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What were the things Yoongi liked? Although the fans would probably quote his answers in interviews, there were a lot of other things Yoongi deeply appreciated, even if it only was the details of the things he had already mentioned.

Yes, it was indeed true that Yoongi loved music. When asked about it, he said he did a little bit of producing. That answer was by far an understatement, even if it was only the members and the company that knew. Yoongi would leave the shared practice with the other members when the clock on the wall neared twelve in the night, but on the way down to the exit he would always disappear without notice. He would come back to their dorm in the morning, dead tired but with a look in his eyes that told the others he had accomplished something. Whether it be the next line in a rap, or a specific layer in a ¼ of a beat: a little bit of producing was an understatement.

Yoongi also loved sleeping, and that was a common fact. Though, even if he had a reputation of being lazy as a follow-up to it, that wasn’t near the case. He was just always captured on tape while sleeping before, after and in between shows. Yes, of course he loved sleeping more than the average human being, but that was a minor addition. It was just that he was up producing all night, so that was why every other possible moment was spent walking on clouds in dreamland.

Yoongi also liked Jimin. Sometimes. When the younger lay cuddled up to him in the night, or danced, or nagged at him like a four-year-old, or just whenever. Jimin in general. When didn’t Yoongi like Jimin? Right now. In that specific minute, when he returned and the door was locked. In that moment, Park Jimin was a goddamn idiot.




He had only been gone for five minutes, he was sure. Nothing more. “I’ll go get some water from the reception,” he said. “I’ll be back in five,” he said. It was now fifteen minutes ago, but was he back in the room? No. Was it his fault he wasn’t back? Well, partly, but it was microscopic. Okay - maybe he lost his key card. But Taehyung had had it last time he checked, and when he had asked for it back the younger had shrugged and said he didn’t know where it had disappeared. So technically the blame couldn’t be put on him. By now Yoongi knew it had to be in his own room at least, because he had forced Taehyung to search through his whole suitcase and any other place it could possibly have been already.

So when he had left, he had specifically instructed Jimin not to go anywhere until he was back.

And where was Jimin now? He had no fucking idea, but it was not where he was supposed to be because Yoongi was not back in their room again. The clock was five past eleven now, and they had to get up at five to travel to their next promotion in China somewhere. That meant airports, planes and crying babies, the three things Yoongi couldn’t doze off listening to. Yoongi probably wasn’t the best example of someone getting their recommended eight hours of sleep as he was often was up producing until the morning, but after seeing Taehyung collapse on stage he had actually decided get himself together and sleep more.

But was that a possibility now? No.

Why? BECAUSE OF PARK FUCKING JIMIN, his so-called roommate, was gone. Yoongi could be found sleeping on the floor, in chairs, on benches in the waiting room when they were on standby. But was the next joke him sleeping on the floor in a hallway in a random hotel in Jeolla? No. Way. We was going to sleep in his bed in the hotel room tonight, if the idiot that was supposed to be his roommate decided to show up, that was.

And to think that Yoongi actually thought about letting Jimin sleep cuddled up to him tonight, something he usually didn’t allow the younger to do despite his pleas. Yeah, like that was going to happen now. So there he sat. He had of course left his phone as well, so calling anyone wasn’t an option either. Sighing, he sat down with his back leant against the wall. The number on their hotel room door seemed to mock him there he sat, staring at the combination showing the floor and number. 10-483. He should have been sitting inside that room right now, listening to music as he tried to sleep. Not outside with a water bottle and 300 won in coins. Upset with how things had turned out, he threw his head backwards against the wall and groaned. It was like he couldn’t sit still – he was tired, but couldn’t bear just sitting there. So Yoongi stood up again, deciding that he needed to find a solution – he had long since understood that the answer, lying in the pocket of a certain Park Jimin, wasn’t going to come to him. The one thing he wasn’t going to do though, was call for his manager. He was an independent artist who didn’t need no manager.

