame.

“Are you gonna drool on me?” Namjoon has this smug smile dangling on his lips and only then Yoongi looks up because oh yeah, he was staring, staring at Namjoon’s dick and Namjoon thinks for a second he could probably cum if Yoongi did that –drool on his cock just because he wants it so bad.

Yoongi does think Namjoon has a nice dick and Yoongi has seen a few –on porn and gym class showers (and accidentally, Jeongguk’s). Though this is the first time he thinks like that, like he can’t wait to have it between his lips again, to lick it and feel the salty taste…or even better. “Are you gonna fuck me now?”

Namjoon has learned to love that snarky tone in Yoongi’s sweet voice, he reaches his face with his free hand and caresses slightly, “Don’t be so eager...” Namjoon should receive an award for holding himself together –as much as he has despite everything– he sighs with a little grin. “Can you turn around for your hyung?” Yoongi raises a brow surprised by the request, and turns quickly. “Now, put your hands on the headboard”

Yoongi is on his knees as he brings both hands to the wooden frame. He is kinda anxious and equally excited, “Now what?”

“Patience is a virtue” Namjoon whispers and pulls out from under one of his pillows the lube he stacked there before he went for the younger. Yeah, yeah.

“How much I have to wait?” Yoongi tries to sound irk but to Namjoon is a cute whine from the cute impatient boy.

Yoongi doesn’t get a replay but is not much later when he feels big hands on his ass, touching, then squeezing and Namjoon lowers himself enough to bite him there. Yoongi gasps and tilts his head to try to catch what is happening behind.

Namjoon uncaps the bottle but before he gets his finger on it he pushes his cheeks apart and delivers a long stripe of his tongue across the little puckered pink whole. Yoongi moans a little louder, his eyes widening. “Don’t–”

“Ssshhh” Namjoon grins mischievously, “Gonna feel good. Thrust hyung”

Yoongi does trust him.

Namjoon presses one slicked finger to his hole and enjoys too much the shiver that travels to the younger’s body.


“I wanted to try this” Namjoon skims his other hand against his back, his fingers tracing slow patterns. The finger pushes inside and the feeling is not so strange to Yoongi honestly –he has tried before, fingering himself out of curiosity but this time is all even better, a little uncomfortable yet, he knows is just at the beginning.

Namjoon eases a second finger after he thinks is enough with the first, he moves them in circles and curls then, trying, searching. He finds that sensitive little spot not much later and Yoongi mewls and rest his head on the headboard, panting. Namjoon holds him by the waist then and pulls his finger almost all the way out to trust in again and again and Yoongi moans his name. “See baby? It is good”

Yoongi can’t even nod too engrossed in the pleasure he is feeling with Namjoon fucking him with his long skillful fingers just right. Namjoon leans his body over him, hot skin to hot skin, mouthing his neck and then gnawing his earlobe, licking soothingly after.

“Nam– Namjoon”



Namjoon halts his movements, “Why?” He momentarily panics because the last thing he wants is to hurt Yoongi in any way.

“I’m gonna cum again” His eyes are sparkling.

“Then do it” Namjoon retakes his actions and adds speed to it.

“C’mon!” Yoongi whines again, “I want your cock!”

“Damnit Yoongi!” Those words are just testing Namjoon’s nerves. Then Yoongi feels it, he feels what he has just asked for pressed between his buttcheeks. “Like this” Namjoon’s voice comes out husky and low.

‘Like that’ Yoongi thinks ‘More’ he begs but the words don’t come out.

Namjoon keeps it that way jerking him off as well.

Yoongi cums hard and Namjoon tilts his head back by the chin to muffle his yells with his mouth, sloppy and heated kiss.





At breakfast Taehyung seems cheerful and chatty like the previous day, Yoongi though, knows that the heat on his face is probably due the fact that he must be blushing hard, Jeongguk has given him this knowing look since Yoongi went back to his room just 10 minutes before Taehyung rolled over Jeongguk and woke up. Maybe Yoongi was louder than he thought which he wishes he wasn’t.

Namjoon needs to run some errands so he leaves and says he’ll be back before noon.

“So…” Jeongguk starts, “What should we do now? I was thinking maybe to go out somewhere fun”

“Oh!” Taehyung sips his milk glass, white mustache coloring his face, “Can we go the park? There are these cute little ducks I want to feed” He pouts and leans into Jeongguk’s personal space.

Jeongguk’s left eye twitches for a second and he pushes the clingy boy away a bit –it’s just that he is too close to his face, Jeongguk reasons. “Sure” Yoongi looks down at his bowl of cereal.

It’s only when Taehyung is in the bathroom that Jeongguk finally falls into his torture mode and speaks. “I want to believe that I heard wrongly when I walked close to Namjoon’s door early”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, “Not like you don’t know already”

“I wish to un-know some things.” Jeongguk sulks.

“I’m curious now” Yoongi rests his head on his palm, blinking rapidly.


“Do you really just want to be Taehyung’s friend? Because even if you keep denying it and pushing him away when he gets too close you still look at him like you want to eat him” Yoongi grins, “Really Jeonggukkie” he croons.

“Shut up”





Chapter Text


The sight of Yoongi bending over panting and covered with Namjoon’s cum on his ass and the back and inside of his thighs is never going to leave his mind, ever. Namjoon thinks he has never cum that hard either.

Namjoon could honestly have done more but Yoongi’s friends were there, Namjoon does think that Jeongguk might know something but the other boy looks like a big clueless baby.

When he took Yoongi out of his room in the middle of the night –because he’s fucking crazy– he frowned, he has thought about taking Yoongi there, on his bed, or in the fucking dining table. But for some fucked up reason, Yoongi has invited his friends over the weekend when his parents are going to be out.

Yoongi is a cheeky little devil and Namjoon is going to get a little retribution for that.




Yoongi is passing by one of the windows in the living room when he sees outside; Namjoon is getting out of a car along with two boys and a girl. One of the boys is laughing and casually passing his arm around Namjoon’s neck and soon the girl is joining. The other guy is checking his phone walking behind.

Yoongi’s eyes stay glued to Namjoon and his close company till he gets out of sight; soon the front door is being open. Yoongi turns around and oh so casually passes by the door. “Oh, hey!” Namjoon smiles.

“Is he your little brother?” The girl has the audacity to actually pinch Yoongi’s cheek and he is three seconds away to bite her because what the fuck? Then the other guy joins and Namjoon hurriedly push them away from the younger.


“Step brother” Yoongi corrects out of nowhere.

Namjoon eyes him carefully and turns to his friends again, “Isn’t Hunchul coming too?”

“Nope!” The girl says.

