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what happens when the heart just stops

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Sherlock sat awkwardly in the conference room, in a suit that John had bought him years earlier. Of course he would wear this suit, it was his last attempt to make his husband, soon to be ex-husband, think about the decision that he was about to go through with.

He looked at John who sat across from him. John was wearing that dark grey suit, with shoes that didn’t quite go with the outfit.
For the first time in his life Sherlock Holmes had only one thing going through his head, and that was how absolutely beautiful John looked in that suit.

Sherlock had never thought that he would be able to love anyone so much as he did Dr. John Watson. He would always love the man who took his socks and shoes off and walk around on the carpet floor after a long day at the Clinic. The man who didn’t take any sugar in his tea or coffee, and the man who always gave him a small squeeze on both shoulders if he had gotten up before John and was at the kitchen table bent over an experiment.

Sherlock cleared his throat and looked down at the mahogany table, everyone was looking at him. He looked up and directly into John’s eyes.
“John, if this is what you want, honestly. I will sign these papers for you, we can end this right now. There will be no need for the lawyers or foolishness.” He paused. “Do you want this?”

John was silent for what felt like a thousand years, the ex-army doctor looked down at the table and then very slowly back up to lock eyes with the consulting detective.