It was a highly unlikely possibility, and he had already banged on the door for several minutes in a row already, but maybe Jimin still was in there. Maybe he had just fallen asleep or something. Yeah, right. But nonetheless, Yoongi got up and started knocking on the stupid door that wouldn’t open.

“Jimin!” he shouted. “Wake up and open the goddamn door!” It was obvious that it didn’t work as Jimin probably would have woken up already if he had been in there, but then again Yoongi decided that Jimin was so weird that he never knew with they guy. But then again, if he fell asleep – who did that in three short minutes? The younger had been a ball of energy when he left. “Open the door or I’ll never let you as much as touch me again!”

Afterwards, he came to the conclusion those words weren’t the smartest ones he had ever spoken. Also, it wasn’t a very good idea to scream them out in a hotel. Yoongi had no idea if the walls were soundproof, and after outing those words he didn’t know if he wanted to know either.

Realizing that 1. People might have heard him and 2. Jimin wasn’t there anyways, he slowly retreated from the door and looked upon it with a thoughtful gaze instead. Now, what did he do? For a second he wondered which rooms the others resided in. He guessed he’d just crash there for the time being, until he could access his own place.




Three minutes later, Yoongi stood outside Seokjin and Namjoon’s room, debating whether to knock or not. He could hear muffled sounds of Namjoon’s deep voice and Seokjin’s giggling behind the closed door, and his thoughts leant more against ‘no way’ rather that ‘it can’t be that bad’. Those sounds in themselves weren’t good, because the latter would rather bathe in the snow in his underwear, rather than be caught giggling – ever. By themselves, Seokjin and Namjoon were the most rational in the group, except Yoongi of course. But together in a room where they thought no one could hear them? Yoongi shuddered. NO.

So he proceeded to the younger’s room instead. Initially Hoseok, Jungkook and Taehyung shared one room, but they had gotten one room extra due wrong booking and Hoseok had claimed it upon arrival. Yoongi couldn’t really understand why though, because the younger always ended up in his room or the other way around anyways. Had Yoongi - for example - gotten it, he could have been inside his room and not dependent on Jimin. For example.

He tried Taehyung and Jungkook’s door first, but it was soon clear they weren’t there. He then walked to the room beside the maknae’s instead, which he could already hear laughing from. Well, at least it wasn’t Seokjin’s giggling. When he knocked the laughter died down, and Taehyung asked something he couldn’t quite catch. Seconds later Hoseok opened the door, his face growing more and more curious by the second when he saw Yoongi in the hallway. He knew the latter had had a plan on going to bed early that day, so seeing him there was a surprise, really.

“Yoongi?” he asked, tilting his head. “What are you doing here?”

Letting out a groan under his breath, Yoongi shifted his weight from left to the right. “Fucking Park Jimin,” he grumbled, before realizing how tense he was. Trying to loosen his composure, he sighed. “I went down to the reception to buy some water, and when I came back the idiot was gone. Oh, and someone played with the key card to the room and lost it, so I don’t have that either,” at the last part of his explanation he purposely raised his voice for Taehyung to hear inside the room. The latter just replied with a cheerful “sorry, hyung,” but Hoseok furred his eyebrows.

“Jiminnie?” he said, “He was here before.”

At this Yoongi’s eyes widened, cursing himself. Why hadn’t he gone there earlier?! “Are you serious?” he facepalmed, letting out a much louder sound of desperation. “Tell me you are joking right now.”

Both Jungkook and Taehyung appeared behind Hoseok’s back, peeking over his shoulders with curious looks on their faces.

“He didn’t anything about you being gone though,” Jungkook commented. Yoongi swore he could have strangled Jimin – and he did so in his mind, but he held his composure in front of the younger.

“I… see…” he said slowly. “Any idea where he went?”

Taehyung and Jungkook shook their heads instantly, but Hoseok looked more thoughtful. Ignoring the vocal-line, Yoongi turned his attention the oldest of the three. “So?” he asked when Hoseok didn’t seem like he was going to answer.