So the guy glued to his phone Yoongi knows him well, Jung Hoseok a really nice hyung, the girl’s name is Sojin and the guy that apparently is into skinship because he just can’t get away from Namjoon’s personal space is Kim Seokjin. And Kim Seokjin is quickly the number one on Yoongi’s list of ‘people i don’t like around Namjoon’. Kinda a stupid immature thing but Yoongi is upset enough to not care (Sojin gets second because she’s back into a too close way towards Namjoon in a not so friendly or appropriate way in Yoongi’s eyes).

“Hi, hyung!” He greets Hoseok.

Hoseok comes closer and ruffles his hair leaving a kiss on the top of his head, action he knows bothers Yoongi a lot. “Hey you! Gonna joins us?”

“In what?” Yoongi sees in Hoseok’s direction but he is aware that Namjoon and the other two are already in the kitchen.

“We’re gonna watch this really good action movie and later head to the Donghyuk’s club”

Shin Donghyuk, that’s a name which Yoongi is familiar with too. “Your husband” He chuckles.

“Excuse you, brat?” Hoseok laughs and catches him in a headlock. “Wanna go with the big boys since mommy and daddy are out of the picture?”

Yoongi doesn’t have to think that for too long. “I don’t know. You’re all so boring”

“Really?” Hoseok leans down and whispers to his ears, “Even Namjoon?”

Yoongi feels heat pooling on his face and before Hoseok can say something else Jeongguk appears and the elder is soon going after him yelling about ungrateful donsaengs.

 Yoongi is going to see what the hell are Namjoon and the other two doing when the door bell rings. He answers the door and is surprised. “Jimin!” The boyish redhead pouts and jumps straight to his chest and Yoongi instinctively hugs him, “Hello”

“You have a big party and sleepover and you didn’t invite me!” Jimin shakes him off. “I’m over with you Min Yoongi” He turns around ready to leave and Yoongi laughs sincerely and tows him by the arm.

“Don’t worry you’re still my favorite of all!” Yoongi doesn’t lie.




So the living room has all the lights off and around the t.v are eight pairs of eyes entertained with the cool scenes happening, the movie is good and they have a bunch of snacks. Yoongi glances around and actually are only seven pairs of eyes catching the film. For some really tremendous reason Taehyung has managed to fall asleep through the movie and he is currently with his head resting on Jeongguk’s thighs, face dangerously turned to his belly and Jeongguk seems a little tense from there. Yoongi smirks.

Jimin is leaned against his chest, seated between his legs on the big comfy couch, a position that remains Yoongi the events from the public pool with Namjoon which makes him tilt his head a little to see what his step brother is doing and from all the things Yoongi could possibly assumed, Namjoon’s eyes set on him really catch him by surprise him.

Their gazes are locked for a few moments before Jimin drags his attention demanding for him to escort him to the bathroom. Yoongi cocks a brow but indulges him.




“So?” Jimin asks almost bouncing in excitement after taking a seat on the bathroom sink.

“So? What?” Yoongi stands between his legs, both hands on either side of his body.

“You and Namjoon!”


It’s stupid that Yoongi has actually thought Jimin wouldn’t know.

Yoongi shrugs “I don’t know”

“You don’t know what?”

“We have done stuff but– I don’t know”

“Mh but he likes you, right?”

“Of course”

“Well, you can talk about that later”

“And you cannot talk about this ever”

“My lips are sealed, Yoonginie” Jimin smiles and pouts, is kinda cute with his chubby cheeks and baby face in general. Jimin also leans forward and presses those same cherry lips to Yoongi’s. “But you gotta admit I’m way prettier than him. You fell in love with me first after all!”

“Will you ever let that go? That was in middle school”

“You even wrote me a song!”

Jimin cups his face cooing with both hands and pretends to be embarrassed. The only mortified in there is Yoongi though. Yoongi remembers damn well how he was so infatuated for Jimin and they did try it out but turned out that they were more comfortable with friendship –even if now and then Jimin decides out of nowhere that it is okay to peck Yoongi in the lips just because, Yoongi doesn’t mind that at all (it’s just how they are, nothing more).

“Are you gonna use the toilet or can we go back?”

Jimin widens his eyes, “I need to pee”


Yoongi washes his hands from the sweetness of the candies he was eating while Jimin relief his bladder. When they get back, Yoongi sees that Jeongguk has managed to move Taehyung’s face out of the vicinities of his crotch and that Hoseok is back to texting like crazy –probably sexting Donghyuk– and then Yoongi sees how Sojin’s hands is suspiciously under the cushion on top of Namjoon’s lap.

When he passes behind, Yoongi throws accidentally all his soda can over Namjoon’s shoulder and her hair and part of her arm, definitely above the cushion. Jimin snickers and goes to sit. “Sorry”

Yoongi is not sorry at all, Namjoon can easily tell just by looking at his face.

Sojin goes to the bathroom downstairs to clean herself and says is okay since it only fell on her jacket. Namjoon goes upstairs and Jimin pushes Yoongi slightly to follow, and with a glance to Jeongguk’s direction and a roll of his eyes Yoongi goes. Seokjin is the only one still focused on the movie –Hoseok on his phone screen.




Yoongi is tempted to knock on the door but stops and just opens it. He is half way through Namjoon’s name when the other hauls him inside locking the door and Yoongi is firstly, faced with a strong chest then he looks up and Namjoon’s eyes seem darker. “Why would you do something like that? I wonder” Yoongi feels his hands going from his arms to his waist Namjoon pulls him closer. “Are you perhaps jealous?”

Yoongi purses his lips and narrows his eyes, “Why would I be jealous?”

“Don’t respond one question with other” Yoongi stays quiet. “Not going to say anything now?” Yoongi tries to get away from him. “Don’t fight me” Namjoon stops him and leans down.

And despite Yoongi’s mood he kisses back.

Yoongi stops thinking about the others still in the house or the plan to go out and lets Namjoon kiss him rough and deeply. He lets him touch him and suck on his skin because that’s what Yoongi has wanted since the moment they separated after what happened in that same room. Yoongi whines when Namjoon gnaws on his lower lips and squeezes his ass hard. 

“Change” Namjoon kisses his cheek and leads him to the door and then to his room. “The night hasn’t started yet”

Yoongi is looking forward to that.


Chapter Text


The night officially starts when they arrive to Donghyuk’s club, the music blasting through it seduces them to the dance floor, and of course the drinks come soon enough. Yoongi stays close to Namjoon since his traitor friends decided to stay at the house –Yoongi knows Jeongguk wants to do something and would like to have privacy for it, he’ll ask later.

“Let’s dance” Yoongi feels Namjoon’s lips brushing against the shell of his ear and his husky voice sends shivers to his body. He nods and doesn’t spare a glance to see what the others are doing.

