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Breaking the Fourth Wall

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‘Being part of someone else’s elaborate simulation is never fun, especially, if you have no means to run away. But, there are always possibilities, if you want something bad enough.’

“Jesse? Are we dead?”

Kix asked, feeling surprised of having woken up at all. Having remained in whatever the nightmarish state the two of them had been inside of. At least it had felt like a bad dream.

Having come back to consciousness in the total darkness just then. Nothing around Kix or his partner Jesse. Only seemingly, empty space. But they were both there, at least. So that was good. Right?

“No! We are not! We managed to finally get out!”

Jesse exclaimed sounding totally chipper and alert much to Kix’s surprise.

“From the simulation!!”

Jesse felt totally exhilarated.

Of the very fact that the two of them, the supposed clone troopers having been part of an illusion of sorts. Created by someone or something. And then only ending up dying in said illusion.

But now, through careful plotting and planning. With several carefully placed hoaxes and ploys inside the simulated tale they had been the victims of? Well, they were free of it now! Having ended up in this, space. But together. Which was a good start.

“We beat the system?”

Kix blinked unable to fathom it as of yet. That the two of them, were actually out. Gotten away from it all. Having escaped, the evil simulation.

“Yaass! We did!!”

Jesse got up from the floor, or whatever solid ground they two of them had landed on.

“Where are we though?”

Kix asked not really sure if this was a better or worse deal for them after all.

“Well, I would say we are in the dimension between dimensions.”

Jesse stated factually. Of course he could not be sure. He had only heard the rumours of this place. Even of the fact it was possible to escape the simulation.

“What is that then?”

Kix was sure he had heard of it. But he had no idea what it really meant. It was all mainly Jesse’s doing. Getting them where they were now.

“Well, it is a kind of a space, like a parallel dimension. Where you are neither dead nor alive and time simply stands still.”

Jesse was pretty sure he had gotten the gist of it right though. But it did not really matter as long as they were out of the simulation. Anything was better than that.

“Oh? But this does not seem like a fun place to be in. At all.”

Kix glanced around again, and still found nothing there. It was only darkness. But somehow, they could see each other though.

“Yeah? Well, this is just a brief stop for us. Before we get outta here and somewhere nicer.”

Jesse assured his partner. Getting up and offering his hand to Kix to help him up too.

“Come on. Let’s see if we can figure something out.”

Pulling Kix up, the two clones stood there for a moment. Pondering, wondering, what their options really where and what they should do next. Before then deciding which way they should head to. As it all looked the same, so guess any direction was as good as any? Right?

“This way?”

Jesse offered getting a nod from Kix only, who was willing to follow Jesse’s lead wherever it was taking them.