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Midnight Snack

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‘Sleep can be totally elusive, especially when having been working too hard, but there might just be a good remedy for that!’


“Hey love, are you asleep?”

“No, not really?”

“How about Echo?”

Tech was turning to look at the sleeping beauty on the other side if him.

“Hun? Are you sleeping?”

“Um, wha- what?”

Echo was half awake. At least he was now. Having been roused from a rather sexy dream featuring two of his most favourite men.

“He is awake.”

Tech informed Fives in his usual manner after hearing Echo mumbling.

Fives could only grin. Even if it was in the middle of the night. Having almost woken up Tech and then Echo. Almost.

At least it was what Fives was telling himself, after having observed the two of them for a moment, clearly struggling to sleep. Well, somewhat. And so, gently nudging Tech awake whom in turn had disturbed Echo’s sleep.


As it was Fives had not been able to sleep.

Having come to bed well after the other two had already fallen asleep, Fives had felt somewhat guilty of not being there for his two loves for several nights in a row.

Rex having put his talents into good use for an upon coming mission. Which of course meant long days stretching well into the leave evening too. But the planning part was over now, thankfully and Fives was finally available for his two partners. So, being in a good mood, he had rushed over to their quarters.

Only, finding both his partners in various states of sleep, Tech tossing about and Echo clearly enjoying a good dream. But at all had kind of dampened Fives’ good mood.

Fives having sighed heavily at first in defeat, as having to postpone their intended interactions once again. But then again, Fives had never been good at waiting. So…

“What time is it?”

Echo managed, yawning, still warm and fuzzy with sleep.

“It’s a little past midnight.”

Fives informed him and Tech gently. But clearly, Fives intentions were not for any of them going back to sleep.

Turning on his side facing Tech, while Echo was on the side of Tech’s.

“Um, did you just wake us up?”

Echo then glanced over at Tech who looked like he had been trying to sleep as well. At least they had both agreed to try to sleep.

“Guess I did. Sorry?”

Fives sounded rather non-apologetic though, with a coy grin on his face.

Glancing over at Echo and seeing something present there clearly, most likely having been caused by the dream Fives had observed Echo been submerged in.

But Fives was willing to take it, no matter the cause of it. Hoping only to having been featured in the dream himself too.

“No, you are not.”

Tech tone was curt but not angry, glaring back at the man beside him. As this was not the first time Fives had woken the sleeping duo in the middle of the night either. Something of a habit of Fives’ which Echo had warned Tech about a while ago.

“No, I am not.”

Fives had to laugh. The seriousness written on Tech’s face was as priceless as the man himself.

“I am in a mood for a little snack.”

Fives admitted as much.

“Well, then, by all means, have at it.”

Tech never the one to mince words, but in this case, euphemisms would do just fine for him too.

Fives, leaning into Tech, claimed the lips before Tech could object. Not that Tech would. He never did, object. Loving all the attention his two partners were lavishing him with.

The soft kiss igniting something within Tech, fully waking him up and then, wanting more.

Growing hungry and demanding, devouring Fives’ lips, Tech’s tongue needing entrance, which was given quite easily. Fives loved the way Tech liked to take charge. Especially during their kissing sessions.

Echo was watching with intent.

Loving the way the two loves of his life were interacting with each other. It had taken a moment to get there, but they were finally in a comfortable space with the three of them, sharing everything.

Breaking for air, Fives and Tech were panting heavily.

Tech’s respite was not for long as Echo demanded his share, his lips on Tech’s before he could object. Not that Tech would ever object. Being in the middle of the trio, because that was where at Tech usually landed.

Fives like Echo, could easily enjoy a show the two of his partners would put up.

But tonight, Fives felt the urgency more so. And wanting to be a part of the interaction rather than an observer, Fives started kissing Tech’s neck, his chest, his stomach. With hands and lips combined, Fives was mapping Tech’s body urgently.

Echo’s lips were the ones in control. It was his tongue inside of Tech’s taking control now. Tech was feeling overwhelmed with all the stimuli, coming from both Echo and Fives. Being in the middle had its advantages though. And so, yielding his control fully to the other two, letting them guide where their activities were taking them.

Echo finally let go of the tempting mouth of Tech’s.

“Tech, I think I would love to have a bite size sample too, feeling rather peckish at the very moment.”

Echo gave Tech the most lewd grin at that moment.


Tech was already having a hard time forming words, fully submerged in having become the main dish of the midnight snacking event.

“Please… have at it!”

Echo gave a final peck on Tech’s lips before taking up on Tech’s gracious offer.

Mimicking Fives’ actions, he started kissing, nipping and licking the soft pliant skin of Tech’s taking his time in mapping each and every patch available for him. Truly sampling the offered dish.

Fives had already made his way to his second most favourite place.

Well, he could not really say it was that. Because Fives really did love both Echo and Tech equally, at least now. But yeah, Fives really loved his two special spots. Whether it was between Echo’s thighs right in the middle there, close to the heat emanating from his lover. Or then Tech’s equally situated place.

Fives’ hands were gliding across the expanse of the soft skin of Tech’s inner thighs. Eliciting gasps from Tech, while Echo’s ministrations of Tech’s nipples, licking and sucking on the two erect nubbins only added to sounds the two partners were busily extracting from Tech.

Echo was in full feast mode. Suckling on the succulent skin of Tech’s, making a path and leaving a trail of markings all across Tech’s upper body. Echo soon joined at the main course which Fives had already started to sample.

“Hey there.”

Fives greeted Echo cheerfully, having been tasting carefully the surrounding areas of the pièce de résistance rather than devouring it fully by himself. Because Fives was nothing if not curious and also sharing, when it came to meal times.


Echo gave one glance at the centre piece before claiming Fives’ lips, having a taste of the offering himself before joining in the efforts of Fives’, their goal to devour the midnight snack of Tech’s, fully.

“Um, guys…”

Tech’s voice sounded rather urgent.

“Yes, hon?”

Echo asked after letting go of Fives’ delicious lips.

“Can you hurry things up down there?”

Tech, wanting to take part in the meal himself as well. And while it was nice of his partners to take their time, Tech felt the urgency as his hunger was increasing exponentially at the very moment.

“Yes, dear!”

Echo and Fives could only chuckle.

And so, as per ordered, the two of them dug into their hardy meal without further delay. After all, they each had their own snacks to share, before the midnight feast was over.