Yoongi lets him lead the way and presses himself against his bigger body, Namjoon holds him by the waist and they just stay close to each other rocking slightly without caring for the beat. Yoongi rests his head on his chest and Namjoon gets a whiff of his hair. It smells good and Namjoon honestly thinks there’s not one single thing about Yoongi that’s not good. There’re more bodies bumping occasionally to them but that doesn’t matter. Namjoon leans a bit whispers stupid things to his ear just to make him smile.

And the little bubble last until Seokjin decides to appear and ask if they can exchange partners because Hyosang –someone Yoongi doesn’t have idea who is– is getting too boring. And against Yoongi’s assumptions he is soon in the arms of the elder brunette while Namjoon gets away dragged by the other boy.

Seokjin seems like a nice person really, is just that Yoongi is still young and doesn’t know how to deal well with all his feelings. But he does admit to himself he felt jealous when he saw him been touchy with Namjoon. Namjoon belongs to Yoongi. People need to understand that. A thought that leads Yoongi to contemplate on how can people know it if it’s supposed to be a secret, which also brings him to the utter fact that people doesn’t know because in the general public view Kim Namjoon is his step brother three years older and Yoongi is just 15 and they are both boys and…


Yoongi smiles and tries to loose his body a bit more since he’s not a fan of dancing. Seokjin leans down enough to make Yoongi feel his hot breath near the tender skin of his neck, close to his earlobe. “You’re so cute, Yoongi-ah. Namjoon’s so lucky to have a baby brother as cute as you, I’m kinda jealous”

Okay…Yoongi searches glancing around for Namjoon because this got weird in less than ten seconds. “I’m sure he doesn’t like me that much” he says just to not let the situation get more awkward. “He calls me brat most of the time”

Then Seokjin does something that has Yoongi wheezing, he brings the younger in, enough for their bodies to press against each other, Yoongi can feel now those plump lips plainly touching his skin and is not much later that Seokjin gets a little more daring and places a full kiss there.

“If only I could have you for myself” Seokjin smiles and it looks nice but he also licks his lip and that’s just sinful, fuck he is really handsome too –to be perfectly honest.

Yoongi’s brain cells stop working for a moment because what the fuck did just happen?

Yoongi tries to say something but he ends up turning around, walking without really seen where, he bumps into a bunch of people on his way and when he sees the bathroom he enters quickly, thanking no one else is there. He needs to calm. And seriously. What the fuck just happened?

He gets a couple of minutes off to himself and for his brain to come up with the craziest theories when someone else enters. A pink haired boy waves at him with a smile and goes to one of the stalls another guy follows just seconds later. Yoongi checks his phone and after a deep breath he gets out. He is walking in the mass of people when someone holds his arm –which is an improvement from the three pervs that already groped his butt. 

Namjoon pulls him and guides him to the stairs behind the bar. “It says only staff allowed, Namjoon”

“You know Donghyuk…” Namjoon chuckles.

Yes. Yoongi knows him, for a moment he thinks they are actually going to meet with him but Namjoon takes him to an empty alcove save for a three seat sofa, a little runway with poles at both ends and a mini bar. The lights are red and dim and Namjoon pushes him gently to sit down. Yoongi does and waits for him to come back with what he tastes later are mixed drinks.

Namjoon sits next to him, legs coming in contact, hands him one. “Drink”

“Are you trying to get me drunk? Namjoon-ssi, I’m fifteen.”

Namjoon rolls his eyes. “Maybe”

“Shouldn’t you be telling me not to drink at all?”

“…What I should be doing it’s you”





Jeongguk almost lets the glass fall from his hand when Taehyung presses himself closer to him on the couch, they’re watching another movie, so for the sake of the lovely carpet on the floor, Jeongguk puts the glass in the table and sits back again, of course Taehyung is there waiting to lean against him again. “Jeonggukie”


“I’m sleepy”

“Okay” To be perfectly honest Jeongguk has no idea what the movie is about since he has been hyperaware of Taehyung’s presence since the others left. Jeongguk can’t blame anyone but himself for his current situation. And even if he isn’t sure of what to do he is sure he is not going to miss his chance.


He hums and tilts his head enough to glance at Taehyung’s face.

Taehyung opens his eyes and sits straight. “I think I have a crush!”


“With Namjoon-hyung!”


Jeongguk doesn’t realize he has got on his feet looking down at the other. Taehyung giggles, “Kidding!”

Jeongguk doesn’t realize either the second he sighs in relief or the moment Taehyung grins in acknowledge. “What kind of joke is that?”

Taehyung shrugs. “Gonna sleep now, Jeonggukie!”

Jeongguk nods. No, wait. Not missing his chance. “Taehyung!”


“I like you”

No wait. What.

At the end of that sentence the more surprised is Jeongguk rather than the other.

“…what” the raven mumbles. Jeon Jeongguk obviously doesn’t have a filter brain-to-mouth.

Taehyung turns completely towards him, tilting his head to the side, “Oh”

Oh? That’s it? And here is Jeongguk three seconds away from bury himself into the ground.

“Yeah, I kinda knew it” Taehyung smiles prettily and heads again to the stair case. “Night, Jeonggukkie!”




Yoongi does get positively drunk five drinks later. That’s why he lets his tongue go free. “…And Seokjin just tried to kiss me back there”

And at that, Namjoon stops with what he is doing; hold tightening on Yoongi’s waist.

“He tried what?”

“Ah?” Yoongi shrugs and goes to pick up his glass but the elder gets a better hold on him sitting him on his lap.

“Tell me Yoongi.”

“I don’t know” he whines and leans his head on his shoulder.

“Listen baby” Namjoon’s voice comes sweet this time, “If someone bothers you, just tell me” Yoongi doesn’t say anything. “Yoongi”

The younger nods and smiles, Namjoon then feels a tiny kiss on his neck. “I like your smell, hyung”

Namjoon can say the same but, “I like everything in you though, I’m in disadvantage here”


“Because you apparently have everything of me, I’m already a fool” Namjoon has had his fare share of drinks as well.

Yoongi giggles and leans enough to leave a sloppy peck on his cheek. “But I love you”

Namjoon’s breath hitches.




Chapter Text


C’mon! How can Jeongguk fall asleep after that?

And how can Kim fucking Taehyung fall asleep after that?

But here is Jeongguk in one of the sleeping bags, less than a meter away from the brunet burning holes in the ceiling and fighting the inch to turn and see Taehyung, all he can hear is his even breathing and the few times so far that he has shifted around.


And that takes Jeongguk by surprised because 3 seconds ago he could have swore the other was knocked out cold. “You awake?”