“Well, you know the storm that’s nearing Seoul? I heard they closed down both Incheon and Gimpo Airport because of it. None of the other artists we preformed with could go home. SMEnt and YG put their groups somewhere else, but JYP and Jellyfish booked for GOT7 and VIXX here.” Although his face looked uncertain, his words were completely sure. “Jimin knows, and we know he and Jackson are friends. So maybe…”

At this though, Yoongi wasn’t the one answering. He was going to, but Taehyung cut him to it. “VIXX is here?” he exclaimed starstruck. Hoseok nodded and Jungkook sighed, remembering his hyung’s obsession with said band. This could only go one way now.

“Yoongi-hyung, please let me join you!”

Hoseok shook his head. This was why he hadn’t wanted to bring the topic up in the first place. Taehyung had this weird obsession with VIXX and he thought they were great to the border of god-like. They had only met on music shows, and the senior band in themselves seemed quite nice. It wasn’t a bad thing that the younger liked them, as having someone to look up to was good for both one’s ego and dreams. It was just… Taehyung was Taehyung, after all. Yoongi was already in a bad mood, and although he loved his dongsaeng to bits he wasn’t sure he could take special snowflake right now.

So he surprised himself as well as everyone when he shrugged, muttering an unsure “Of course you can come,” and Taehyung squealed.

“Just like, try to remain focused, okay? And look for that fellow ’95-liner of yours. You’re born in the same year, so you’re bound to have some kind of mental connection or whatever.” Shrugging as both Hoseok and Jungkook sent him questioning stares, Yoongi bid his goodbye as Taehyung ran inside to put on his shoes, before following the elder.

“I’ll do my best, Yoongi-hyung!” Taehyung announced seriously, doing a military gesture. Yoongi just sighed, brushing it off. “Yeah, yeah…” he muttered in response. And so they proceeded down the halls to the rooms Hoseok had told them the other bands were in. As they passed Namjoon and Seokjin’s door the giggling had changed to more… moaning sounds and Yoongi decided he wanted to get away from there as soon as possible. Taehyung still had some innocence to him, and he did not need to listen to that.




As they stood outside the door to room 9-679, Yoongi realized he probably should have thought things more through. The clock was way past eleven, and people were probably asleep by now. Most likely really, knowing the schedules of idol groups. Beside him, Taehyung was jumping around in excitement, letting out energy Yoongi couldn’t understand how he still had. They were currently outside GOT7’s place, and the elder seriously started to wonder if they should bother at all. The other band was also separated by rooms, but the only room number they had been given was this, and Yoongi had no intention of taking chances and knocking on other doors and ending up waking up an old lady who would throw her hairbrush at him and scream about burglars. He hoped for god’s sake that Hoseok’s information was correct.

His worries were for nothing as a loud scream was heard from inside the room, indicating that yes, this was the room of the GOT7-members and no, they were not asleep just yet. However, the loud noise made him wonder if he even wanted to go in there.

“Aah, Jinyoung, please be careful!”

“Nope. You lost Jaebum, this is your punishment.”

Another loud scream, now recognizable as the leader, Jaebum.

“Youngjae! Youngjae, I’m your hyung, right? You can’t hurt me. I’ve been nice to you, haven’t I? I bought you ice cream!”

“Sorry Jaebum-hyung. You lost.”

One more outcry.

And Yoongi decided that no matter why they were punishing Jaebum, he did not want to go in there and get to know the reason. But then again, luck was never on Yoongi’s side – he should have gotten used to that by now. Seconds after, just as he was about turn around and announce that they would try with VIXX instead, the door opened - outwards of course, and right in his face.

“OW!” he exclaimed as pain spread in his precious face, most prominent in his nose. Taehyung looked at the elder and laughed, but Yoongi quickly shut him up with a stare and turned to the person in the doorway instead.

“Min Yoongi!” a grey-haired, fellow ’93-liner, Mark, stood there. His warped from surprise to delight, and then to confusion and concern. “Oh my god, are you okay?”

Yoongi rubbed his nose as he nodded, although it was a complete lie and in reality really fucking hurt.

