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Supernaturally Outlandish

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“Sam, what did I tell you about the cryptids, they are the only things that aren’t real?”

“Dean, I really think we should go to Scotland and check this lead out.”

“You know I don’t like to fly, Sammy.”

“You don’t have to; we can get Cas to get you there.”

“Ok, but that won’t feel good either.”

“Dean, just do it.”

“Fine, but I don’t have to like it.”

“CAS,” they yell in unison.

“What do you want?”

“We need you to get us to Scotland, if you can.”

“Why can’t you fly on an airplane?”

“Dean doesn’t like to fly, so we need your help.”

“OK, get ready to go.”

“We are ready, just tell us wh……”

They all three disappear with only the sound of fluttering wings left behind. They were in Scotland before they could blink.

“…..en, never mind Cas,” shouted Sam.

“That’s what I call quality travel time.” Dean chuckled.

They were now standing in the middle of the road being yelled at by a sheep herder that looked really confused. Dean just chuckled and moved out of the way. Sam and Cas had already walked to the side of the road making sure not to get ran over. Up ahead was a place that looked like the Stonehenge stones, but it was called the Craigh na dun. They were somewhere near Inverness.

“Look Sammy, Stonehenge.”

“That’s not Stonehenge Dean, that’s Craigh na dun, didn’t you read the books?”

“Me read, funny you are the nerdy one.”

“Thanks, Cas we will call you when we are done with the case so we can get back home, “Sam explains.

Dean made his way up the hill to the rocks that we so mesmerizing. Sam tried to stop him by telling him that they had the case to work over by the loch were Nessie was. He didn’t really want to work that case, because he knew it was a hoax. He kept walking until he saw the stone in to the right of the circle that had flowers around it, unlike the others. He started to touch the stone when Sam shouted.

“Don’t do that Dean; it might not be in your best interest to time travel.”

“What, how could a rock make time travel possible?”

“I don’t know Dean, it just does.

“Please Sammy; I won’t go anywhere if I touch this rock right…” He didn’t finish his sentence, because he had disappeared.

“Why doesn’t he ever listen to me?”

Sam went up to the rock and touched where Dean had and fell through the portal to the 1700’s Jacobite Scotland. He looked around and didn’t see Dean anywhere. Sam was beginning to become worried when he saw Dean’s boots sticking out from some nearby shrubbery. Sam went over to Dean and shook his foot to get him to wake up. Dean jumped when Sam touched him and began to laugh.

“What is so funny Dean?”

“The fact that you said we would time travel and we didn’t”

“Dean, we did this is just like the books we are in the 1700’s look around.”

“I don’t see a difference, Sammy.”

“Well, let’s get to work on finding that Loch Ness monster you seem to believe is real,” Dean smirked.

Sam and Dean started walking toward the stream nearby to get a drink of water and were stopped by several men wearing kilts and what looked like pirate blouses. Dean cocked his head and looked at these men with a confused look on his face. Sam was looking at Dean with an “I told you so “look on his face. Sam nudged Dean and then he spoke.

“What can I do for you ladies?”

“I don’t think they are ladies, Dean, they are wearing kilts.”

“They look like dresses to me, Sam.”

“Well, if you want to fit in we are going to have to wear one.”

“I am not wearing a dress, Sam.”

“Oh, but you are Dean.”

The men were fascinated at the way that Sam and Dean banter back and forth. They gave them a kilt and a white blouse to wear so they would fit in, because jeans and a t-shirt were not going to cut it. What seemed to be the leader of these men walks up to Sam and Dean and says,

“Welcome to Scotland, gentleman.”

“Thank you kind sir, “say Sam

“You two came through the rock like my Clare didn’t you.”

“How did you know that, “Dean inquires?

“If you read the books you would know.”

“Clare told me all about the rocks and their powers.”

“Are you Jamie, by chance?” Sam asks.

“Why, yes I am sir how did you know that?”

“I have read all of the books from the series that you and Clare come from.”

“Books, it feels like we are pretty real to me.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Shall we go back to my home town so that you can get settled until the rocks open up again, so you can go home?”

“Sounds good, do you have pie?”

“Dean, really pie?”

“Damn right Sammy, I want some pie.”

Dean gave Sam the I might as well shrug and walked behind the men as they made their way to the man’s home town.

“Why did you read those books about those rocks, Sam?”

“I found the writing to be interesting as well as the historical story that it told.”

“Well, look where that got us, in dresses and we have to walk everywhere, just peachy.”

“I’m sorry, but I still believe that this happened for a reason. Maybe we are here to find the really Loch Ness monster so that we can do what needs to be done in the future.”

“Ok, but if anything happens to Baby while we are gone, Sam you are toast.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

They approach the town and start to feel really out of place and they miss the amenities that they had in the 21st century. Dean looked at Sam and shook his head.

“What, Dean?’

“Nothing, we are just in for a really long ride with this one aren’t we?”