“Don’t think badly of me, please” Taehyung says and sits up, Jeongguk follows, “It’s not that I’m mocking you or anything is just that–” To Jeongguk he seems a little insecure right now, “I saw the way you looked at me and then Yoongi told me this insinuations about you so I thought you only wanted…you know?”


“To fuck or whatever” Taehyung sighs, “And I’m not really into that!”

It’s only after a few seconds that Jeongguk nods, Taehyung’s still biting his already swollen lip –because he has been nervous since he climbed the stairs– and even more at the thought that they are all alone.

“Okay” Jeongguk says softly.

“…Okay, what?”

Jeongguk scratches his head shrugging, “Okay...good?” Taehyung lifts a brow, “I mean. Good! I don’t want to fuck you– I mean not just to fuck you” God, help him! “What I–”

Taehyung smiles. “Stop” He giggles, Jeongguk can see the blush spreading to his cheeks.




Namjoon almost forgets Jimin did tag alone with them but got lost as soon as they crossed the front doors, he only sees him again when he is carrying Yoongi to get out of there. Namjoon has known Jimin since Yoongi came around; Jimin the nice cute best friend of Namjoon’s nightmare and fantasy. Nice and cute is like how Namjoon would describe him but right now there’s nothing nice and cute in the way Jimin is making out with some guy Namjoon doesn’t have idea.

He clears his throat once he is close enough to be heard, “Jimin?”

Namjoon ignores the whines that Jimin makes and the heavy stare from the other guy. “Hyung!”

“We’re going now”

Jimin turns to his new friend, “But Youngbae-hyung can drive me home, right?”

“Of course, baby” He reaches to brush some bangs out of his forehead.

“Yeah, probably right after he deflowers your or something” Namjoon rolls his eyes taking Jimin’s hand, the kid has probably drank a bit much too. “Let’s go!”

“Wait!” Youngbae reaches for Jimin’s back pocket –groping a little– pulls out his phone and calls himself. “See you later, Chimchim!” He kisses his cheek and Jimin is grinning widely.

“Bye” he croons and leans into Namjoon.

At the door the little muffin not so cute anymore can’t bring his poor tired drunk self to walk straight anymore so Namjoon has to let him lean his weigh on himself as well to get to a taxi.




Namjoon is an irresponsible idiot for allowing Yoongi to drink, he admits later after a couple of water bottles and an orange juice box. At least Yoongi isn’t throwing up and didn’t pass out –just felt asleep on Namjoon’s embrace.


…right after telling him those three words.


Honest to god that was all it took for Namjoon’s drunkenness to fade. Namjoon would have thought; hey, that escalated quickly! But being honest to himself he knows he doesn’t feel only want and desire for Yoongi. He feels more beyond the bond of leaving together as family.

And to his impressive luck, looks like Yoongi isn’t only fooling around with him either if his drunken confession is anything to go by.  Yet, Yoongi is still pretty young, growing and learning about life everyday so Namjoon can’t feel confident about his feelings. Yoongi is just too young.




His parents aren’t coming home until night.

After lunch Jeongguk and the others leave so Yoongi gets on his feet once he spots Namjoon walking inside the house after spending a couple hours working out.

Namjoon is only aware of the younger when slim arms wrap around his middle, “I’m all sweaty, Yoongi.”

“Don’t care. Let’s do something!”

“What?” Namjoon has starting considering between doing the laundry and cleaning the house.

Yoongi has better choices.

“I don’t know. Can I suck your dick?” Yoongi grins mischievously when he feels the other tensing.

Namjoon however puts his mind together quickly because he is not about to let the little devil tease him, “Or maybe I can eat you out this time?”

Yoongi’s smirk falls in a second. Damn, he thinks and nibbles his lip. He can play too.

“Would you do that, Joonie?” He tightens his embrace burying his face in his shirt, whiny tone, “Would you make me cum like that?”

Namjoon scuffs and chuckles because only Yoongi could leave him speechless, no sassy comeback and with a soon-to-be painful boner.

“I’m all sweaty” Namjoon says again.

“You want me to help you shower?”

That’s a suggestion that Namjoon can’t just say not to. “You’re gonna scrub my back?”

“And wash your hair!”

“Okay then”




So the plan was for Yoongi to scrub his back and wash his hair yet, inside the shower stall Namjoon has him pressed to the cold tiles, both lean legs wrapped around his waist and sharing a sloppy kiss while the water falls on their bodies.

“Why do I keep falling for you?” Namjoon murmurs.

You like me too much?”

Namjoon assumes Yoongi does not remember the last events of his drunken night.

“Maybe” he nips on Yoongi’s bottom lip and drags his tongue down his jaw and throat.But you’re too much’ yet, “…it’s not enough”

Yoongi whines when Namjoon’s heat leaves his body but then the elder gets on his knees and Yoongi almost feels his legs giving up. Namjoon steadies him and Yoongi embraces himself for what is about to come.

Namjoon has had these thoughts for a while and now he'll satisfy his curiosity. He presses Yoongi’s hips to the wall and gives the first tug at his already hard pink dick. Yoongi is just all pretty from head to toe.

"Ngh…Namjoon!" Yoongi whispers and Namjoon takes that as his cue. He leans forward and takes him between his plush lips.

Hot wet engulfing his dick has Yoongi covering his mouth and closing his eyes tight. He lets himself in Namjoon’s control when the other makes one of his legs rest on his shoulder. Yoongi groans deeply in pleasure, his hands falling from his mouth to Namjoon’s hair. Not pulling, just placed there as an anchor for himself.

There’s a moment mid blowjob when Namjoon moves his other leg and Yoongi’s foot leaves the cold floor, back still supported by the white tiles. He comes like that later and Namjoon taste him contentedly.

"Let– let me–" Yoongi murmurs ready to go down on him as well but Namjoon stops him.

"No need, baby" He is painfully hard for sure.

Yoongi wraps his fingers around his cock then and Namjoon holds his face with both hands while kissing him. It doesn’t take long for him to spurs his cum on Yoongi's belly till the water clears it from his skin. They kiss lazily for a little more till Yoongi gets a few more hickies on his tender skin and the raw sense of possession Namjoon isn’t even aware of, is fulfilled.




"You know?–" Namjoon is caressing his hair, both back on the couch, TV on with the volume at the lowest. Yoongi hums in acknowledge with his head resting in a cushion above Namjoon’s lap. "We could have done so much more if you haven't invited your friends over..."

Yoongi purses his lips. "....I just wanted to tease you"

"–or you were scared?" Namjoon halts his movement. "I don’t want to pressure you into anything" Even though Yoongi is the one that keeps begging to be fucked. Namjoon can’t help but think like that since he is the older of them both.