“Yeah,” he assured the oldest member of GOT7, with a forced smile. He didn’t bear any grudges though, because he knew it was an accident. “It’s nothing, I’ve experienced worse. Doesn’t hurt at all,” Behind him Taehyung let out a snort because of the obvious lie, but at least Mark looked a little bit less guilty.

Suddenly someone appeared behind Mark, startling both of the guys. Mark denied it afterwards, but he just might have let out a squeal. Possibly. Taehyung however, seemed unfazed.

“Hello!” A shorter person in a snapback greeted. “Wild and sexy Jackson at your service!”

Mark rolled his eyes, realizing who it was. “More like overly talkative and embarrassing,” he scolded in his trademark deep voice before a smirk crept onto his lips. Jackson pouted at the comment, but didn’t object and instead looked at Yoongi and Taehyung.

It seemed like he first saw who had knocked now, and grinned at the sight. “Yoongi! Taehyung! What’s up?”

And before he could stop himself, Yoongi grumbled a “not Jimin, that’s for sure.” Both Jackson and Mark looked like they wanted to question the unusual response, but before they got the time another two people showed up. Both Yoongi and Taehyung recognized them as the youngest of GOT7, Yugyeom and… Bambam? Kunpimook? Yoongi was never really sure of what to call him, because both seemed weird on his tongue. Yugyeom was holding a video camera, sticking it in the face of Jackson.

“Jackson!” he grinned. “Who’s at the door?” Then he turned the camera on Yoongi and Taehyung, who stood there like big question marks. “It’s our friends from BTS! Hello! We’re filming for RealGOT7! Say hi!” he seemed pretty happy and full of energy, and so did his Thai companion. They were almost bouncing up and down. Maybe it was because they had got to hit their hyung in punishment. Or maybe they just were like Taehyung, although Yoongi liked to believe that Taehyung was a special case. It had to be something special with the maknae-lines in bands, but he had no intention of finding it out.

“Hello there, GOT7’s fans! I’m V from BTS!” Taehyung caught on immediately, holding up a v-sign.

The camera turned to Yoongi, who just stood there for a second before he realized what he was supposed to do. “Oh… hi. I’m Suga from BTS!” he put on a smile that did not match his current mood – which was something like ‘I hate Jimin and my nose hurts’ – and greeted the camera. Happy with their shot the youngest went back to filming Jaebum’s pain, and Jackson and Mark were left in the doorway.

“So, why are you here?” Mark asked, raising an eyebrow in question. Jackson draped an arm around him and his face reflected the same look as the older’s, looking at the two Bangtan-members.

“Jiminnie is gone,” Taehyung explained. “Like poof. And he left without telling Yoongi so now he’s stuck outside their room.”

“So we really just wanted to know if you’ve seen him. I’d like to sleep somewhere else than the floor tonight,” Yoongi added, sighing at the situation. He just wanted to sleep. He hadn’t really done anything wrong in life, had he? He had been nice. He had even bought ice cream for the members once. So why was Life punishing him like this?

The two in the door seemed to think about it, furring their eyebrows as they did so. “I don’t think so…?” Mark muttered. It was obvious they had been having some kind of a schedule even after they came to the hotel, so Yoongi didn’t really blame them.

Jackson however, lit up like he suddenly remembered something. “Wait! Didn’t Youngjae mention he met someone in the hallway?” he then turned around, looking for said person. “Hey, Youngjae! Can you come here for a sec?”

Another person inside scrambled to his feet and walked over. A blonde boy appeared, smiling as he did so. “Oh, hello! What’s the matter?”

“You know how you met someone in the hallway? Who was that?” Jackson jumped straight to the point, and didn’t care for any small talk. Youngjae looked confused at him, and then realized just which group Yoongi and Taehyung belonged to. “Yeah!” he exclaimed, “Jimin! He was supposed to visit us, but when I told him we were doing punishment-games he didn’t seem very eager… anyways, he seemed like he was in a hurry? As we said goodbye he mentioned something about voodoo dolls and robots… Are you looking for him?”