Yoongi considers for a few more seconds his answer and simply shrugs. "I don’t feel pressured" he really doesn’t. "I like you a lot" –more than that, and maybe, just maybe Yoongi did felt a little scared but not in the way Namjoon’s probably thinking. It’s kinda complicate or just stupid but to Yoongi getting his way is a little frightening sometimes. He doesn’t want to disappoint Namjoon either.

Namjoon cups his cheek then and turns his head making Yoongi open his eyes just in time to see him leaning down. He kisses back just as slow and deeply.

"I really, really like you" –and more, Namjoon says, "I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do and I won’t think less of you" another kiss "You're already perfect for me, Yoongi"

Yoongi doesn’t want to delusion himself into believe beyond Namjoon’s words. Into believe that Namjoon loves him like he does, Yoongi knows how he feels and is not something that happened over night. The day his mother introduced him to her boyfriend and son, Yoongi got one of those instant crushes that some people have when they see someone attractive. Then he got to know Namjoon more and the crush that would probably fade just got a little more serious. There is nothing in Namjoon Yoongi isn’t fond on he realizes (except some of his friends).

Namjoon is not what Yoongi envisioned as what a perfect boyfriend would be, yet he is everything what Yoongi desires.

"Kiss me more"

"Aren’t you a little demanding brat?"

Yoongi pouts but gets what he asked for soon enough.

They stay like that, all domestic and cozy, till Namjoon’s dad calls saying they're already in town but that they're going to get takeout first for supper.

Namjoon enjoys the moment alone with Yoongi cuddling in the sofa and kissing his super cute and handsome face some more not matter Yoongi’s words of him being a sappy old idiot. Namjoon knows he says it with love –love.





Chapter Text


Yoongi watches in amusement as Jeongguk’s gets all flushed with embarrassment while Taehyung keeps blabbering about something. Taehyung has clung to him as soon as he spot them and greeted Yoongi with a wave and Jeongguk with a chaste kiss on the cheek. It’s disgustingly cute Yoongi thinks and admits to himself that he wishes to do that as well.

“Gonna check on something” he ignores Jeongguk’s bulging eyes heading away.

Yoongi enters a clothing store and walks slowly through the hallways of jeans and sweaters, he just wants to give his friend alone time with his crush that apparently is into him as well if Taehyung’s heart shaped eyes are anything to go by. Besides, Yoongi prefers to be left alone at the mall that to be an awkward third wheel. He also wants to buy something for himself since his mother gave him money for it –she also asked Namjoon to go with him but Namjoon made a last minute excuse –not that Yoongi is pissed off by it (he totally is).

His phone pings with a message.


[10:27] Namjoon: hey baby, where are u?

[10:28] Yoongi: weren’t u too busy?

[10:30] Namjoon: i’m sorry, i’ll buy you ice-cream

[10:31] Yoongi: i’m not a child

[10:33] Namjoon: but you’re my baby

[10:35] Yoongi: idiot


Yoongi does tell him where he is, Namjoon waiting actually outside the building.

I just needed to do a few things” Namjoon finally says when they’re making their way to another store, ice-cream cones in hands. “You know I’m moving out to be closer to college, right?”

Yes, Yoongi fucking knows it. He just hums and avoids all eye contact.

But Namjoon can see right through him.

“Hey” He lifts his chin with two fingers and brush some bangs out of his eyes. “That doesn’t mean we are not going to see each other anymore. I couldn’t possibly live without seeing your pretty scolding face. So don’t worry”

Yoongi rolls his eyes and keeps walking; Namjoon stops him and circles a hand on his waist. “Don’t be mad, please”

“I’m not mad” Yoongi has this stupid thought that Namjoon is going to probably find someone else in there. But is in these cases where you should trust your lover, right? Yet, Yoongi reminds himself that this can’t be compare to a real relationship considering all parameters involved. “I just don’t want you to leave me” he says nevertheless.

“Why would I do something like that?” He kisses his cheek and only then is that Yoongi notices that Namjoon is doing all that at the sight of everyone that happen to watch.

The younger shrugs, “I don’t know” he looks up to him, “I’m just a kid”

“Don’t be like that” Namjoon catches sight of a photo booth and gets both of them inside.

Yoongi sits and waits for Namjoon to put the money in it to start it, “You want me to strip for a sexy photo?” the taller finally takes a seat beside him.

“I was thinking I don’t really have photos of you beside the ones you send me on kakao” He tilts the younger’s head and the first flash goes through, “Smile”

Yoongi doesn’t replay because Namjoon is already leaning down, pressing their lips, another flash.


Yoongi snatches the photos from his hands for security inspection (if he came out ugly in one he’ll rather eat it than let Namjoon see it). Surprisingly enough he actually smiles at the first two frames, with Namjoon’s silly grin and dimples at his side. In the others he is just being stupidly kissed –he decides then that there’s no need for him to swallow any and gives them back to the elder.

“Tell me the true. Is that your new jerk off material?”

Namjoon splutters but manages to control himself, “Yoongi!”

“For times alone at your dorm, missing me?”

“Oh, I’ll miss you”

Yoongi’s cheekiness, his ways of doing things or asking for them, his idiosyncrasy in general, Namjoon knows that in the times there he’ll miss Yoongi’s face the most, his shy smiles, the way he turns beet red and tries to cover it, his demanding whishes that Namjoon would comply no matter what.


Fuck, how much Yoongi is going to really miss Namjoon when he leaves. He’ll miss everything of him, but the way Namjoon looks at him is probably what he is going to miss the most. Well, is not like he’s going forever but Yoongi is not going to see him daily like how he is used to by now, since he moved to that house. Of what he is sure at the moment is that he is going to spend all the time possible along Namjoon before his departure to the freaking college’s life.

“Yo, my cute grumpy marshmallow, is that your friend tainting the integrity of that poor boy”

Yoongi checks and indeed, that’s Jeon Jeongguk in a hallway with Taehyung pressed to the glass walls of an empty store room, and that’s Jeon Jeongguk sucking the life out of Taehyung’s mouth –Taehyung doesn’t look like he’s complaining.

Yoongi realizes something not much later and turns to smack Namjoon in the arm, “Why you mean marshmallow?”



It’s was all happening so smoothly and pretty, Yoongi thought, and life doesn’t give you anything for free, he knows that much.

Namjoon is moving out in two days and Yoongi is not waiting till last minute, so he gets out of his bed after checking the time, twenty minutes past midnight. He walks slowly down the corridor to Namjoon’s room; he knows his mother is knocked out after her good night tea and that Namjoon’s dad is a heavy sleeper so he doesn’t worry about them.

Namjoon jumps a little when he places a hand on his shoulder and pulls his earplugs out, “What happens?”