Yoongi nodded, relieved that they at least had a clue on where Jimin had gone. Because voodoo dolls and robots could only mean one thing. It was some of the concepts the other band residing in the hotel had pulled off, so now they knew where to go. Happily he thanked Youngjae for his information, before biding farewell with Jackson and Mark.

“I quite like those guys,” Taehyung remarked when they were walking down the hallway again. “They are fun,” he smiled dreamily and it seemed like his mind was drifting away again, so Yoongi had to snap to get his attention. Now they only needed to meet with VIXX, find Jimin, drag his ass to their room, open the goddamn door, and Yoongi could peacefully sleep.

“Do your nose still hurt though? You’re not very good at lying,”

“Shut up before I send you flying to China, will you?”



Yoongi had thought of a calm and short ‘Hi. Have you seen our member Jimin around?’ and then afterwards either ‘I’ll guess I’ll have to search more then,’ or ‘thank you! He was here all along?’. But of course, none of that occurred.

It all started when he knocked on the door. For a couple of seconds nothing could be heard, before a loud crashing noise made its way through the room, someone screamed and someone sighed. Soon after, the door was opened.

Yoongi recognized the one opening the door as Leo, or Taekwoon. VIXX and BTS had done a special stage together for a music show earlier that month, so they were at least acquaintances, rather than estranged.

“Hi.” Taekwoon said, looking at the two knocking on the door so late in the evening. Although he was curious his facial expressions didn’t really reveal anything, leaving everything for Yoongi and Taehyung to figure out.

“Uh, hello,” Yoongi stuttered, baffled although he knew he should have expected the welcome. Taekwoon didn’t really come off as cold, although his expressions often were limited. He seemed rather… reserved, instead.

Yoongi turned when he didn’t hear Taehyung greet the taller, and he was about to scold the younger when he saw the look on his face. Taehyung’s mouth hung open, seemingly trying to form words to no use. He was, in the simplest term, totally starstruck. Yoongi had to elbow Taehyung lightly to get him to come back to his senses. The latter seemed to wake up at this, and his face spread into his usual grin.

“Hello!” he greeted. Taekwoon nodded in acknowledgement, and a couple of seconds in silence passed, as no one really knew what to say further. In other words, it was extremely awkward.

Luckily, the one Yoongi later dubbed his holy saviour, almost jumped on Taekwoon’s back as he appeared behind him.

“Yoongi! Taehyungie! How are you? What brings you here?” Cha Hakyeon, leader of VIXX and a very interesting personality indeed. Yoongi liked him though, because even if he could be overly affectionate he was rational and cool… sometimes.

“We’re looking for Jimin, he’s disappeared,” Yoongi explained quickly. He turned to Taehyung for the other to say something, but as he halfway expected the latter was in no state to do anything, much less explain their mission. Yoongi had to elbow him again.

“Uh… hi, Hakyeon-sunbae!” Taehyung looked like he was called to court, he was so nervous.

Hakyeon only laughed. “I think we’re past that stage, just call me hyung, will you? But did you say you were looking for Jiminnie?”

Yoongi nodded. “Yes. We already went to GOT7’s room where he was going in the first place, but they told me he’d said something about coming here? I don’t even know anymore. Have you seen him around?”

Hakyeon thought for a second, before he shook his head. “Nope,” he said. “I don’t think so?”

Yoongi sighed. Goddamn Jimin and his stupid messages. Couldn’t he just be where he told people he was going?

He was about to say goodbye and turn around when another three people appeared in the distance in the hallway. Yoongi wouldn’t really have paid any attention to them, if not for the fact that they were practically shouting at Hakyeon and Taekwoon.

“Yahoo, Taekwoon! Hakyeon!” the first one hollered. The other two weren’t as loud, but could still be heard.

“Noisy,” Taekwoon muttered, making Taehyung’s eyes widen in surprise from the sudden comment. To hide his actions he looked at the incoming people instead, coughing as he did so.

The three people turned out to be none other than the three other members of Hakyeon and Taekwoon’s group: Jaehwan, Wonshik and Sanghyuk.