“You know!” Yoongi climbs under the covers.


“I’m gonna miss you!”

“And I promise to come here regularly as long as I’m able to it”

“Yeah but–”

Namjoon shifts on the bed till he’s on his side holding his head on his bend arm, “Tell me” He caresses the younger’s cheek.

“Can you kiss me?”

Not in this life would Namjoon say no to that, “Of course, babe”

Yoongi holds onto his neck and Namjoon soon enough is pulling him over himself, Yoongi’s knees at his sides, straddling him.

“Namjoon” Yoongi pulls away pressing his ass against his crotch covered in only the thin fabric of dark red boxers, “Please”

“…Don’t beg me like that”


“You know there’s nothing more that I want right now that to make love to you”

“That’s a little hard to believe” Yoongi is pushing his luck but he wants it so bad.

Namjoon should be more mindful and the right thing to do, considering all that is implied it, it’s to say no. He shouldn’t. Yet, Yoongi finds himself on his back in the next second and this time is Namjoon the one searching for heady kisses and warm skin.

It’s only in the morning that Yoongi feels something close to regret, but not for what he did with Namjoon.




Chapter Text


Namjoon should be more mindful and know that the right thing to do, considering all that is implied it, it’s to say no. He shouldn’t. Yet, Yoongi finds himself on his back in the next second and this time is Namjoon the one searching for heady kisses and warm skin.

It takes him seconds to get rid of Yoongi’s clothing but he takes his sweet time kissing Yoongi’s body throughout. It’s a guilty pleasure for him to leave quickly forming hickies all over milky porcelain skin, so smooth and delicate. Yoongi is quite sensitive because he can feel him shiver under his weigh.

Yoongi turns onto his stomach and is not much later that he is feeling again Namjoon’s plush lips against his skin, big hands rooming all over his body, caressing with gentleness but firmly and when Namjoon stops kissing and sucking, Yoongi feels teeth biting slightly into his butt-cheeks enough to paint dark red marks. Yoongi feels his.

Yoongi is his. Namjoon shouldn’t think that way, so possessive. But Yoongi is his.

Namjoon shouldn’t be doing a lot of things lately, but he can’t help it. Not when is Yoongi.

"Come" He lifts Yoongi's hips and shoves a pillow under, quickly looking for lube on his nightstand. He traces two slicked fingers over his rim pressing lightly; Yoongi keeps pushing his ass back so Namjoon allows himself to assume he is more than ready. "Always the eager one, baby"

"Namjoon, I want you"

Namjoon doesn’t need more confirmation. He shoves one finger in, circling. Then he adds a second, scissoring. It’s not until he has four fingers in and a whimpering Yoongi that he becomes aware of how painful his cock feels, still trapped inside his boxers. He hunches back onto his knees reaching for the lube again, right hand still working Yoongi open, with difficulty he opens the cap and coats his fingers bringing them into his throbbing dick, the contact making him hiss.

"Namjoon, please" Yoongi keens under his touch.

Pulling his legs apart a little more Namjoon settles better between them, shifting the pillow, the movement sending friction to Yoongi’s own cock.

Namjoon leans over him, kissing his neck his cheeks, caressing his ribs all the way down to his thighs.

Namjoon pushes the head in.

"Fuck" Yoongi whines.

"Does it hurt?"

"It’s just more than your fingers and don’t you dare to stop" Yoongi has waited enough.

"Brat" he chuckles, "Always making demands"

"And you’re supposed to obey. So shut up and fuck me"

Namjoon shakes his head. "It’s not fucking babe. We are making love"

"Cheesy idiot"

"Only for you" Namjoon slides all the way in. He bottoms out and then slowly rocks his hips against the younger. Just to make him use to the stretch.

"Let me see you" he grabs his arm and leads him to shift around. Yoongi gets on his back and pulls Namjoon by the shoulders bringing him down for a kiss.

Namjoon pleases him getting a hold of his waist, their chests pressing together. He thrusts inside him again. And again.

"Damnit, Yoongi!" Namjoon pants, lips brushing "You feel so good"

Yoongi wants to say the same but Namjoon’s thrusts are brushing his prostate and the friction between their bodies is not helping him to last longer.

"Cum for me, baby" he sucks on his neck, "Cum for me, Yoongi"

Yoongi makes a mess on his tummy, white hot ropes of cum.

Namjoon stills for a moment, looking for his mouth and kissing him silly. Yoongi’s legs disentangling from his waist, falling to the sides but soon Namjoon is taking one up and then he gets back on it. Still hard. Yoongi whimpers at the sudden overstimulation, scratching his nails on his upper back and arms.

"Fuck Namjoon!"

When Yoongi cums again, Namjoon does it too, filling him up with his hot seed, Yoongi feels full, totally satiated.




So is only in the morning that Yoongi feels something close to regret, but not for what he did with Namjoon, he will never regret of that. But fuck, he does regret having forgot about his mother early appointment, he regrets not having put all his clothes on properly before leaving Namjoon’s room, he regrets letting himself go blank at her question.

“Yoongi?” She calls again.

Yoongi is five seconds away to just turn and run towards his room but that would be even more suspicious, he doesn’t even want to imagine what would happen if she found out about….

“Namjoon let me sleep on the floor” He starts, “I was, I needed someone to talk and– and he is leaving soon” He has his pajama bottoms on but he is sure that his shirt is inside out and he is holding his underwear in one hand behind his back and there’re bound to be hickies at plain sight. “I got a brother and now I’m kinda losing him” his eyes darts down, “I’m on square one again”

“Oh Yoongi” She gets closer and caresses his cheeks, “I’m sure Namjoon will visit and you can visit him too if you want. Gosh, I have no idea you were feeling like this, honey” He almost lets his briefs fall. Don’t notice please, he begs.

Yoongi does feel bad about lying to her but he has to. He can’t even imagine her accepting what he and Namjoon have.

“Go wash yourself while I prepare breakfast, okay?”

He nods and heads for his room, heart picking up pace fast.

So that’s how a short circuit to your brain and heart probably would feel like, he thinks and lets himself breathe deeply once inside the privacy of his bedroom.

That was so fucking, fucking close. Shit.




Two hours and an awkward breakfast later, he is on his phone, locked inside his closet telling Jeongguk everything. “Damn! You got lucky she didn’t pry more”

“I know!”

“Well, since Namjoon’s leaving you don’t need to worry about that longer…”

“Don’t remain me of it, thanks”

“You know? His university isn’t that far from your house, you can go there”

“What am I? A crazy stalker boyfriend? I’m not gonna impose in there”

“So you’re going to leave him at the mercy of other college’s students that wouldn’t mind go down with him?”