“Where’s Hongbin?” Hakyeon questioned when they arrived. Sanghyuk just shrugged and said something about bad chili. No one wanted to know further.

“So, why are you here?” Wonshik asked Yoongi and Taehyung, after greeting them with a high five.

“Their Jimin is gone,” Hakyeon said. “They wonder if he has been here,”

Yoongi didn’t really expect anyone to have seen Jimin because his luck worse than Namjoon’s dancing today, but his hopes lit up again when Jaehwan spoke.

“Jimin? Rather short? Coloured hair? Dancer with a high voice? Wears a snapback?”

“Yes!” Had he finally found him? Could he in the end go home and sleep? Was his painful search over?

“Haven’t seen him around.” Or not. Yoongi internally facepalmed while screaming at whatever god was up there, begging for forgiveness for what he supposedly did to deserve this.

Sanghyuk rolled his eyes. “That’s wrong,” he said. “Hongbin and I went down to the reception earlier to buy bubble gum, and we met him there. We talked for a couple of minutes before he said he had to go. That’s a while since now, though…”

Yoongi’s eyebrows rose in interest. “Did he say where he was going?”

This made the corners of Sanghyuk’s lips tug a little bit, and Yoongi just knew that Jimin had done something stupid again. “Well, he originally went looking I think, but in that second they announced that there was free cake for the hotel guests, so…”

Yoongi would probably have cursed Jimin out loud for being such a distracted idiot, but he never got that far as Taehyung seemed to snap out of his trance and broke in.

“Free cake?” he turned to Yoongi seriously. “Hyung, I think we need to search the dining hall,”

At this point on their hopeless journey, Yoongi didn’t even care to object. Whatever small clues they got, he would gladly follow. He just wanted to get somewhere, preferably closer to the target of his search. Although something in the back of his head told him that the only thing they would find in the dining hall was the satisfaction of Taehyung’s stomach.

Any way, they thanked Sanghyuk and the others for being helpful, before continuing down to the first floor where the dining hall and reception desk were.




Yoongi had thought that they had meant a chocolate cake or something when they went to the dining hall, but it wasn’t as simple as that. He didn’t know how he and the other members had managed to miss it, but the hotel supposedly turned ten years that day, and there were a lot of cakes in celebration. As in, huge, expensive cakes. No wonder Jimin went there, because this was honestly a party of cakes in all shapes and sizes.

“Whoooa,” Taehyung muttered as entered. They were standing in the double-door entrance, overlooking the hall. The ceiling was high and the room pretty huge in itself, but today it only looked bigger. Guests occupied most of the circular tables, and the cakes were lined up on tables along the walls.

“I’ll… I’ll start looking for Jimin at the table with the big cheesecake,” Taehyung declared, silently moving towards it. Yoongi just sighed, realizing that he wouldn’t get any help looking for anyone there.

Although there were a lot of people in the hall, Yoongi quickly understood that if Jimin had been there, he had raided the cake buffet already. He went over to Taehyung to inform him of the news, as the latter was happily occupied with stuffing his face with different cakes.

When Taehyung saw Yoongi nearing, his eyes went wide, wondering what excuse he should use. He hadn’t really looked for anything else than cake, and the elder was probably going to request results from the searching (he did not do).

“Uh,” he said, putting down his platter as he dropped to his knees and lifted the tablecloth, halfway crawling in under the table it as he peeked in. “He’s not under here!”

“Well, obviously,” Yoongi rolled his eyes, not even questioning Taehyung’s obvious behaviour. “He’s not here at all,”


Yoongi waited for Taehyung to reappear from the table after the breaking information, but no such thing happened. Instead, the younger had found something very interesting.

“Look, hyung! I found a piece of pizza!”

“Taehyung, do not eat that,”

Taehyung pouted. “If you say so,” he muttered, finally getting himself out from under there. Grabbing his fork and platter of cake, he was pretty much ready to go.

“Now,” Yoongi declared, “We go and check the reception. I’m tired and if I see a certain Park Jimin now, I will punch his face in,”

“Then, isn’t it better if we don’t find him?”