“Of course not! I hate you.” Jeongguk laughs, “What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Kim Taehyung” Yoongi says simply and grins at the mortified expression Jeongguk most have now.

“That’s low, and besides our subject of conversation is Namjoon”

“Was. Now is Kim Taehyung. Speak”

Jeongguk doesn’t have much to say and Yoongi doesn’t need to hear much to guess his friend is utterly smitten. 




“I think she suspects” Namjoon says when they are alone in the living room, both parents gone for work.

“What? Why?” Yoongi puts his phone down.

“She told me to not let you sleep in my room since you’re a big boy then she told me that it didn’t matter anymore since I was leaving and she was looking at me like she was waiting for something. I held myself the best I could but–”

“She saw me leaving your room this morning. Almost caught me. I though she didn’t realized anything”

“Well, she is your mother so maybe–”

Yoongi shakes his head and climbs on his lap, straddling him and crossing his arms around his neck while resting his head under his chin. “Don’t let me go” he whispers, Namjoon feels his breath on his neck while hugging him back,

It’s their last night till who knows when, he thinks.

“I’m just going to college, not war”

“I don’t care. You’re going anyway and it’s away from me!” Namjoon hugs him a little tighter.




Yoongi makes his way to his room again past midnight and they sleep together till Namjoon’s alarm wakes him and he has to carry Yoongi back to his own room before anyone else wakes up. He kisses his lips slowly and gentle.

Namjoon leaves in a taxi after 7am, Yoongi’s still sleeping.





Chapter Text


Namjoon’s phone beeps again and he hurries in shoving his notepad inside his backpack, his dorm is at a five minute walk but he knows that if he doesn’t hurry, consequences are about to come –if not already.

When he stumbles inside the building, Yoongi is leaned to the wall next to the elevator with someone across him saying something. Not just someone, Seungho from the floor below his.

Yoongi’s eyes shift towards him at the same time Seungho’s hand reaches Yoongi’s upper arm.

“Yoongi” Namjoon says getting closer.

“Hey, Kim!” Seungho salutes.

Namjoon doesn’t even look at him anymore, “Hey” Yoongi stands straighter, “Let’s go”

Let’s go turns out to be the first thing Namjoon says to Yoongi after three weeks of only texting and stressed himself thinking in what could he say or get for Yoongi to forgive him because apparently leave without waking him up and only have the excuse of you looked so pretty is a no-no.

"Leaving so soon?" Seungho says, "Won't you give me your number at least?"

Yoongi is about to speak but Namjoon beats him to it, "Dude" Namjoon chuckles but only an idiot would confuse his smile with something nice at the moment, "I don't think my boyfriend wants annoying spam texts" He winks, Seungho's eyes go wide before he quickly raise his hands up. Namjoon knows he shouldn't have said like that but well.

It's only after the elevator's doors close that Yoongi turns to him, "Now I'm your boyfriend?"

"C'mon, Yoongi. I said I was sorry, I am sorry!"

The younger waves a hand at him, "Whatever"

In his room, Namjoon has the intent of showing him around a talk some but Yoongi backs him up to his bed making him sit, "Talk later" He simply says straddling his lap, "Kiss me now"

Namjoon rests his hands on his hips, feeling skin and bones, he lifts his left to brush some bangs out of his eyes and leans to press a chaste kiss, "I missed you" another on his cheek, "Did you miss me?"

Yoongi remembers had told him that over their texts, "You know I did" he wraps both arms around Namjoon's neck and leans burying his face in the crook of his neck, "You're still and asshole though"

"Right" Namjoon wraps him in a hug, "How did you get here?"

"Told your dad and he brought me" Namjoon's dad kept talking during the whole ride so it wasn't awkward, "He even bought me ice-cream" he pouts remembering, "In children's size"


"Nah, it was good and he bought me two more" That single action made Yoongi think about the way Namjoon's father sees him: like a child which is enough to bring his mood down, if only the man knew what he and his son had done.

"At what time do you have to get back?"

"Want to get rid of me already? I feel your love, really"


"Why don't you fuck me first, at least?"

"God" Namjoon sighs and chuckles, "I can't say I didn't miss that language though" he gently turns and places Yoongi on the bed, "Can't you at least be a bit more romantic babe?"

"Can you make me feel good with your penis deep inside me?" Yoongi pouts and blinks innocently despite the words coming past his pink lips where Namjoon's gaze has fallen. Yoongi needs to be home early since is a week day so they better get starting.

Namjoon, however, takes his time undressing him and kissing him deeply, whispering with lips brushing his skin how much he wants him, love him. And Yoongi kisses back just as eagerly, wanting more and more.

(Namjoon covers his mouth at some point since the walls are not thick)




Namjoon assures him he can drive him back without trouble in the evening after they eat noodles courtesy of Namjoon's friend across the hall.

Once outside the house, Yoongi sighs deeply while Namjoon reaches with one hand caressing his cheeks, "I’m glad we could see each other today"

Yoongi smiles, "If it is up to you, then we never"


"Sorry. I know you're busy. I am too, school is still boring though"

"Keep the good grades" the younger scuffs murmuring 'of course' and the Namjoon has Yoongi's light weigh pressing on his lap. "Hey..."

"Kiss me goodnight" Who is Namjoon to disagree?


When Yoongi finally enters the house, his mother greets him from the kitchen telling him Jimin is waiting for him in his room.

"Dinner will be ready soon" she peers from the kitchen's door when he's at the bottom of the staircase. "What did you guys do?" Yoongi just sent her a text about it in the morning.

"Catching up and eating his roommate's stash of snacks while watching a movie in his laptop" Are those details enough? He turns, feeling his face getting hot remembering how he licked some sauce for the nachos from Namjoon's—

"Okay. Tell Jimin he can stay for dinner if he wants" He sprints to his bedroom.


What greets him when he enters is Jimin's worried face follow by "She knows"





Chapter Text


Namjoon picks up the phone after the fourth time it rings, "Hello?"

His father is at the other side. 



Yoongi purses his lips and sighs heavily, "Okay" he replays to his mother request to be there when she picks him up at the end of his classes. With his backpack in hand he gets out of the car with a quick bye walking the short distance to the school's front gate. "Hey!" he meets Jimin there. The short boy smiles apologetic and offers his hand, Yoongi takes it.

"How is everything?"

Yoongi shrugs, "She hasn't really told me anything straight but I heard her talking to Namjoon's dad"


"About how she doesn't think I should spend that much time with him which is the total opposite of what she believed before, how she thinks our relationship is no longer...appropriate"

"Oh" Jimin tugs his arm, guiding him to one classroom still empty. "I'm sorry" He hugs him as tight as he is able.