“Shut up.”




The guy in the reception wasn’t very helpful. Yoongi should have expected as much just by looking at him, but he had let his suspicions on ice, to no use. The guy had short hair spiking out in every possible direction, a bad case of acne, and he leant over the counter, almost dozing off. He seemed like one of those teenagers that didn’t really know what to do in life, and just ended up working somewhere with no interest whatsoever.

“Uh, hello?” Yoongi had to wave twice in front of the guy’s face before he even responded. When he did, he only lifted an eyebrow in question. And Yoongi swore he was so close from taking out all his anger on this person.

Instead, he kept his calm. “Have you seen a guy called Park Jimin? Short? Brown hair? Probably has an idiotic grin plastered on his face, mocking my entire existence?” Okay, so maybe keeping his calm wasn’t the right term.

“Hyung,” Taehyung whispered, “you’re being weird again,” To this, Taehyung only received a glare. Like he was the one to talk. The teenager however, just shrugged and shook his head. Not even a verbal answer. Yoongi gripped his hair in frustration, but turned away without strangling anyone. He was quite proud of that fact.

“Then, what do we do?” Taehyung asked as they walked towards the lifts.

“Rooms,” Yoongi announced. “I’m exhausted. If I have to, I’ll just crash at Hoseok’s. Stupid Jimin and his stupid room key and his stupid existence and his stupid…” the list went on as they took the lifts up to their floor and by the time the lift’s doors opened, he had successfully called everything connected to Park Jimin stupid, including his dog (did Jimin even have a dog? Taehyung wondered).

Taehyung expected Yoongi to follow him as Hoseok’s room was beside his and Jungkook’s, but instead he went in the other direction, saying something about checking his room one last time. They told each other good night, before the younger went to his own place with the maknae of the team.

Looking at the dreaded door Yoongi hadn’t been able to open over an hour earlier was still there, and still as irritating. If doors could talk, it would have been mocking him. He was about to turn away and just tell Hoseok he’d sleep there instead, but in that second laughter was heard from inside the room. Yoongi froze in his spot, before slowly realizing that someone was inside. And there was only one with access.


The laughing stopped, and ten seconds later the door unlocked. He opened it as soon as it did, scaring an until-then happy Jimin along the way. The younger quickly regained his composure however, and flopped down on the bed.

“Jimin, where the hell have you been?!” Yoongi exclaimed, stomping into the room. Jimin’s iPad was open on his own bed, meaning he’d probably monitored their performance or watched some tearjerker drama.

The source of all his troubles furred his eyebrows. “What do you mean? I’ve been here, of course.”

The elder shook his head, so close from jumping out a window. “Then why was I locked out in the hallway?!”

“Well,” Jimin puffed out his cheeks as he thought about it, and honestly looked really cute. But no, Yoongi could not think like that. He was angry with Jimin. Jimin was an idiot. “You forgot your phone, so I was going to give it to you. But then I got a text from Hoseok, and went to visit him on the way. But he told me GOT7 and VIXX were here, so I went to GOT7’s room and met Youngjae. And then I went to the reception desk, but you weren’t there. But I met with Hongbin and Sanghyuk! Oh, and then I came here again because I thought you would be back. But I couldn’t find you, so I figured you’d come when you wanted to.” He described his actions, which seemed very alike to what Yoongi and Taehyung had been informed from the others.

“And exactly when did you come here again?” Yoongi’s eyes narrowed, an unwanted thought starting to form in his mind. But it couldn’t be, could it?

“Around ten past eleven, I think?”

Slowly, Yoongi connected the dots. He had waited around fifteen minutes for Jimin, giving the latter time to do everything he reported that he did. When he had given up the time had been five past eleven, so that meant…

He had missed Jimin by five minutes, and spent an hour looking around in the goddamn hotel for someone who was back in their room. He got a sudden urge to strangle his roommate.

“Well hyung, look at it on the bright side. At least you have me!”

Yoongi officially hated his life.