"Don't worry" Yoongi buries his face in the crook of his neck, "I'll be fine, we'll be fine"


Later, Yoongi borrows his phone "I think she got record files of my text messages and calls. I'm almost sure she is just one call away to contact a private detective or something" Jimin looks scandalized and scared but Yoongi assures him it's not that bad and that he’s only exaggerating, if anything he and Namjoon preferred calls over texts for the dirty.



Namjoon keeps answering Yoongi’s texts and calls from Jimin, Taehyung and Jeongguk's phone. It’s just not the same but his father, even though he never said anything directly, hinted at him to contact Yoongi minimally or at all again. “He’s a student, he needs to study hard to get into a good college too, he needs more friends of his own age” and other things Namjoon didn’t really pay attention to.  

He knows shit could have gone so much worse. This pretending from both parents and them is awkward enough. He guesses that Yoongi’s mom doesn’t really wanna know if his 3 year older stepbrother is actually corrupting her fifteen year old son.

So Namjoon embraces himself to be a good actor as well, for all their sakes. He tells Yoongi to just play along which the younger agrees but only because he doesn’t really have any more choice. For how long, he doesn’t know but the last thing he wants is to have zero chances to see Yoongi again.

So they all pretend everything is fine.

They all pretend they’re still a good family.

And it works for a while.



For Christmas and New Year, Yoongi and his mother go back to Daegu to visit their family certainly Namjoon’s dad goes along with them. There’s no one home when Namjoon goes there. He receives a text from an unknown number with a ‘Merry Xmast. Joonie’



For Yoongi’s sixteen birthday, his mother takes him to Jeju along Namjoon‘s dad. The time overlaps with Namjoon’s little vacation period between semesters. Still, he isn’t invited and has to settle with sending his birthday present with Jimin as intermediary. Yoongi sends him his thank you through a text from Jimin’s phone along a ‘miss you’ & ‘I love you’ that has Namjoon’s heart skipping a bit because that’s the first time Yoongi tells him without the help of alcohol. He doesn’t doubt in sending one back but is just not the same as in person.



Then there’s another December holiday where Namjoon finds the house empty, he waits for a text or a call but nothing. 



For Yoongi’s 17th birthday his mother wants to take him to Paris. Namjoon sends his gift with Jimin again but he doesn’t get any respond back from Yoongi and Jimin doesn’t know what to tell him.



For Christmas Namjoon doesn’t bother in asking where the family is going to be.



For Yoongi’s 18th the family, except Namjoon of course, go to China.



 Another Christmas he spends with friends from college.



For Yoongi’s 19th, to celebrate his adulthood and his graduation from school his mother gifts him with a car.



It’s still March 9th when Namjoon’s phone beeps with an incoming call from an unknown number. Its past 10pm and he doesn’t really want to talk with anyone but the caller insist.


There’s hesitation but then he hears a quiet “…Hey” and despite not hearing that voice in the last three years, Namjoon knows perfectly well who it belongs to.


“Can’t talk too much” he says, “I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry Namjoon”

Namjoon hears him, not even realizing how he’s holding his breath, his mind taking to memory Yoongi’s low and sweet voice. Fuck, how much he missed it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t contact before, I couldn’t I-” Yoongi doesn’t want to give him excuses, “It doesn’t matter what they say, I love you. I really do. I won’t forget you, please don’t forget me” and then he hangs up.


Namjoon’s heart shatters.


Then there’s a beep from new text message.



Chapter Text



Then there’s a beep from a new text message, Namjoon looks down at his phone.

[Unknown] : meet me now

Another text with an address Namjoon is familiar with. He rushes there for sure because it can only be one person and he’s so desperate by this point because this so close and so far away thing is really making him miserable.



Namjoon sees a lonely figure sitting on the swing sets, it has been years but he just can’t forget how Yoongi is. Small, lean, always clinging to things.

Yoongi looks up when he stands in front of him. His eyes are the same, fierce yet vulnerable.

Of course, the first thing Yoongi does is literally throw himself at the tall blonde dork across him and of course, Namjoon has his arms already stretched for him, hugging him tight.

For the next half an hour Namjoon surely enjoys the feel of having Yoongi again back in his arms, holding him, kissing his cheeks, his forehead. Yoongi wants a real kiss however and he can only agree with that one because he wants it too. More than anything.

The moment their lips meet, to Namjoon is like the messy pieces of the puzzle that’s his life are finally fitting together, to Yoongi is like to finally breathe free again. It’s perfect. 


Namjoon doesn’t ask about before, Yoongi tells him eventually though, still in the embrace of his arms moving leisurely on the swing set, the younger on his lap.


Yoongi speaks rather calmly about how his mother made him see a therapist without even giving him a proper heads-up or a full explanation about why she thought it was necessary, no one ever spoke out loud, neither she nor the doctor never told him directly they didn’t want him to like his older stepbrother that way.

Namjoon’s dad was always nice, and still is. Yoongi doesn’t know what he would have done if the man hasn’t been around to pat his shoulder telling him everything would be alright or telling him that Namjoon was okay since the man was the only in contact with him, not on daily basis but enough.

Yoongi speaks about other things too, like his friends. He recounts about Jimin’s adventures in medical school like he likes to call it, how he has been dating this Youngbae dude since a couple years ago and how Jeongguk and Taehyung have this crazy but cute relationship tugged out of a comedy drama. He talks about what he wants to major in college, what he wants to do, how he wants to live with Namjoon…



Yoongi tilts his head towards him “Namjoon, I’m old enough to decide these kind of things”


“You’re going to graduate soon, right?”

“Yeah, but–”

“But what? You don’t want me anymore?”

“You know there’s nothing I want more than you”

“Then don’t complain and just do what I say”

Namjoon chuckles because this is the same bossy Yoongi that he met years back, “Okay, your majesty. Anything else?”

Yoongi smacks him softly, “Yes. I don’t want for us to be separate ever again”

“Sure I can work something out”

“I don’t care about what my mom thinks anymore. I did what she wanted all these past years and I’m ready to follow my own way now”

Namjoon can see all the emotions catching on Yoongi’s striking face, he caresses his cheek warm palm cradling his head to place another gentle kiss. He knows it’s not going to be easy but he also knows he can do it as long as Yoongi is there by his side. “Whatever you want, baby”

They get on their feet, “Namjoon?”

“More kisses?” Yoongi smacks him again when he laughs, “Yeah, yeah. I love you, too”

And with those words, Yoongi smiles. And it’s beautiful and Namjoon might love him just a little bit more.

“I know” He gets cheeky, “Don’t stop loving me, jerk”

“You just know how t–”

Yoongi shuts him with a kiss. I love you.




the END